2010-06-30: Falling With Style



Date: June 30, 2010


…or not.

"Falling With Style"

Park in the Bronx

It's a warm late-afternoon on the last day of June. This particular park is very green with many bushes and the like, but it's off-the-beaten path. Just a small one outside of the Bronx near the home Sydney had taken Trent and Jamie to when she'd pulled them out of Fred's apartment the first time. It's complete with flower beds, swing sets, and even a slide!

It's quiet though. Always quiet these days with advances in technology fewer and fewer kids are just walking to the neighbourhood parks. Two white benches sit in front of the bushes, inviting in their own way, they even recline just a little.

Jamie is no ordinary kid. While she loves TV, video games, and computers as much as the next kid, being outdoors is where she feels the most at home. Where there's room to run. Right now, she's just walking though, sipping on a milkshake as she walks with Trent. (She bought him a milkshake too.) "Couldn't find out anything today. And they don't know why I can't change… don't think it's just me, though." She veers off to sit down on one of those benches.

Trent had been busy, back at Sydney's house, since he was returned to the city after his last runaway tempt, to Florida attempting to find Jamie. Between stealing food, so he could eat, and playing with his guitar without the amp, so the authorities would not hear him, or try to come back there to look for him again. He keeps the upper levels looking pretty well deserted looking.

Happy when Jamie came to get him, he'd been talking to her a bit about his adventures and listening to hers. "That's just odd." Unsure if it's just her, or others too… He idely sips his milkshake and follows her to the bench. "Sydney would be able to help for sure, if she were around." looking a bit sad about it.

The bench itself is crazy comfortable. And the park remains serene. Pretty, even. The smell of fresh-cut grass fills the air as the wind changes direction, and birds chirp in one of the trees above. It's picturesque in a way.

But among the birds chirping and serenity another very quiet semi odd sound can be heard. Kind of like a deep-throated groan.

After being in the jungle for nearly two months, Jamie's grown a lot more perceptive. So, even though she's talking when the groad sounds, she hears it. "Maybe, wish I could find out where she is. Nobody's talking about… did you hear that?" She stands up, looking around the bench and the surrounding area for the source of the groan.

Trent was enjoying the sounds of the park, the birds, Jamie's voice again, but always ever mindful of his surroundings. Between bullies and cops. He was about to answer Jamie, but he also hears the groan, jungles or streets, groans aren't exactly pleasent things to hear. "I heard it." He also rises, and begins seaching. "Didn't sound like it was all that far away." HE goes in the opposite dirrection of Jamie to look. Cover more ground that way.

But the groaning grows quieter as they step away from the bench. In fact, it's almost unhearable the further they get from it…

Jamie blinks, looking back to the bench and quickly running back to it. Setting her milkshake on the bench, she steps to look into the bushes behind the bench, still looking for the source of the groaning. She's looking a little nervous, probably the first time Trent's seen her look nervous since that crazy lady in the warehouse, and that was a lot more terrifying a situation. But, nervousness doesn't stop her from searching.

Trent peers around, not going too far, but emough, then back over to Jamie when he finds nothing. He shrugs, "Ok that was weird." He climbs up on the bench, then onto the back of it, to try to get at a good hight. His shoes kicked off, and dropped onto the bench. So that he can use his bare feet. He has better control of his balance in his bare feet. Not that he can see anyone. "Prolly just a drunk comin to after sleeping it off in the bushes or something."

And sure enough in the brush, the source of the moaning can be seen (and still heard). A pair of hiking boots protrudes from one end of the brush.

The boots connect to a pair of faded, over worn blue jeans and then a red plaid shirt and a rather scruffy-looking face. The face of someone who may (or may not) be familiar.


Senator Nathan Petrelli winces at the pain in his leg which is contorted opposite to what it should be. His side is dirt-covered and his face is bloodied and bruised. He groans again and bites his lip.

Jamie blinks, on seeing the man lying in the brush. She says, "No, Trent, over here! He… looks familiar." She can't quite place him right away, but she moves to help anyway. Not that she's very strong to help the man up, but she tries.

Trent blinks and leaps off the back of the bench, and follows Jamie over, "Careful." not sure who the man is, untill he gets nearer. "Crap, I know who that is…!" he bites his lip and leans down, "Mr.. er.. Senetor Petrelli?" Not sure if calling him something as common as Mister would be as bad a thing as calling the Quiien or a noble a Mister or Mrs. or something. He sits on the ground near the man's head. "You need a ambulance, or something?"

"Ugh," Nathan manages with a small wince and a wrinkle of his nose. "No. Not Senator…" he murmurs gruffly as he tries to turn on his side. "Just… Brayden. Call me Brayden…" It's not his name, but then, Nathan Petrelli is dead, right? Theoretically. Except not. With another groan and a pained sigh, Nathan tries to pull himself up just to lay flat on the ground again. "No. No ambulance. That would…" his lips flicker into a trace of a mischievous smile only to fade again, "Just no ambulance.. I'm okay." Not.

Trent bites his lip, well, maybe he was misstaken. "A look a like then. Nice to meet you Brayden, I'm Trent. You don't look like your alright." but he lets well enough alone for the moment. "Maybe we could get you to your home and I can take care of you." He figured Jamie would have to return eventually, but he doesn't 'have' to be back. "Not that I know anything about fixing stuff, but I can try."

Jamie steps back as Nathan lays back again and says, "Hi Brayden, I'm Jamie and that's Trent. We can help you, somehow… I don't think we're strong enough to help you stand up, though," she adds a bit sheepishly. "How'd you get hurt?"

Deja vu. Hasn't Nathan had a conversation like this before? Only last time, he honestly didn't know. This time… "I… " normally good at thinking on his feet and spinning his own words to be not-quite-truths, Nathan frowns. He's caught off-guard. Amongst the pain he hadn't considered a plausible excuse in this regard. "I… think I fell." Uh-huh. "I can't remember," he lies easily with another wince as he glances at his particularly dirty side. "My neck and back are fine… I think…" the truth is, he wouldn't know, but a dead man can't be taken to hospital, can he?

Jamie blinks at that, looking up quickly to the sky and then back to Nathan, "Fell from where? Falling off that bench wouldn't hurt you this bad. I know, I've fallen off of benches like that a lot of times." She steps back a little and asks, "Sure you don't want us to call for an ambulance?"

Trent nods and bites his lip, "Oh, ok well we can get you home and take care of you. I live on the streets anyway.. so not like I got anywhere I need to be." Although a bit worried. He knows it's the Senetor, but hiding who he is, or something. So Trent is just playing along. "When we get there we can call someone you want to help you, instead. Once you're on your feet we can help some."

"Maybe… something was stacked on the bench?" A likely story. Nathan's eyes narrow as he tries to shift and groans again. "No ambulances. And no hospitals," he winces again as he manages to sit up and raises a hand to his forehead. "I think I'm going to need a splint." Or a wheelchair, but Nathan doesn't say so. He stares at the leg and shakes his head a little. "I really didn't land well, did I? At least… the bushes broke my fall," he looks up at the sky now reminiscently before glancing at the bench. How far did he fall, anyways?

With that look at the sky, much the same as she looked at water when visiting the docks earlier, Jamie figures something out. Her eyes widen and she suddenly asks, "What day was it when you fell? Was it Monday?"
Trent frowns, but moves to Nathan's side, offering to help him, even if it means being a pint sized leaning post. "I meant, like a friend or someone to call. So you have a home to go to? We can help you there. But right now, you need to be taken care of." He hrm, "A splint.. well not sure what we could use for that." he looks around for something, anything.

The help from Trent is accepted as Nate wrinkles his nose at Jamie's questions. "What day is it now? I think… I think it was Monday?" He glances around the park before pointing towards a rather large looking stick. Pressing his lips together, he begins to unbutton his plaid shirt (sorry ladies, he's wearing a white t-shirt underneath), "Use that to tie it on…" As far as the family or phone are concerned, who should he call? Noelle? Wouldn't that put these kiddies in danger? Peter? And then he may as well just ditch his cover. Angela? Like he wants to open that can of worms…

Jamie considers Nathan a moment more, and then asks, "Were you flying? 'Cause, I could change into water before, you mighta seen me on TV doing it, but I can't since Monday. And other people who could do stuff had it stop working on Monday too, I think." Then she looks to Trent and says, "Let's take him to Sydney's, he can be fixed up there, don't think she'd mind."

Trent nods, ""It's Wednesday right now. If it's been that long, you'll need water, and food too. Lots of food." He nods in agreeance with Jamie. "Yeah, he must have been. Good thing it wasn't too high, otherwise he might have broke more then his leg…" he pauses a moment. Then leaves Nathan's side a moment, to get the stick. "Jamie. Keep him up right while I get this on." And though he's never done a splint before, can't be too difficult to do. He kneels before the man and sets to work, with the shirt, stick, and to make sure, he takes his shirt off, and ties that in with the mess as well. But unlike Nathan, Trent is bare chested. The scar from when he got shot shows as plain as day on his shoulder. "There, that oughtta work, till we get him there. We'll have to steal some medicine or something to help him. Cuz he's going to be hurting."

Sitting up with the help of the kiddies and the splint, Nate peers between them. "People can't fly. Or turn into water," he lies easily. "It's physically impossible. Alright, let's go where we got to go. Hope it's not far…" How will his leg continue on? He'll have to call Peter when they're somewhere safer and at least let Noelle know that Roberto didn't off him or something. That is a worry all things considered…

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