2007-04-24: Find Me A Telepath!


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Wanting answers and a way to verify she isn't being lied to, Elle finds Jane, demands she get in her car, and drives to Enlightenment Books. Once there, she demands Cass and Alyssa give her the name of a telepath, and all goes to hell. For some, a truly shocking experience!

April 24st, 2007:

Find Me A Telepath!

Mostly set at Enlightenment Books, East Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's mid-afternoon on the 24th of April, 2007, a few hours after Jane left Pete's apartment. She went from there to an internet cafe somewhere in Manhattan and spent time sending out a string of emails to people about recent events and the possibility she might disappear, asking to be looked for if they don't hear from her regularly, as well as a message to one Petrelli brother about the other. Once these missives are sent, Jane pays for her computer time in cash and exits the place. It's an Aerosmith concert t-shirt today, over dark shorts and running shoes. Dark sunglasses shield her eyes, lowered into place as she steps out onto the street. One hand carries a bag with a day or two of clothing and supplies in it, her shoulders are supporting guitar case and backpack. Eyes take a moment to scan the street before she sets off.

Elle Bishop is in her car. One way or the other, she's going to get some answers. She waits for Jane to start moving. Once she's at a place that would be best suited to cut her off, she'll do just that, gunning the car and pulling it onto an alley in front of Jane to cut off her path.

This move isn't expected, in the least. She moves forward, walking along, having not spotted anyone that seems troublesome to her. Not that Jane would avoid approach by Elle in any case, of course. That the blonde would be coming to find her is in her mind a sign of some progress, despite the danger she poses if her most recent mood still holds. When the car cuts her off she stops, and takes a moment to check who's in the vehicle. It scares her a bit when she sees the amnesiac, but she holds position and waits.

Elle opens the door. "Get in." she says. Her voice is tight, and her expression is hard.

No words are spoken in reply to the demand, and Jane complies. She slides the gear from her shoulders and stows it in the car ahead of her, the handcarried bag too, then slides into the seat. Her door is pulled closed, and she faces forward. There's a trace of fear to her features, but she generally remains calm.

Elle's words are simple. "I need answers. And I'm going to get them, one way or the other. If you don't tell me what I want to know…or I even -think- you're lying to me….let's just say they're going to have to invent new words for pain, for what I'm going to do to you. Understand?"

There's just a few moments more of silence, during which Jane internally debates the wisdom of letting it be known her tongue isn't silenced as she believes the driver of this car may have intended, and decides to do so. "I understand perfectly, Elle. I've not lied to you yet, and don't intend to. But I can't guarantee you'll believe. I'll just have to take my chances and hope." Damn, she thinks, should've grabbed a super soaker somewhere for this very reason. Her head turns, sunglass protected eyes watching the blonde. Ah, the memories this dredges up of how she felt, still feels, about being preternaturally amnesiac.

Elle nods. She locks the door. "Believing isn't going to be an issue." she says. She starts to drive through the streets. One familiar with the location and destination might begin to recognize it as she starts to get close to EB. "Try -anything- stupid…run, scream, even say anything that I don't want you to, and unless you heal like Petrelli, you're going to be missing parts of your anatomy that you'd like to keep." She pulls up in front of the store. "Out. And into the store." she says.

Ahead of Elle, Jane opens the door and steps into the store. She's familiar with it, the electric blonde can likely tell that easily. Her eyes briefly linger on the place she was standing when that first dog whistle was heard. Once inside, she stops to wait for Electroscorchy Tongueshocker and hear her next instruction.

Thursdays are kind of dead in Enlightenment Books. When Jane enters the store, it might look like there's nobody actually inside. There's always an employee or sometimes a customer hiding in those pesky shelves and corners, though. However, the moment she hears the door open, Cass shows herself - heading out of the back room, sipping on a Coke with an open book in her hands. The woman was almost certainly taking advantage of the slow time to take a little break.

Elle steps inside, and takes a quick look about as she does so. No customers. Good. Let's keep it that way. Elle places her palm briefly up to the door lock and electricity flows, as she melts and fuses the door mechanism. Privacy is a wonderful thing.

That would be Alyssa taking the role of the one in the pesky shelves tonight. Although Thursday is when she's supposed to be anywhere but here, the writer earlier decided to stop by and take a browse at a few books in the mythical creature section that she'd noted her last work day. With a book splayed out half in her hands and half resting on the shelf, she's in too precarious a position to do anything but glance to the door she can't see when the sound of it opening occurs.

There's just a brief glance behind her as the door is sealed in the effective Elle way. "Hello, Cass. Sorry about the door, I'll pay to have it replaced. How are you, by the way? I hope the water didn't infect you with anything." Jane takes two steps forward, her expression solemn. Sunglasses are on her face. No guitar and no backpack on her person, however, just an Aerosmith concert tee and dark shorts over running shoes.

"Hey Jane," Cass greets the musician warmly enough. Elle is given a smile as well until the mention of her door. "What can I—hey. What?" The bookstore owner stares at Jane and then Elle and then looks over to her door. She takes a step backward toward the employee room. "What is going on here?"

Elle raises a hand, palm up, towards Cass. It doesn't -look- dangerous. Looks like she's telling her to "talk to the hand". Unless you know what Elle can do, in which case she might as well be pointing a gun at her. "Over to the center of the room, nice and easy." She calls in a louder voice "Alyssa, if you're in here, now would be a Very Good Time to come stand next to your boss."

If the eerily sort of strained voices from the front hadn't been enough, then the calling of her name as some sort of unwanted contestant has certainly got Alyssa's attention. She thinks she knows the voice… enough to be confused. She attempts to slip the book out of her grasp but it sags in the middle, weighs suddenly, and drops to the floor with a definite noise. "Shit!" is the loud following curse and then, voice nearly shaking, "On my /foot/! I-I'm just… picking that up…"

Alyssa's voice certainly isn't the only thing shaking anymore as she dips slowly down, one hand reaching for the text (not on her foot) and the other going into her pocket. She can blind type the numbers, but it's the question of how fast can she do that compared to if the light happy cell-phones beeps are audible.
Alyssa (Aly) pages Cass, Jane, and Peter: I /really/ wanted to text 'DANGER WILL ROBINSON!' but didn't feel that'd be quite appropriate….

"I can tell you firsthand, from experience, she means business, and making her unhappy is a very bad idea," Jane somberly remarks. "Once she stopped and restarted my heart, another time she made me ache all over, and made me not feel my tongue after that. She has questions, and wants truthful answers. Don't disappoint her, please." Because in addition to not wanting to be fried like Elle told her she plans to make Sylar, she also very much doesn't want to see such a thing happen to anyone else.

"I don't mean to be rude, but…who the hell are you?" Cass stares at Elle with a bit of glare. Never having met Elle, she doesn't know what she looks like and so therefore has no idea what this woman can do and as far as powers. As far as she's concerned the hand up gesture just means to stop talking. Cass does move forward, but it's to put down her drink and book on the counter. And she doesn't look at Alyssa until the book drops, just in case the woman didn't know the other woman was in the store. Jane's short speech gets a frown and Cass moves to the center of the room, crossing her arms in front of her. She's not exactly scared yet, but she's not at all happy. "Fine. What do you want. And you're paying for my door to be replaced."

Elle gives Cass a look. More a bemused look than anything. "Good. If everybody cooperates, we can do this with a minimum of fuss. Alyssa, if you like your boss to continue breathing, I suggest you're out here by the time I hit five. I only need one of you, which means I've got an extra expendible one. One…two…"
Peter has arrived.

Ohshitohshitoh— Screw the book, Alyssa stumbles to get to her feet fast enough and her phone slips simply back into her pocket as she goes. Appearing from inside the maze of back shelves, the writer now stands somewhere in between the others though not in the center of the room as she skids to an automatic halt at the sight of Elle and Jane near the door- the former with her dangerous hands pointed at Cass near the counter. "Jesus! All t-this for questions!" The girl says on an inhale, ending in an undignified squeak.

Looking a bit relieved when Alyssa comes into view after Elle starts counting, and very much hoping this has saved Cass from any sort of demonstration of what the blonde can do, Jane watches through those sunglasses. She exhales slowly and turns toward the Mistress Of Sparks, expecting a question to be asked or an instruction given. No words are spoken, she gives her the floor to use as she wishes at her leisure.

"Threats get you no where with me." Cass watches Elle very carefully, her eyes flickering over to Alyssa when she appears very suddenly. Being threatened with death doesn't affect her as much as it might in the past. She's already been shown her death once this week, what's one more? Though she's got a pretty tight grip on her arms, they're tucked in and are less likely to be noticed. "Who are you and what do you want?"

Elle nods. "All right. Let's make this a very simple thing. I ask a simple question, you give me a simple answer, and we leave, nice and simple. See? Simple all around. The information you've gathered?" She leaves it vague on the "who's been gathering" arc, as she addresses both the bookpeople. "I need a telepath. You give me the information to find one, and everyone is happy."

The emergency text message recieved, and Peter did about the only thing he could do. He ran out of his apartment with the busted lock, and went to the window down the hallway. If this fails, he's gonna look plain dumb when he scrapes himself off the pavement to show up. No scraping, luckily, as he flies into the sky, right towards the bookstore. He lands badly in the back alley, but he /lands/. No splat, no broken bones. And he runs to the back door, not the front. It's closer. In his mind, Emergency means EMERGENCY. He can pay Cass back later. Grabbing the door, he pulls, ripping the deadbolt and the lock clean off. The noise may be heard in the front of the store.

Alyssa might have anticipated this better, all things considered. But, still, when Elle - now recognized - mentions gathering information, she sucks in a hiss of a breath. An attempted look to Cass gets aborted when Alyssa's mouth gets the better of her and she pipes up with, "Couldn't you just have /asked/?" instead. With her brain on overdrive to figure out what's going on, she picks up random details of the store… and a noise from the back room unexplained by its supposed occupants. "Cass doesn't have the information," she says suddenly, in a rush, a loud rush, as she takes a step forward, her hand gesturing almost randomly, "I do."

"I don't know any telepaths. And I don't know how you can get one." Cass responds in a deadpan maner. In her mind, she's telling the truth, or at least part of it. Peter isn't a telepath, he's a sponge. Just because he can /use/ telepathy doesn't make him one. It's a case of vague question can give you a vague answer. And as for Ramon…well, there's not a chance she's going to give his name to someone who threatened to kill her a second ago. There's no hesitation on her part for the answer, either. It sounds just like everything else she's said so far. The noise in the back of the store makes her turn her head in that direction and then snap back to focus on Jane, eyes wider.

Elle hears the breaking from the back, and hisses a bit. "IDIOTS. Then tell me, Alyssa. Right now. Or she fries." Glowing-lightning-ball appears in the palm of her hand, as she positions herself to put her and Jane on one side, the door to the back on the other, and Cass and Alyssa in between.

She doesn't herself know if Cass knows any telepaths or not, she can't herself name any, other than Peter, and that wouldn't really work here, Jane realizes. Her brain is working ahead of things, after Elle made the statement she understood the reason, or at least believes she did. To interrogate her, or anyone else Mistress of Sparks wants to question, and have the telepath read the subject's mind to tell her if there are truths or lies being spoken. Smart. The reactions people are suddenly taking, though, leave her looking confused and scared. What the? Why are people suddenly acting like this, looking toward the back of the store? Zeus powers are being brought to bear. Shit, and more shit, upon shit!

Stepping forward, Peter approaches the door from the back room. Because he's not sure how many abilities he can manage to use tonight, he doesn't put of an invisibility field, and instead listens at the door frame, waiting to see what's going on. At least there's no more noise from the back. Maybe some drunk knocked over a garbage can outside?

Well. /Shit/. The epic word to sum up the afternoon, it seems. The noise in the back room was supposed to be some kind of salvation but now all is quiet on the storefront. You know, if you can count Peter's now psychotic girlfriend attempting to make lightning-bait of Alyssa's boss. It's sort of the kind of thing that can fry your brain, without anyone's ability even having happened. But with the pressure of the threat on Cass, the writer quickly waves her hand again, "Here's the thing. I have the worst memory in the world. You need to let me look it up. After all this, wouldn't it be just shit to end up with the wrong name?"

When Elle threatens to fry her, Cass straightens and grips herself tighter. She stares at Alyssa with her admission, not sure if she's bluffing or not, but she's pretty sure that she is. Alyssa never told her about knowing any telepaths. How can she get everyone out of this without getting fried? Oh man. The wheels are quickly turning.

Elle shakes her head. "Alyssa…do you think I'm playing games?" And with that, she fires her beam at Cass. Electricity's a fabulous thing when you understand it. And can control it. This particular beam is high kilohertz, low milliamp. Bright and showy, it'll crackle all over Cass's skin without penetrating much to deeper tissues. And with the low milliamps, it'll cause all Cass's muscles to seize up like she'd grabbed a live wire. Plus? It will hurt like a BITCH. But, it won't actually do -much- real damage.

"Alyssa," Jane says, sharply, her voice clear and carrying, the best do what I say and do it now tone she can manage, "she's not playing. Spill that name, or go look it up, and do. it. now!" Her eyes go wide, settling on the electrically stricken Cass. She's very familiar lately with what Elle can do. "Please, just please, quit pissing her off!"

Okay, the sound of lightning tells Peter enough of what's going on, that he lets the invisibility settle, and he moves out from behind the safety of the doorway and moves quickly towards Cass, specifically getting /between/ her and the electrical blast. It doesn't knock him out, and he's able to bite back a yell, but there's a groan of pain, and the invisibility field is maintained /for the moment/. But something definitely just intercepted the beam.

…… There is freakin' /lightning/. Cass' yelling, Elle's attack… Alyssa's power might as well have been becoming a statue for how she is frozen. But the snap of Jane's voice and something gets through- enough for the whole situation to instant-replay in the writer's head and bring all the fear tumbling back down. "It's /not like I tried to/!" She screams back, tripping and stumbling those couple of steps to the counter ohgodohgodCassisrightthere and shoving anything on it aside in searching for that little piece of paper she always has tucked away. At this point, she can't remember for the life of her or her boss who's on the list, much less what they can do. "Jesus…" she mutters, at tears. She's feeling kind of helpless and hopeless when the beam from Elle seems suddenly interrupted. God help her, she freezes again.

Any plans that Cass is quickly trying to come up with to get everyone out alive are driven from her mind when she gets struck by Elle's burst of electricity. There's a loud cry of pain as all of her muscles contract and she's left standing rigid and trapped as if she put a hand on an electric wire. The moment that Peter steps in front of the beam, however, the electricity keeping her upright is cut off and she slumps, falling backwards slightly. Being so close to the counter, and given her penchant to fall the wrong way in the wrong places, she cracks her head off of the corner. It's enough of a blow that when she falls to the ground, she's no longer conscious.

Elle snarls angrily. "Dammit, how many powers have you -got-, Petrelli. Just fucking DIE already!!!" She cuts loose on him, as good as she can, as electricity scorches the air between them in a blue beam.

For Jane, a metaphoric lightbulb has gone on, inspiration and idea striking on a number of fronts. She knows what Elle wants, a telepath to assist in her interrogation. This tells her that the blonde has moved toward knowing something's up and wants proof, rather than simply rejecting it out of hand. Thus the whole bringing her here and threats, the shocking of Cass. And it occurs to her she can defuse this. "Elle," she states clearly and slowly, as she starts to move toward the electrical discharge aimed at InvisiPete, "this isn't going to work. I won't abandon you, like I said. I haven't lied to you, you want a telepath to prove I'm truthful. Fine. We'll find one. But I. will. not. let. you keep shocking and hurting my other friends. I'm going to step in the path of that current and take it all myself, so you can stop with the threats and the retaliations, or you'll kill me and never get your answers." From where she's now standing, one more step and she'll be doing just that.

Having nothing better to do, and having spent most of the day moving into the new apartment, Lachlan decided he was sick of doing all that crud and decided to come hang out with Cass at work for a couple hours before his last appointment of the day. When he arrived, however, it was just in time to spot a /crisis/ involving Cass and electricity and a crazy blonde woman. /Not good/. Trying the door would just mean alerting the people inside (and it's probably locked anyway,
considering), and so the Scotsman turned 'round and dashed for a nearby alley to pick up the most readily available bludgeoning device: a metal trash can. In a hurry, he hauled the one he deemed best to fit the need over to the window, took steady aim, and with a surge of adrenaline-fueled strength, he flings it with all his might at the display window of the bookstore. It's enough. The window gives way, shattering inward on impact, sending glass everywhere (along with a trash can, which rolls noisily across the floor). Close behind this is a very pissed off Scotsman. "/OY!/" he bellows angrily at Elle, caring not a whit as to whether or not she'll be shocking /him/ next.

The invisibility drops as the ampage of the attack revs up, and specifically because the amount of damage he's taken has bumped another power automatically on in it's place. The regeneration starts to heal the wounds, but when he looks up into the girl's eyes, he's visibly winded, skin paler than before, even looking a little on the sweaty side. At Jane's words though, he glances up, and says, "Elle." Unfortunately, he can't manage much more than that, through the pain. God, don't turn it on Jane.

Everything is happening ten times too fast. Alyssa remains half-crouched against the counter while Elle amps up her power, Jane talks, and then a flinch as a trash-can of all things comes barreling through the window. It's a free for all on the store! People need to stop shouting and breaking things. She barely even acknowledges who Lachlan and Peter are, even as they both seem to appear randomly on the premises. All that Alyssa wants right now is for everyone to just /stop/ and /go away/. That is about summed up when she shouts, "Just— GO AWAY!" Like before, the store is instilled with the sudden desire to just not be anywhere near the writer. But she's shaken and her mind is torn to mental bits and so a good deal mostly just shudders in anxiety. The trash-can and shards of glass rattle ineffectively on the ground where they respectively lay. But a handful of books, who have always been the weirdly best listeners, shoot out from their shelvings at breakneck speeds - just as likely to hit ally as enemy.

The blonde looks over at Lachlan as he -busts- through the window, accompanied by a loud "OY!". Unexpected Scotsman. And then, Alyssa is yelling, and everything is flying all over the damned place. -Clearly-, Scotsman is a telekinetic. Okay. She stops shooting at Petrelli, only to switch to the other hand, as she turns her head, flings out her hand, and a beam of electricity fires out at -Lachlan- instead.

Just as she was about to step between Elle and Pete, thus taking the current being thrown at him into herself as her desperate gamble was about to fail very miserably, Jane finds her fire is redirected toward the Scot who came in through a window after the rolling trash can. It's good for her, of course, not getting shocked, but it hasn't solved the basic problem. Because her forced amnesia victim friend is in search of answers and proof of her not lying, other people are placed in danger. It's demonstrated another such gamble won't work, because Elle didn't stop throwing bolts around. Trying it again would only mean dying, and accomplish nothing. Hell, she thinks, if she died Elle will probably kill the others out of frustration that her answers died too. She just turns toward Pete and hangs her head, the expression one of incredible helplessness and… defeat.

As soon as the blast leaves him, Peter stumbles, looking around at all the activity. Elle is attacking his friends. Elle could very well get herself killed. So he does about the only thing he really can think to do. He runs forward and tries to wrap his arms around her, pulling her against his chest and trying to restrain her in place. Whether this works or not, he's certainly trying to hold onto her, keep her arms down. Of course, he just can't get hold of her. He really looks as if he's suddenly suffering from the flu, doesn't he?

He can't say he wasn't expecting a bit of an electrical retaliation and, thanks to a bad incident during his run with the circus, Lachlan knows what it's like to be shocked. That doesn't make it /not/ hurt, however he's able to endure it in relative silence, offering only a sharp grunt that sounds like it might have been the utterance of a very foul word. He's sent crashing backwards, slamming his back into the wall containing the flyers and postcards — and barely avoiding an airborne book as it goes whizzing past his face. The Scotsman starts to twitch and jerk due to the electricity coursing through him.

The commotion is not entirely lost, as it at least allows Alyssa to focus in on that tumbling trash-can. Noticing the heavier looking obstacle, the writer aims her palm towards it, "Trashcan," she calls from her corner - not the subtlest of things, but one could always hope that the sheer speed with which the trash-can now picks itself from the floor and comes hurtling at Alyssa and whatever's in between could make up for that.

Elle nearly gets beaned by it. She manages to duck at just the last instant, and the thing -almost- catches her head. She looks up, angrily, and her hand snaps over to Alyssa…crackles with energy…and she grits her teeth, holding the shot back. Kill this one and you don't get the info you want, Elle. She shifts her hand, aiming it at Cass's prone form, but it's Alyssa she's talking to. "Give. Me. The. Info. Any more junior heroics, and she fries. NOW."

Trying to get Aly focused by demanding she do something, which normally works in crises, it gives the panicked something to concentrate on, failed, and her next move failed, and here we are again, still needing her info on a telepath. Try the opposite tack, maybe, Jane thinks. "Aly," she begins, in a quiet and steady voice, "where do you need to look for the telepath's name. Tell me, I can go get it, or we can find it together. Can you bring us whatever it's written in, or remember the name?" She tries to take a few steps in that direction and keep the writer's focus on her, and the task at hand.

As soon as the hold on him is released, Lachlan slumps to the glass-covered floor, likely acquiring a few small shards of glass in the process. There he lays, catching his breath and pushing aside the pain with practiced patience. When Elle makes her threat, the Scotsman glances up to see where she's pointing — and noticing that Cass is the one in danger, his heart leaps into his throat. No. /No way/. "Bitch," he grumbles beneath his breath before he closes his eyes and concentrates. Somewhere — /somewhere/ nearby there is a stray. He hones in on that, focuses hard — and soon the Scotsman simply goes limp, unconscious. Soon, there is the sound of clicking toenails on pavement outside, and then a shaggy, thin mongrel roughly the size of a beagle — brown with splotches of white — leaps in through the window. It doesn't hesitate in rushing straight at Elle, teeth bared and a snarl pouring from its throat. Its aim is to sink its teeth into any bit of anatomy it can reach.

"Elle please, stop this," Peter says, as he tries his best to grab at her, worried about the dog, but also trying to focus on an emotion. He's able to snag her arm for part of an instant, but can't really do much more, "Please— /LOOK AT ME/." And as he says this, his eyes are red with emotion, worry, and also weakness. He looks as if he's having trouble staying on his feet. Maybe she nearly did kill him this time? Or maybe he's just having a difficult time with this. "Deep down, /somewhere/ you have to remember me." God, he wants so to believe this.

Everything's sort of rounded back on Alyssa, not unexpectedly, but the immediate attention snaps the writer's mouth shut as she unconsciously lets the trash-can hit the back of her hand as it passes, dropping it to the floor. The threat back on Cass is sort of enough to restart the thinking machine. Alyssa's mouth drops open not in answer but in a harried, desperate breath. She can hear Jane saying something but it only reminds her of how stupidly she mangled things surely hours earlier; it feels like so long. But even some concentration is something. And an amazing amount of other things have failed. Soo.. Glancing vaguely above her, Alyssa thinks of something she wants more than anything else in the world right now, "Water… bitch." With some thought of the store, Alyssa attempts to concentrate on only the sprinkler heads /above/ the blonde but she's very, very tired and very, very upset. So while that one busts forth with a focused downward spray, another does with less purpose, and somewhere outside a fire hydrant rumbles ominously.

Elle is busy wrestling with a dog and a Peter….and that's when the sprinkler heads bust into a water spray. Right when she was charging up to fry the people grabbing her. The blonde promptly short-circuits. Electricity snaps, crackles, and races over her body, and she convulses like -she- was the one getting electrocuted (which, really, she was).

At her wit's end, with anything and everything she's thought of thus far failing, there's a sudden very bright ray of sun coming through the clouds of this mess. Jane's all wet, as is surely everyone else, and Cass is likely to be enraged at the loss of books. Hopefully she's insured, or Jane will have a hellish dent in her trust fund replacing them. Good thing, yes, a very good thing she landed that studio hook. Otherwise her finances would just have turned to mud. But that's for later. "Pete, you okay and awake over there? Need some help getting her up and out of here, to her car. We can handle her better now." She's walking over, seeking to try getting a grip on Elle and pulling her toward the front door.

Snapcracklepop. With its teeth still embedded in Elle's person, the dog does not even know what's hit it. Lights out for the stray, preceded by a sharp, high-pitched yelp and reflexive jerk, which is mirrored by the unconscious Scotsman on the floor as his consciousness is forcefully returned to him. It is with a guttural scream of pain that he announces his return to reality, and he curls up in a fetal position, clutching his head tightly in his hands. It's not as bad as the last time he did this with Barguest — the stray is, miraculously, still living.

When the bolts of electricity fly out of the young blonde and rebound on her, the dog, and the other young man under the falling water, Peter actually cries out again and falls back, looking as if he might actually have taken it worse than the woman did. Not as bad as the dog, because of relative size, but… he's definitely not looking good. And for the moment? He might be unconscious. Until Jane speaks to him. His eyes open and he looks up, pushing himself to his feet. "Right… get Cass and Lachlan to the hospital— please… you did good Alyssa. I knew you could do it…" It almost sounds as if he's about to pass out, but he gets to his feet, wobbling, and moves to join Jane, even if he wants to stay and make sure everyone is okay… he really needs to get Elle out of here before she does /more damage/.

There is a bitter satisfaction where Elle's unconsciousness is concerned. And that's already tainted by things such as… the dog get hurting, and the books being damaged. With the last vestiges of her concentration, Alyssa attempts to tell the water off. It stutters briefly and then comes back to life. Well… shit. Alyssa eyes the vague movement from everyone else and her gaze flutters briefly to Peter at his words but she's kind of hanging off the counter at the moment and wanting to sleep. There's definitely a headache coming on. But until she's /actually/ out, she's going to keep trying with that water. Ya know, to save a store. That's long gone.

A little overwhelmed by the killer headache and the trauma of having himself forced back into his own body, Lachlan takes several minutes to recover enough for coherency. Then, he slowly drags himself along the floor to Cass, around whom he half-curls before he reaches into his pocket for his cell phone. 911 is dialed — an ambulance will be on its way, as well as police. Things will be handled here.

Out the door Jane and Pete go, with Elle likely supported between them as if she were sick, injured, or drunk and needing support to cover with anyone outside watching. As she moves, a quiet question is asked. "Got a bucket, Pete?" The guitarist also says, before exiting, "Tell Cass I'll call soon and explain, help pay for this. God, I hope she's got insurance." Then they're gone.

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