FANFIC: The Powers of Love



Date: May 2, 2010

Disclaimer and What this is:

So… I don't play Maggie OR Laurie, but I was told I couldn't ACTUALLY ship anyone until I wrote a fanfic. In usual fanfic fashion I have made them both complete and utter distortions of what the characters are — I'm aware of this. ANyways, since I do ship the pair, I wrote this for them — they think it's hilarious and I'm posting it to prove my devotion to Laugie (which sounds like a sandwich). Note: it's meant to be ridiculous.



Maggie and Laurie meet at the police station. Things are POWERFUL.

"The Powers of Love"

The Police Station

The sun shines through the office of the police station as Maggie Powers sits at her desk wondering where Laurie is. Secretly she wants to know, but would never tell him that, instead, she sits at her immaculate desk and types away at her PC (which she wishes was an APPLE because EVERYONE wants an Apple) looking up files about gang activity in the New York area. She runs a hand through her thick golden locks that shine like the sun in the light before closing her cerulean eyes and imagining where that consultant that she love/hates is at.

Coming from apparently nowhere Laurie strolls over to Maggie’s desk whistling all the while, his rippling biceps exposed because of his tight white t-shirt. Of course, he’s eating a Snickers Bar (Betty White would!) as he walks, yet he lingers in front of Maggie’s desk. “Powers,” he grins brightly before running a hand through his awesome blonde faux hawk that’s touseled in the most perfect come hither way.

Pretending to be busy, Maggie stares at the computer and attempts to play coy. “Hello Miles,” she issues him a small smile in greeting, but her eyes don’t leave the screen as much as she wants them to. Instead she sighs in her head (not aloud!) because she’d like to be less emotionally constipated so she could actually say what she wants to, but her tortured past prevents her. Damn Sam and the pain he caused!

“Want some?” Laurie leans over the desk and offers her a bite of the chocolate bar causing his ultra white shirt to rip open and expose his super washboard abs. “Oops,” he says as he looks down. “I’m going to need a new t-shirt.”

Maggie pretends not to notice Laurie’s abs by staring at her computer screen urging herself not to look. But then he mentions needing the new shirt, she can’t help but look over with sapphire pools of desire. Her mouth gapes open as she stares at his rock hard abs.

Shrugging his shirt off and onto the floor in a ripped piece of cloth Laurie proceeds to place the Snickers bar in Maggie’s mouth. “Just bite down,” he whispers. “The chocolate, peanuts, and peanut butter will resolve — “ And then he sees her bright aqua eyes staring at him and he freezes. His heartbeat skyrockets before sweeping everything off Maggie’s desk, including her monitor.

Maggie bites down on the chocolate bar and lets the rest of it fall to the floor. Around chewing she manages, “Oh Laurie!” while he pushes her onto the desk and leans forward to place an increasingly passionate kiss on her lips. She tastes like snickers. But instead he says, “You taste strawberries.”

Laurie’s multicoloured sometimes bluish grey, sometimes green eyes reflect a blazing emerald as he stares down at Maggie. “Powers, I’ve wanted to do that for so long — “ His lips curl into a boyish grin. “I think you’re amazing and ever since we met and I analyzed those Disney cartoon villains, I’ve been thinking about the moment I could make you my Princess and I be your Prince!”

“Oh Laurie~ you’re so awesome and manly~” Maggie swoons from her place on the desk. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched you eat food from the vending machine and imagine your lips were all over me — “ She looks down up at him before planting another kiss on his lips — the two entering reverie in the middle of the police station — especially because it’s closed. And nighttime. And the moon shines through the windows while candles alight on the desks like the pair had planned this special moment all along.


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