2007-03-01: First Visitation


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Mr. Evans visits for the first time since she got her apartment in order.

Date It Happened: March 1st, 2007

Connecting and Sharing

Forrest Residence, Greenwich Village

Days have passed since their last face to face meeting, she's kept their agreement to make daily voice contact. If he hadn't called her by a certain time, Jane would contact him, just to know they're both still safe. During that time she acquired her apartment and got it ready after moving in. When the time arrives for today's check in, she shares this fact with him, describes the floor plan and what she's done with the rooms in case he decides to teleport in. After their talk, she sits in the living area with her guitar and plays softly. It's something from Pink Floyd. "…how I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year…"

And that's about when Clint appears in the apartment, as he dusts himself off, "Hmm…Not a bad place." He says, "And I still don't think anybody has connected me to you, thankfully…Which is good. It keeps you safe even if they figure out who the heck I am.."

The voice causes her fingers to stop and the singing to cease as she stands. Feet move quickly to close the distance between them, Jane intending to greet him with warmth and enthusiasm. Arms seek to wrap around the man and pull herself close to him, her head moving to rest on his shoulder. Happy to see him? Beyond question. "Seems so," she agrees quietly. "Thanks for coming, twenty-one."

Clint hugs her tight, "Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. I took a flight back home to Florida to make sure there wasn't anything I needed down there. I'd have come visit, but my teleporting range isn't that far.." He says, "I can get all around the city with no trouble, but long distances don't work.."

She leans back after a long moment, just basking in the closeness, a smile settling onto her face. "What is your range? I did some work on my talent recently, and made a discovery." This brings an expression of quiet pride to her features as she reaches for a remote and switches on the television. Another button is pressed, to start something in the DVD player, and when the set warms up it shows a documentary on bats.

Clint hmmms a little bit, "I guess, roughly? A hundred miles or so.." He says, "I dunno for sure, exactly. Never took a measuring tape and found out.." He says, grinning, "What'd you find out?"

Disengaging from him, she moves a few feet away and picks up a thick black cloth, folded to fit over her eyes and be tied behind her head. "Put this on me, turn me around a few times, and I'll show you." Her smile is a bit playful as the words are spoken and the blindfold is offered. At about that same time the bat documentary speaks of how those creatures navigate in darkness.

Clint takes the blindfold and puts it on her eyes, "Alright, hang on.." He spins her around about four or five times, and then steps back, and doesn't say anything to her to see what she's going to do

There's no resistance to being spun around, and when she stops her mouth opens a bit. Her head dips toward the floor and raises in a repeating fashion. While doing so Jane starts walking forward without reaching out to feel her way with hands or seeming to hesitate in her steps. She walks around the room as if she could still see clearly, including circling the man a few times.

Clint watches Jane as she moves around the room, his ears picking up the thing on TV, "Echolocation?" He asks, as he looks at her walking around the room like she can still see.

"Exactly," she answers, as she walks around him without bumping into the man. Jane's grinning, clearly happy with herself, and comes to a stop. Fingers remove the blindfold and restore her sight, she moves to stand in front of him. "It took a bit of practice, but I worked it out, starting with sending out sounds and working out in my head what different echoes mean, then moved on to timing out distances."

Clint hmms a little bit, "So, you're making sounds I can't hear, and then 'seeing' the echos?" He asks, as he looks at her when she takes off the blindfold, "Uh, so…Have you maybe figured out how to use your voice to hurt someone?" He asks, "Out of curiosity.."

"I hear the echoes," she answers, "and judge things from them. Distance, size, thickness." Jane takes a few steps and settles into a seat, eyes resting upon him. "I've not experimented with defensive actions against people, no. But I am thinking of practical uses. I know I can create diversions by my voice against glass. Found that out from the start," she states in a slightly rueful chuckle. Her head tilts to one side. "Are you hungry or thirsty, Twenty-One?"

Clint shakes his head, "I'm good for now." He says, "I'm just glad that we're able to get together and talk, even if it's only for a little bit.." He says, "I wish things were more normal, or that we'd met under…Well, different circumstances.."

"You aren't alone in that," she remarks. Her eyes briefly rest on the set and watch the documentary, then return to him. Jane's fingers pick up a dog whistle; she holds it in her palm and offers it to him. "This is another thing I need to get a handle on." Rising to her feet, she moves to stand close in front of him. "Things are what they are, and I'm happy to know you under any circumstance."

Clint takes the whistle, "This throws off your powers, huh?" He asks, as he looks at the whistle, "I dunno how to work with it, unless you want me to blow it so you can try to deal with it.."

"It hurts," she answers. "They usually catch me unprepared, so loud and shrill, you know? I want to see if I can build a tolerance, reach a place where I can hear one and not react. It happened again a few nights ago, I was at Times Square and a blonde woman blew one to call her dog back. Can't, just can't, go through life afraid of people walking dogs." Jane takes a step back, and continues speaking. "I dropped off some resumes at ASCAP and BMI, and… I think I might've found a band to play with last night in the East Village."

Clint hmms a little bit, and grins, "Well, that's good.." He says, "I'm glad you found a way to work with both things you like.." He hrms, "I wish I had a way to go into the NFL, but now's…Probably not a good idea.." He says, as he rubs the back of his head a little bit.

"You can make it happen," she assures. "Training camps aren't for what, another five or six months?" Jane attempts eye contact, confidence and reassurance in her own. Her fingers still hold the dog whistle. "Has anything more been figured out about those paintings?"

Clint shakes his head a bit, "No. I haven't talked to Hiro in a while, and he hasn't made any contact with me, either." He says, "And I'm talking about the fact that if I have some evil company or government agency chasing me, I don't want to put my face in the spotlight.."

"I get that," she answers softly. "But in five or six months, things will be different. We have to hope so, at least. I called Hiro a few days ago, he said he'd call back but I haven't heard from him either. Told him about Rianna, and he remarked something about maybe we'd found our Professor X." Jane doesn't seem to know who that is.

Clint knows who Prof. X is. He smiles faintly, "That Hiro's really a good guy." He says, "I hope he's okay. Maybe he's stuck back in time again.." He says, as he hrms a bit, and his cell phone rings, which actually catches him off guard, "Huh. That's my moving company.." He says, "They're at the door to my apartment, wondering why I'm not answering.."

She nods briskly. "You should go, then. See you next time." Jane moves to hug the man again and enjoy a last bit of closeness before he once again vanishes and they go back to daily check-in conversations. "Take care, Twenty-One."

Moments later the former Gator quarterback is gone.

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