2010-03-07: Fight Or Flight



Date: March 7, 2010


The vials of formula are tested…

"Fight or Flight"

Laurel's Apartment

Dee sits in Laurel's living room, her feet propped up on the plastic crate full of the formula. Of course it didn't come with any instructions — that'd be too convenient. No list of what it causes, nothing. All Dee can assume is that it acts like the formula Graham made.

In her hand, she twirls one of the glass vials. It's filled with a clear liquid with a slight pinkish hue. Whatever's in there is something the Alpha Protocol was very careful to protect. Not careful enough, though. "I'm gonna have to test it, Yoss," she says to the meerkat, who's perched lazily on the back of the couch. He opens one brown eye, looks at Dee, and says Meerkat are not squeaky.

"I know you're not a lab rat, don't worry," Dee says, smirking. She'd never test something like this out on Yossarian. That's why she sent Laurel out on a search to find an old, sick pet store mouse they can try it on. Reaching up, she gives the little critter a rub on the head.

Too earlies for bugs, Yossarian says, before rolling over onto his side and pretending to be asleep.

Animals seem to like Micah's hair; this is the one thing he's learned over the last couple of days. Lil, like Yossarian likes to play with Micah's hair, even if it doesn't have bugs in it. He chuckles lightly, "That tickles," while tensing under the tickle-stress; Lil is playing with one of his curls. The good news about all of this is, despite Dee looking through the vials and the seriousness of the situation, Micah is beaming. He's holding a mango he bought specifically for the creatures in this apartment. He cuts a piece of mango with a small paring knife. He gives a piece to the little monkey.

"It looks like water," he observes to Erin as he sits down on the couch. "That would be funny if it was swapped out with water." He shrugs a little.

"Yeah, kinda," Dee agrees, narrowing pale blue eyes at the vial. "It's a little pinkish, though. I just hope we didn't raid a dummy shipment. I wouldn't be surprised if we did." She shakes the vial gently, but there's no reaction from the stuff inside. Setting the vial aside, she reaches up and give Lil a playful scratch behind the ear.

Got my fruits! She says triumphantly.

Yossarian likes bugs, but he also doesn't want to be left out of the little fruit feast. Stretching, he oozes down the back of the couch and into Micah's lap.

Meanwhile, Dee takes the opportunity to marvel over Laurel's living room again. "Y'know, it seems so closed-in in here. Nothing like the savannah. It's been really hard to get used to."

Another piece of mango is cut for Yossarian, "Here you go, buddy," he grins as he hands the small piece to the meerkat. Another piece is then cut — this one for Micah. He plops it into his mouth.

"I hope it's not a dummy formula. Or water. That wouldn't be good." He shrugs a little before smirking, "Seems pretty big to me, but then, I lived at this orphanage in Germany with a lot of other kids for awhile. It's much quieter now with Mister Gray. Although I miss my foster brother…" he went to visit with Cam, but ended up fighting with Molly instead; consequently, he's not anxious to go back any time soon.

"Might seem big to you, but imagine living out under the stars every night," Dee says. Sure, she stayed in a cave for shelter, but it still had access to the outside. This just feels cramped and crowded to her. "Hanging out in a pride of lions. Riding bareback on a zebra. I guess I'll miss it. I won't miss having no hot water for showers, though."

Yossarian eagerly takes the mango and stuffs it in his face. BLECH! He says, before removing it from his mouth and handing it to Lil.

I don't want it! the monkey says. It has weasel germs!
Meerkat, Dee corrects.

Yossarian holds it up to Micah's mouth next. Hay, hay! You has froot thing. Hay. Nomnom.

"Yossarian…" Dee warns.

"Sometimes I wonder if these people realise what they're doing to families," she goes on, looking at Micah. "If they do, they don't care. I…" She stops, running her fingers through her hair. "Didn't even get to bury Jasmine. I just ran. I was too scared." Her hand rests on Micah's shoulder. "Bet they're all rooting for us, though. Your parents and my sister."

Micah grins at the notion. "It sounds great. Quiet and far away." The distance from everything here would be like a break of sorts. His smile fades until Yossarian tries to feed him the fruit, "Nope. That ones yours now. You don't have to eat it, but… " he chuckles at the meerkat and reaches out to scratch his ear.

"Me too. I ran after they killed mom and dad, got separated from Cam — my foster brother — and disappeared to try to figure out why we were chased by the black-clad men," his cheeks flush a little. "You know, sometimes I'm not convinced they're dead; there was no funeral, I never saw the bodies, and Dad" Micah's lips curl up into a sort of involuntary smile as he reminisces "well, he could walk through walls." His eyebrows furrow as the smile fades. "I miss them. Cam too. I went to visit him, but it didn't go well…"

"I hope they are. Mom never really liked my dreams of heroism…"

Yossarian ponders the implications of having taken this piece of mango that he doesn't want, and where to put it now that he's done with it.
He wanders off to go find one of Laurel's shoes.

"Now, if you'd brought in a basket full of beetles, he'd be your best friend forever," Dee says. "He likes apples. Dunno why he's not a fan of mango. Huh."

Unlike Micah, Dee got to look into her sister's blank face - identical to hers - and is pretty sure that when she ran away, Jasmine was dead. Actually, she's more than pretty sure - she's one hundred percent certain. "Well, then you have a little hope, aye? You gotta hang onto that, little mate. 'Else everything's gonna start seemin' like it sucks all the time. Trust me. I been there."

Slouching down into the couch, she looks into the vial again. "Y'know, you don't 'ave to be a hero all the time. Sometimes you can just watch TV or— I dunno. Play video games. Hah- when I was yer age, I didn't know 'bout my power yet. I used to hang out at the mall."

Yossarian wanders back, jumping up on Micah's lap. He's left the mango somewhere. Laurel will find it later.

"Yeah… except my friend couldn't find them… when she can't find someone…" Micah winces a little before he pushes the thought out of his mind. "I miss them. I hated it when mom would try to stick up for me at school or get all defensive when things weren't going well for me, but now, in a weird way, I would kill for that." He shrugs as a regretful smile edges his lips.

"How can I stop being the hero when we only have a little bit of time?" his eyes soften considerably. "And how can I play video games when so much is at stake? It just doesn't seem right to play Zombie video games when so much is on the line." He grins a little, "I used to play a lot of video games… and school… I went to school. I was in the middle of calculus."

He smiles again as Yossarian jumps onto his lap. He scratches the meerkat's ear again, "Welcome back, friend."

"Well, if there's one thing I've learned from all this… There's ways to circumvent the system." Dee pauses, looking from the vial to Micah again. "Your friend finds people? I wouldn't even WANT to know how that works." A frown spreads across her face, but she doesn't say what she's thinking. Maybe Micah's used to getting the cold truth, but Dee can't do that to him. "Well, even if they're not ou' there somewhere, they're really proud o' you. Not every kid can stand up to a rifle and not freak th' 'ell out, yeh? Hah, you got outta there better'n I did." Reminding herself of the wound makes it hurt again. She rubs her shoulder.

"Well, M' sure we'd all like t'get back tah what we were doin' before all this went down. I was workin' a' the Australia Zoo. Was my dream job. I left work that day'n they never saw me again. My parents prolly already 'ad me funeral." She sighs. "But lookit it this way — won't it be really fun ta' come back from the dead when this is over? And it will be over. Then you can pretend you're really a zombie. I would. I'd go freak out all me friends."

Obviously, Dee belongs in second grade.

Micah suppresses a chuckle at the notion of pretending to be a zombie. "That would be awesome!" Clearly Micah belongs in the second grade with her. "I bet there's like awesome zombie makeup that could be bought too — " He grins broadly. "Sometimes I wonder if any of our extended family is looking for me. Although… I bet Monica is. She's my cousin, I should try to connect with her again… they had her for awhile."

He sighs heavily. "Well, if we can get things good again maybe then I'll have time to play video games and take up a hobby or something. I play piano too. And I'd like to learn guitar. And get back to school. Sometimes I wonder if this will set me behind." He frowns at the notion. "Don't think Mom would've liked that much… she really liked my school… " He shrugs.

"Well, sometimes there's advantages ta' not bein' found," she says with a shrug. "I feel bad that my family's worryin' - or grievin', as the case may be - but if there's no search on for me, there's less a chance they'll find me again. I got a lot ta' thank Jaz for. She got me outta there. N' if it weren't for her… Who knows where I'd be now?" Probably in some 'abandoned' warehouse with a tube stuffd up her nose. Or being used to control tigers to take over government buildings or something. The thought makes her sick.

"Not if, mate. When. It'll 'appen. I mean, there was a time I didn't believe that meself. S'why I spent so long away from 'ere. Kinna took a smack upside the 'ead for me ta get that, though. Found out this new thing I can do with my power, too. S'kinda neat."

"I guess," Micah says carefully before tickling Yossarian's stomach. Yes, he likes the animals, even if he can't hear what they say. "I wish I could hear what he's thinking…" He reaches over to Lil and scratches her ear too before cutting her another piece of mango and handing it over. "There you go."

He sighs at Dee's answer. "It's hard to believe things will ever be anything like they were." His eyes droop with the small frown on his lips, "I just can't imagine what it'll be like w-w-when it ends." THe word when is hesitant. "I used to believe it was getting better, but now it seems worse… do things just get worse before they get better?"

Yossarian rolls over, chittering as his tummy is tickled. He nips gently at Micah's fingers, but it's nothing hard enough to hurt. He's just playing. "Right now, he's thinking how much he wished there were more meerkats around - but that you'll do just fine," Dee says. She'd feel bad about Yossarian being lonely, but it's his choice to be here. She'd never keep him here if he didn't want to be with her.

"And Lil — well, she's pretty smart. She has lots of thoughts. Hard to sum 'em up."

I am going to throw the rest of this mango at that weaselthing!

Please don't.

"It won't be the same as it was. There's a lot more people who know about us now. Maybe some of 'em will be supportive, but we'll run into trouble from a few, too, I'm sure." She sighs, shaking her head. "We shouldn't have to prove anything, but you know we will. It'll be okay, though. What's life without a li'l adventure, eh?" She bumps Micah's shoulder with her own, wincing at the slight sting she feels from the contact. "Things always get worse before they get better. Things cannae stay bad forever, though. Just keep that in mind."

Micah beams, "I think I'd make a good meerkat, or at least a good meerkat friend. I'm not so good at the eating of the bugs." He wrinkles his nose at the notion before putting the paring knife down on the coffee table in front of him.

"Lil is pretty cool. She likes mangoes and I like to share." He grins broadly as he tickles Yossarian again.

The grin fades some as he nods. "A lot of people know about us. I'm not silly enough to want to be normal, but I liked to blend. Like obviously there's a reason why we are like we are and I've always believed that… I just… I just never thought my ability would bring me so much trouble… not like this."

He purses his lips as he nods. "So they will get better?" The tone isn't altogether convinced, but there's an edge of something that Micah hasn't been displaying much lately: hope.

There's the sound of a movement from the hall, and almost immediately Lil perks up, running for the door and waiting on her back legs, head lifted up. It's even before the sound of a key in the door. The monkey must have master sense. Laurel's own animals thanks to Dee are locked away in a side room, mostly cause the meerkat still scares the rabbit even when the animal telepath tries to reassure her. It's too ferret-like, apparently. Leo, the cat, has been staying there as well, to keep the rabbit, Lucky, company.

As soon as the lock finishes turning and the door is opened, Lil launches up past Laurel, scurrying up the legs of the man behind her, and hugging to the side of his head.

"Nice to see you too, Lil," he says with a laugh, handing the cage to Laurel, as she moves in.

"Got your mouse. She's healthy enough, according to Graham, but we couldn't get a really old one, but she was going to be a feeder mouse…" Which… well… even if she doesn't make it through the rest, at least she was likely lined up to be snake food anyway.

"You don't have to be. Yossarian likes climbing on you. Don't think you could do that if you were a meerkat, too." Dee plucks Yossarian off Micah's lap before Lil makes good on her threats to throw mango at him.

Stink Monkey stink like stinkbug, Yossarian says, burying his nose into Dee's neck for cuddles.

"Hah, normal. It aren't a power that makes you special. It's how you use it. Y'know. Like Spiderman. I bet I could be normal and talk to animals. But then who'd save the planet, aye?" She chuckles. "Yeah, I think things will get better. S'long as there's people like us makin' it better."

Dee can hear the mouse coming before Laurel even opens the door. It talks fast. That makes sense, though, considering its short life expectation. Poor thing. Dee feels a little guilty, but she's hoping the stuff isn't toxic. If anything, it's probably just saline.

"Thanks, Laur," she says, standing, setting Yossarian on the couch and pocketing the vial. She reaches for the cage, and the mouse inside instantly calms down.

SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE snake snake … snake?

No snake.


"Hey, Micah? Can you give this little girl a piece of that mango?"

"I guess I need to use it good then. I just… sometimes wonder if I know how…" Micah's cheeks flush involuntarily. "Mom and dad were good at that…" with a murmur under his breath he adds as a sort of afterthought "…mostly." And then the door opens.

He grins broadly at the pair and the mouse before picking up the paring knife again and slicing a piece of mango for the mouse. He rises from the couch and approaches Dee holding the catch. "Here you go, girl," he says gently as he reaches into the cage and leaves the piece of fruit.

My fruit! Lil whines at Dee, but she stays where she is, hugging onto Graham's head as he closes and locks the door behind them. The small apartment is getting more and more crowded, with animal and people both! He moves to take a seat on the couch, looking back at the mouse as it's fed.

"We'll need to be extra careful. I'll measure the dose based on size that would be comparable with human dose. This one's chemically very different from mine. It's not meant to be taken orally, either. We'll have to inject it," he says, having gone over the notes that came with it, on how to use it, but unable to get much more with the lack of a real lab.

That doesn't mean he didn't take over part of the kitchen to act as a makeship lab. "If I knew I could trust some of my old friends, I could break it down chemically and analyze how it was made so we didn't have to do this… But with your ability we can do something I've only wished… Talk to the animals directly and ask how they feel."

Laurel watches the tiny mouse nom away on the mango, rather than getting dropped into a tank with a snake or something. She moves and places the cage down on the table. "Is there anything we're going to need?"

"I already bought most everything yesterday, except the mouse."

Dee used to buy feeder mice for her reptiles, too. She has no idea what her family did with all of her animals now that she's 'dead.' Hopefully, they at least kept some of them. She'd miss Raptor if they sold her or gave her away. There's always other parrots, but that one was unique.

OHBOYOHBOYAAAAH and then the rest of the mouse's thoughts are centered around eating her mango piece. It is apparently the most awesome thing she's ever had.

"I'm hoping— I'm hoping it goes all right," Dee says to Graham. "And I've really thought about this and…" She sighs. "We're only gonna know what this stuff does if we test it on someone with an ability. And we need to know - we can't trust any of your friends. Sorry, Jason," she says, reaching into the cage to draw out the happily eating mouse. It continues eating as it sits on her hand.

"It's my idea, so we can test it on me. Chemically different or not, the idea was control, righ'? I trust you guys not t' make me do anything crazy. How long did yours last, Jason? I mean, it's prolly gonna freak me out, but I can deal."

Micah grins at the mouse nomnomnoming on the mango, that's gratifying in and of itself. "There ya go, girl." He continues to grin until, "Y-you can't be serious, Dee… we don't really know what it does… what if it's really dangerous? Then… then…" He sighs, he knows there's no other way to really know.

He glances from Jason to Dee to Laurel, and then back again. This doesn't seem like the best idea, but they really don't have any other options. "We're pretty much hooped, aren't we?" The question is posed with a slight grimace.

"Well, if something happens I can put a forcefield around us," Laurel says in consulation, raising a hand in front of her and creating the smallest of forcefields she can manage, a solid hovering square in the air, which she knocks on. It makes a real sound, like she's hitting something solid, like hovering glass that doesn't move. It vanishes a moment later. "We should be able to defend ourselves. I've practiced a lot on it."

Not as much as she probably could… But… While she demonstrates, Graham can't help but look for a time, before moving to grab one of the vials, and the syringe kit that he already picked up. "Okay, the note said a full dose is one vial. So for our mouse friend…" he draws in a small amount, taps to keep air bubbles out, and then walks over to the cage.

"Ready?" he asks, before reaching in to grab the little guy, who probably starts going 'FOOD!FOOD!WANTDOWN!' as he flips her over in his hand. "Can you make her hold still?" he asks, before waiting for it to stop squirming as much, so he can inject it. It's a delicate process, testing on animals, but one he has a lot of experience with. And oddly enough he still has a monkey attached to his head, tail wrapping around his neck.

"That's what the mouse is for. We're going t'make sure it's not toxic to mammals." Rats and mice are good for testing stuff like that. Their high metabolism shows the results of such experimentation very quickly, which means they can move on to human subjects. "Look at it this way, Micah. We're in control here. We get a say. This isn't being forced on me — it's my choice. And I'd rather do this at home than in some cold lab somewhere."

Dee offers Laurel an encouraging smile. The practise is noted and appreciated. They really need all the help they can get lately. It's funny… if only they all didn't have to keep this secret, they could band together and easily take out the AP.

It's okay, Dee says to the mouse. It'll only take a second, then you can have all the food you want.

The mouse's little beady red eyes look over at Dee, then up at Graham, and it settles down.

Dee's heart flutters a bit. She's not looking forward to trying this stuff on herself, but they need to know what it does.

"Okay…" Micah grins a little at the awesomeness that is Laurel's ability. And then, in a very teenaged-boy-like way his grin broadens, "I bet the starship enterprise could've used you." Nothing like geeking-out to virtual strangers.

Micah nods at Dee a little. "Alright. Just… be careful…" Like Dee has any control over the entire process. He takes a deep breath and watches the mouse carefully. "The mouse will be okay, right?" he arches an eyebrow.

Injections act rather quickly. There's an immediate 'ow hurt' mixed in with 'FOOD FOOD WANT' immediately, and after a few seconds just 'where food, where food, where food?' Almost as soon as he releases his hold, she starts to crawl arond in his hand, looking for the food with her nose twitching and a clicking noise. The clicking noise slows, and her mind becomes less active, not quite as loud.

Suddenly, she's just not that hungry anymore, and tired. For a few moments, it might be worrying for the telepath, but the chemist, who works with lab animals often, says, "It looks like she's become lethargic. It's probably a side effect, since it wasn't made for animals." He sets her down in the cage, where she runs around a little more slowly, and finds way to the rest of the mango. She doesn't eat much, though.

"We should wait a while," he suggests. "Make sure she makes a full recovery first." That won't stop the stubborn animal telepath from being stubborn, though. It isn't even that long before the mouse starts nibbling again, even tired.

Dee was in school to be a veterinarian before she was stolen away by the AP. She's familiar with some of this stuff, but her education was cut short. Tired. The mouse says. Sleepy. Hungry and sleepy. Hungry and sleepy. Oops, have to poop. More hungry now. Hungry and sleepy…

Dee does crouch down next to the cage, watching the little animal, listening for any signs of pain or any lethargy beyond what would be expected for testing an unknown drug on an animal. "No, look, she's okay. If she was in trouble, she wouldn't be eating." Daphne points to the mouse, then looks up at Graham. "If we don't do this soon, I'm gonna lose my nerve. Let's just see what it does ta someone with a power. C'mon. 'fore I get scared."

She glances over at Micah and smiles as she rolls back her sleeve. "She'll be all right, see? So will I. I jes' might get a little loopy for awhile." It's all about control. All about control. Telling Dee what to do. "Don't make me do anythin' insane, Jason, I mean it."

"Well you have two very good friends who would probably throw a toaster at my head if I tried anything funny…" Graham says with a grin, forgetting that a monkey is playing with his hair for a moment. "Well, maybe not with Lil up here."

"I'll just kick you in the crotch," Laurel smiles wide as she says that, not being threatening at all. If the man were truly scary and dangerous, she probably wouldn't have let him stay!

"Right, don't want that," the bio-chemist says, leaving the mouse cage behind to walk back and load a syringe. But he only does a half dose. "We're going to do half of a recommended dose, since this is a trial run. Should last less time, and maybe not have bad side effects. That's the hope at least." With a half dose prepared, he walks over, with a swab to rub down her upper arm, so he can stab her with a new sterile syringe. "We don't know how this one works, but if it works like the one they requested of me, whoever you're looking at when it happens is whose orders you'll follow. This may be different, though, but— just make sure you're looking at me. Or Micah and Laurel, if you trust them more." It doesn't have to be him, after all.

He waits a few more moments, and then the needle is in, and the plunger pushed. The needle comes back out after a few seconds, and he waits, watching for signs of effect, as he asks, "Stand on one foot?"

Dee laughs nervously. She laughs nervously because she's nervous. She's faced scary stuff before, though, and — well, being stuck with a syringe isn't nearly as frightening as facing down armed lawbreakers in the African wilds.

"Easy, killa," Dee says to Laurel, though the sentiment does make her smile. Once the injection is done, Dee uses a thumb to wipe the drop of blood away, while keeping her eyes focused on Graham. When he gives her a command, she feels absolutely no compulsion to follow it.

She shrugs. "How long does it take?" she asks. It might take a little longer to cause a reaction. Crocodiles in the living room—


They're gona a moment later, but Dee rubs her eyes, obviously confused. She thought she saw—

Yossarian shrieks, growling viciously as he backs against Daphne's leg. Baring his teeth at Laurel, he foams at the mouth a bit, before lunging foward to bite her.

Because she's a crocodile.

Lil, likewise, sinks her teeth into the nearest bit of Graham she can find, and the mouse is literally bouncing off the walls of her cage. "I— I— I— " Dee stammers, eyes widening as she backs away from everyone. "I can hear everything— " Hundreds of animals. Hundreds of thousands of them. It's terrifying! They're screaming!


She backs into the door with a thump, hands going to her head. She can't shut it out, though. Outside, people will begin to notice something strange… Pigeons are becoming perturbed. Agitated. And… Rats are crawling out of the sewers en masse. At the Bronx Zoo, some of the animals hear Dee's cry, as well… An elephant approaches the wall of her enclosure. The beckoning isn't strong enough for her to panic way out here, but the cry is familiar…

"This— not— " The floor is water. It's melting! "Crcrocodiles Laurel!? LAUREL? Micah, are you okay!?" She tries to back through the door, while staring at the floor. She's trapped!

The bite down on Graham's ear gets an immediate reaction, pulling the monkey away and trying to get her off, "Down, down!" Maybe they shouldn't have done this with animals in the room. He's bleeding from the ear by the time he manages to get her off, and he should throw her, but apparently he can't do that. It's against his morals. But that doesn't stop Lil from biting into his hand, and at least letting her drop him.

Meanwhile, Yossarian hits a wall. No, literally. He scratches at an invisible wall trying to get to Laurel, who is shrieking a little in panic.
Things are just going to get worse…



That would be the sounds of birds flying into the windows, falling to their deaths, leaving smears of blood on the panes.

Laurel's hands raise, invisible walls erect around the small group, with only the mouse going nuts on the inside. "We have to stop her!" she yells to Micah, hoping he has a plan.

Micah's eyes widen as the mayhem begins and the teen curses loudly. Between Lil, Yossarian, and the birds, the fourteen year old is literally frozen in place. This is not what any of them had expected; this is chaos.

He looks around the room. "We need to knock her out, sedate her, or something! Do you have anything like that in the apartment?! I don't know if it'll work, but we have to try something…"

His eyes dart from one object to the next and finally land on his knapsack — he has a taser in it. He cringes at the thought of using it on Dee — or what it's potential effects might be on her, but then, if it works… Frantically he sputters, "I have a taser in my bag!"

The rats outside don't know what to do. They obviously can't just get to that voice, so they do the next best thing. They start climbing on people.

Yossarian isn't much of a scratcher, but he does try to get his teeth through Laurel's invisible wall. He looks absolutely rabid. Terrified just as much as Daphne is, but he can only do what he's asking her to do…

A larger bird, much, much larger than a pigeon, crashes into the side of the building. The thud is strong enough to chip brick. Dogs all over the apartment start howling, screaming. Cats try to escape, clawing at their owners. Lucky and Leo haven't escaped the hallucination, either, as they try to escape whatever terror Dee is experiencing.

"HELP! H— They won't— THEY WON'T LISTEN TO ME! Wh— where…!" She can't even fathom how crocodiles got in here. And they're getting bigger; she looks up to see them, looking down on her, huge teeth looking closer…

Yossarian turns from Laurel, and bites the nearest crocodile on its big ugly tail. That happens to be Dee's leg, but who's counting?

It's just getting worse. And that was only half a dose! Thankfully, the force field comes up and shuts the animals out, and while they're still affected by Dee's hallucination, they can't hurt anyone else. Yossarian barks at the four inside the shield, while attempting to climb over it, or around it, or whatever.

To add to the chaos, there's sounds of cars crashing down on the street, for blocks away from them. There's chaos inside the apartment, fearful scratching, barking, clawing. Even the rabbit is screaming, and most people only hear a rabbit scream when it's about to be eaten…

"I don't— I don't know! I… Dee you have to stop!" Laurel yelps, raising one more forcefield, this one much smaller and more confined… around her best friend. It's not what she wants to do, but it's the instinct is kicking in. Maybe if she thinks she's safe, she'll stop screaming! But there's one dangerous side effect of this…

Her shields, when erected as this one is, a cube… don't even allow air through.

"It shouldn't have done this," Graham says, moving toward his supplies, searching around as Lil keeps crawling at the shield. She stops trying to crawl on it, though, as it's slippery and has no holds, and instead climbs up on things, launching herself at it. It's not got a roof, the fact they can still hear everything means it's not air tight. To Dee, everything is suddenly muffled. To them, Dee is muffled.

"Damnit! I should have brought something to knock her out before we did this," Graham says, pressing something against his ear, before looking back.

Micah presses a hand against the cube that stores Dee. "Dee! Dee — listen to me… it's Micah… please.. calm down… you're okay… " Lowering his hand, the teen paces as he tries to think of something, anything to calm down the despondent woman. He raises a hand to his forehead and shakes his head while pacing. They need Dee to calm, and naturally it'll happen as the oxygen depletes in her forcefield prison. Clamping his eyes closed, he continues to pace.

He presses his lips together and he thinks of something. Something that helps a lot of people. Something that can, at times, help any neurological illness of effect, "Ee-e-e-um-um-a-weh~" he sings. It's semi-frantic, but it's music, and at this point he can think of little else to do, "Ee-e-e-um-um-a-weh~" his face flushes, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight~"

"Laurel!?" Dee yells. She can hear her best friend. But there's huge crocodiles pressing in on her, and her best friend's voice is so quiet… "Oh god, you ate Laurel!" She says to the nearest crocodile, who just happens to be Laurel. Dee, suddenly less concerned for her own safety and more for Laurel's, launches herself forward — only to be stopped by the force field.

It's getting very stuffy in here.

"Ccan't " She says, though it's quiet enough that no one would be able to hear her outside Laurel's barrier. It's getting harder to breathe for some reason. As she tries harder, she uses up more of her air… "LET ME— Let me— " Her eyes focus on a smaller crocodile. It's singing to her.

Yossarian and Lil calm down, even if they're still agitated, as Dee presses her hands against the force field, trying to see Micah through the crocodile. God— None of this is real. She should have realised— But she still can't make the vision disappear entirely. "I can hear you…" She says, though it's so quiet, Micah may not hear it.

The air becomes so thin that Dee leans forward, her forehead against the invisible shield. Her eyes close, and while listening to the odd lullaby, she passes out.

The chaos outside begins to calm, with a few exceptions. No more birds hit the windows, the animals inside stop going nuts and trying to launch themselves at people and invisible things. Good too, because when Laurel sees Dee go down, the forcefields all drop, allowing Lil to get inside. No more attacking, but she's crawling up Graham's body and hiding under his shirt of all places. Now that it's over, she's terrified, shaking. The mouse is hiding under some bedding as well.

The noises quiet down.

"Dee? Daphne!?" Laurel yells, shaking her friend, and then checking for breathing, for pulse. She wanted it to stop, but she didn't…

"She needs to stay unconscious!" Graham says, craddling the monkey hiding away under his shirt as he walks over to squint out the blood stained window. "We might have to leave."

"Hush my darling~ Don't cry my darling~ the lion sleeps tonight~" the song continues until the forcefields are down. "Come on, Dee. You're going to be okay —" Micah soothes. He nods a little at Graham, "Do you have sedatives of any kind, Laurel? Like any of those Tylenol 3 things they give you when you're sick? Or… cough syrup! Cough syrup could work… alcohol maybe… It's a depressant…" According to wikipedia — yeah, Micah's using his phone.

"We can go to the apartment where I stay with Mister Gray and I can get you a new place if we need to…" it'll just take time.

Dee is unconscious, but alive. Her breathing is slow, steadier now that the shield is down. It might be a good idea to give her something to keep her unconscious, though.

Yossarian is also frightened. He huddles in a corner staring at Dee. She can't hear him right now, and he can't hear her. That worries him… a lot. Hunched over, tail almost wrapped around his legs, he makes his way over to check out the plethora of little punctures he left on her good leg. They're bleeding, but no more than a papercut would. Thankfully, meerkat teeth are pretty small.

"We'll have to take all our animals, though!" Laurel says, looking toward the bedroom that has a bunny, that would not travel well without Dee's help, and the cat who would probably handle it better. Not to mention a meerkat, a monkey and now a mouse. They have a whole circus of animals now!

"Do you think he'll allow all of that?" she asks, concerned and worried. It means that a normal hotel is out of the question, too. It's just not something that they can easily do… Her apartment was best and safest cause they didn't know about her, as far as she knows. Now… There's blood smears on the window and an obvious disturbance. "Maybe the three of you can go, and if they stop by I can… say I don't know what happened. It might work…"

"It does look pretty wide spread, it may take then a while to figure out where it was centered," Graham offers, unhelpfully. He has no where he can offer.

"There's some alcohol in the kitchen, but I don't think she can drink it unconscious," Laurel offers unhelpfully, as she looks down at her friend. "Maybe it won't last very long? I do have some of those PM pills too, but she still can't take those unconscious! I don't know what to do."

"I…" Micah doesn't really like to impose on the former serial killer too much obvious reasons (i.e. he's a former serial killer who used Micah as bait). "I think it would be okay… It's more important that people are safe. Annnnnnd it would be really temporary until we set something else up." And then he remembers someone else. "Or Kitty! It's mostly kids in the warehouse, but I am like positive Kitty would take you guys in."

"But with the blood stains on the windows… unless you really want to stay, it might not be safe here anymore… and a good idea to head out." He shrugs unhelpfully.

"And you could stay with me and Mister Gray until I talk to Kitty…"

"She better take my bunny too. Lucky's really sensitive!" Laurel says, staying close to Dee as she makes sure her friend is stable… It's terrifying what just happened. It shouldn't have happened like that… But she gets up after a few moments longer and makes way to pack up some things. It'll probably make her more suspicious if they search her apartment. Now she's on the run too. Not something she likes the idea of…

"I actually have a friend who rabbit sits. If you think it'll take a while, I can take Leo and Lucky there. She watched them while I was in Africa. I can say I'm going on a photography shoot and she won't think twice," she says, trying to think under pressure. "That way I can go with you without worrying about them. We'll still need to take Yoss, though." He's an illegal immigrant!"

Graham begins to gather up his things, which isn't much. This isn't his apartment at all. It's like one room to another for him. Lil stays with him the whole way. "This isn't what the Gamma formula was supposed to do… unless… this is a back up. A way to make people like you even more dangerous…" He looks down at Dee, still unconscious, bleeding from a tiny bite on the leg.

"Whether you want to be or not."

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