2008-06-07: Falafel Stains


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Chance meeting over spilt falafel filling in lower Manhattan

Date It Happened: June 7th, 2008

Falafel Stains

Lower Manhattan

Even on a Sunday, there are plently of people walking along the sidewalk in the early evening. The warm weather is probably aiding in that number. Bekah passes money over to a vendor with a laugh, claiming a pita full of falafel, taking a bite with a happy sigh. She's dressed more like a college student than anything, in worn jeans and a tank top, with a backpack on her back.

Given the warm weather, there's stores having sidewalk sales. Sophie is not dressed for the weather, really. Every inch of exposed skin is covered, and she doesn't look very happy about it. She is wearing a turtleneck sweater, long sleeves and pants, and gloves. She slows at one of the stands, looking over the selection of shirts.

Such a nice night brings people out of buildings and stores to enjoy the weather and the warmth. Zelda doesn't need gourmet restaurants to eat, sometimes she likes street fare, and frankly, she can't afford expensive dinners these days. Steering her way toward the falafel stand, she's dressed for the weather and without any trace of the flour that normally ghosts on her shoes and pants where her apron doesn't cover. As she walks, she digs through her purse, causing a couple of pages drop to the ground.

Bekah turns, walking off in the direction of Zelda. The sidewalk sales catch her attention for a moment, looking over towards Sophie for a moment, before she continues on. Really, the woman isn't paying all that much attention to where she is going. Especially when a bit of hummus drips form her falafel, onto her hand.

Sophie turns with one of her choices, bumping directly into Bekah, and her hummus. She gasps, immediately apologizing, "Oh, sorry. Your dinner.." as she starts helplessly looking around, probably for a napkin.

Muttering, Zelda stoops down to pick up the papers she dropped. They're important and she'd be upset if she lost them. She stuffs them back into her purse and takes her wallet out to wait in line. Glancing over toward Sophie and Bekah, mostly because that's what you do when you're in line, you look about, she watches the exchange, but has no napkins to hand over.

Bekah lets out a few choice words. Very colorful language. It isn't really directed at Sophie though, just at the hummus that's now spread across her tank top. "My dinner apparently wanted to be an accessory." She mutters, looking around as well. "And of course I didn't grab a napkin." So, she'll start by wiping off the worst with her free hand.

Sophie shakes her head, "Here, I'm sure someone will have a napkin." as she rushes, after putting the shirt down, to the nearest food booth.

Though she looked in Sophie and Bekah's direction, Zelda didn't really manage to take much note of them other than a collision occurred. When Sophie heads to the front of the booth in order to snag some napkins, though, the baker takes her actions in an entirely different direction. "Hey! There's a line here." She gestures with her thumb at the other hungry patrons behind her and the two or three in front of her.

Bekah looks at her hand for a moment before she looks after Sophie. "Thanks." She states, though it might not be heard, since the woman is already moving away. Zelda gets a shake of her head though. "Hey! She's just grabbing me a napkin for this mess."
Sophie blushes, and she nods. "I'm sorry, I'm just getting some napkins, I'm not getting any food." breathlessly, as she rushes back with her prize toward Bekah.

Seeing that Sophie is only grabbing napkins, Zelda raises an eyebrow, takes another few steps forward and makes her order. It's a smaller pita and she gets extra napkins, just in case. Though she doesn't apologize, persay, to the two, she does nod at them. "People seem to think they can just jump into line whenever some days. Makes me a little defensive."

Bekah takes the napkins with another, "Thanks." And she scrubs at her tanktop with the hummused hand, wiping that off as well. "Some people are idiots who don't care about anyone but themselves." Bekah says bluntly before she adds. "Thankfully not all of humanity has reached that state yet."

Sophie nods, wrinkling her nose. "That's true. Oh, I'm glad it wasn't too bad." she smiles. She then sighs, "Well, not everyone is like that."

"You've got that right," Zelda snorts, taking a bite of pita as she agrees with Bekah. For a moment, she's quiet as she takes the time to enjoy the different flavors present. Once she swallows, she adds, "But you can't always take chances. You do that, you lose your spot in line."

Bekah finishes mopping up to the best of her ability, and steps aside for a trash can, not far away. "Losing your spot in line sucks. Because it's not fair when people decide they don't need to wait like everyone else." Bekah states, before she's back to eating what's left of her pita.

Sophie nods, as she walks back over to the selection of clothing. She sighs as she looks over the offering. Yes, everything she picks up has long sleeves and high necked.

Most of Zelda's pita is intact, luckily, but it's soon eaten and the wrapper tossed into the proper trash can. "My thoughts exactly." She watches as Sophie plucks through the clothing and notices the long sleeves, plus the long sleeves she's picking out now. "This your first summer in New York?" she asks the girl curiously.

Bekah looks over to Sophie at Zelda's question before she adds, "I hope you drink plenty of water, especially as it get warmer this summer. Dehydration isn't fun." Bekah states before she works on finishing off her own food, tossing the wrapper in the trash.
Sophie sighs and she murmurs, "Umm.. sun sensitive. I'm trying to find things that cover that won't be as hot."

"Oh, I knew a friend like that." Zelda hoists her bag up over her shoulder again and stuffs the left over napkins inside. Never know when you'll need some, that's her lesson of the day. "She got terrible rashes if she stayed out in the sun too long. Just curious, 'cause some people think summers are mild here, when really they're just muggy as hell. Long sleeves are a killer."

Bekah considers that for a moment before she shrugs. "Glad as hell I'm not." She states before adding. "You'd want to consider cotton. Light fabric. Loose is better for staying cool." Because there's all sorts of random knowledge in Bekah's head. Or at least that she thinks she knows things about.

Sophie hmms and nods. "Loose.. that might be alright, as long as the sleeves are long." thoughtfully. "Thin will still be alright, I think."

Zelda's no doctor, so she doesn't know the proper prescription for helping Sophie out. Instead, she just nods her head along with Bekah. "Sure. As long as it's keeping the sun off your skin, that sounds like it'd work, right?"

Bekah nods her head. "It should be. If not, you can always try heavier garments. But either way, if just make sure you're staying well hydrated, especially wearing warmer clothes in the summer." And that's the doctor's words of advice. "I learned that piece of advice way back when I used to work at a summer camp."

Sophie nods, saying, 'Yes, that's a good thing to remember. This will be my first summer with this.. problem. Its either that, or staying inside most of the time."

Zelda nods. "Drink lots of water. Maybe invest in a sun parasol. It's fashionable, too." And fun. With her food gone, she looks at her watch and smiles at the two of them. "Well, good luck. And don't stay inside all time. It's lovely out."

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