2007-12-07: Feeling Better


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Summary: Feeling better at last, Cam goes to enjoy the cold weather at the park, only to meet up with a bunch of people.

Date It Happened: December 7th, 2007

Feeling Better

Central Park

It's a nice day for a saturday, despite the season. Clad in a warm jacket and a knit cap, AJ's out and about, enjoying the park. Despite the cold, he's getting his daily practice in. After all, he regularly dances off in a quiet area. Now that he's got a part in something bigger, he's practicing his current moves, along with spurts of his own thing just for fun. It's been a while since he's been that active, after his injury and all, but now… now things in his life are going well, and he is enjoying every minute.

It's been a long time since Cam's ventured into Central Park. Not since the incident at the magic show. He's back today, though, and not even looking that nervous. In fact, he has a bit smile on his face as he makes his way along. He's carrying his coat in his hand as he walks in this quieter section of the park. On seeing movement, he almost puts it back on, but when he recognizes AJ he grins and makes his way over closer, "Hi!"

Leg outstretched behind him, body angled forward to keep his balance on the tip of one foot, AJ pauses at the Hi. Blinking, he turns to the voice. "Oh! Hey, kiddo." He says, happily. "You look like you're feeling better too." He says with a grin. "Took me forever to get my flexibility back after that." He moves back into a standard position as he grins back and stuffs escaping hairs back under his hat.

Cam blinks at the 'feeling better', "You heard I was sick?" Then he nods quickly and grins, "Oh, the acid-lady! Yep! All gone except it's still red. I got a cool scar from it too." Dropping his coat on the ground, the boy looks at the nearby trees, almost assessing each one.

"Sick? No, I didn't know. I just meant… yeah. Acid-lady." AJ says with a chuckle. It feels strange being honest about those things with a kid. Only two people know about AJ's own abilities. "By the way. Sorry about accidentally letting that slip to Kory." After all. Secrets should be kept. Sure, Kory's good, but he had no right to say it.

Cam shrugs at that and grins, "Hey, she's cool. Just don't tell any cops," he adds with a grin. Then, picking a tree, he steps up, climbing up into the branches. Usually a summer activity… but, then, cold weather doesn't really bother him too much. "Yeah, I got sick last week. Guess lots of people were catching it."

"Nah, not telling any cops. We different folks gotta stick together." AJ blinks before suddenly laughing at something he realized. Of course, his powers aren't known to Cam unless Kory told him, but… "Wow. Glad I avoided that. I was auditioning. Woulda set me back to square one again." He says, looking at the tree that Cam climbed into and chuckling. Boys and trees.

Cam blinks, looking back towards AJ, "You got powers too?" Then he nods, grinning a bit, "It was a weird one. The power that lets me be out in the cold acted up. Thought the heat was on too high. At the hospital they gave me ice packs to keep me cold."

"Wow. Oooh, considering what I've seen. Damn, I can only imagine what would have happened with mine." AJ says, blinking. "I know about yours, it's only fair that I tell you that I have them, too." It is. And the kid seems like a good kid. Good for him to have older rolemodel types.

Cam settles on the branch, leaning a little against the trunk as he looks back down to AJ, and asks, sounding very curious, "What can you do?" His feet, under the branch he's sitting on, swing a little absently.

AJ looks around to make sure nobody sees. He begins to concentrate lightly, as he places his hands FLAT against the tree. He slowly begins to move up the tree, climbing, using flat hands and the sides of his feet. Of course, the area he was spreading it out to will probably make Cam's branch quite sticky as well.

Cam blinks, and then grins at the first display, "Awesome! Like Spider…" He doesn't get to finish, though, as that's when he notices his hand stuck to the branch. "Oh…um…" He tugs, trying to get his hand free, and then grins, "You make things sticky?"

AJ laughs. "Actually…" He says, taking on a professorial tone and acting like an expert in comics… which Cam would know he is not. "It's much more like Charly Beck of the 80's comic, DP7. Can make things sticky or slippery. Control of friction." He chuckles, shrugging and seating himself on a MUCH bigger branch than Cam is on. Nice big tree.

Cam and AJ are in a tree. Cam's on one of the smaller branches, AJ on one of the bigger ones. Cam's lacking his coat, which is lying on the ground at the foot of the tree, but doesn't seem in the least bit cold. They're off the path, in a quieter section of the park. "Awesome." Then he asks, grinning, "Kory tell you about him?"

"Her. No… I actually told Kory about her." AJ laughs as he kicks his feet. He feels weird being up here in a tree, but at the same time, it's fun. "After seeing that I wasn't the only one… well, I read up on the internet. I discovered things and went to find the actual… uhm. I suppose you could say Guidebook to myself." He wrinkles his nose. "Funny thing. She's a dancer, too."

It's a Sunday. It's wintery. Joule has already gone up Fifth Avenue, taking artistic little photos of shoppers and the window displays with the hope of selling them on her website. Now she's in Central Park, hoping to find interesting things to take photos of. Bare, barren trees against a grey sky of scudding clouds, if the weather obliges. Or hardy, defiant Canadian Geese paddling in the lake rather than flying south. She's got a cup of Starbucks coffee in one gloved hand and is sipping it bit by bit to ward off the cold, and in an attempt to drink it all before it goes cold itself.

Along the paths of the park comes the runnng form of felicity. She lopes with ease, not out of breath despite the fact she's been running a while, and is casually smiling and nodding to those she passes. Eventually she stops, checks her timing on her stopwatch and pedometer, and stretches her hamstrings. She hasn't seen anyone in a tree as of yet, But her mind is on other matters.

Cam isn't really paying any attention to anything beyond his current conversation to notice anybody approaching. He nods a bit, and adds, "Don't know much from comics before I was born. But that's cool."

"I don't know much about them at all." AJ laughs. "Just a random discovery that's made things make more sense." He chuckles, pulling his hat off to re-adjust his hair before stuffing it back underneath. He seems to be balancing quite well on his branch.

Joule mutters to herself, under her breath, then slucks back the last of the bitter coffee. Clearly, the cold is winning. She aims the now-empty cup at a trash bin, but the wind makes her miss. Muttering again, she goes to pick it up, and nearly steps on Cam's coat. She frowns, looking around in some confusion. Spotting Felicity, she calls, "Oi! This your coat?"

Felicity pleasantly stretches and totally ignores Joule. Absolutely. Not a flinch, not a twist of her head, nothing. She just puts a foot on a bench and leans into it, stretching her legs out and breathing deeply in the manner of all insane winter joggers everywhere.

Cam nods quickly and says, "I told Mr. Jones comics aren't useless." He grins, then jumps slightly as he hears the call from the bottom of the tree. He looks down, not far below his swinging feet really, but grins and gives a little wave, "Hey. It's mine."

Looking down at the voice below, AJ laughs. "Sorry. He dropped it a few minutes ago." He says, shaking his head. His own coat is still on him. He's not very cold-happy. His legs swing lightly below the large branch.

Joule hears the voices and it takes her a minute to suss out that they're coming from overhead. She looks up. "Cam!" She smiles up at him. "Glad to see you're feelin' better." She picks the coat up and hangs it off the corner of the nearest bench. The one Felicity's stretching on.

Felicity turns at movement and starts. She hadn't seen people but NOW she spots tree dwellers and itinerant photographers. She then grins at them all. "Sorry! Didn't see anyone!" Her voice…it's like someone talking through glue. It really doesn't sound right at all. "Hope I'm not in anyone's way?" She switches legs and sttrreettcchheessss with a great deal of effort. That's one definitely stretched leg

Cam nods quickly, grinning, "Yep, all better. I'll be able to help you again next weekend, if you still want me to." His feet swing under the branch as well, a bit more energetically than AJ's. He gives Felicity a curious look at her odd voice, but waves anyway, "Hi. Nope, not in the way."

"Ah, friend of yours?" AJ asks Cam with a laugh. "Hi. We met at the comic shop and just ran into each other here. Don't mind me." He says, shrugging to Joule. After all, he's a lot older than Cam.

"He's my gopher," Joule calls up to AJ, "And of course, if you still want to make a little extra money, the offer's open whenever you—" she stops, hearing Felicity's voice. There's a pause as she seems to find it familiar, then she shakes her head at the other woman, smiling. "Nah. I just found the coat and its owner. You're not in my way either."

Felicity finishes legs stretches and starts on arms. "That's good to know. Nobody wants to take snaps with some great fool in the way." She waves back to the tree and calls "Hope the view is good!" But doesn't really seem able to respond to them. She then takes from her pocket a chocolate bar and bites into the wrapper, ttearing it open and saying "Ah, sweet bliss."

Cam adds, to Joule's mention of his job, "And get to take pictures too sometimes. Smaller camera, but still kinda fun." he looks back down to Joule then and nods quickly, "Yeah! 'Specially now. Gotta get Niki and Micah Christmas presents. And Monica too, I guess, even if she is kinda mean sometimes." Joule, at least, would know who he's talking about, he'd have mentioned them all to her before.

Oh yeah! Those were the people that Cam was with. "Are you still with them, Cam?" He asks. After all, from what AJ saw, they were good people. But then, he doesn't know them at all. "Photographer?" He asks, thinking. "Do you do any of the show photos around?" WEll, it's a valid question. He IS a showman.

"Actually, you're a proper indication of what mad people do in New York," Joule tells Felicity, grinning widely. "If you wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind either." She glances back up at Cam. "Sure. Offer for that is still open too."

Felicity eats some chocolate, replenishing her energy after her jog "Mad? I'm not mad, not compared to most. I don't jog to stay healthy, I jog to stay able to keep running. You might say it's a bad habit that feeds itself. besides, i like to run in the winter. You photograph the beauty, I run past it and have a damn good look. WEither way, we get to experience mother nature's barren time with her coating of ice. I love winter."

Cam nods quickly to AJ and says, "Yep. For now, anyway. They were gonna take me somewhere else, and Micah too, but then… well, bet ya heard what happened. They haven't come back since then. Hoping they let me stay for Christmas, and Micah stay forever." He grins to Felicity's words, "Me too! Best time of year."

AJ shakes his head. "no, I haven't heard. I didn't even know they were going to take you away. I liked her." He shrugs. But then, he only met her the once. Looking down at Joule and Felicity, he ponders getting out of the tree. But he's not sure he can without using something he shouldn't. Ah well, he'll just wait.

"See? Mad. Running in the freezing cold." Joule seems to have defined this as madness. She's one of those people who can eat whatever she wants, though, without it going to her ass or stomach. "It's not just the beauty of nature I photograph. I photograph this beautiful city and all its idiosyncracies." She seems to have slowed down her speech just a bit, still looking thoughtful as she does so.

Felicity cocks her head. "I guess I am idiosyncratic. if you want to snap me as I run through the cold, do feel free. i'll even strike a pose if you like. i'm used to that - well, i used to be used, if that makes sense?" She finishes the chocolate and rolls her shoulders, then crunchs her neck from side to side. "I guess I should get ready for another ten laps of the park."

Cam ohs, and nods a little to AJ, "The social worker ended up dead, and Micah's dad turned himself in for it. But know he didn't do it, he's too nice. He looks big and tough, but he's nice." He looks to Joule, "What's wrong with running in the cold? 'Cept maybe slipping on ice."

"Ouch…" AJ says with a blink, shaking his head. That's more than he expected. "Sorry." He rubs his neck to try to figure out how to change the subject from something like that.

"It's bloody /cold/ is what!" Joule grouses, puffs of steam coming from her mouth as she shouts up at Cam. She does a doubletake at Felicity. "Ten laps? TEN?! You're not just mad, you're a Terminatrix! How can anyone have enough energy to run this …" she trails off, flabbergasted, but reaches for the camera, because a caption is just begging to be written based off a picture of the runner who doesn't get tired. She quirks a brow pensively just before bringing a digicam to her eyes. She apparently hasn't heard Cam, now that she's in photographing mode.

Felicity chuckles "It's not so bad. look, the London marathon is rwenty six miles and I do that every year. It's easy enough if you stay training. i never said I'd do it fast, though. it's good to keep warm and train, and what's more, this place is free, unlike any of the gyms round here."

Cam grins to Joule and says, "Yeah. That's what's fun about it. 'Course, sledding's even better, you go a lot faster." He looks up to AJ, and shrugs a bit. Seems he's found a topic that catches his attention more anyway. He starts to climb back down out of the tree then.

"I dunno if I could marathon. I could dance for hours though." He laughs. After all, professional calling. That IS what he does." AJ grins, taking aim and sliding off the tree branch carefully. Hopefully there's no injury or anything.

Kch-chiiirk! Kch-chiiirk! Even though this is a digicam, it's got a cute little .wav playing so one can tell from the audio cue she's taken a picture. "Sledding, maybe," Joule allows, as she photographs Felicity. "Skiing, or snowmobiling. But … not /jogging/." She seems to be quite adamant on this point.

Felicity strikes a pose then says "Do you want the tracksuit off? I have my lycras underneath. might make for a better snap all round. You can see my muscles that way." She then winks impishly "One for the boys perhaps? And I do other things. Jogging is just a good way of filling in my idle time when I am not working, and i can think. I think a lot in nmy work"

Cam gets to the ground a little after AJ, having been a bit more careful coming down. He grins as he loksa up to Joule, "It's all the same, really. Moving really fast in the cold." He looks back to Felicity a moment, and asks curiously, "What's your job?"

Heh, kids and their questions. He looks to Joule again, "Do you just do landscapes, or do you do like… show works? Just wondering if I might see you in the future." He chuckles, shrugging as he leans against said tree.

"If your sweat wouldn't freeze solid, sure," Joule says, nodding and lifting her head from behind the camera. "Might sell 'em to Nike and make us both a bundle." She raises that curious brow again. "So what do you do, then? For work?" She grins at Cam as they both ask the same question. "Hmm? Oh, I do whatever pays the bills," Joule tells AJ. "Right now, everything's up in the air, so I'm trying some online photo sales."

Felicity chuckles "It won't. I;ve worn it in the cold befoer and I can always run faster to warm up again." She sits and strips off her track suit to the lycra beneath. However, she doesn't reply to the question about her job. Is she being deliberately rude to the tree-bound people? She seesm to be quite friendly all the same. "Nike? Please do. I would love the sponsorship money if truth be told."

Cam blinks as Felicity doesn't answer, and tries again, "What's your job that ya think so much?" He's never met a deaf person before to understand the problem. He moves over near where his coat's hanging, but doesn't pick it up to pull it on yet.

"Ah. Just wondering." AJ grins to Joule. "I finally got into what I was meaning to. Got a part in a musical. But, it's two-offs." Some may know what that means, some may not. Who knows?

"Ask your producer," Joule says, without missing a shot of Felicity, "If they need publicity photos taken." She pauses, though, to flip out a card and extend it to AJ. "Or if you want shots taken for your portfolio." She gives Felicity a thumbs up to let the other woman know she can put her track suit back on. And she plucks out another card from her pocket to offer to Felicity.

Felicity sits and climbs back into her tracksuit. She takes the card and smiles. "Thank you" And from her tracksuit she produces her own card and passes it out to Joule. "If you ever want me to shoot again, i'd be happy to help out. i know how expensive it can be to work in your business, so i'll happily offer services for free." Again no answer, as her attention has been entirely on Joule and her camera. Maybe she just doesn't like kids?

Cam bites his lip a moment, then shrugs a bit to himself. He looks back up to AJ, stepping back over by him, leaving his coat behind for the moment, "What's a two-offs? Only two shows?"

At Cam's question, AJ chuckles, pocketing the card. "Ok, kiddo. You know broadway is where all the BIG Shows are, right? And then Off-broadway are the not AS big, but still big shows. That's a one-off. Two offs is Off-Off-Broadway. They're the ones a lot of people don't notice at first. But then, RENT started as an Off-Off-Broadway."

Joule winks at Cam, to let him know not to feel bad. "Lemme introduce you," she says to Felicity. "This is Cam. My sometime-gopher. And this is—" she glances at the card. "Felicity. Hullo, Felicity. I think Cam's curious what you do for a living. " Joule was herself, but she can hardly blame the woman for missing one question out of a whole conversation. There's a shrewd light in her eyes, now.

Felicity smiles at that "Ah. Right." She turns to Cam and says politely "I'm sernior researcher at New York University. I'm researching genetics and biomechanical development as proof of activated evolution. It's a bit complex, really."

Cam ohs to AJ, and grins, "Bet it'll lose the offs quickly." He looks back up as he's introduced, curious but quickly smiling again, giving a little wave again. "Nice to meet you." At the description of her job, he blinks. "Wow. Yeah, sounds hard. What's activated evolution? And bio..whatever you said?"

One of those words perkes AJ's ear. Activated Evolution? That's like the book… He holds his arms tightly to himself as he considers things. "I think I read a book about it." he admits to Cam. "Hard stuff. I'll try to explain some of it to you later." He offers, potentially.

"The Chandra Suresh book!" Joule ejaculates, suddenly way more interested in this strange athlete than she was a moment ago. "I've read it. Very complicated, but fascinating. Do you — with your research and all — do you know Chandra Suresh? I'd kind of like to get an interview with him."

Felicity pauses as she looks at the faces. "Well, I could explain but it might take a LONG time. I…" she narrows her eyes then says gently "I am afraid Dr Suresh died some time ago. His work was unfinished. i hope my own research can confirm his theories. You see, I reason that evolution speeds up to meet the planet's needs. Since everything is faster these days, evolution speeded up too. So parents might pass on genes to offspring, but those offspring might independently rain their own genetic code to be different to manage amazing feats, and then their children do the same..and so on. I can prove it theortically but in practice…less reliable. There's no common denominator to use for control, and I don't approve of testing on humans."

Cam blinks at Joule's outburst, and comments, "I know a Mohinder Suresh. Only met him once, but he's nice. He's a friend of Niki's, he drove me and Micah home from school one day when Niki wasn't feeling good." He listens to Felicity's explanation, and, at least understanding some of it. "Cool."

AJ glances to Cam and then looks back up. "Yeah, I've read it. It was a little complicated for me, but I got the gist of it." He doesn't know these people and feels weird discussing anything related to it around them, but does his best to hide it. Cam, he doesn't mind. Cam knows.

Joule's face falls, as if Felicity had just taken a puppy from her inner child. He's dead. Chandra Suresh is dead. She pinches the bridge of her nose as if in pain. It's a moment before she speaks again. "My father," she says, taking her hand back down, "He did some research that parallels closely Dr. Suresh's. It had been—" his last wish to show him. "But…" she trails off. "Thing is, Felicity, isn't it? You're —…That is… we'd have to talk this over at length. I could show you my father's research. Someplace a bit more private than Central Park. Someplace warmer, too, hmm?" And then she stares at Cam. She mouths, 'Mohinder' without actually giving it voice. She looks dubious; too much good fortune happening all at once.

Felicity thinks for a moment. Again, she can't really hear everything so may lose parts of conversation if not looking at lips. She continues "I'd love to discuss it. I suppose if anyone is continuing his research, I am. There may be others, I have yet to find out. We're all very secretive about it all, though my work is public domain as NYU fund me. But you're right, a cold park is hardly the spot to discuss the catalytic restrucuting of the human genome. Maybe we should find a better place? Any suggestions?"

Cam, unlike Felicity, isn't a lip reader. So, Joule's reaction to his comment is missed, though he gives her a curious look at her expression. Then he looks up to AJ and asks, "You like reading about evolution too?" He hasn't quite connected what they've been talking about to powers, at least not yet.

"To an extent." AJ says, looking down at Cam and opening his eyes as if trying to hint something at him. Of course, he's not that good at hinting. "Some of what his stuff is like is… lemme see. How can I put it. You know those comics you like? I don't know the team, but that team that Iceman is on? It's kinda like that, but not as strong, from what I could glean. But then, I'm a dancer, not a scientist. I could be mistaken."

"Library wouldn't allow for the noise level. Coffee shop might weird out the straights," Joule says thoughtfully. "The University?"

Felicity nods at that "Uni is good. I'd say my department but you never know, if I am being watched they could have my room bugged and I'd not want to get anyone exposed." WHAT was that all about? That camefrom nowhere. She looks at the two males. "Are you coming along? You seem to have a good interest, and I'm happy to expand your education young man. Evolution is more than darwin or Huzley. it's….well. It's the best subject in the world!"

Cam blinks, and his eyes widen, "Oh! Wow, awesome." He looks back to Felicity and grins, nodding quickly, "Sure! I really like science… mostly physics, but this stuff sounds cool too." He steps to get his coat quickly, pulling it on finally, though leaving it open. The cold doesn't bother him much, obviously.

"As interesting as all of this is, I'm going to have to head out. I have a group-practice today. No days off for dancers." AJ sighs, however, it's a happy sounding sigh. He looks to Cam, "Be careful, kiddo. I mean that." Considering the discussions and the fact that Adam has already scared him of talking to most people… he just doesn't know what to think right now. Fortunately, he does have a couple of people that are in the know. "Y'all have fun."

"Oh, it won't be fun. But it will be interesting." Joule's expression is determined. "I'll need a little time to —" She finally twigs to Felicity's following the conversation. "I'll need a little time to get back to my studio and pick up Dad's work. Shouldn't take me but long enough to catch the train there, grab it and come right back. Oh, and a laptop, I think." She nods, decisively.

Felicity grins at them all "I'll gladly weait. perhaps this young man and I can talk over evolution at length while you fetch your data? I think physics is fascinating as well, and lies at the heart of all science, but evolution - it's personal. it has great meaning for me. Maybe because I am disabled, i want to see us move beyond what we are. to strive for more. Standing on the earth but reaching for the stars."

Cam looks up to AJ and grins again, "Good luck!" He gives the dancer a wave, then looks back up to Felicity and says, "Sure! I don't have to be home for hours yet."

"It's personal for me as well," Joule assures Felicity. "I'll not be gone long." She tucks the camera away, and the card, and then takes off at a run. While she's no jogger-for-joy, she takes off at a good clip. She's soon reached the stone gates and vanished down a flight of subway steps.

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