2011-09-04: Fanservice
AIR DATE 2011.09.04
Cast: Mina_icon.pngVan_icon.png
Location: Melrose Ave
Synopsis: The Real Divas of West Hollywood.

First day back in LA, first day back home. And Mina? She wants to be a real girl. A /normal/ girl. No ability, no touring, just doing 24-year old girl things. And what does a very well off 24 year old girl do in LA? She dons sunglasses to try to 'hide', and goes shopping. Which means she's just strolling down the sidewalk, a couple of bags in her hand, an iced coffee in the other, which she sips from occasionally. She's not moving quickly, just wandering about. She's in no hurry, has no meeting, no timeline. Just hours to herself.

Van Dallas, on the other hand, is always in a hurry and trying to meet someone or something for whatever reason. Which is why, at this very moment, he's walking down the street and flashing a big grin at every person that he passes by. Granted, he has to actually stop and pose for a picture every time he passes a Tween Girl that recognizes him. Which is mostly to stop the squealing and whatever else that happen when someone as hot as BLAINE CARMICHAEL is passing through this Los Angeles street at the moment.

Mina's attention is drawn to the fangirling, but it takes a moment for her to recognize Van. Hmm. He is hot, but approaching him might out /her/ as well, and she's just not in the mood to be signing autographs or taking pictures. Still, she's got no where she needs to be, so she shifts her path, to carry her right in his path. Oops.

"Make sure you and all your friends are watching! Nightlife is back next week, baby! Woo!"

That's what happens when Van Dallas tries to walk backwards and promote the show that has changed television forever! Or, well, at least it changed Van's career. And that's all that truly matters about this situation. It isn't until he turns around to coninue his walking does he realize… nothing. Because he's walking right into Mina with all of his sexy body weight.

Well, mina wasn't expecting /that/. Unfortunately it means she's pushed back and down onto her own sexy ass. She sits there, blinking up at him behind her shades. "Well, not the way I /wanted/ to say hi," she mutters, before tilting her head. "Wanna help me up?" she asks, offering a hand. Her voice, is very distinctive, even with her eyes obscured.

Perhaps to someone who actually pays attention to anything besides sexy bodies. Unfortunately, if it's not house music or something, Van Dallas is not going to notice it. Right now the only thing he's noticing is that he's walked into a hottie and this is the perfect opening for a one-liner. "Jesus, I know I'm Van Dallas but you can't fall for me -that- fast, babe." He's already reaching down to offer a hand so he can pull her up. "You gotta' get to know me first. Or at least get me drunk. I'm good with either, really."

His hand is taken and Mina pulls herself to her feet, brushing her clothes off. "I'm Mina Adams, I'm used to guys falling for /me/, not the other way around," she grumbles. "You're cockier than I would've expected," she muses a moment later, her head tilting as she considers him.

"I get that a lot. Usually not until after we're back at my place but hey." Van offers a playful shrug, while making sure that he is comitting the name to his memory banks. Since he's already plotting on tapping this one right here. It's just in his nature. It's a female, so it must be tapped. "Oh, but don't worry. I'm sure you're pretty fall-for-able. I'm just, well, I had a V8 today, that's all."

Mina arches a brow. "Do you not listen to music at all? For the last seven years?" she asks, sounding a bit surprised. "And V8 is nasty. But if you want a drink, we can certainly go somewhere and get a drink. I've got no where I need to be."

"Define 'listen'. Hell, define 'music'. I happen to be of the opinion that music has sucked horribly for the last decade or so and if you don't agree with me, then let me see if I can't dig up some Auto-Tuned Tracks for you…" Van is already reaching for his iPhone and working his fingers on the touch screen of epicness. "Oh, so you're gonna' fall for me /and/ get me drunk all at the same time? I think I like this plan. Anything else I should know about?"

"/I/, do not use autotune," Mina says, seeming a little offended. "And I was more thinking you would be buying me a drink. Maybe I'll even prove to you that I don't need no stinkin' autotune. That's just cheating. The worst sort of cheating for a performer. Worse than photoshopping and airbrushing."

"Oh shit. You sing? What the hell do you sing?" Van is already switching to Google on the iPhone. "… Nevermind. I'll Google it." And then he's looking back up while the search results page is getting its load on. "Wait wait. You're the rich music superstar that's falling for me and you want /me/ to pay for the drinks? There is something very wrong with this picture." And he pauses, looking at his phone and image search results, before spinning the phone around to show the singer. "… No airbrushing, huh?" Oh snap! Evidence?!

Mina looks amused. "I sing, I play several instruments, I dance. Like I said, music for the last seven years." She glances to the phone and…actually goes a little pink. "No airbrushing. They just like me to wear stuff like that, for magazines and on stage and stuff," she says, shrugging.

"Huh." There's some more finger touching on the screen and then he's smiling as he flips the phone around again to show the phone off once more. "You just made it on my wallpaper for the day. Congratulations." There's a wink that comes from Van as he regards the multi-talented one. "Dance, huh? Please tell me you give private performances." And his eyes are drifting back down to the phone. Ahem.

Mina glances to the phone, then back to him. "Occasionally," she allows. "If bought a drink first," she says, smiling, the blush starting to fade. "So I take it to mean that you don't care about my singing, then?" she asks, sounding amused again.

"Oh, I'm sure we can have you hitting high notes in no time." Van is offering one of those cleverly disguised winks that hides the pervertedness but still offers a bit of cad style to his whole demeanor. That's just the kind of thing that he's up to when he's talking to hot babes. Oh wait, all he talks to are hot babes. "I suppose getting your number is out of the question until I buy you a drink too, huh?"

Mina grins. "Why don't you buy me the drink and we can see where we end up? Maybe I'll dance for you, or maybe I'll just give you my number. No way to tell while we're just standing here on the street, hmm?"

"I would but the craziest thing is happening right now. Like, my Diva Sense is tingling like you wouldn't believe." There's some sarcasm located in the voice of Van Dallas at the moment as he offers a smile that is hard to read. Is he being serious or just poking fun?! HMMM!

Mina cocks her head, frowning a bit. "Diva Sense? What in the hell does that mean?" she asks, sounding confused.

Smirk. Van just has to smirk as it goes right over her head. Which has him smiling and shoving his phone into the holster on his side. "Tell you what. Next time we meet, I'll definitely get you drunk. I promise. But right now, I think you have a few MINA ADAMS fans to deal with…" Van says all this as he takes some steps backwards, making sure the MINA ADAMS is loud enough to draw the gaze of street dwellers. FANRUSH!

"Shit," Mina says, looking panicked. It may be fans she's about to be in the middle of, but she looks more like he just dumped her into a pit full of spiders, scorpions and snakes. It's not annoyance, it really is full on panic, and she darts off to one side, trying to find someplace to hide.

Van would probably feel bad if he didn't think she was a total diva and he's already spinning around to rush away from the drama that's about to happen to the singer! Snickering the whole way.

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