2007-04-07: Father Daughter Conversation


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Summary: Lia shares a secret with Matt - Matt starts the proceedings to get her to safety.

Date It Happened: April 7th, 2007

Father-Daughter Conversation

Lia, Micah, and Molly's School

Just because Molly isn't going to school doesn't mean she won't be learning. Not on Matt's watch. He ducks over to the school she had been attending while they're still in session, but on recess, in order to give some vague explanation and get some work for the girl to do. It won't make him popular at home tonight, that's for sure. On his way out, Matt cuts through the busy playground, eyeing the books and folder of papers he's been given. No, he doesn't envy Molly, and he deserves any hatred the girl may have for him.

Lia is sitting on the edge of the playground, playing with some of the other kids with a soft rubber bouncy ball. It's about all she can do, and she's in the regular school uniform, and she looks happy for all she can't intereact well- howevre, one of the kids throws the ball a bit too far off and the kids run to get it. Matt is spotted, and Lia narrows her eyes. "Matt?" She asks hesitantly.

Matt hears his name, and it's in a little girl's voice. …Molly? Wait, no. That's not a Molly Voice. Still, he looks up and soon finds himself peering back at Ling. A smile finds his face, and he turns to near the wheelchair-bound girl. "Hey, Lia," he says, that smile growing. When he's close, Matt stoops down and rests on one knee, setting the pile of work down beside him. "How are you?"

Lia is definitly /not/ Molly, and she does smile broadly when she realizes that it is the Matt from before. "I'm good." She says quietly. "Just enjoying recess." She admits, thne she peers down at the pile of work. "Molly isn't going to like you." She says simply. "Maybe I can come over and help her with it, since I've been going to school?" She's got pretty good perception, she's noticed Molly isn't around.

Matt 's expression becomes strained, though it's clear he's trying to keep a smile on his face. "I'm not sure about that. I mean, I'm sure she'd /like/ it, but I don't know if it's best. How is your…aunt?" Yes, let's change the subject and not talk about Why Molly Is Gone.

Lia raises one eyebrow, and then Lia sighs, dropping her gaze to her jean-covered knees. "Auntie Bianca is fine." She says simply. "She leaves on another buisness trip tomorrow."

It wasn't good the first time Matt heard it, nor is it now. "Who looks after you when she's away? Do you have older cousins? An uncle? Another aunt?" Or does Matt need to bring the smackdown of the Social Services Hammer down?

Lia smiles. "No cousins, my auntie never married, no other auntie. Basically just my auntie's cleaners who come by evreyday, and school."

Matt heaves a heavy sigh. "Does… Lia, does your teacher know about your aunt?" If the school has already reported the situation and not done anything, then Matt has more work cut out for him.

Lia says brightly, "No, I don't tell her." A pause. "I normally don't tend too, I just don't talk to adults much like I talk to you."

Matt hrms. Then, with some hesitation and some fidgeting, he speaks again. "Lia…I'd like to make things easier on you. A girl like you deserves someone who is there all the time to take care of her. Would you let me do that?"

Lia cocks her head to one side. "But my auntie does take care of me." She says simply. Going for vagueness here? Probably not a good idea. "But how?" She's confused to top it off.

Matt frowns a little, then adopts the 'are you sure that's the right answer' look that police officers give young hooligans. "She's away all the time. Do you know how easy it would be for someone to snatch you up if they wanted to?" Stranger Danger!

Lia squeaks. She's seen that look, and she straights up a bit more in her wheelchair. "I know." She whispers, rubbing at her eyes plaintivelly. "But she's all my family I have, even tho' we don't see anyone barely." A pause. "All I want is a family…"

Matt 's smile returns, but it's faint. The foster system isn't perfect, but… "Family's relative, Lia. I can try to find you one - one that will be there when you need them. That sound okay?"

Lia glanes at Matt, and her hands goes out to grip her wheelchair slowly. "But- there's something special about me." She says. By now the bell has rang and their the only two left outside.

Far be it from Matt to keep a kid and make her late to class. But the admission piques his interest. He picks up the books and the folder, glancing at the door. "Text me about it," he says with a smile. "Trust me, Lia. I only want what's best for you."

Lia shakes her head. "But I can't text you about it." She admits. She does take a deep breath, and hefts her arms up on the armrests. "But I can do this…" If it works, she's going to lift out of her chair and hover in the air above her wheelchair.
GAME: Lia has rolled SOARIN' and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Lia has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of GREAT.

GAME: Matt has rolled THOUGHT INVASION and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Matt has rolled ROBOT MASTER and got a result of GOOD.

<OOC> Matt says, "Do you want to resist?"
<OOC> Lia says, "Nope."

Matt nearly drops the books in his arms, and looking frantically over his shoulder, he focuses his mind on Lia. "Down," is the gentle yet firm command. "I need to call some people. People who are…well, they're all about helping kids like you. Okay? But get to class, you're going to be late.

Lia blinks, smiles sleepily, and regains her seaet. "Class, yeah." She says, shaking her head slightly. "Bye, Matt…" She says, flicking her power on to the wheelchair.

Matt watches Lia move back into the building until he is the only person left on the playground. With a sigh, mentally adding something else to his 'to-do' list, the detective turns to head back to his car.

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