2007-09-22: Fire Confessions


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Summary: Kitty and Sharon run into each other. Kitty gets a vision of Sharon at the firehouse. Revelations are made.

Date It Happened: September 22, 2007

Fire Confessions

Greenwich Village

It is afternoon, after most people have had their classes and whatnot for the day. Sharon is leaving the house of one of the residents here. Some rich person who likes living near the university who has been paying for private self defense lessons. Whatever, so long as he pays, Sharon has no issue taking the trip down this way. She's dressed casually, in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, her purple and black gymbag slung over her shoulder as she starts down the street towards the University. She wants to see if they offer library access for a fee, like some universities do. She isn't sure about NYU's, though, as she's never gone ahead and asked.

One of the students leaving the campus happens to be Kitty, who after taking her classes for the day decided to go for some coffee or something. She is dressed in dark jeans, red tank top along with a pair of fingerless gloves, red and black. Her black sneakers pad on the pavement and she readjusts her messenger bag with her laptop in it. Kitty takes her auburn colored hair out of its ponytail and it falls to shoulders. As she walks she notices Sharon and smiles as she almost passes her, "Heya"

Sharon pauses in her walk. "Hey there. You feeling any better?" Sharon asks the girl. "You looked a bit rough there in the coffee shop," Sharon says, turning to look at the woman. She shifts her bag over to her right shoulder. Kitty may notice a nice burn mark on her left forearm that is in the process of healing.
"Yeah, I just had a a little freak attack. Been happening more and more lately. Like I can't contr- nevermind" the young woman looks sheepish and then does indeed notice the burn, "Oh what happened?" Kitty asks in concern, even though not knowing this woman well at all, she still wouldn't like to see her hurt.

"Oh, this? Just a little burn is all," Sharon says. "I was a little too close to a burning building, but it all worked out fine. I just got a bit sick of the bandage. Makes practice a little more difficult, wearing a bandage like that, and it's to the point where I can have it off anyway". The woman offers a little shrug. "You get seizures often?" she asks. "You seemed a fair bit better once you had a chance to recover in the back room".

Kitty nods and takes a step closer and places a hand on Sharon's arm, when she does this her eyes close briefly and she tilts her head, "Wicked" she says softly. "You've got balls. That was pretty risky stuff going in there by yourself without /any/ kind of fire gear?" Kitty puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head. "Do you want to die or something?" she asks and smirks lightly. This vision hasn't had a huge effect on her like Ian's, but she is breathing a little deeper than before and her eyes as especially dark.

Sharon doesn't flinch as Kitty places her hand on the burn, even if it's rather recent, and looks at the girl curiously. "Wicked?" Sharon asks, maybe a little bit confused at her statement. She was trying to keep modest about that event, though the statement the woman made during their previous encounters. And then…she pauses. "Wait a second. How did you know…". Blink blink. Blink.

"I'm sorry! Whenever I do that, I tend to say what I see afterwards, it's kind of a habit except lately I've been doing it louder than I use to" Kitty blinks and then mentally faceplams, no turning back now. "Can you keep a secret Sharon?"

"Certainly, though let's move a bit off the main road," Sharon suggests, gesturing off to the side, near a random No Parking sign so they're a little out of the way. Nowhere threatening, but in a spot that's a little less likely for them to be run into by random people. "And no, no death wish. Just something that needed to be done," she adds modestly.

"Ok, well when I touch things or people, I can see either the future or the past" she lets that sink in and then leans against the wall and studies Sharon. Did Kitty make a mistake by telling her? "And that was a very heroic deed"

"I've certainly seen proof enough of that to believe you, Kitty," Sharon tells her. "And I was starting to think I wouldn't meet anyone…similar to me," Sharon tells the woman. "Have you ever read the book Activating Evolution?" she asks. The thing is famous in some circles. "Found it awhile ago, explained a bit about me, though it didn't mention what I do specifically," she says quietly. "And thank you," she adds with a small smile.

"Yeah, I've read it. What can you do?" she leans forward eagerly, she has been meeting a lot of people like her lately! Kitty grins.

"Well…it's more like what I don't do. I don't get tired, or have any need to sleep," Sharon explains. "I slept maybe five or six hours when I was a kid, and three hours was a lot when I was in late high school and early college. When I was twenty, I found I just didn't need to sleep, and that I could quite literally run for days or weeks at a time without stopping for more than my meals so I didn't starve".

Kitty looks impressed, "Wow that is pretty awesome. The infinite amount of time to finish homework" Kitty snickers and puts her hands in her pockets, "Listen, if you ever need help or anything. Give me a call my number is 283-5454" she smiles as she takes her new cellphone out.

Sharon provides Kitty with whatever her cell phone number is. "Definitely. Do you know if there are others like us though? And yeah. I did the math once. I have another one hundred and twenty one days that other people sleep, assuming eight hours of sleep a night. An extra four months a year to get things done can come in handy," she says.

"There are a buttload of us out there. Just have to know where to find them. We all do this don't tell about each other's abilities to another person, it helps builds trust. I think you will be meeting more of us now, that's how it happened with me, I met one and then another and then another" Kitty grins and winks,
"You are an unstoppable force then, but you need to be careful there are people out there that are dangerous to us"

Sharon's actual number is 283-6087, which is what Sharon gave Kitty. Totally! "I can imagine there are. One of the reasons I like how mine is fairly subtle and not a flashy one like what's in this book," Sharon says. She looks down at her watch. "Though I do need to get moving before the library closes, as unfortunately they need to sleep. I'll give you a call sometime in the next couple days and maybe we can talk a bit more than here?" she suggests. She is somewhat relieved, knowing there are others like her out there now, instead of just theorizing it.

"Of course! It was so nice to talk to you! Have a good evening!" she says and hugs the woman. Kitty then reshoulders her messenger bag and makes her way towards home.

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