2007-08-01: Find Religion


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Summary: Kate, in one of her less lucid moments, makes a request of Infinite that's possibly a little crazy.

Dark Future Date: August 1, 2009

Find Religion

Kensei Coalition House

It's generally a safe bet that if someone is looking for Kate Petrelli in the upstate house owned by the Kensei Coalition, she's either in her room or her studio. Today, it's the latter. The floor is covered in drop cloths, stained with droplets and spills of paint. The artist herself hasn't fared much better. There's a smear of red paint across her freckled cheek from haphazardly rubbing her face. Today's painting, done on a canvas so large the nearly six-foot-tall woman has to stand on her tiptoes to reach the top of her latest project. She's thoughtfully gnawing on the end of her paintbrush, glancing between her palette and her painting.

Infinite. That's what he's been called ever since he joined up with this group. But the fact of the matter is that the multiplying menace has taken it upon himself to check on the Boss's Wife. There's always something that happens when people don't pay attention and paying attention is good. Always good. So the multiplying freak gets himself into the house and makes his way around to where the studio is. He doesn't say anything, instead, keeping his arms crossed and merely observing. He definitely doesn't want to make anything bad happen… which happens when he startles people. Quiet observance is always the way to go to announce his presence.

"Do you hear it?" Kate asks, not looking up from her project. Though she can't see him around her canvas, she is facing him. Perhaps there's something set up to alert her when someone enters the house. Or maybe she's just gotten very good at listening. Either explanation is plausible.

"I don't hear shit." Infinite mutters, not exactly the type to understand this crazy Drusilla-Speak. He keeps his arms crossed over his chest. "Just here to make sure you ain't dead." That's probably about as close to 'worried about you' that Kate's going to get from Infinite. Not that he should be worrying about anyone. He's just a tool.

"Peter told me he had all the clocks taken out." And he has. There's not a single analogue clock to be found in the house. Digital, sure, but nothing with hands. "I've been over every inch of the house," Kate murmurs, adding some purple paint to her brush and carefully putting it to her work-in-progress. "There's nothing here. But I can still hear it." She brings her hand up to rub her forehead with the back of her hand. More red paint is left on the skin, then covered by blonde bangs.

"You can hear shit that ain't there? Perfect." Infinite rolls his eyes a little bit and ends up shaking his head. "Mostly alive, partially well. Looks good to me." Uncrossing his arms, he's already turning to make his exit. He's not a very sociable replicator. "If you need anything… scream. I'll be patrolling the perimeter." Or anything to get away from the crazy painter.

"Do you have contact with the Saints?" Kate asks suddenly, though she doesn't look up from her painting. She apparently has yet to dismiss the replicator. Though she's not as dangerous to walk away from as Peter is.

No reason to keep walking when there's questions that are being asked. Questions that may have his loyalty in question. "I'm not religious." Though, there's some turning back around that happens and all of that good stuff. "What do you need with them?"

"I need to set up a meeting with the Shepherd. Do you think you could arrange that on my behalf? Wherever he would like to meet is fine by me. I just can't risk running around in public right now, trying to find him." Not if the rumours that the president found her and Peter's latest NYC home are true.

"I'll see what I can do." Infinite's not above talking to himself to make things happen. Passing along information through a network of himselves happens to be something of a forte. She practically just told the Shepherd! "Don't expect any miracles, though. I hear the Shepherd's not exactly the meet and greet type." Unless, of course, he's meeting and greeting with a machine gun.

"You just make sure the Shepherd knows that the Bitch wants to speak to him." Kate's hoping that will be enough to grab the Saint's attention. "And Infinite…" She steps around the side of the canvas, expression serious while simultaneously grateful, "Don't tell Peter."

Smirk. Actually, it's a big smirk. Y'know, one of those smirks that involve cats and canaries and a cartoonish opening credits sequence that belongs to toons that are quite looney. "Right. The First Lady wants to flock with the Shepherd and I'm not supposed to tell my Boss?" Infinite leaves it at that, since, well, it's much easier to leave things open ended when it comes to his loyalty.

"It's a lot safer if you don't tell him. Peter has too much on his plate right now to be worrying about what I could want to discuss with the Shepherd. I will tell him. It isn't your place to say." Kate frowns faintly. "Are we clear on this, Infinite?"

"Relax." Infinite says, reaching up to fiddle with the patch on his eye. Just a little pull here to make sure the ugliness is covered up. "Do I look like a snitch to you? I mean, really." And there's even a quick moment of his posing in a very straight-faced, non-snitching manner.

"You look an awful lot like some of the men who guard my brother-in-law," Kate answers honestly. "I trust you. I hope you realise how difficult that is for me."

"What can I say? I've got one of those faces." Infinite has heard enough. Loyalty being questioned is never a good thing to stand around and listen to. "Don't die. That'd suck." And now he's all for the walking off in a huff.

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