Fatt Parkman Fails Again


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Date: March 20, 2010


A sad day. :(

"Fatt Parkman Fails Again"


<OOC> Cody says, "1-2-3 NOT IT FOR SET!"
<OOC> KeLyssa totally isn't it.
<OOC> Cody hugs Lyssie.
<OOC> Alexandra says, "There was an agreement in place."
<OOC> Erin will set.
Erin is dead on the couch. Poor Erin.
<OOC> Alexandra says, "Though I may pose out when I do crash hard."
Matt is sad.
<OOC> Erin says, "Okay go."
Cody kills Matt for crushing her bestie.
<OOC> Cody says, "Go."
Alexandra buries all the dead bodies.
<OOC> Erin says, "Excellent work, guys. I'll go post."
<OOC> Alexandra says, "Just a day in the life of the crazies."
KeLyssa permafrosts the ground.
<OOC> KeLyssa had to add her part, after all.
<OOC> Alexandra says, "Well, we're safe from zombies now."
<OOC> KeLyssa says, "Quite."

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