2007-07-30: Finish Him /Your/ Way


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Summary: Three former coworkers are independently stalking the park after dark for thier own reasons

Dark Future Date:

July 31st, 2009

Finish Him /Your/ Way

Central Park, NY

Wind whistles through the bare branches of the dead trees of central park. It's late. Most people wouldn't really feel safe with the prospect of wandering around in such an out of the way spot. The colossal rocks planted close to the paths on the upper west side of the park are a good place to hang around if you don't want to be bothered, though, and so it is in one of the crevices of those rocks that Vasili has decided to camp out for the night. Something's spooked him away from the city for the time being. It's an unusually clear night, and the city's light offers some limited illumination to the shattered remains of the park. Maybe something interesting will come along - maybe not - but the ex-agent is mostly content to keep himself out of the way of others.

Brooks is on the prowl, patrolling the park. The company agent moves slowly through the dead trees. His gun in hand he moves from cover to cover, not walking in the open.

Persi is as obvious and unconcerned with others as ever. She sits — not among the rocks, but near them, at a statue that happens to be nearby. Rather than sitting down at the base of it like she had to before the war for fear of cops bugging her, she's commandeered a ladder that's enabled her to climb up and sit atop the head of some important person that she probably learned about in high school. Aaand there she sits, idly dining on a can of vienna sausages that she seems to have found somewhere. Who knows where she came upon it, or even where she found the fork she's poking at them with, but…well…she seems perfectly content!

It almost seems to Vasili to be just about the time to crash for the night when a familiar face comes into sight, along with the barrel of a gun. It's too interesting to pass up - and it'll take his mind off of the weirdo sitting on the statue. He pushes up and away from the rocks, pulling his tattered coat more tightly around himself. Hopefully he's silent enough in his movements to come out onto the path in line behind Brooks. Better to watch first, after all. He doesn't want to get himself shot by a trigger-happy agent.

Brooks is slowly scanning the area, moving from tree to tree, he has already seen the figure on the statue, and is keeping an eye on it, in case it turns out to be more of a threat then he currently has assessed it as. He pauses though, hearing something behind him, he moves to a position with cover, before turning the address who or whatever is following him.

Persi is, unsurprisingly, completely oblivious to anyone around her. She's too caught up in her own thoughts, or reverie, or whatever it may be that's distracting her, to really pay that much attention. She's just munching away…nomnomnom. After a while, she momentarily (and also unsurprisingly) tires of the oh-so-savory flavor of the sausages and pauses in her eating to hum an idle tune — the tune of some punk rock song that, though it was new a couple of years ago, probably seems pretty distant now.

Vasili 's hands are up and held with the palms outward just as soon as he sees Brooks start to move into a defensive position, his eyebrows lifting in an expression of faint curiosity. "Shoot first, ask questions later? That's unusual." He's no stranger to having guns pointed at him, but it's always an unpleasant experience. "Do you know our statue-pigeon, over there?"

Brooks frowns, as he sees Vasili, and lowers the muzzle slightly, "You didn't see me pull the trigger did you?" he shakes his head and glances at the pigeon for a moment, "No idea, first time I've seen her. It's like reunion week this week, isn't it?"

Persi remains all perched and pigeony, but is starting to pick up the faint sound of conversation, a sound that causes her to cock her head to one side, then the other, tryig to figure out exactly which direction it's coming from. Ultimately, she ends up looking SORTA in the direction of the men in the bushes, but not quite directly at them. …then, she goes back to eating, as if the barely-audible conversation were enough entertainment to draw her interest.

Oh-ho. "Between you, Ivanov, and Giselle? I'm beginning to think that the last two years are coming back to kick me in the ass on purpose. Put the damn gun down." Yeah - /all the way/. Vasili flexes his fingers slowly, then shoves his hands into his pockets. "As for pulling the trigger, no one says you still aren't going to."

Brooks lets the gun fall to his side, and nods slowly, "So what you doing out here? I havn't even heard what your up to these days."

Persi keeps on munching away until, eventually, she pauses and peers down into the can, which is, alas, empty! Thus, she twists up her lips in a momentary expression of annoyance, then draws back an arm and chucks the empty can in the general direction of the conversation. However, she keeps the fork. "Just sleeping. It's not exactly safe out there for someone who isn't a freak." Unfortunately. Persi is providing Vasili with quite a distraction, though, and he looks back up at her just in time to see a can flying towards himself. A quick step back is enough to make the thing clatter to the ground instead of onto his head. "—Think /she's/ a freak?"

Brooks chuckles softly, "You never know who is, it's less important if she is, then if she is a dangerous one" he turns and walks out into the open beneath the statue, "Evening"

Persi puts on a brief, but toothy grin when somebody emerges from the bushes after her can-toss. Then, she raises one hand in a little, lazy wave, "Evening. Out here with a buddy searching for berries? Or are you just talking to yourself?" Her eyes lower momentarily to the gun at the guy's side, but seems altogether unsurprised in this day and age, and unconcerned since it's not pointed AT her.

Vasili follows after Brooks at an easy pace, a small frown twitching at the edges of his mouth. "And me without a dangerous weapon to end her threat with," comes the predictable mumble. Still, the pigeon-girl does look harmless enough. Maybe she'll even fall and provide some entertainment.

Brooks smiles up at the girl, and speaks quietly to Vasili, "She'd almost be cute if it wasn't for that accident in metal shop that turned her face into barbedwire." He raises his voice, "We were just out for a little lovers rendevous, didn't realize there was a voyeur present."

Brooks nods, "Sorry if we ruined your dinner? We were trying to be quiet. What's your name?

Persi comes down off the statue now, by way of an attempted hop down to the middle-rung of the ladder or so, and then another to the ground — it ends up more of a hop to the middle rung and then a haphazard hop/fall onto her hands and knees on the dusty ground as the ladder falls over. Then, she kips back up to her feet and dusts off her knees, "Just call me Persi, that'll work okay. What's yours, Humey McHuman?"

Vasili simply watches the little discussion between the crazy and the agent, one eyebrow slightly lifted. Huh. "That was graceful. Did you learn your reflexes from a dead crocodile or something?"

Brooks smiles, "I'm Dr. Brooks, I'm out here to see if there is anyone who needs help out here."

Persi eyes Vasili for a second and chooses to respond to Brooks, instead, "A doctor, huh? Better watch out, the whole 'MD' thing brings out the gold-diggers in droves." Persi gives a little nod of her head toward Vasili, then pivots on a heel and goes wandering off toward some other section of the park, raising a hand to wave as she goes, "Anyway, have your fun, boys. I'm gonna go MacGuyver a toothpick out of a raccoon or something."

Central Park, late at night - two guys standing together near the massive rocks. It's not suspicious at all. As the weird girl wanders off, Vasili turns back to Brooks. "So. What've you been doing with yourself, other than talking to strangers while brandishing guns all over the place?"

Brooks smiles, "Same old same old, fighting for human rights, no everyone made a run for it"

Massive rocks eh? Not a good thing to stand nearby when one things about it. Sometimes rocks just tend to attack people..all depending on the mood of a certain young Filipina. Fortunately, she's not in an attacky mood and is out and about the park in another area not too far from the two gentlemen. She was trying to be all ninja, but stepping on a few twigs kinda ruins that. Claudine sighs and runs her fingers through her hair, just relaxing unless someone's going to try to attack her. RIght now she's trying to make sure women arent being kidnapped..like one was last night.

"You think I ran? That's a little disappointing. It's not as though I've been sitting on my hands all this time, Brooks-" And then Vasili cuts himself off in order to spin around, alerted by the sounds of movement. He doesn't have a gun on him at the moment, but fists will do. Said fists are soon up and ready. He knows nothing about any kidnapping, but as usual he's more than ready for a fight.

Brooks 's sidearm comes up and he steps to where Vasili is out of his line of fire as he scans to see who is approaching.

She isnt ninja,and she was never stealthy, at least not when above ground. She only learned to do surprise attacks when underneath it, and so, making sure no one heard her, she closes her eyes for a few moments, crouching down and placing her hand on the ground. It's so much easier without shoes, but she doesnt want to get tetanus or something like that.

Gah! There's too many vibrations and it's difficult to tell one apart from another and she mutters, "Damn squirrels chattering away. Stupid moles digging. I hate parks.." but at least, that's all she felt for now, and she starts to approach softly, soon coming into Brooks' line of sight. The young Filipina would of course be recognizable to the both of them, though whatever happy giggly perkyness from the past is all gone now.

Brooks frowns and looks at Vasili as he lowers his gun slightly, then calls out loudly, "For a wanted woman your awefully sloppy, any mortal could pick you off the way your wandering around in the open.

"I'm trying to be bait. There was a woman taken last night." she says matter of factly while running her fingers through her hair. "I'd never be caught in the open, at least not above ground usually, but I kinda want to see if the jerkface who tooka woman last night will show him..or herself. Who knows? It could be a violent lesbian.." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders though her eyes narrow upon seeing Vasili. "Still drinking the hatorade, Babenkov? You really should switch flavors ya know."

That's just. Well. That's pretty funny, actually, and it makes Vasili crack a bit of a smile. "Here's hoping you get snatched without a trace, Salonga. I'm not interested in your little daily dramas. If you felt like doing something really productive, you'd sink the White house into the earth's mantle and seal everything - yourself included - in."

Brooks looks up, "You know thats not such a bad idea, instead of this little saving people one at a time, why not just drop the white house off the face of the earth?

"Who said I'm not planning on doing that? Maybe I'm planning on doing it and just waiting for the exact precise moment to destroy Washington D.C. It's not that big and completely within my sphere of influence. But alas, you're forgetting that Herr Petrelli has many, many, many other Evolved working to protect him. A little girl like me cant take 'em all out.." Claudine says matter of factly and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Oh, and Marcus..Orion sends his regards.." Of course, Granger would be known to Vasili as well, as the big metal agent who also happened to be her beau.

Oh, gross. More freaks. Blehhh. Vasili makes a rather impolite face, then scuffs at the ground with the tip of his shoe. "As for your plans, you're all talk. I haven't forgotten anything - you just don't have the stones to go in there against the odds."

Brooks nods slowly, "A little girl like you has a lot more power then anyone else in the world, I gotta ask, if not you, who? You could drop a volcano on the front lawn, and wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt….there is a chance the Petrilli would survive…especially with Halifax…." he pauses a second, "But you could destroy his machine and give bad press to the pro evolution agenda as a whole"

"Oh, isnt that great?!? The pot calling the kettle black." the young woman says with more than a bit of annoyance under her breath. "I dont see you leading any raids against the whitehouse, Babenkov." she says with more than a bit of vitriol in her tone before she looks over to Marcus. "Yes, I can create a volcano in the front lawn, but what of all the dupes of Petrelli's. I've killed enough people in my lifetime to see that I'm going straight into the ninth circle of hell, but if I'm gonig to kill more, let's at least make sure they deserve it. Main thing that's stopped me from doing it are all the innocents that could get caught in the crossfire. Besides, I dont think Petrelli is really in control of himself. Rockford-Johanssen is a powerful telepath. She tried recruiting me sametime the Company did. I think she's the real President at the moment. Nathan's too much of a pussy to do all this himself."

"Bullshit. That egomaniac is pulling all the strings - and, Salonga, what I've achieved I've done without all your silly, flashy little /powers/." Vasili spits at the ground between himself and Claudine, easing his weight forward just a bit while leaning back, rocking on his heels. "Ever hear of the 'greater good'? Fuck the innocents. More of them get killed or hurt thanks to Petrelli than you could ever damage by wrecking D.C."

Brooks says, "Any Innocents have long left Dc the humans have been bussed to camps,only people left there are either supporters of the new policies, or embedded agents trying to take him down, the supporters can die with him, the freedom fighters will gladly give thier lives if it means he dies too.""

"I'm planning on doing things, so just check on the news.." Surely they heard about the raids on humans being stopped due to massive earthquake and stalagmites suddenly rising up from the ground afterall. "I'm not the only evolved in this world. There are others whose powers makemine seem like..utter and complete shit. Talk to them..talk to Petrelli's brother." she says with a sigh, shaking her head once more.

"Yeah. It's anyone's problem but yours, isn't it? I figured that'd be the case." At this point Vasili does a poor mimicry of Claudine's voice, speaking in an as inine falsetto while fluttering his eyelids. "'Oh, poor me. I can make /earthquakes/, but I guess my abilities are just a drop in the ocean. I can't even /bear/ the thought of doing anything /useful/'."

Brooks says, "Petrelli's brother will never do anything actually useful against him, family ties and all, he will never move against his own blood. And I've looked at the files, your on the high end of the nonpatriots in power level. Saving people is nice in small batches, but sometimes you have to step up and save the world, be a /HERO/""

The mocking tone causes more than a bit of annoyance, but they do have a point. She has her own mission near D.C., so maybe she can make a detour and finish up what Peter's going to start. Claudine sighs once more and just shakes her head once more. "Just read the news.."

Vasili grins, letting his voice drop back down to its normal tone. "Read the news, eh? Don't suppose you're actually going to plan on /doing/ something." As for Brooks - well. The ex-agent just grunts. "There aren't any heroes anymore. Just broken-down jerks like me, idealists, and freaks like her."

Brooks says, "There are always heroes, just sometimes they get in ruts and forget who they really are, till something hits them in the head and wakes them up." He checks his gun, then turns and scans the area again, "Well isn't this the cozy reuninon?"

"It'd be more cozy if Orion was here to beat up on Babenkov.." Claudine says with a shrug of hershoulders. He is a tad bit overprotective over her, and perhaps she might talk with him about raiding the capitol. "Besides, I've done some damage. I wonder if the government still thinks I've been contained.." she muses with a soft giggle.

That first comment earns Claudine a rather sharp look from Vasili, who purses his lips and furrows his brows. If anyone's going to be beating up on anyone, he'd much rather it be he doing the beating. "Too bad you can't handle me without your boyfriend. We'll just have to put off the brawl until later."

Brooks rolls his eyes, "Careful, she has a temper and if she sits on you, it will prolly be with 3000 tons of rock"

"Nah. I've improved over the years..we're all full agents..or at least two of us are ex full agents. Feds I can handle..human agents for the Company have always been more exceptional the regular baselines. And so I have to give Babenkov credit where credit is due." She knows there are bigger fish when it comes to more mundane martial prowess, so she isnt going to try to claim otherwise. "Besides, I only beat people down with rocks, and that's really no fair in the end."

Hmph. Vasili seems to be done with the conversation - and with the park - since he abruptly turns and commences shuffling off towards the busier sections of the city. He has people to find, after all. "Don't get yourselves killed without me, kids. You might even try to find me before you plan on doing something dramatic." Because he might just feel the need to engage in some drama.

Brooks says, "Finish him your way….My way? Whats my way….Stand behind this boulder and when he comes by hit him in the head with a rock….My way isn't very sporting" he shakes his head, "Look do what your gonna do, but don't whine about the world if your not going to fix it yourself when you have the power to, you already know my plans, so you have your time limited on fixing this before I have to""

"I know. Babenkov, we may need you for your usual mayhem and destruction.." she calls out as she wrinkles her nose a bit, nodding towards Marcus. "He was always good at being broody, but he is quite useful, especially since if I ever do such a thing I'm going to need like a MAJOR distraction." Meaning, lots of killing above ground before she can do the killing from below the ground. "Well, toodle chillens!" Claudine chirps with a bright little wave before opening up a hole in the ground and jumping in. And with that she's gone!

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