2007-08-28: False Sense Of Security


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Summary: Next.. on My Two Dads .. Matt and Mohinder discuss taking their scrappy young ward away from the clutches of the nefarious Company.

Date It Happened: August 28th, 2007

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Kirby Plaza

In the suite of rooms that rank more as a long-term apartment space, Mohinder's more or less 'home' early. Seated on the couch in the living room, he's staring at the screen of his laptop that rests on the coffeetable. The information he's looking at is sensitive and is the file on one little girl being kept at the Hartsdale facility. Six or seven years of age, adorable, special, and it's turned into a heartbreaking situation.

There is the sound of a key turning into a lock, and in comes Mohinder's slightly larger roommate. Between his fingers, he carries bags of essentials: paper towel rolls, Windex, and laundry detergent. He shuts and locks the door behind him before pacing into the kitchen to put things away. Mohinder's research has yet to dampen his mood, as is evident by his typically-loud household navigation. Doors are opened and shut with a noticeable thud, and the rustling of bags is almost incessant.

Mohinder is pulled from his studying of the data on the screen by Matt's arrival. Closing the laptop first, he gets up from the sofa. "I'm starting on dinner shortly.. before that. I want to talk with you about Molly." He goes into the kitchen behind Matt, so that he's not having to raise his voice to carry. Small ears in her room and all. Or he could just think it at Matt, thus cutting out some of what Molly might hear.

Matt turns around the instant Mohinder is open, lips parted as he looks at the man. When he finishes processing what the man says, he simply says, "Okay… what's up?" Perhaps his defense mechanism to a serious talk about the little girl is nonchalance. After all, Mohinder is always serious and their 'talks' are rarely without sincere bearing. A single roll of Bounty is removed from the bag, making nary a rustle as opposed to the noise he was creating earlier.

Small ears are no longer in small bedrooms. The door to her room opens softly and the young girl slips out without making much of a sound. Nico is not with her, for once, most likely snoozing soundly in his cage. She's about to greet her two dads with an enthusiastic sort of hello when she notices the looks on their faces. Quick! Hide! Serious conversation to listen in on! Quickly, she dashes into the next room and peeks out a bit, spying. Oh yes, she is sly.

Mohinder folds his arms across his chest as he leans back against the counter. "I think we should get Molly out of here. I was never comfortable with bringing her back here, even for her safety. Bob's orders be damned right now." Molly coming out to greet them isn't noticed, he's a little lost in his thoughts. "Sylar's still out there.. and I doubt that as long as that cockroach lives that he'll ever give us a moment's rest.. but it's not safe here either for her." There's a different sort of threat residing at Kirby.

"Uh huh," Matt replies, his tone indicative of acknowledgment but without any sort of constructive supplement. However, he lifts a finger to Mohinder so that the man will 'wait one moment' while he looks askance to the doorway leading into the kitchen. But he isn't checking to see if Molly is standing there. Rather, he is listening to see if she is 'thinking' about them at that particular moment. How well can the small ears hear?

Getting out of Kirby?! This is too good to be true. Molly doesn't really mind it here, but she wants to get out. It's too much like a prison here. Then, however, there is silence, Mohinder almost cut off. Oh no, she knows what that means. Think of chinchillas! And…and…videogames! Comic books! It may be a little strained, but she starts trying to remember the French she was learning earlier, closing her eyes in concentration. *Bonjour, bonjour, ce va?….something about cheese….*

"I thought maybe taking her back to the apartment.. only that's the first place he'd look. But all the same.." Mohinder stops talking at Matt's gesture and nods his head, inclining it once. While he falls silent, if Matt's listening, the geneticist is worried about steps the Company is capable of taking to remove Molly from their custody. <We could also consider a house, or apartment near her new school. Although, I do miss the apartment in Brooklyn.>

Matt taps his ear and points in the direction of the doorway, lower lip tucked inside of his mouth as he looks back at Mohinder. After the man speaks, he nods his head and says, "It's not safe anywhere. But if we go someplace else, we have to make sure it's ideal. Somewhere where either one of us are never too far away." His hand slowly returns to the paper towel roll as he picks it up, casually tossing it between his hands as he watches Mohinder.

The last time the three of them moved some place safe, Sylar still managed to find them. Molly frowns and stops thinking in French. She can't do that and listen in on them at the same time. Carefully and slowly, she peeks her head around the doorway so she can see where Matt and Mohinder are. And so that she can see their lips moving. It may help to translate some of the words she can't actually hear.

Mohinder glances at Matt, then nods his head. Got it. Tiny ears are listening. "That is what I was thinking. Leaving her with a babysitter never worked out too well.. even a Company assigned one. Either way, this isn't healthy for her here. I can continue to homeschool her, but she needs to be around children her own age. A chance for some normalcy. Niki got me looking at her son's school for Molly." He plants his hands on the counter behind him, trying to relax a little and failing. He's been a bit on edge since having to work with Sasha. "The other thing.. I don't trust the people in charge here. I never have. Something just tells me it's a matter of time before they decide they want to use Molly."

The paper towel roll's movements slow down as Matt takes in the geneticist's words. He looks off into space, slowly nodding his head as the reasoning is conducted. "That's a private school, isn't it?" asks Matt as he looks back over to Mohinder. "Would we be able—I mean…" His eyes squint and his lips hang separately for a moment. "We'd have to. But still, you know what I mean."

Unaware that the two people she's watching know that she is, Molly leans herself out just a bit more. For some reason she's secure in her hiding spot and thinks that it's genius. All of the information she's overhearing makes her thoughts whirl. Getting out of Kirby, going to school with other people, a normal life. Even if she's not actually normal and knows that she never will be, the idea of trying is very appealing. And the idea of being used doesn't sit well with her. She was fine with it before, before she knew any better, but talking with Peter, knowing she has choices in what to do with what she has…that makes a big difference.

"It is a private school," Mohinder confirms, casting a glance outside the kitchen. We know you're there Molly. "Legally, she's our ward. I only brought her here because Bob ordered it for our safety. I refused to be lulled into a false sense of safety because there's been nothing out of Sylar for awhile now. But it's past time to get her out of here. What do you think?" It would be repeating himself if he added that his first thought is to get the girl far away from Company custody.

Matt blinks after Mohinder asks the question. His brows go high on his forehead as he says, "I… think it's great." He tosses the roll between his hands again as he continues, "Molly's been really good about the whole situation and I agree—it's gone on too long." He sets the paper towel roll down on the counter nearby before he asks, "Do you have a plan for telling Bob about it? Last I checked, the Company doesn't like to have orders disobeyed."

Know where she is? Impossible! This is the best hiding place in the world! Molly, upon seeing Mohinder glancing her way squeaks a little and ducks behind the door a little more. She knows that she's not supposed to be listening in.

Mohinder lets out a relieved breath, as if he were holding it in. "She has been incredibly good about the situation. The chinchilla has helped.. and having Niki bringing her son over for playdates, even if she wasn't comfortable being here." Raising a hand, he runs it through his untidy curls. "I'm just telling him that we're taking her and going. I doubt no matter how I tell him he still won't understand, just look at how he raised his own daughter." There's a pause, then, "I'm glad we're on the same wavelength about this." Catching the girl's movement, just barely, "Come on out Molly." Jig's up! "I think Matt's sad because you haven't given him a hello hug. You know how sad he gets when you don't." There's a brief grin thrown Matt's way.

To say that Mohinder had a sharp mind would be an understatement. Matt goes along with the idea by turning to face the doorway, trying to cajole the little girl out of hiding. "Come on out," he echoes as he instinctively puts his hands out. "Don't make me come find you, or the hello hug will become the hello ticklefight." Casualties from said ticklefights have been minimized to the less robust furniture that can be found in Kirby Plaza.

While Matt and Molly greet each other, Mohinder starts rummaging through the cabinets and works on preparing dinner. Guess what! More Indian food! Don't worry, it's a tame pork dish with curry for the side. A smile forms as he listens to the goings on from the other room. He keeps quiet, doesn't interrupt, he works on getting the meal started.

In time, the sheer amount of tickling has done the opposite of what Matt had intended. The little girl is back in her room, practically wound up tight. Meanwhile, the Detective appears as though he could lay down and take a nap. He exaggeratedly wipes his brow with the back of his hand as he steps inside of the kitchen, spotting Mohinder as he seems to be preparing dinner. "Tandoori chicken?" he asks hopefully, even though there was Hell to pay when Matt ate the remainder of the chef's leftovers last time.

"Not tonight. Tomorrow then?" Since Mohinder had already set the pork out earlier in the day. Glancing out of the kitchen, towards the main living area, to make sure Molly's not come back out, he starts talking again. "How soon should we take her out of here?" The sooner the better, he thinks. <The girl I've been testing. Her mother showed up. They took the child's memories of her mother. To make it 'easier' on her.>

Matt rubs the back of his head, smoothing down his hair in case anything came out of place during the assault he had just conducted. "The sooner, the better," Matt says in agreement, though not overtly. He looks at Mohinder after a moment's silence then his words become audible. <I still don't know how you can be exposed to that all day every day. Imagine if they had done that to Molly. But for us, instead of her parents.>

<Which is why I want her out of Company buildings day in and day out.> Mohinder's outward attention seems to be on preparing dinner. Carefully following the recipe he has memorized from childhood. "Apartment first? Then we can work on maybe finding a new place if we feel it necessary? I think she would be more comfortable back in her own room." But he's not sure if the fear of Sylar breaking into her room will overshadow that.

<Agreed…> The thought would be obvious on Matt's face if Mohinder weren't so readily capable of hearing it from the man himself. As he walks over to the counter, he watches the manner and method in which the food is prepared. The best he can do is grill, microwave, boil, and order in. "If you want, I can have a couple friends swing by and make sure the place is safe before we get to it. Look for anything out of the ordinary."

Mohinder glances over to Matt and nods his head, "Do that then. We can take Molly home this weekend then? Grab her things and go." So far, he's given the Company no reason to act the way he fears over Molly. Then again, it could be a matter of time before they deem her as needing a re-education of sorts. It's a valid concern. "I know I'll miss homeschooling her, but it's healthier for her to be around classmates and I know she will enjoy sharing classes with Micah."

"She likes spending the time with you," says Matt as he looks off into space once more. It's an odd habit of is; either he looks away at nothing or is making precision eye contact. "You know, I just want her to be happy. We both do. But the fact that we're in her life… some-sometimes I think it just baits trouble for her. Whether it's Sylar, the company… anything. You know?"

"I know, and she likes spending time with you as well." Mohinder and Matt have two different styles of parenting and different ideas of fun. "I'll take her to the museum again. Actually.. she needs to go back to school shopping. Make a day of it." Carefully dicing the pork into even sizes, he continues. "It's not us, so much as it is her ability. He knows what it is. That creates trouble from that end." He falls a little quiet about the idea that he and Matt would be causing extra grief for the child. "If we weren't taking care of her. She would still be kept in a Company facility, twisted around, and not knowing a family again." That's his view of it.

Matt casually walks away from the counter, opening up the refrigerator. Finding a coveted box of Yoo-Hoo, he pulls it from the fridge and separates the straw from the package with a soft crinkle. As he taps the straw out on the countertop, he remains quiet. It can be a little unsettling when a telepath goes quiet. Either he's listening to his own thoughts or someone else's. Or, worse yet, communicating with a different person. The straw is popped into the carton of Yoo-Hoo before he finally says, "I think a good thing to try is to not make Sylar a daily conversation. Think that'll help?" Help what, he doesn't mention aloud.

It could be an odd thing to consider that living around a telepath makes one blase or just very comfortable with the ability. Then again, when you're around people with extraordinary gifts for the majority of the day.. very little can be surprising or odd. Mohinder works on rolling the pork cuts in the spices mixed for them. "Sounds like a good idea to me. I think it might help. She's not liable to forget him or let him out of her mind until the day she.." Dies.. is the way to finish the sentence but he doesn't. "I want to try and make things as normal as possible."

<Normal… you mean 'safe'> tells Matt as his lips are closed around the Yoo-Hoo container. He watches the preparation of pork cutlets with a newfound fascination. Before he lived with Suresh, he wasn't entirely sure how much he would learn to love Indian food. Now there are few dishes he won't eat. At least the ones prepared by the man. He looks over his shoulder to the doorway, thinking that he had heard the sound of small footsteps approaching.

<That too.> Mohinder responds as he checks the temperature of the skillet. "I think letting Molly have a say might be in order." Personally, Mohinder would stay anywhere. The lab, the apartment, Kirby, the Hartsdale facility.. but Molly's a priority for him. Her safety is number one.

"You won't need a mind-reader to see how she really feels," says Matt as he continues watching the doorway leading in from the living room. He is currently sipping at a small box of Yoo-Hoo (that was not shaken before consumption) while Mohinder prepares pork cutlets rolled in Indian spices. Sure to be a treat, as usual.

"No.. I don't suppose I do." Mohinder says with a faint smile in Matt's direction. Letting the pork cook, he starts on the curry. "I know she's not happy here. Letting her have a pet has helped, but.." It's not the same.. and given the manner in which she's terrorized the Agent set to look after her..

"I thought a chinchilla was a type of food," says Matt as he holds the box of Yoo-Hoo in front of him. With nothing really to do while Mohinder cooks, he sets down the box and reaches for one of the cabinets. Apparently he has it in his head to set the table while the other man prepares the meal. How ingenious! How spontaneous! How unlike the same man who has told the chinchilla-food joke three separate times now with little success.

Mohinder laughs aloud at Matt's confusion about the rodent. "Larger and longer lived than a hamster. I thought Molly would be capable of tending to one, they do require special care. So far, she has done remarkably well for her age. Aside from hiding Nico in my lab from time to time." Which is uhoh funny at times. "I thought about a kitten or puppy, but space restraints sort of limit that at this time."

Why would the girl want a hyperactive puppy that provides unlimited affection when she has Matt, or a sleek and tender kitten that will never ignore your presence when she has Mohinder? Matt looks back over to Mohinder as he asks, "Did you have any pets growing up? My mother was allergic so I couldn't even have a guinea pig." The sound of plates clattering can be heard as he removes them from the cabinet.

Why indeed? Mohinder's attention is mostly on the cooking, tending to the pork in turn to make sure it is cooking thoroughly. "None.. but the neighbor did have an elephant." He could be kidding. Ah, wacky Indian humor. "I better not say that too loudly, or Molly might want one."

Wacky. Indian. Humor. Bollywood has made it happen. Matt looks over toward Mohinder when he says it, lips parted as he again has to process the odd statement coming from Mohinder. His lips curl as he seems prepared to tell a joke, but is afraid he'll start laughing if he speaks aloud. Eventually the words come as he says, "I bet the elephant had six arms, too."

Mohinder laughs, shoulders shaking slightly as he turns the pork over, then moving to stir the curry. "I am sworn to secrecy about that mutation." He wasn't paying attention and therefore did not realize that Matt has set the table, so when he looks behind him to ask for this to happen.. "Could you set the.. that was fast."

"Easier done than said?" Matt asks as he gestures to the full table setting, hands presenting his fine work. Molly had taught him that l-e-f-t had the same number of letters as f-o-r-k, which is why the cutlery was arranged in such a fashion. The same works for k-n-i-f-e and r-i-g-h-t. That is the extend of his spelling and reading with the little girl. He places his hands on his hips and looks at the table. "Maybe I'm reading your thoughts before you can think them."

Mohinder just looks over at Matt with a faintly raised eyebrow. "Cheater," he says in a joking manner. The curry is ready faster, so is set aside, but kept warm. The pork has a few more minutes left. <Later, I can already start taking a few things back to the apartment. Since it will take more than a single trip to relocate back.>

<After I get a couple unis to swing by and confirm there is no strange people around> reminds Matt. He brushes his thumb across the tip of his nose before he says, "Dinner's starting to smell good. Should tell Molly it's time for dinner." He walks over to the kitchen counter first, however, and retrieves his Yoo-Hoo.

<Right. Sorry, thinking ahead of myself.> Mohinder's mind's still in overdrive.. as it bounces between wanting to keep Molly safe, and little Sasha keeps creeping to mind. "Do you want the honors?" Since he does get more time with Molly, taking her with him around the facility, and when he goes to Hartsdale. Basically, keeping Molly with him when Matt's working.

The smell of curry and the intermittent talking and mindtalking has finally brought Molly back out to play. And this time in full view. Cautiously and with suddenly squeaky clean hands, she'll even hold them out to show, the young girl sees that the table is already set and everything is all but ready. "Didn't you leave anything for me to do?" It's a half-pout. She's not really disappointed in not having any chores to do.

There is a ripple of liquid being sucked through a straw that can be heard as Matt finishes off the Yoo-Hoo. He looks over at Molly as she walks in, a small smile on his face as he withdraws the straw from his lips. Holding the small carton up for her to see, he says, "You could throw this out for me? Would you like that?"

"I thought you could get your own drink," Mohinder says, smiling at the girl when she reappears. "You can help me take the meal to the table if you feel that left out." The smile he gives the girl is one of those.. ask and ye shall receive kinds. Not waiting for an answer from the girl, he takes the pot of curry to the table first.

Molly wrinkles her nose at Matt. "That's not setting the table." But, she takes the little carton from him and flounces over to the trash can to toss it out. Mohinder already has the food for the table, so instead, she makes her way to the fridge to pull out a soda for herself. "Getting my own drink I can do." Once the can is set on the table, she settles herself down in a chair and then looks between her two father figures. "So! What were you two talking about?" She tries to look innocent.

Rather than recite the Walrus and the Carpenter, Matt opts for a less witty response. "We wanted your opinion on a few things," he replies as he slowly walks over to the table. Though there are no assigned seats, it is only natural for him to sit in the same chair as he had since they began living in the Kirby Plaza. He looks over at Mohinder expectantly as he settles into his seat.

Mohinder chuckles at Molly as he fetches the skillet with the pork and sets it on the table. He then sets to serving everyone. He doesn't address the attempt at innocence. The only time he and Matt can have private conversations is either telepathically or when Molly's not in earshot. "Would you like to go back to living in the Brooklyn apartment for good, or should we look for a new place?" Somewhere nicer and lesser known perhaps?

The answer is immediate, as if she was expecting this question. Though, of course, that is impossible. Molly was not anywhere near listening in on their adult and private conversation. "Brooklyn!" It's enthusiastic and her mind is all but made up about it. "I mean, I'd really like it if we moved back to Brooklyn." It may be a smaller apartment and doesn't have air conditioning…but it was home.

Matt looks askance to Mohinder after Molly replies so enthusiastically. The smile on his face indicates that, no, a mind-reader would not need to translate the little girl's true feelings about the subject. As he picks up his fork, he looks back to Molly and adds, "We're also thinking of sending you to a private school. The same as Micah, how does that sound?"

Mohinder settles into his seat after serving everyone before tending to himself. He smiles at Molly then gives Matt a mild raising of the eyebrows over her response. "Now.. we can understand if for some reason you're opposed to the idea…" Now he's just messing with Molly before he digs into his meal.

No, there's really no way that anyone could ever misconstrue the way Molly feels about this subject. Just about any time anyone asks her how she like Kirby Plaza, she'll tell them that it's okay, but she misses Brooklyn. So, to hear that the time has come to finally go back? It makes her ecstatic. And to hear that she may be going to private school with Micah? Now, this is just too good to be true. "Really?" She all but squeals. Giving Mohinder a look that clearly tells him that he is truly insane.

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