2007-11-17: First Impressions


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Summary: The friend circle has expanded to yet another degree. Chocolate chip cookies are a part of this equation somehow.

Date It Happened: November 17th, 2007

First Impressions

East Village

Evening in the Villiage and people are just beginning to move around and about. Some are just getting out of work, some are just leaving home, but the sidewalks are starting to fill up with people moving this way and that. Eric Lancaster is out himself, just for a walk. Out to get some things for his apartment, and for his dinner, he's dressed in blue jeans with his nice warm greatcoat pulled on over a warm shirt. His head down and hands in his pockets, he wonders on down the road lost in his own thoughts and simply automaticly dodging the flow of people as he makes his way towards either the store…or coffee. He hasn't decided which yet.

He rather likes it around this time of the day. The sun has all but set, the sky, or at least what could be seen of it beyond the buildings that clawed shadows at its fringes, shifting from rosey hues to subtle violets. He's been done with classes for the day about two hours ago, but Fenton's in no particular hurry to head back to the flat just yet. Besides, he left his cat with Frank for the day, so Mr. Pibbs should be anything but lonely.
Swathed in the inconspicuous black and graytones of casual streetwear, Fenton doesn't draw the eye's attention right off the back, and that's how he likes it. He tugs down the edge of his knit cap over his platinum blonde hair before stuffing his hand into the pocket of his jeans. A skateboard, well-worn from use and who knows how many collisions, is tucked beneath his other arm. Sometimes it's fine just to walk, the solid ground right beneath the soles of your long broken-in pair of sneakers. Besides, there's a little too many people out to have to treat as an obstacle course at the moment. Maybe once he makes his way out, but not before he grabs something warm to drink, maybe a bite to eat. It's a good subway ride back to his place and he isn't about to do so without something in his stomach.

Eric's thoughts are far away from here, so its a good thing there isn't any skatebording going on. The young man is more in the status of obsticle at the moment than human. However as he pauses a moment to decide just witch store that he's going to want to go into. Choices, choices. He's had bad luck with Starbucks however, so instead he heads into a little bakery next to the coffee shop. He hopes that this time there isn't any more runaway cars. Once is accident, twice is someone is trying to kill me. So sayth the paranoid.
As he reaches for the door though he nearly grabs the hand of an enitrely different young man. The one with the skateboard and blonde hair. Snatching his hand back he blinks slightly towards Fenton and then shakes his head. "Sorry, go ahead…" Pause. Peer. He looks familiar he does. Class maybe. Maybe…
This close, its easy enough to see that under that nice greatcoat of his, at least one arm is in a bit of a flexible sling. The rest of him looks to be just about the same as always. Clean cut and perfectly tailored businesswear. And comfortable shoes. Cause you have to have comfortable shoes, and those his might look like dress shoes, rest assured that they are indeed…comfortable.

Fenton won't touch Starbucks. He's never really been a fan of coffee, and growing up in London with an oldish family like his aunt and uncle has made him appreciate simpler brews of tea with maybe a sugar or two- none of the extra shots of this or that and can I get it Tall and whipped? The young man lifts his head, more sharply than he would have liked, his eyes following the retracting arm up to its owner. He looks for a moment, perhaps sharing that sense of familiarity. He's never been all that good with names and faces to put them to, and admittedly he's been the one that's kept his head low in classes, at least while he tries to adjust to things here in the States.
"Oh…" Fenton moves to open the door, but not after he's had enough time to take note of the other guy's condition. He steps back to hold it open for Eric. They're both heading into the same place anyway, and it isn't like there's a rush for pastries. "After you."

The eldest of the Mark Lancaster progeny turns away from the bakery counter and tears into the oversized cookie. Michelle earned that cookie darnit. It was a rough day at school! (And promises to be a rougher night at home. Unless she's ignored. Which could happen. Anyway.) She's changed from her school uniform, judging by the inappropriate t-shirt she's wearing. There are fresh bandaids on her knees, mostly hidden by her capris. As Eric and Fenton collide and battle for the door, her eyes widen and she grins.. but not for too long. Nope. Bring on the sullen emo teen expression. "Uncle Eric!" A little enthusiasm leaks out however. Whups.

"Thanks," Eric replies toward Fenton as he blinks a moment and then snaps his fingers. "Class. Thats where I've seen you…or at least the skateboard." He says with a relieved grin. "That was going to bother me forever if I didn't figure it out." He adds after a moment as he slides in the door. "Here for—- Michelle!" No. He knows your not here for Michelle, but his nieces sudden appearence suprised him. He smiles though and shakes his head amusedly. "I'm meeting all kinds of people today it looks like!" He adds after a moment. A raised eyebrow at the t-shirt and he just shakes his head slightly, stifling a smile.
Turning back towards Fenton he grins slightly. "Oh, I'm Eric by the way…" He glances between the pair of them. "…and if were all eating here why don't we all get a table." The young man's preference for the more the merrier seems to be obvious.

Eyebrows quirk beneath the edge of his knit cap, and Fenton mouths an 'ah' as Eric calls it. Class. That's right. Once a name is offered, it clicks into place a little better. Not a whole lot, but he's sure he's seen the guy walk past him, at the very least. "Fenton," he offers, almost forgetting the expected follow up for introductions. Perhaps he's not too much of a sociable sort, but he tries to work on it. Fenton's just used to being ignored most of the time.
After letting the door close behind him, he lifts grey-green eyes to the voice that's greeted his suit-wearing classmate, and Fenton offers a nod towards the girl in greeting since it would be rude to dismiss her, especially when Eric draws both their attention. He shifts the pack on his shoulder and nods after a moment. "Sure, why not." Then he can tell his aunt he's making an effort to be around other people!

"Sure, sounds cool." Whatever. Michelle feigns indifference about Eric's offer to share a table. Because being all normal and happy about something so simple just isn't cool. So the SQUEE she's feeling just stays carefully contained, that and she thinks letting it out makes her look stupid. Thanks dad for all the issues. No seriously. (Yet she's quick to be the one to pick out a table!) When Fenton nods her way, she returns the gesture, even as she takes a bite of her cookie.

"Right, Fenton…" Eric will do his best to remember that one. As MIchelle grabs the table though he just grins at her, grabbing a menu before sliding easily into his own seat. "…well good. I know hanging out with your uncle isn't the coolest thing ever, but I'm glad to see you about." Holding the menu with his good arm he flips it open before blinking a moment. "Oh! Fenton, this is my niece Michelle." He introduces the pair of them with a sheepish grin.
…which is soon followed by a second sheepish grin as his phone goes off. "Ah hell…" He grumbles for a moment as he glances down on the shiny jPhone. "…I'll be right back you two…sorry about this…" He apologises as he flips the thing open and starts to murmur quietly into it. No. He's not like Mark on the phone, he's actually nice.

"Nice to meet you too," Fenton says, directing a glance over at Michelle once they've all seated themselves. He's glad to be rid of the extra weight off his shoulder, setting down his backpack on the floor beside his chair, looking at the skateboard in hand as if wondering where he's going to put the thing before he slides it under the chair, wheels up so it won't go rolling away on him.
Once he's settled, he takes another look around the place. The smells remind him of the shop back home, but he supposes most bakeries smell like this. Which reminds him, he still has a pack of chocolate chips he's been meaning to throw into cookie dough at some point. Maybe this weekend. If all else fails, he can just eat the chocolate. Eyes flicking to Eric as the guy gets a call, Fenton watches before he throws another glance at Michelle and shrugs. Oh, and since Eric's preoccupied, he probably won't mind if Fenton took a look at the menu in the meantime. Deft fingers spider-walk all of three inches before he snatches the menu between them and slides it over.

"What? Are you like crazy or something?" Michelle's jaw drops slightly when Eric says being around him isn't the coolest thing. "You're like neat n'stuff." And not a thing like her father. She has a hard time masking her amazement as Eric talks like a normal human being into his cellphone. Wow. Her gaze drifts back over to Fenton as she peers up at him, studiously, while chewing thoughtfully on her cookie. "Uncle Eric's much more polite than his brother, my dad, when on the phone. Dad's usually yelling and cussing people out and calling them names that I haven't been able to google." Why this is important to share, who knows?

His eyes drift up from the menu to look between them, and he smiles lopsidedly at the girl once he finds himself the focus of her attention. "That so…" Fenton isn't so sure why she's telling him this either, but he supposes its what works its way towards idle conversation. "…is…." He attempts to carry it on. "…there a reason why your dad does that, or is that how he always handles phone calls?"

Michelle shrugs her shoulders as she works on a mouthful of cookie, and answers once that's swallowed down. "That's just how dad is. He's yelling at clients, at his employees, at mom… I think it's only Uncle Eric that he doesn't yell at. I think it's a lawyer thing, but I don't know any other lawyers, so it's probably just a dad thing."

Fenton chuckles, sliding a finger under his cap to scratch at his head. "Maybe it's a bit'a both." He doesn't know any lawyers personally himself, but then he supposes that's probably a good thing. Most times people knew lawyers it's because of trouble of some sort, or maybe he's just too used to things he's seen off the idiot box. He glances back down at the menu. Probably something light would be best. Stuffed bread thingies look good. That cookie the girl's eating is also tempting. Tea. "So, you two close?" he asks, lifting his head briefly to indicate Eric.

"Probably. If it is a lawyer thing I really don't wanna become one cause yelling and insulting people all the time is just stupid." Michelle polishes off her cookie and dusts her hands off with a napkin. "I dunno. Probably? Maybe not. We just met this year. Dad never bothered to tell his family that he moved back to New York and had kids. Which is surprising. I would have thought he would have at least told them about my perfect little sister."

"'d be a headache too, I'd think," Fenton says, already certain that he never wants to get into law practice. He's all for moving off the subject of lawyers, resting an elbow on the table to prop his head up in hand. "Really. Huh, well, at least you two seem to get along well enough. So were you born here? New York."

"You've got no idea." Michelle states with a sulky teenaged pout. "Nope. California. Los Angeles. I kinda miss it, but New York's pretty cool. And I got family here too, which is neat. Considering dad pretty much acts like he sprouted from a bean one morning.. or something."

That's amusing enough imagery to pull a smirk from him. Michelle's dad can't be nearly as estranged as his, but then Fenton doesn't even remember his blood parents. "L.A., huh. I've considered going there, at least to visit. Some day…" He shrugs, lowering his hand as he pulls his head up, letting his palm rest on the table. "Still adjusting a little to things here, but it's not too bad."

"And he keeps swearing that unless I behave he's not hiring Zac Efron to sing at my sweet 16.. Which I guess is fine if he can't get him, cause he's getting too old." Michelle says with a shrug of her shoulders. "Oh try the mondo choco chip cookies here, they're delish. L.A.'s okay. I kinda miss the celebs that we lived near, and all the places you could stalk famous people." There's a slight pause and she adds, "And New Yorkers talk funny."

And its about that time that Eric pauses and just stares at the phone. He's been having a rapid fire and fairly quiet talk with whoever was on the other end of the line. Finally though he hangs up after shaking his head. "…alright. I'm going to have to get Mikhail to teach me Russian." He mutters for a moment before he glances between the pair of his niece and his classmate with a mildly embarassed smile on his face. "…sorry about all that though. Theres some dealings in Russia that I'm trying to get hammered out."

He had been eyeing the list of cookies and wondered about that name. "Was considering it. Looked like you were enjoying it, anyway," Fenton grins. He doesn't care too much for celebs enough to ask Michelle for names, but he supposes it's fine anyway since he doesn't want to be drilling the girl with questions.
It's at this point that Eric returns to the real world with the end of his call. Fenton arches a brow at him a moment. "Mikhail…" That's one name he's familiar with and figures it can't be all too common. Besides, if this guy attended the university then it wouldn't be surprising if he knew the same. "Asian guy? Weird clothes?" Makes people fall down by throwing himself on the ground? "That Mikhail?"

"Russia? That cold place Russia? Wow. I'm so like crashing your place from now on." Michelle speaks matter of factly and as if this is already decided. She looks between the two adults, feeling very much like a kid and just a tad bit out of place, but that doesn't get her down for long. "Is he cute?" What? It's a valid question.

"…yeah, that Mikhail," Eric replies with a slightly suprised look on his face. "You know hi—wait, he's in class with us, of course you do." He shakes his head slightly before he laughs. "Small world. Yeah, Asian guy, weird clothes, artist. That Mikhail. How did you two meet?" He asks curiously before he glances towards Michelle. "…yes, that cold place Russia…and why should that matter on you crashing at my place?" He says with a laugh. At the last question he just blinks once, then blinks again. "…I…have no idea what you consider cute."

"Stalker." Fenton's response comes without explanation and perhaps too quickly that one can only expect questions to follow for it. He can't help but laugh a bit at Michelle's question, smirking at Eric's response. A moment, he gestures, getting up so he can go over to the counter to buy what he's decided on.

Michelle shrugs her shoulders. "I guess it doesn't, but you're not like dad. So. Crashing." In other words, Uncle Eric's teh bestest. He doesn't yell, and this girl could probably feel like she can give a damn instead of closing herself off. The stalker comment from Fenton gets a puzzled expression from the girl and she looks towards him as he heads to the counter. "Stalker.. oh… OH! Is that why you and that Elena lady aren't dating?" Oh the implied line of reasoning there..

"…stalker? Mikhail?" Pause. "I guess I can see that." Eric quirks up a grin as he shakes his head slightly, glancing back to the menu and glancing over it. He laughs though. "Well no, I guess I'm not that much like Mark. Most people arn't." He smirks slightly at that. Oh yes. Mark is defintially unique. The last comment from his niece brings him up short, so short he smacks his arm on the table. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Geeze that smarts, with a wince on his face he shakes his head. "No no no, I…no he's not that reason Peter Petrelli is…" Pause. Think. "…and no no not that way either!"

Fenton glances over his shoulder at the shouting, not too long before he looks back to the person at the counter and takes up the little tray that's been set there with the bread stuffed with ham and cheese, a cup of hot water and a tea bag, two cubes of sugar sitting on the upturned lid used in the meantime as a dish, and a chocolate- oh, no, 'Mondo Choco Chip' cookie sitting on a napkin. He's back at the table soon enough, wasting no time in dropping the tea bag into the steaming water.
"I must have missed something."

Michelle stares straight at Eric as he stammers away. "I'm confused," she says simply. "So you and Elena aren't dating cause you have a thing for this Peter guy.. or is it that she has a thing for him?"

"…I just slammed my arm on the table is all," Eric replies with a slight grin before he nearly chokes /again/ at his niece just comes out and asks that. He blinks a moment then just shakes his head slightly. "She has a thing for him, they happen to be a couple now, so thats about the end of that little story is all." He says it all so blandly with a slight smirk coming to his face as he comments on that. Then he stands mildly abrubtly and nods. "I'm gonna order now, be back after I order!"

Somehow or another Fenton manages not to choke as he takes a bite of his bread thingy, chewing thoughtfully as he looks between the two again. It's quite entertaining, really. "Wow. That sounds like a soap opera plot right there," he comments once he's swallowed. Tea's not ready yet, so he takes another bite instead.

Michelle ohs as all is made clear… and showing the tact of a teen, she speaks up even as Eric gets up from the table. "Just to let you know, you're cool anyway, so it wouldn't matter to me if you were gay!"

"Fenton…you have no idea how right you are," Eric replies with a slight sigh and a shake of his head. His reply is directed towards the other student as he returns to the table. "Of course I'm a Lancaster. Most of us live in soap operas of various different types…" He adds with a shake of his head. "…its like a family curse or something." He just pauses a moment as he fixes Michelle with a half exasperated and half amused glare. "…I'm not gay, so you don't have to worry about being proud of me for that."

"Heh." The sandwich isn't all that big and it's nearly gone in several bites. Fenton's dropped one sugar cube, then the other into the cup before covering it with the lid. He folds the cookie up in the napkin, something to nibble on the subway ride back to his flat. He can't help but laugh at Michelle's bluntness. This girl's fun. The sandwich vanishes in the next few seconds, Fenton licking off his fingers before wiping off his hands with another napkin.
"I should get going if I wanna get home before it gets too late. It was good meeting you two." He checks his watch, then stuffs the cookie into his pocket as he pulls the backpack over his shoulders and pulls out his skateboard. Tucking that under an arm, he grabs the tray, takes the styrofoam cup of tea, and with a nod to the both of them, turns to get going.

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