Felix Ivanov
Portrayed By Guy Pearce
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 30, 1972
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases none
Place of Birth Moscow, USSR
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation FBI Agent
Known Relatives Irina (mother), Nikolai (father)
Significant Other Mariska Ivanova
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance I'm Done with This Getting Beat Up Thing

Felix is an FBI Agent, a long time resident of NYC recently returned from being stationed on the West Coast.


The son of a university professor and a KGB archivist who defected to the west, he's spent most of his life in New York City. He's a graduate of NYU, and spent some years as part of the NYPD, before joining the FBI.


1972 - Born Moscow, USSR
1984 - Irina defects, bringing Nikolai and Felix with her. They settle in New York.
1995 - Graduates NYU, enters police academy.
2001 - Made detective
2005 - Joins the FBI


Samantha As a doc at Mount Sinai, she saved his life after a shooting. She may just have been doing her job, but he's grateful, nonetheless.

Mara Another old friend - good police, and a drinking buddy.

Namir An old acquaintance from the NYPD, and someone else he's out of the freak closet to.

Mariska His daughter's mother, and now, his wife. Boy, is it complicated.

Rainer Well, it was an interesting first meeting, and a hell of a job offer.

Stan The unfortunate Agent who's been saddled with working with Felix.

Aileen Another doc that's been kind to him, all the way down to helping him kick the habit Ling's given him. It's not going to end well.

Will A teacher, another person aware of what Felix can do, and an acquaintance that should be pursued further.

Identity His first Company partner. Let's see who gets who killed.

Benjamin A little island of decency in the sea of black ops crazy that is the Company.

Church Considering the sheer amount of hurt Church has put on him, Felix is surprisingly well disposed to the agent.

Vasili The dislike is immense. And very personal. It's a question of who kills whom first. Odds are on Vasili.

Giselle Especially with Giselle in tow. Felix made a friend for life when he gave Giselle his honest opinion of Vasili. He's a charmer like that. So, now, two crazy assassins after him. Life is great.


"No, not named after the cat. Nor will I show you the magic bag."


Has two cats, named Ingram and Glock.
Champion fencer.



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