2010-04-28: Fashion Police!



Date: April 28, 2010


Jaden and Hallis get dressed up/down.

"Fashion Police!"

Jaden's Fabulous Apartment

It's early in the evening. The phone call has been ended for about…. twenty minutes. But there's a problem going on at the top of Cain Tower. That's right, there's something of an emergency happening right about now. The front door has been left ajar, as if awaiting the arrival of someone, while there is all sorts of commotion coming from the bedroom, that's not far down the epic corridor in the first place.

"Oh come ON!" That would be the voice of Jaden Cain, from off in the distance and in the depths of the bedroom. Whatever the hell he's doing back there, its certainly got to be serious. The occasional slam and crash can be heard, before being followed by obscenities that are just dripping with some sort of frustration. Epic Frustration. From the sound of things, Mr. Cain is having some true personal issues…

Ten minutes after that, there's what could be the familiar click of a door being automatically unlocked and the click of high heeled sandals crossing the floor. She's cleaned up, or as well as she can be considering she just got off the set. Far be it from Hallis to keep Jaden waiting, it's just become a habit to be there when he calls, so she just rushed over.

"Jaden?" She calls out, tapping her fingernails on the bedroom door as she breezes through, her keycard is still in her other hand. "Mmmm this doesn't sound good, are you getting ready for a date or something?" She asks with a little bit of a smirk on her face. "With Chelsea, Olivia, or someone else?" Maybe there's just a hint of jealousy in there too.

"Date? Please. Everyone knows that Jaden Cain can where whatever he wants on a date. He's Jaden Cain." The third person is just coming out of nowhere, since he's currently standing in front of the full mirror on the wall, trying to figure out which tie he wants to wear. The rest of the room is horribly messy… at least because it's covered in ties. There has to be way too many damn ties in this room. Jaden frowns at the next two he tries and then hurls them off to the side also. "Ugh."

"No, this is for something actually important. Mom's bringing her new beau over for dinner. And she actually likes him! So I need to find the right tie so I don't look like the world's worst son." Jaden frowns, throwing his hands up in frustrated exasperation! He is no good at this!

"Hmm," Hallis says as she slips between the billionaire and the mirror. She half closes her eyes as she begins to straighten the tie and then tilts her head slightly to the side considering. "Well, what sort of guy is this… guy? Who is it?" Candy's been known to flirt with very high profile people. "It'll help you decice what kind of tie to wear if you know what he'll be wearing."

Slowly, she undoes the knot again and slides the tie from around his neck to toss in the 'throw away' pile. The one she just invented. "What kind of food are you having? You don't want to wear a light colored tie if you're going to spill marinara on it or something like that."

"I don't know! That's the problem! Mom never says the word 'surprise' and 'new boyfriend' in the same sentence. So I have no idea what to expect. I mean, he could be a big time actor! Bigger time superstar! Hell, it could be The Rock." Jaden then kind of smiles, imagining how awesome it would be. "I swear, having The Rock as a step-father would be the sweetest thing ever. IF YOU SMEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL!"

Jaden must've realized that he's flipping out of his own mind here and just kind of stands there, while letting the Hallis work her magic. He does offer a small smile, though. "Hey. I'm 25. I think I can get by without spilling marinara sauce on myself. But I don't know if we're eating here or going out or what." The funny thing is that the both of them know that's a big ass lie. "Hey. Thanks for getting over here so fast. I'm totally freakin' out about this." Aw, there's the Inner Jaden that everyone knows and loves.

Looking up at him, Hallis just gives him a big smile and nods. "Anytime boss," she says softly then she reaches up and brushes her thumb over the corner of his lip to wipe something away. "And I think we both know that you'll be wearing at least a few drops of something or other. You're Jaden Caine, you don't need a napkin." Then she laughs lightly and lets her hand drop down to her side.

Turning to the side, she bends down to grab a few of the ties he's already discarded to match them against his shirt. "So, we want the tie to say something about you, hmm? Fun, a little crazy, but great." And rich, she can't forget that. "Definitely something silk, with a cartoon pattern… Understated cartoon pattern."

Jaden is already leaning over to reach for the Scooby Doo tie. Yes, the tie that is literally Scooby Doo. Don't ask how. It just is. Because, well, that's the kind of thing that Jaden Cain is all about wearing. But then Hallis is correcting her own statement and the poor rich Cain is letting the tie fall back down to the pile of toon ties. "Awwww!"

"You know what I need?" Jaden just kind of smiles, reaching back to hook his thumbs on his belt, since he's just trying to make sure he looks as good as he thinks he does. "A little pocket sized you to carry around. That would be awesome. You could just pop out, wipe my mouth for me and then duck back under the table. People would be so jealous." Jaden beams proudly, while awaiting the next set of ties to be modeled against his outfit.

She narrows her eyes just a little bit and puckers her lips just a little in thought. "Pants pocket or breast pocket?" Hallis challenges as she picks out four or five ties with miniature cartoons on them. There's even a Scooby Doo one in there! Returning to her original spot, she kicks off her heels and stretches out her toes on the carpet. "Okay, you want the dog, the green hourglass thingy, this.. I don't know what this is, or the big kitties?" She looks at the last one, the tie with little Thundercats all over it and then shrugs. "Man kitties.."

Each of the ties are laid on his shoulder and she lifts them up one by one against his cheek, holding them there for a split second. Her eyes narrow to small slits. leaning forward just slightly, she raises both of her hands to lift his collar up.

"Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats. HOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Jaden holds his hand up to the ceiling, as if he's actually wielding the Sword of Omens. But then again, he realizes that he's falling into the realm of childishness at the moment. "Sorry. I can't help it. There's too much Toon in my Blood." Sighing a little bit, Jaden decides he's going to go back to a much more comfortable part of the conversation that involves, well, talking about his pants.

"I'm gonna' definitely vote for the pants pocket." Jaden smirks and kind of tilts his head at the girl in front of him, before looking at his watch. "I've got some time, if you wanna' see how well you fit." Wink.

"Thundercats, right." Hallis confirms as she tosses the rest in the 'throw away' pile. Just for added incentive, she grabs the Scooby Doo tie and tosses it into the pile as well. "Alright this shirt isn't going to do at all. Remember the rule, blue and green should not be seen together except in a washing machine."

The tie is looped around his neck and she looks at him with a little bit of a smirk on her face. "So take your shirt off." Just in case he didn't quite understand, she starts to unbutton the top two before stopping to leave the rest to him.

"Olivia and Chelsea said they had a really good time with you the other night," she says with a bit of a sneer, "Where did you go after the bar?"

"Here." is the response from Jaden, as he doesn't really have anything to hide. After all, lying is not in his cup of tea. He's all about keeping it honest with all the babes that he wants to get down with the lay down with. "We went a few rounds. No biggie." Jaden shrugs his shoulders, clearly just trying to make light of the situation. He doesn't even really catch the sneer. He's too busy being himself.

Even while he explains with utter honesty that he did spend the night with the Olivia and the Chelsea. He can't believe that he's just letting his fingers do the walking as he unbuttons the shirt, revealing his wifebeater underneath and pulls it off his body, tossing it off into the room somewhere. "You were totally invited." is tossed in to make sure that she knows that he wanted her there.

"Mmmmaybe I'll take you up on that sometime," Hallis says rather coyly, grinning. "But not when Olivia and Chelsea are in the same room, I don't generally sleep with my best friends, especially mine, they'd be too busy picking out every flaw … " She pauses and lets off a small huff, "Except I don't have any."

Her fingers trace up to the shoulder of the wife beater and she feel the material for a moment. "You're going to have to get much better undershirts than these. They look like something a rapper would wear … or someone sitting on a stoop in Brooklyn." Then she's gone, into his closet.

The sound of hand against bar can be heard as she quickly whips between the shirts, looking for exactly the right one. "Here we go! How do you — No… Pink isn't the right color for meeting your mom's boyfriend for the first time. I think white. You're not going to spill, are you?"

"Damn sure don't." Jaden agrees with a soft whisper as he watches Hallis disappear into his closet. He just kind of shrugs a little bit, looking down at his wifebeater. "I happen to like the wifebeater look! It makes me look gangsta'!" And then Jaden's focused on the mirror, once more, doing some very bad 'hood' posing, complete with gang signs that make zero to no sense at all. He's that white.

"I promise I won't spill anything!" is about all Jaden can use as a response. Granted, now that he's making promises, he's probably going to have to actually try to eat like a professional human. Which just goes against everything he believes in.

"Good." She says, stepping back out of the massive closet with possibly the whitest shirt in existence. "This one is going to be perfect." Hallis pulls the hangar away, tossing it onto the bed. The buttons are carefully undone before she pulls the shirt over one of Jaden's arms and then the other. She doesn't button it up right away because she's now staring down at his pants.

"Please tell me you're wearing underwear," she grins before pointing to his pants. "Those need to go too, I'll just be in the closet while you take them off."

Jaden blinks a little bit. He wasn't quite sure that there was anything wrong with his clothes. Here he was trying his best to just be the best person in the world for the meeting of his mother's new boyfriend and now he's just getting himself taken out of the box. "Of course I'm wearing underwear. Scooby Dooooooo!" Jaden smiles big and proud, since he's all about representing his cartoons to the fullest!

"Oh my God, Jaden…" Hallis laughs as she peeks out of the closet. "What is this?" Then she ducks back out, holding up a hangar with a pair of very disturbing polyester pants. "Please tell me that you have never worn these and never plan to?" They look like they were made in the disco era, something that perhaps Fred would wear… Yes Fred from Scooby Doo.

"I'm going to put these in the burn it pile, okay?"

"You toss my Poly Pants and you'll be walking out of here in your birthday suit!" is all Jaden has to say! Whether he's really being threatening or just kidding around should be obvious to the Hallis, as he's too busy looking in the mirror in his non-buff self. At least he doesn't look a hot mess or anything. "Hi. I'm a Mac." is said into the mirror, as he decides a little playful banter at the mirror is never going to hurt anyone! "Disco is comin' back, baby! And when it does, I'll be ready!"

Asn an answer to his challenge, the polyester pants get tossed in the pile with the ties and Hallis just stares at him defiantly. "You wouldn't dare." Then she's back in the closet to find a decent pair of pants for the boss to wear. "You didn't let Olivia and Chelsea in here, did you? Because there's no way they would 'go a few rounds' with you if they saw… these.." A pair of shiny black leather pants get tossed out. "…these…" A pair of midcalf golfer pants a la Sport Goofy. "… or even these." And she's out again with a pair of sleep pants that are printed with a strange design that she can't even pronounce. It's probably a super hero.

Jaden cannot even begin to believe what's happening right now as more and more pairs of pants get tossed out and into a pile. He actually has to stop and gawk at the fact that some of his favorite pants are being tossed. "Whoa! You're supposed to be getting me ready for tonight! I didn't know I was in for an extreme makeover!" Yeah, Jaden is already rushing over to the pile to dig out pants once again, in an effort to save them from being burned by the evil plot of the Hallis. "Uh, no. Your friends and I just kinda' broke the rest of the place in." He tries to keep the conversation going whilst sneaking through the pants. He's hoping she doesn't peek back out and catch him.

Jaden is safe for a few minutes at least because Hallis hit the motherload of fashion faux pas. "JADEN ANTHONY CAINE!!" She practically yells as she begins feverishly tossing out more polyester nightmares. A white leisure suit with a blue satin wide collar shirt, "Do you even have the gold chains for this?"

She pops back out of his closet and… She's wearing it! Minus the gold chains. Hallis is also dying with laughter as she makes her way over to the mirror. It's swimming on her, perhaps because he's much much taller than she is but after rolling the bell bottoms up, she strokes a disco pose in front of the mirror and tosses a look over her shoulder at him. "Well?"

Jaden stops dead in his tracks when the full name is dropped like some sort of crazy twisted version of his mother has suddenly shown up in his closet. The clothes are dropped back down into a pile and he stands up, hands going up and behind his head… as if Hallis were the fashion police. "You'll never take me alive!" But then Hallis is appearing… and wearing his leisure suit larry suit and Jaden immediately cracks up laughing! He stumbles slightly, following the girl over to the mirror and he reaches out to plant his hands on her shoulders. "You look like you just stepped out of a bad movie. I love it."

"I'm glad you love it on me," Hallis says quickly as she stares at his reflection. "Because I'm taking this with me and maybe you'll see it again." Maybe in this lifetime, maybe not. It's absolutely swimming on her, but her hands are at her waist, tucking the extra fabric away as she twists slightly this way and that. "Where did you even get this? It's an antique! Did you get it as a Halloween costume? Do people even dress up anymore?" She's smiling at his reflection again, her eyebrows twitching upward as she poses her rapid succession of questions.

"Who knows. I went on a crazy ass shopping spree when I got this company. I've been randomly buying stuff… just because I can." Jaden offers with a shrug, before he pulls his hands back to his own body. After all, invading personal space might not be in the cards for the night. Especially with his mom and possible stepfather (Please be The Rock!) on the horizon! "But sure! You can borrow! Just don't mess it up! Like you said, it's an antique. It might even be Travolta's!"

"Borrow? No no no.. This is my bonus for being here tonight," Hallis grins, giving him a quick wink. "Okay, I'm going to grab my clothes… and the ones you're going to wear." She turns around and looks down at him, "And why aren't those pants off yet? You need a pair of dark gray or black ones, the white shirt and that Thunderkitty tie. It's got kind of a diamond pattern, do you have argyle socks? Grey and black ones, NO blue." To put the emphasis on, she pokes the middle of his chest. "Come on, we'll find the perfect pair. I'm loving Hugo Boss lately, they've got great legs."

Jaden is lost when the conversation gets back to him. He's not about to argue about the fact that he's not giving her his leisure suit. That's just not happening. It's never happening. Not as long as he's Jaden Anthony Cain, that's for gosh darn sure. All he wants to do is get ready for the meeting of minds. And the Interrogation that he's going to have to do to make sure that this dude (if it's not The Rock) is good enough for his mother. "Argyle? Wasn't that dude in like the first Die Hard?" Yeah, Jaden has no idea what the heck kind of socks he has up in his amazing closet. "And I am not taking my pants off without good reason!"

"Just… Here, wear these," Hallis chirps as she carefully hands him a pair of dress pants. Then she digs around in one of the drawers in the closet to pull out a pair of gray and black socks with a diamond pattern on them and holds them up. "Argyle. Trust me, your mom and her date are going to love you in that." Not that Candy doesn't love him already.

Once he's dressed to her satisfaction, Hallis grabs the clothing she came in and piles them into her arms in a wrinkled lump. "Good boy, you're dressing like a pro!" Then she's padding out the bedroom door and down the hallway, just as the front door opens to reveal Candy and… a very large man. "Hi Mrs. Caine~! Jaden's looking completely fabulous as always!"

Candy is given an air kiss on each cheek in true debutante style, The Rock? He receives a very impressed once over and a large smile before the young blonde flits out the door. "Have fun and don't let Jaden eat anything with sauce."

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