2007-03-24: First Date Ever


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Summary: Peter takes Elle on her first date ever, and finally gives her the present be bought at the bookstore.

Date It Happened: March 24, 2007

First Date Ever

The Petrelli Mansion

In order to prepare for this evening, Peter took another trip to his apartment, shifting through his nicer clothes and picking out something nice to wear, and then sending it off to get cleaned. Sitting in his apartment closet for— honestly longer than six months— doesn't make it fit to wear just yet. Freshly laundered, he's dressed in a nice navy blue dress shirt, a black jacket, black slacks, and most everything except a tie. Outside the door to the guest bedroom, he paces around, actually giving the nervous impression of a high schooler about to go on a first date than a twenty-something who's already slept with the girl.

Faced with the prospect of dressing for a date for the first time, Elle did what most girls would do. She stole money from the people she's staying with and went shopping. Clearly, it was necessary and proper that she do so. Returning with a few discreet bags, she then disappeared into the guest room for an hour. She's keeping the boy waiting, it would seem.

Finally, the door opens and Elle steps out. Wearing a pair of black slipper-like Rocket Dogs, she's toned fashionable with practical. A blue dress that fits the curves she does have and a pair of footless black leggings for a retro-80s feel completes the ensemble. She's curled her hair, giving it a distinctly wavy appearance. Pausing, she does a little turn (on the catwalk, yeah) and asks of Peter, "So?"

Turning as soon as the door opens, it looks very much like he'd been pacing back and forth in the hallway. Peter's actually more than a few steps away from the door, giving him a distance view of her outfit, and allowing him to approach slowly for a closer view. "Elle— you look…" Tripping over his tongue. Yeah, she's getting a first date just like most girl's would. He reaches up, pressing his knuckles against his mouth for a moment. "You look amazing." And he's not going to ask where she got the money.

And it's a good thing too, because he probably wouldn't like the answer Elle would give. Pleased with Peter's response, she swats him on the arm and then steps back into the guest room, leaving the door open. "Forgot my jacket. So, have you decided on a movie yet? And are we bringing any weapons?"

Getting swatted on the arm, Peter's glancing down as she steps back inside. Glancing back up, he blinks in surprise, "Weapons? Why— I don't think we'll need them." And— aren't they both kind of walking weapons? "Interesting you'd mention that— weapons. I was thinking we'd go see 300. It looks like a lot of fighting. Strikes me as your kind of movie."

"It never hurts to be prepared," is Elle's response. "Besides which, my ability is sort of worthless in some situations." Rolling her shoulders, she shrugs on her coat and starts to zip it up. "Ooooh. Is that the one with all the mostly naked men trying to kill each other?" Smiling slyly, she adds, "You really do know the way to my heart."

"Yeah, that's the one. It was either that or TMNT, and I somehow doubt you'd sit through CGI mutant ninja turtles…" And from the sounds of things, Peter wouldn't have been too impressed with the idea, either. He does further look confused, as he leans in the doorway with a hand up on a doorframe, "What situations would it be worthless in? Besides trying to lay low, I mean?"

"Now now, Peter Petrelli… A woman's got to have her secrets: her age, her dress size, her kryptonite. You know how it is," Elle says smirking as she flounces her hair once to get it above the jacket and zips it all the way shut. "We're going to eat, after, right? There's this sushi place we've been walking past just down the street that I've been dying to try."

"If we're going to be working together, it'd be nice to know. Especially since I have your power now," Peter says, before he moves further into the guest room to open the closet. She forgot her coat, his is actually downstairs, but there's something else in the closet. Reaching up to the shelf, he pulls down a shoebox he hid up there, opens it, and pulls out a carefully wrapped package. Walking over to her, he holds it out. "We'll eat there, if that's what you're wanting." What's a first date without a present, right? "But before we leave… you can open this."

"You also have that dandy healing power too," Elle points out with an arch of her eyebrow. "Don't worry about it. It's not that big a deal. And besides, I'm like Neo: Woaaaaaah, I know Kung Fu." She's glad he moves on to something else at that point, questioning look on her face: "What are you… Okay. Present? I do so love presents." The package is taken and after she sits down on the edge of the bed, she starts to tear at the edges a little. "It's too small for a pony," she notes teasingly.

"You know Kung Fu?" Peter asks, a surprised expression popping up. Hey, she bright it up, so he had to follow through with it. The present though is more important. Too small to be a pony. In fact it's a box about the size of a book inside. There is a book. The front cover shows it to be about Unicorns. How to Live With a Unicorn, to be exact. A guide book on mythical animals and how to raise them as pets. Obviously tongue in cheek, but not made for children, either. It's what's sitting on top of the book which might draw more attention. A silver necklace, a circular locket, with a rearing unicorn on it. An empty locket, if she pries it open. "The only thing I really know you like, besides electricity— is that." Fidgetting, suddenly insecure, he adds, "At least I hope you still like it…"

Elle stares at the book with wide eyes for a few moments. The locket, too, gets the same scrutiny before she laughs. It's not her haughty laugh, nor really any laugh Peter has likely heard before. This one is girlish and silly. In other words: "I love it. Them. Both of them." Pushing to her feet, she gives Peter a half hug what with her other arm being busy holding the book and locket close. Pushing up on her tiptoes, he also gets a kiss on the lips. A CHASTE kiss compared to others that they've shared. Then she's pulling away, looking at the book again and toying with the locket. Setting the book down, she holds the jewelry out to Peter and asks, "Help me put it on?"

The laugh earns a surprised blink, and the hand fidgeting at his cuff stops when she raises up to kiss him. Peter looks stunned as she pulls back, standing there for a moment until she speaks again and he blinks out of it, "Oh, right, of course." Taking the locket, he unlatches the necklace and reaches around her neck, to put it on. It'd be easier to ask her to turn around to do it, but he's got enough height on her that he can see the latch, even with her wavy hair. "There. … You really like it?" He sounds so surprised.

"I do. Thank you." The blonde presses into Peter, banking on the fact that'll probably make him weak in the knees. Elle smiles tantalizingly before pulling away yet again, adjusting the locket about her neck and moving the book to the bedstand on her side of the bed for perusal later. Reaching into the drawer there, she removes her cellphone and slips it into her coat pocket. Tonight, she is going purseless. "So, meaty manhunks fighting to the death and then delicious sushi, jewelry and a book on my favorite animal… besides Goblin that is. You're aiming for nookie tonight, huh? That old Petrelli charm." Winking, she brushes past him on her way to the door.

There's definitely a reaction to the closeness, but nothing that would be too awkward. A hitch in his breath, a surprised laugh. And the sheepish smile that crosses his face might give her an idea that, yes, nookie is on the menu as well, if she'd allow it. Then again, she tends to start it, doesn't she? Peter follows her towards the door, knowing his coat and wallet are both downstairs, as well as his cellphone. "Goblin? What's Goblin?" he asks, as he closes the bedroom door behind them, and continues to follow.

"That's right, you've never met," Elle says, slipping an arm through Peter's. "Goblin is my puppy. I trained him to pee on people on command. Pretty awesome for getting back at people that I don't like." Realizing that probably sounds less like the girl he likes, she adds a smile, trying to play it off as a cute quirk.

Actually it sounds a lot like the girl he first met. Peter's actually smirking faintly when she adds the smile. "Surprised you didn't mention a puppy before." Accepting the arm, he continues down to the Foyer, where his coat had already been laid out, complete with all the things he needs. Hopefully she didn't take the money for her outfit from his wallet, or they might find he's short of cash when sushi comes around. "Do we need to go pick him up? Is your father looking after him?"

"A friend of mine was looking after him," Elle says, smile fading somewhat. "Someone broke into her apartment and stole my dog and her dog, too." She notes, "I got the message a while ago… I just… you've… we've got a lot going on. I didn't want to bother you about a dog. You know?"

"Your dog was stolen?" Peter asks with a surprised blink, putting on his coat as he watches her, and then moving closer to put his hands on her arms, "It's not bothering me. Let's— enjoy your first date, then we can go see your friend and try to figure out where your dogs got taken. We can find the time to look for him." On top of everything else, he wants to save a kidnapped dog. Specifically, his girlfriend's kidnapped dog. Even if it pees on people.

"I managed to get a photo of the man who took Goblin. It's on my cell. That friend got it to me," Elle says, nodding up at Peter when he speaks of the date. "He's already been gone a few days. Another one isn't going to hurt him."

"If you have a picture, I'm sure we can find him," Peter says, leaning in to give her a chaste kiss on the lips, similar to the one she gave him earlier, before he directs her towards the door. "I hope you don't mind taking a cab. I can drive, but I don't exactly own a car. Not about to ask you to walk in the cold, either."

"As long as it'll get us where we're going, right?" Elle says, kissing Peter back before heading to the door, opening it and letting the chill air inside. "And I'm suddenly so glad God invented thermal underpants." And out she goes.

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