2007-07-23: Familiar Faces


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Summary: Two former quarantine friends meet up in a certain strange bookstore. Not much is revealed, either way, but it does make Peter keep an eye out for her. Guess he should have examined that rubble a little more, huh? It does lay the foundation for future encounters, though.

Date It Happened: July 23rd, 2007

Familiar Faces

Enlightenment Books

It's a slow time of day. The last customer left a few minutes ago, and he's one Peter knows quite well. Only buys anything during his shift, because he's too proud to let the female employees realize he's buying certain books for the… artistic merit and not the written content. Sitting behind the counter, he's flipping through a book on meditation. He's only on the third chapter. Since the incident at the hospital, his hair's a little longer, and he's dressed in lighter clothes. He's also less shaven then before, dark stubble showing on his face. The summer heat requires it.

The girl who walks into the shop doesn't look quite the same as she did three months ago, either. Still wearing dark clothes - a plum-colored tee and dark-blue denim shorts - and those violet contacts, true, but her hair has only recently been cut to the level of her chin. It makes a difference. Evelyn doesn't recognize Peter at first, mostly because her mind is on the books and not the bookseller; letting the door swing closed behind her, bell jingling noisily, she studies the shelves and helpful subject signs with the air of someone not too familiar with this store but here for something particular (more or less, anyway).

At the sound of the bell, Peter immediately looks up and closes his book on a piece of paper so he doesn't lose his place. "Welcome to Enlightenment Books. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with." It's a standard greeting of sorts, but now that there's a customer, he doesn't return immediately to his book. Something about the girl does seem… familiar, but at the moment he dismisses it for being New York.

Distracted from her contemplation of the wares, Evelyn turns towards the speaker — and just stops. The familiarity, apparently, is mutual; for her, the sight of Peter brings back less-than-pleasant memories. "Oh. Hi." Um. The teen blinks, then after a moment reaches up to hook her hair behind her ears. "Sorry; I was distracted. I'm okay, thanks." She gives him a small, unsure-but-game smile.

There's that— "Have we met?" Peter finally asks, giving her a look. There's definately something about her that feels like they have. Part of him really does want to dismiss it as a New York moment. Or even that she'd been in the store before. Knowing his life these days, though…

"Uh - kinda?" Evelyn supplies. She lifts a hand, then carries the motion through into a shrug. "Couple months ago, at the hospital. Their… hm… hantavirus quarantine." She was too busy being quietly claustrophobic to share in the conversations, but they did more or less meet.

See, that's the reason he didn't remember her. She'd been so quiet. Peter thinks back now, pictures a longer haired girl off to the side looking more scared than even the others did. "Right. I'm glad that quarantine turned out to be unnecessary— for the most part." None of them showed signs of the disease, all of them passed their bloodwork. Though what happened there may not be over. "Looking for anything in particular?"

"Yeah. So am I," the girl agrees. "I just wish they'd figured /that/ out earlier." At the question, she gives Peter a polite smile, and shakes her head. "I'm just going to look for a bit, but thanks," Evelyn answers, an undertone of yes-I-am but I'm-not-sharing to her voice. "I'll let you know if I get stuck."

"Yeah— it was a rather boring night," Peter says, though he doesn't exactly share the claustrophobia that this girl does. For him, it'd just been boring and marginally stressful. He gained some insight on things that night, and aquired two things he hadn't had before… It was the next morning that's the most memoriable. "I'll be here," he adds with a smile, before settling back into his chair, flipping his book open again to occupy himself while she looks.

Evelyn echoes Peter's smile, then moves off to peruse the stacks. She skips over alien abductions, government conspiracies, pyramid power, Atlantis, and all the past life testimonials. Stops at the more self-improvement-oriented section of the shelves and begins to really browse, selecting a few books and studying their summaries with very serious intent.

That would be the section Peter's most fond of, if his own book is any indication. The book he's currently reading is from that area. Glancing up, he takes note of where she's looking, before he glances back down and continues to read. He never really planned to be in retail, so a pushy salesman is not what he does. He seems content to wait until she's ready.

It takes Evelyn a while to settle on a few books — especially since she's really just hoping one of them has what she wants. With all of the rejects put back right where they came from, the girl brings her selections over to the counter. Activating Evolution, being a somewhat different subject, /isn't/ one of them — but it wouldn't be out of place among books like 'Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief', 'Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World', and 'The Science and Art of Transformation'.

As soon as she starts towards the counter, Peter closes his book and pushes it to the side to make room on the counter. Each book is rang up and glanced over. "Interesting choices." It does seem like something a little… common for this kind of store. "I hope it helps with whatever you're looking for." Because someone who buys these sorts of books usually wants help, or maybe they're just curious. He does happen to have a tag with his name. Peter. And there's also a 'Vote Petrelli' pin on a carrier bag on the counter. But most people wouldn't connect the two together. "Anything else you might be looking for?"

Looking down at her choices, Evelyn lets out a breath. "So do I," she admits, giving Peter a rueful smile. «I don't have a clue what I'm looking for.» She won't willingly admit it to the virtual stranger across the counter, but the teen's all too aware of this fact herself. «Maybe I should… call… …No.» And that well-worn thought is killed again. While she doesn't even know Jane's name to think it, Peter might pick up enough of a description to identify her. Still smiling, Evelyn shakes her head. "Not that I can think of, thanks. Peter." Since he's wearing the nametag, she might as well make use of it!

Using this ability isn't one Peter does on accident a lot of the time. This would be one of them. For a moment, he blinks, then… "Are you sure? It— seems like you might want some help." Everyone needs help in one way or another. But this… "Maybe I can help. Haven't read those books in particular, but I— I've read a few of them." Since he hasn't had a chance to do much the last few days like look at certain pieces of rock— and if he did maybe he didn't get anything useful— but there's definitely something that… This store has a tendancy to attract a certain type of person.

Evelyn opens her mouth, and the impending refusal is clear to see in her expression. But… she winds up not giving it. Instead, the girl just looks hesitant and undecided. If her hair moves a bit - well, it's because she looked down, right? After a moment, she lifts her gaze to Peter again. "Well, what would you recommend?"

"It depends on why you need them," Peter says, looking down towards the books that she's still needing to pay for. But that's not the point. The point is she needs help. Sure, he could keep prying in on her personal thoughts, but sometimes it's best to give people the chance to say something or not. "Don't have to give me personal details, but I— doubt there's anything you could say that I'd find weird."

Another rueful smile. "No offense…" She does mean that. "…but, quarantine or no, I don't know you." And it's personal. Even if she tries to be oblique about it. Evelyn shakes her head slowly. "I don't think I could manage not to give details. And I'd really rather not." She manages to be both apologetic and quite resolute on that point.

"Understandable," Peter has to admit, though he does finish getting the prices of the books together and says the exact price, so that she can pay. There was something in her description of the woman she wanted to see that rings a bell, but… "If you change your mind, I'm usually working here about this time. A lot of the people who work here are good with the strange and the unexplainable— so you can probably ask any of us who work here."

Putting the cash for the books on the counter — not exact change, inevitably — Evelyn nods. "Thanks. I appreciate it." But I still don't know you, much less them; she doesn't sound like she plans on changing her mind anytime soon. "'Good with', huh?" the girl echoes, apparently finding the choice of wording a curious one.

The change is passed back, and she's even given a bag to help her carry the books out of the store. Peter laughs a little, "Yeah— pretty good with. This is a store with books on palm reading and UFO abductions— we make our living on the strange and unexplainable. And the attempts to explain it." But… "If you really need to talk about it and would prefer a friend, I'm sure you can explain it to someone that you know. It's always good to have someone to talk to. Friend or stranger."

The change goes in a pocket; the handles of the bag around one wrist. "Maybe." Evelyn doesn't sound so sure about the talking to a friend part. She smiles at Peter, but it falls a bit short. "I've never been good with the talking part. But thanks again," she adds, lifting the bag and taking a step back from the counter.

"Enjoy your books and thanks for shopping with us," Peter says in the standard response way. The rest of the conversation hadn't been standard, but this is more so. He'll watch her leave, and be curious about what he heard from her head, but there's only so much he can do without coming off as… well… weirder than he wishes to.

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