2010-03-28: Face the Music



Date: March 28, 2010


Hallis slips back home more than 24 hours later to a very cross bodyguard.

"Face the Music"

Hallis' Apartment

It has been a challenging week. Child getting a break from school, wanting to visit her mother who doesn't want to see her but has to see her and then it being too damn sandy in Egypt and then returning quickly to try to get back to work…doing his job and being Irish. Emery was expecting a twiggy little socialite…oh yes he was. But to enter the place…get to cleaning, waiting hours and seeing NO FAMILIAR LITTLE TWIGGY, he had been vaguely concerned.

This is why he sits calmly in the overstuffed armchair, half-moon glasses resting low on his nose…hair pulled back and he wears a simple white button down shirt, dark jeans, docs…and he's reading a cosmo magazine as he smokes quietly and checks his watch from time to time.

The heavy door unlocks and swings open a few feet before a blonde head with a pair of very large sunglasses on peeks through. It's quiet, very quiet, though there is the odor of smoke which concerns her just a little bit. Slipping her shoes off in the hallway, Hallis tiptoes through the door and quietly closes and locks it behind herself.

Very quietly, she places her flats on the floor and pads into the kitchen, though, just before she gets there, she sees the Irishman. "Oh! Mister E!" No surprise, she's surprised and behind those dark shades, she's looking to the left and to the right, perhaps for some reinforcements. "Uhhh… How are you today?"

Emery lowers his magazine and exhales a stream of smoke, making tiny smoke rings as he does so, arching an eyebrow as he doesn't quite look at the young woman. He just takes another drag off of his cigarette and flips a page of his magazine, exhaling smoke through his nose. "…so ye decided to make yer way back to yer 'ome now 'ave you twiggy? Been off with the lover boy?"

Taking her glasses off, her blue eyes look infinitely brighter due to the fact that they're so terribly bloodshot. "Uhh…" She blushes a little and shakes her head, "No, I wasn't off with George, I went to a friend's house last night." That was last night, now it's late in the evening tonight. Scratching at the back of her neck, she looks toward the fishtank and gasps. "Oh no! I didn't feed my fish today!"
"Mm." Emery gets to his feet slowly and carefully, setting the magazine aside and holding the cigarette between two fingers as he makes his way over, snapping his fingers. "Look at me." He instructs. "Let me see your eyes." He sniffs the air. "You been out /all/ night yeah?" Then he eyes the young woman. "I fed them, don't worry about that…I'd so love to tell George you were out all night with a /friend/, he'd love that wouldn't 'e?"

There's the distinct smell of perfume on her, old perfume, mixed with the scent of something else. When he snaps his finger, Hallis looks up at him and raises her eyebrows high. "Yeah, I was out all night," the look on her face is telltale, it doesn't bother her in the least that she vacated the premises. "There's too many people here sometimes, I just need to get away." Get away she did, right into a Ziploc full of green. Oh what a night.

Emery is quiet, very quiet…almost too quiet as he rests a hand on his hip and takes a drag off of his cigarette with a squint as he studies the woman and sniffs the air once more and he rolls his eyes towards the ceiling and then asks softly and kindly even. "Ahh, I see luv…and what 'ave you been taking?" He makes shhhing noises. "Dunnae be worried, you can tell me…yer eyes look all weird now, I know that look…so just tell me what it was and we'll have a nice lil' chat over some tea."

"We were smoking some weed, no big deal." Hallis says in a rather off handed manner, it was a lot of weed. She gives him the strangest look at that point and wrinkles her nose. "Why would I be afraid to tell you? Are you going to call my grandmother and tell her about it?" That thought actually gets her worried. Not that her mother or father might find out, but her grandmother. "Besides, it's a lot healthier for you than drinking… and you don't get a hangover in the morning." Just incredible munchies the night before and an empty feeling in the morning when you wake up in a car without the satisfaction of a Luther Burger in your stomach.

Emery ahhs and bows his head for a moment, gesturing towards the kitchen and he puts his cigarette out still quiet and just nodding. "Ahh, I thought so…" He murmurs softly. "Hah, call your grandmum? Well who knows, charming old woman isn't she?" He's being nice, almost too nice. "Come now, lets 'ave a seat and a nice cuppa…fancy a biscuit as well?"

"It's not like I was sniffing coke off the back of a toilet somewhere in New Jersey!" Hallis protests as the man leads her into the kitchen. "Besides, I was with Adam, he'd never let anything happen to me." Maybe. She climbs up to one of the counter stools and leans heavily on the counter with her face resting in one of her palms. "No, I don't want to eat anything… I was going to have a luther burger last night, but we didn't actually make it out of the parking garage." She actually sounds depressed at the thought of missing out on the 1,000 calorie meal.

"Ahh, yes, that's right." Emery agrees, putting on a kettle and making a traditional tea setup, plate of 'biscuits' that is cookies and the tea cups. "Cream? Sugar? 'ow many lumps?" Then he gasps and presses a hand to his chest. "You were gonna 'ave a burger?! Oh you poor ting, you missed out on a burger? I'm so sorry luv."

Shaking her head, Hallis just reaches for the cup. "Tea shouldn't have anything in it, only weirdoes drink tea with cream and sugar. It just ruins the flavor of the leaves… Heh heh…" She can't help but snicker at the similarity of her conversation and the activities of her previous night. Then she wrinkles her nose again just before taking a sip of the hot drink. "You don't have to be so sarcastic… I eat! …sometimes…"

Emery mmhms softly and makes his own cup of tea, settling down on his seat and then he tilts his head to the side. "I wasn't bein' sarcastic…I'm glad to 'ere you were considering to eat." He stirs his tea with a spoon, lowering his eyes and removing his glasses. He's just quiet…very very quiet.

When Emery takes off his sunglasses, Hallis balks and then her eyes widen considerably. Her jaw drops and she nearly spills her tea. "Whoah! I thought those were glued to your face!" She's amazed, really, but then she shakes her head and takes a breath. Then she pauses and narrows those wide blue eyes at him and puckers her lips slightly. "What's wrong, Mister E?"

Emery quirks an eyebrow and smirks gently before he scratches his cheek and looks back to his tea. "Some come off, other dunnae come off me face without needing surgery, don't worry luv." Then he hesitates and offers carefully. "D'ye know what would've 'appened if you hadn't come home tonight? I know it is a silly questions but it just makes me a wee bit worried. No phone call, no letter, ye might've been dead. And then I would've 'ad to come and identify the body possibly if yer body was found somewhere…and that weighs heavy on the 'eart when you tink of a young lady as almost a daughter like person."

That catches Hallis by surprise and she furrows her eyebrows in a rather sad and guilty expression. Her lips turn down into a sad little face and she looks almost pathetic. "I'm…" Pause. "I'm sorry? I mean, I didn't think anybody would really worry. No one ever worries when I'm gone except for George and Grandmother, even then I have to be gone for way longer than a night." Her entire being seems to deflate and she looks down at the counter with that little hangdog expression.

Emery toys with his spoon before clipping his shades to his shirt and shaking his head slowly. "I did actually bring ye some authentic Egyptian cotton sheets and a lil' dress ting from our time gone…but you weren't here." He sighs and shrugs his shoulders. "I'm 'ere to take care of you and your assets luv, iffen yer not around…I can't help /but/ worry. So call next time aye?"

Taking a deep breath inward, Hallis is about to protest when the light seems to shine above her golden head and she brightens. "Presents!" With that, she leaps from the stool and races for her bedroom to search out the mentioned gifts. 'Sorry Mister E…" she sing songs from the bedroom, "I promise I'll call next time… Where are they?" Her voice is a little far away, since her bedroom is the last one down the long corridor.

"Where the /'ell/ do ye put sheets you silly little fashionable twig…" Emery tries to chuckle, slipping his shades back on and taking a sip of tea. "The dress is already in yer closet, tis the white one with the dark trim and the sheets are on the bed, still in their bags…if you rip them in less than a week, forget a potential overdose, I'll kill ye meself!"

Coming out of the bedroom, Hallis is wearing the white dress. It's a little loose, whatever weight she had put on during his time with her, she'd lost again in the few months that she's been missing/away. She turns in a circle to model it, in bare feet of course, and then crawls back up on the stool. Taking another quick sip of her tea, she gives him a smile and reaches toward his sunglasses. "Keep them off, you look better without them." She doesn't quite reach, so what happens is she just grabs at the air near his face and then sits back down. "Thanks, Mister E., I'm going to wear this for my first day of filming."

Emery watches Hallis come back out and he hmms offering the woman a small cookie, leaning back at the attempted glasses grab. "Ahh, thank ye kindly. But if I left 'em out, I might accidentally kill somebody with the power of my stare." He smirks. "Eat a cookie luv, and ah…first day of filming? Yer famous now are ye? Got a job and all?" He does seem genuinely interested.

Taking the cookie, Hallis places it on the counter and doesn't touch it. Rather, she unfolds one of the napkins nearby and wipes her fingers on it before lifting her teacup to her lips. "You think Sydney or Andra will come out and fall instantly in love with you or something? Or you'll laser the kids?" The words sends a little shiver up her spine and she looks off toward the bedroom. "You think you could bring Kennis over for them? They're so strange, I think they need someone a little more normal to be friends with, like her." Yes, Hallis has a rather skewed vision of the little adult that resides with Emery. "You mean you didn't see my script when you were putting away my underwear? I got a part on that television show, Afterlife."

Emery eyes the cookie and then the woman and rolls his eyes with a small shake of his head. "…I dunnae if they'd like me. Some people like me, some people are a wee bit scared of me I suppose." He drawls softly before he takes a sip of his tea and choke a bit on the sip at the comment about Kennis, leaning over and away for a moment to gather himself together as he tries to keep from laughing. "I'll bring 'er over but ah…wow, that'll be interestin'." He takes a deep breath and coughs. "Ahh, I didnae read that script, I was a bit scared it was some type of odd bedroom ting of yours."

To that, Emery just gets a glare, "I don't have odd bedroom things." Shaking her head, Hallis just lets off a little huff and sticks her nose up in the air. "Well… not really odd anyway. Most of it is kept at George's." Then she gives him a rather sly little smile and finishes her cup of tea. This time it's his turn to receive the wink.

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