2007-02-27: Fight Club?


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Alyssa, Claudine, and Namir run into each other outside the Tabla. Alyssa believes Namir is part of Fight Club, and Claudine makes the earth tremble. All three adjourn to Noodle Heaven for some inexpensive food.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

Fight Club?

Outside the Tabla, Upper East Side

As the day darkens into evening and the temperature follows, people's footsteps tend to carry them towards the indoors. Alyssa, a bit of a rebel, steps out of the gently lit and warmly kept Tabla Restaurant, choosing to stand on the clean but still chilly sidewalk. Her eyes and hands search for an outlet; fingers working into the fabric of her jacket anxiously and gaze capturing anyone and everyone who happens by. If she smoked, she'd so be doing that. But she doesn't, so instead she just gets to try and look cool and disconnected by standing there forlornly outside some fancy establishment.

Now that was a LOOOOOONG day. Dressed to impress from her earlier interview, Claudine is shivering a little as a slight breeze blows on by. She's dressed in a navy peacoatas she makes her way back to her dorm while while taking in all the sights. Once she passes by the restaurant, the smells remind her that well, she hasnt exactly eaten yet and her stomach starts to grumble. So, she heads on over to the door and peers at the menu outside, still trembling with every slight breeze. Damn this cold!

After over 24 hours to recover from the excitement on the ferry, Namir Dayan has been released from the hospital with orders to return for a checkup sometime in the next week or so. The blisters accumulated on his hands and face have faded thanks to treatment and ointments, and the worst of it — the blistering on his hands — has been covered by bandages and gloves. The rest of him is covered by civilian clothing, and the black slacks, silver-gray button-down shirt, and (brand-new!) dark overcoat he wears don't make him see at all out of place here in the richer areas of New York. He's been given a couple of weeks off work to recover, and since he can't do much on the XBox with his hands as they are (and one can only do so much reading alone in an apartment), Namir has taken to strolling. He pauses outside the Tabla just as Alyssa exits it and just as Claudine takes a gander at the menu, but his gaze is turned upward toward the sign, as though pondering whether or not he should (or even could) venture in.

Wearing her ever-present newsboy cap, multiple jackets, and printed tee, Alyssa doesn't look like she should've just exited such a nicely decorated restaurant, but as others approach she leans to the side with the eye of an expert for the place. "I wouldn't," she offers straight-out to the girl there, and then the man who also pauses— hey, nice coat, "It's packed like a highly strung zoo of stuck-up noses in there. Personally, not worth the wait if you're just indiscriminately hungry." Okay, so maybe she's a little bitter, too. But they can venture into that circus and find out for themselves if they like. For her, it's the company of the Gameboy Advanced she's halfway pulling out of the little pink purse strung on her arm.

Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments as she looks over to Alyssa and nods. She idly runs her fingers through her hair and nods, "Oh, I guess it would be out of my price range.." she says with a rather thick Filipina accent, and she sighs once again. "So..where would you recommend I go?" she asks curiously before giving Namir a nod of acknowledgement.

Getting a capsule review from the resident sidewalk-roaming food critic wasn't something Namir was expecting. His eyebrows go up in mild surprise and he turns to look at Alyssa, but the surprise soon fades into a faint smile, which pulls at a square of gauze taped to his cheek. "I doubt they'd cater to my particular tastes anyway," he chuckles as he glances up at the restaurant's sign again, finalizing his own decision before he partially turns to make facing both Claudine and Alyssa a bit easier. "There is a very nice sandwich shop called Noodle Heaven on the Lower East Side that isn't too pricey." This is said for the benefit of Claudine, though it is addressed to both women.

Alyssa's mouth opens to respond but she's beaten to the punch by the man with them and she waits till he's offered his option before giving a nod of approval, "Yeah, that one works. I end up in there a lot," she notes. Though she's placed her purse on the sidewalk next to her and arranged the Gameboy in the open position, she doesn't move to turn it on. Instead, she's eyeing her new temporary company. One of which has something there on his cheek. "Hmm," she mutters thoughtfully, "Maybe there's something to this whole Fight Club joke."

"A place that serves good sandwiches that is called Noodle Heaven. America is strange.." Claudine admits ruefully while shaking her head a little before nodding once again to Namir as she shivers once more when another breeze blows on by.

"America can be strange, certainly," Namir chuckles, lips parting in a fleeting grin. He also speaks with a faint accent — Israeli, for anyone who might recognize it, with a mixture of native New Yorker. "Especially New York." Alyssa's remark causes him to turn an amused gaze on her, his smile remaining. "Hmm?"

"Ohhh, so down on the country," Alyssa teases, shifting away from the wall to better stand near the other two. She can recognize that there are accents abounding her but it might take a moment or two more to determine one or the other. And that's the goal, if she remembers to stick to it. "We're all just sweet, uh… oh, whatever. And I said Fight Club. I see a bunch of nicely dressed guys with all these cuts and bruises around, what else am I to assume?" Besides, you know, the normal response.

"Well, I have met some nice people.." Claudine admits ruefully while looking over to Namir, her eyes widening as her obliviousness got the better of her as she hadnt noticed he was all bandaged up until now. "He is the only one who has bruises and cuts, so I wouldnt assume a 'fight club' as it were..but..um..yeah.."

The mention of Fight Club gets another grin from Namir, who then hikes up an eyebrow coyly. "Even if there were such a thing, you know I wouldn't be allowed to talk about it." The eyebrow drops again with an easy, quiet laugh before he adds, "Nothing so interesting as all that. There was an incident on the ferry yesterday that I got mixed up in."

Alyssa waves a dismissing hand for what Claudine has said, though she doesn't mean it in offense towards the person, "Oh, not here. Another one earlier. And then some other character," She's vague because she's soon caught up in grinning at man's reference, "Oh ho. He knows the rules. Guess I'm stuck." The explanation, however, seems less inspiring. At first Alyssa bites into her cheek in disappointment but then her eyebrows lift hopefully, "What kind of incident? Did you take out anybody? Or was this a… catty old-lady thing? You look like you could take somebody out."

"Um…" and Claudine's gaze goes over from Alyssa and Namir, and at the mention that he could possibly be dangerous is..taken in. She chews on her bottom lip and starts looking back at the menu, not wanting to eavesdrop, but the nosy filipina side of her just cant help it…

"Maybe I could," Namir responds with another lifted eyebrow, one corner of his lip pulling higher than the other in a smirk, "but I didn't really 'take anyone out' yesterday. There was a weapons smuggling operation that went wrong, and some mustard gas was leaked onto the ferry. I helped remedy the situation and got a little blistered."

Alyssa sucks in an excited breath- maybe for the story and maybe just for that the guy's being so open with it all. "So is this, like, for your job or were you in the wrong place?" She likes to do these either or questions, it seems, but this time she gestures to include Claudine in her bothering, "Inquiring minds need to know." Dipping down for a moment, Alyssa also fishes into her purse for a pen that she activates by clicking the top. A couple of tries and then she gets a squiggly line of writing to work on her arm. "Weapons smuggling…" she mutters to parallel her skin-writing.

The more dangerous sounding it is, the more Claudine gets nervous, and well that's never a good thing. She just continues to try to mind her own business but some rumbles can be heard, and the ground trembles a little as if it was the result of a shockwave..or something like that…

But as soon as the pen comes out, Namir hesitates in responding. His smile remains, but it becomes a little more guarded. "Are you a reporter?" he asks. Not that the story wasn't already in the news once, but he is a little wary about having his name in the paper. The small earth tremble registers with him, and his smile fades into a slight frown. "Did you feel that?"

"Nah, I just take everything I can incase I need something to put flavor in a story lat— " The trembling of the sidewalk quiets her and she glances up to hear the man reassure her that she wasn't just imagining it— this time. "Ummmm. If your world just moved, too, then yeah." She looks to Claudine for some kind of confirmation that the feeling was shared between all three.

Claudine, considering she was the cause of it, really didnt feel it and she blinks blankly towards the two. "You both felt what now?" she asks, looking rather confused as she looks around to see that other people, even inside are talking about something like that. Wiiiierd.

The ground trembling doesn't seem to continue, so Namir dismisses it with a shake of his head. Ah well. Strange planet they live on, maybe it was a fluke. Claudine obviously didn't feel it. "Ah well," he utters. "In any case, why don't we all head to Noodle Heaven? I can tell you about everything there, if you like, miss, and you— " this directed at Claudine " —did mention you were hungry. My treat?"

"There was a…" But Claudine just looks so bewildered that Alyssa trails off and then adds lamely, "Guess there wasn't." Pushing to her feet, she slides the purse back onto her, now written on, arm and eyes Namir, "Food, huh…" She glances over her shoulder to the restaurant behind them with a very serious expression. Her cheek is further abused as she considers. Then, quickly, she marches away from the window and pauses just short of putting a hand towards the man's arm, "That'd be cool. We shall, shan't we?" It's up to Claudine again to confirm.

Claudine seems rather surprised and confused as to why all these people felt something, but oh well..it must be something that happens once you've been in the states for a while. At the offer, she nods and beams brightly, "Um..that actually sounds really nice actually..and it's always better to eat dinner with some company.."

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