2009-11-29: Feelings, Nothing More Then Feelings



Date: November 29, 2009


Sydney goes to Eric to show what she figured out and learns something.

"Feelings, Nothing More Then Feelings"

Eric's Apartment

Its evening in the house of Eric Lancaster and all the night is quiet it seems. The young man himself is kicked back on his couch with a t-shirt with a fierce dragon on it and the caption 'Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons' emblazond under the picture. His pants are that same silky-black pajama bottoms and his feet are covered by his favorite fuzzy green house-shoes as he rests from a hard day at the office.

Sydney hadn't gone back to Eric's after the jumper like she said she would. That was two days ago. She's been too busy to check in since. Between the emergency text from Thandie (which then resulted in an emergency with Hallis) and the call from the police department. But through crises she may have figured something out, maybe. She'd managed to sneak out of her apartment without drawing too much attention dressed in her jeans and black 'Trogdor: The Burninator' t-shirt. There's a moment's hesitation as she raises her hand to knock on Eric's door so she brings it back to her side. Glancing around the hall she raps gently on Eric's door.

Flipping off the couch in a languid and flowing motion the young man stands and stretches before he looks towards the door. Who could it be interrupting his cartoon time? However he just half shrugs and strolls over to the door before pulling it open. All the lights in his apartment are off, and it takes a moment for his own eyes to adjust to the lights in the hallway. Then a surprised look on his face before he smiles slightly towards her. "Sydney? Come on in!"

"Hi Eric," Sydney's cheeks flush slightly. "Thanks, I …" A smile flickers across her lips as she walks into the apartment. She blinks several times for her eyes to adjust to the much darker room. "Wow…" She grins at him and then explains, "I'm sorry to bug you, Eric. I know you probably don't have time for this, but I think… I think I figured something out about my ability." She beams. "When emotions are intense either mine or others that's when I'm most effected… that's when other people feel what I feel or I feel what they feel." The smile fades a bit, "I think… I think I might be able to learn to focus it. And clear my head more often…" Yes. She's very very excited. And pleased.

"…really?" A shake of his head before he steps away from the door. "Come on in though," Eric replies before he hrmms a long moment. "Well good! Thats excellent even, some of the best news I've heard about your ability!" He says softly as he pulls her inside before blinking a moment at the darkness. A pause then before he grins sheepishly towards the woman. "Oh yeah, dark. Sorry. Here…" He says as he reaches out and touches her shoulder…and then the darkness just goes away. Its a bit gray, about like moonlight, but no problems picking out details around.

She flushes at the contact, even if it's brief. "Thanks," Sydney grins broadly at him. "I think I'm making progress! I was starting to get frustrated and didn't think I would ever make progress, but…" She presses her lips together as she tilts her head. "I think… maybe… I figured something else out… I think I can turn it on and then maybe get used to how it feels…" Blinking several times, her cheeks flush further at what she's about to request, "Can … can I show you? If I can make it work?"

"See! All you need is one little breakthrough and it'll feel better and be easier. Trust me on that one," Eric replies with a nod of his head before eh reaches up to take her by the elbow and guide her towards the couch. Does he catch the blush? Perhaps, but its hard to in the washed out vision that his power over shadows gives. "Well go ahead! I did offer myself as a guinea pig for you didn't I?" A glance around as he waves her at the couch. "Should I sit down or something?"

"Um… yes, sitting might be good," Sydney considers out loud. She hasn't done this whole thing on purpose before. She sits down on the couch as ushered and then flushes even further (if that's possible) this is the awkward request part, "I… uh… um… can I touch you? I think, I think it makes it easier. Like I think I'll be able to do it without eventually once I get used to it… if … if that's okay…"

Nodding once the young man folds his legs under him and sinks gracefully down on the floor in front of the woman. Eric's smile is easy for her before he shakes his head. "I don't mind. Whatever helps you work better is all!" He adds towards her. "I just want to help is all, so…I'll sit here and if touching helps then go right ahead and touch!"

"Okay then!" Sydney beams completely. "I just need a second." She closes her eyes gently for several moments as she takes several deep breaths. She can feel a calm overtaking her entire being. Logic is the new rule of the day. Gently her eyes flutter open. She continues to breathe deeply, calmly. Her own emotions are still now. Slowly she reaches out and touches his arm, still completely relaxed. Now she attempts to make eye contact with Eric as she tries to get into touch with his emotions.

His emotions? Curious. Happy for her that she's making progress. Trying to suppress a bit of attraction for the woman because that might just cause a bit of trouble if she's going through his emotions. "…is it working?" He asks quietly towards the woman as he meets her eyes easily, the curiosity shining easily there to be seen along with the oddly reflective shine of the pair of orbs that his own power gives him.

And the emotions flow easily from Eric to Sydney. Even the attraction. She'd flushed before, but now she's beet red. Quickly she draws her hands into her lap. Butterflies flutter throughout her stomach. Her palms feels damp. She just shakes her head, "I um… yes. I think it worked. I think. You feel curious… glad … attracted…" Flush.

"…it worked? Thats excellent then!" Eric enthuses as he shakes his head. "I didn't even feel anything…it looks like it was all reception that time and no projection, thats excellent isn't it? I told you that you could learn!" He replies with a smirky grin. "Sometimes you should believe people, even when they happen to be silly millionaires." A pause. "…er…wait…you saw that part too did you?" He says as he looks down then, running one hand though lanky hair.

"Yeah! I really should learn! You know what you're talking about," Sydney agrees with a broad grin, her cheeks still quite red. His reaction to the last part, however, causes either a moment of courage or a complete lapse in judgement. She reaches over to his hair to run her fingers through it and leans forward to plant a light kiss on his cheek.

"Every so often I do at least," Eric replies before he blinks slightly as she runs her own fingers though his hair, and then a more surprised look crosses his face at the light kiss on his cheek. A pause then a slight cough. As she pulls back she would find a smirk on his features before he shakes his head slightly. "Sydney," He says slowly. "…I…" He seems mildly embarrassed by all this. "…I didn't really mean for you to pick /that/ bit up…" He murmurs.

"I know," Sydney answers as she straightens. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have… it's a terrible request to ask someone… people's emotions should be their own." Her lips curl downwards. "I'm sorry… I am." Swallowing, she runs her fingers through her own hair and stares downward at the floor. Slowly she reaches over to put a hand on Eric's shoulder once again. Her heart is already pounding in her chest; her adrenaline is up. And then she pushes her own feelings. Her current nervousness, combined with the joy of figuring something about her ability out, and her own attraction. After several moments, she returns her hands to her lap, folding them together, still staring at the floor.

"No no no, I didn't mean it like that!" Eric protests as he raises his hands with a smile on his face. "I was just…surprised…I mean you are Gene's friend and all…and…" He pauses to stop his babbling before he reaches out once again with no hesitation in his grip to take hold of her wrist lightly. "Look Sydney. There is nothing to be sorry about, the more you can learn to control the better things will be for you. Alright?" He murmurs towards her earnestly before he slowly settles back to allow her to continue.

At the touch he glances towards her own eyes again before the emotions start to flow back towards her. Nervous. Happy. Joyful. Attracted. There is a smile towards her before he nods once. "Its working Sydney. I can feel it…now how does it feel for you?"

"Are you sure? It just seems like an invasion. And I didn't expect —" her cheeks continue to flush as he touches her wrist as her lips curl upwards. This time after she finishes projecting, her hand lingers on the shoulder. "Just give me a second…" Sydney tries to take some time to clear her head again, but her own emotions keep getting in the way. "I don't… I don't know if I can focus enough. It's more work to receive then project." She closes her eyes again and takes another deep breath. Managing a sense of stoicism, she clears her head and then opens her eyes to meet his gaze, "You're happy? Joyous even?" There's a pause. "Why?"

"Its not an invasion, not when I invite you in," Eric says after a few heartbeats of silence. The young millionaire has a thoughtful look about him as he glances down towards the floor, the waves of his hair falling to obscure his eyes in the slivery light of this form of vision. "Don't force it, this is a lot of work for you." He says slowly. "You have to start small and work up from there, but this is a major success. Trust me on that." He pauses though at the question. "I'm glad for you. That you are learning to control something that has given you a bit of trouble lately.

"I still don't think I could do it from a distance, like without touching the other party, I mean, but… it's a start," Sydney grins as she shrugs a bit. Her face is still incredibly flushed. "I suspect it's given me trouble for years," she quips with another sigh. "Honestly, I just wish I'd figured it out sooner. Then maybe…" she shakes her head and just offers a weak smile before shifting on the couch and pulling her arms over her chest. "Th-thanks for the help. And the permission to use you as a guinea pig…" Decidedly she stands to her feet.

"Then you'll learn how to get it right, and to control it…I mean you've already come this far since you've started and you didn't start that long ago trying things like this," Eric's enthusiasm is obvious for this as he unfolds himself to stand gracefully along with the woman and nod once happily towards her. The weak smile is answered though with a much stronger one of his own before he shakes his head. "Sydney," He says before reaching out and putting one hand on either of her shoulders lightly. "…I don't have anything to complain about, with you or with your powers or what they led too. No regrets on my part alright?" A smirk. "Feel free to use me as a guinea pig whenever you like as long as it'll help."

"Thanks, I appreciate it… I'm still sorry though… I didn't…" flush. "I should go. Lena and Tiago might worry." Sydney didn't tell them where she was going lest they figure out her crush. "Um… enjoy whatever you were doing that I interrupted," she murmurs as she opens the door and steps into the hallway. She turns back, "Goodnight, Eric."

"I'm not sorry that I did," Eric replies wryly towards her with a shake of his head. "Go on though…tell the Terrible Twosome hello for me and I'll get back to my cartoons." He says cheerfully towards the woman before he nods once in response. "Goodnight, Sydney. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite and all that." And with that he shakes his head slightly as he watches the therapist return to her own room, closing the door behind her as she goes…

…and wonders just what he got himself into /this/ time.

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