2007-08-13: DF: Fallacy of the Broken Window


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Summary: George's stars are falling, Aileen's are rising.

Dark Future Date: August 13, 2009

Fallacy of the Broken Window

Fabulous Fireproof Hotel, New York City

George paces back and forth, talking to nobody. Well, no, he's talking into a Bluetooth earpiece. "He what? --And they what?" A longer pause, then he abruptly smacks a flattened hand into the nearest wall in frustration. "Oh, fuck me! Are they really that— No, never mind, you can't go back and change it now. Just clean up the mess. Yes, I'll be back in the morning." He taps the earpiece to hang up, and only then walks over to run some water over the hand to kill the stinging.

The door opens abruptly, and Aileen enters. "George?" Her expression is definitely torn. She's heard the news, and hense the reason she dropped all her work and headed back. "It's all true, isn't it?"

George removes the earpiece, plugging it and the cell phone into their respective chargers. A small measure of relief is visible as he sheds the tools of the trade, but only that much. "Tell me what you've heard, I'll fill in as best I can. Tomorrow's going to be longer than usual."

"Just that.. Felix went rogue or something." Aileen looks over at George, expression serious. "I mean, shit. It can't possibly be true, can it? I heard that he was shot.."

George runs his fingers through his hair. "Something like that— he ran, there's a team out looking for him. Apparently he got caught uploading some false computer data, and was accused on the spot instead of just being quietly monitored and contained." No, he's not happy about how this was handled at all.

Aileen shakes her head, sinking down into a chair. "Shit. So it's true. He ran?" She rubs her arms. "Shit. This is.. I mean, it's bad enough he got away, but.. I mean, it's Felix. It's a friend.. I.. I don't know. This is just shit."

"I'm sorry. We're all short on friends these days…" He walks over to a spot behind the chair, wrapping arms loosely around the doctor's shoulders. "Funny thing is, that defective drug batch? He came up clean on that one. Might have been a meaningful coincidence, and I didn't pay attention to it… or maybe this wasn't the first time he tampered with files. It's a long shot, but that'll have to be checked in the morning, too."

Leaning back in the chair, Aileen lets out a breath. "He's someone I trusted." She murmurs, glancing back. "Do you think he's made a mess of a whole lot of things?"

George shrugs. "Same here." Up to a point. Trust, but verify. "And yes, unquestionably. Even if we have good copies of everything he was trying to mess with, we'll have to spend extra time making sure they're good. Time that could've been spent on something productive… Not that the computer experts would be out hunting for Gray personally" - oh, he looks deeply concerned indeed as that name is brought up - "but they'd be helping the ones who are."

Aileen lets out a deep breath. "Yeah. It's gonna be a shithole to try and fix." She shuts her eyes. "The President gave me a bit of a promotion. I've got a clinic.. and test subjects, now. It's.. a lot of responsibility."

George quirks a brow. "It is… but it means he trusts you, too. That's a big deal." After a quick squeeze, he goes over to sit on the edge of the bed. "Human subjects? Would this even work on animals— and even if it would, would you want to try?" His expression is distant; not cold, he's just thinking out loud. And without any specific faces in mind to lend a personal face to the issue.

"No. There's no way it'd work on animals anyways. I just have to get things workable for human subjects anyways." Aileen shakes her head. "There's a lot of pressure."

George nods slowly. "Well, if there's anything I can help open up… you know how pigheaded some people are about red tape." Killers on the rampage, and some people still insist on being bureaucrats. Dark Future is dark indeed. "Other than that, you ask me, best you can do is take your mind off of it for a while." He reaches hands out, offering to help with that as well.

Aileen accepts the hands, shaking her head. "I'd like that. I just need to get my mind off of everything. I mean.." She lets out a sigh. "It's just a lot of pressure. I can't screw up. Not even the slightest bit."

"And you won't. C'mere." Lights are turned out, one by one, and the night begins in earnest. It's about damn time, too.

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