2010-07-19: Ferris Wheel Family



NPC: Jennie

Date: July 19, 2010


Jamie rides the Ferris Wheel with one of the Carnival kids, and may have found a new home at the same time.

"Ferris Wheel Family"

Sullivan Brothers Carnival

The carnival is a mix of excitement and fun, the gates open again after having vanished mysteriously the day so many other people vanished. A voice cries out, saying that the disappearance was because the city wasn't ready, and now they are back, when they are needed most. A young girl in a tight costume stands in the line of the ferris wheel, looking up with blonde hair in braids. Her costume is bright and colorful, blues and whites and reds. Patriotic.

"Jennie, are you supposed to be here?" a man says near the front.

"Mom and dad said I could ride, can I please, please?" she asks all excitedly, though she's alone.

"You need someone to ride with. If you can find someone, I'll let you on."

With that, the girl with the braids begins looking around for somone who, like her, is alone.

And, indeed, Jamie has slipped away from her Company babysitters once again, the instant she heard the carnival was back, and came straight here. She's looking around happily as she makes her way through the carnival, looking perhaps like she's unsure just what to do first. Soon, the answer presents itself, as she hears the conversation. She quickly runs over closer, "I'll ride with her." She gives the costumed girl a bright smile.

Almost as soon as Jamie says that, the girl reaches out and grabs her hand, pulling her toward the ferris wheel. "You two have fun," the operator says with a smile, as they settle in. He makes sure they're secure, before the ride begins to move.

"Thanks! My name's Jennie. You'd think I'd ridden this a lot since I love here, but I haven't," she says as she looks out with wide and excited eyes. "This is the first time I've ridden without my mom or dad!"

Jamie smiles brightly as she runs after Jenny, hopping into a seat and getting secure, "Sure! I'm Jamie," she introduces herself, offering a hand. Then she brightens again, "You live here in the carnival? I sure miss that, used to be an acrobat with my mom in our old one, but it went out of business a long time ago. Do you have a show?"

"I'm in my mom and dad's act. We all do fire acts, breathe it, juggle it, stuff like that!" Jennie says with a cheerful expression, as she looks over. "You used to be in a carnival? Wow, I haven't met anyone who's been in one that wasn't ares. What was it like? Did they have fire breathers?"

Jamie smiles still as she says, feet swinging under the ferris wheel car a little as she answers, "Cool! Fire acts are always fun." Then she nods quickly and says, "Uh-huh. Had two of them, they were great. They wandered the carnival and did a bigger show in the big top once a day too."

"What do you do now if you're not in a carnival anymore?" Jennie asks, as if she's not sure what anyone would do if they weren't in a carnival. "We lost a couple of our acrobats the last few weeks, we could probably use some new ones— maybe you and your mom could join us!"

Definitely an outlook Jamie once shared, and even now she doesn't look too happy as she says, "Nothing. I still keep in practice, but it's *boring*, not having any shows to do or anything." She bites her lip and then says, "My mom died, that's why the carnival went out of business." She neglects to mention that she ran away after that happened, of course. Then, she thinks she knows the answer but she has to hopefully ask anyway, "But think they'd take just me?"

"I can have my mom and dad talk to Joseph— he's the leader, he makes all the big decisions, but I can ask them," Jennie says, cheerful expression on her face, as the wheel continues to spin. The lights of the carnival flicker, and people move and talk, playing games and having fun. One thing this place has no shortage of… fun. "I think you'd like it here. I can't imagine how boring it would be anywhere else. There's a bunch of kids, we even have a kind of school here!" Of course she doesn't know the legal stuff that would need to happen, but— kids don't think of that.

Jamie brightens immediately again at that answer, "Thanks! Wow, really, a school? Only had a couple kids around our old carnival most of the time, so my mom taught me. But that's so cool." She starts to swing her feet again as she asks, "Is Joseph nice?"

"He's the best, really kind and gentle and— adult-like!" Jennie responds, seeming to not know the words she wants to use, but sticking to adult-like should do it well enough. "We have about a dozen kids, so there's always people who are willing to teach things. I don't know if it's like a real school, but it sounds like what they talk about in books! Just— without walking up hills in the snow to get there." What books does she read?

Jamie wrinkles her nose a little and says, "I never had to do that when they made me go to school here in New York. But those schools are boring anyway. Tons and tons of rules, and even when you try to follow the rules, they make up new ones. Like, there was no rule against climbing to the school roof during recess until after I was already up there."

"I think the only rule you have to worry about is not leaving without someone, cause— it's not easy to get back here if you leave," Jennie explains, though she does so in a vague way. "But there's a lot to do here, so I don't know why people would ever leave." The ferris wheel begins to stop and let people off car at a time.

Jamie considers that a moment, it's the kind of rule she normally finds stifling. She spends a moment looking down at the carnival as they wait for their turn to get off the ferris wheel, and then finally says, "I can follow that rule ok."

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