2007-07-30: Fish So Big They're Actually Sharks


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Summary: One little fish is captured by The Arab, while two other people discuss much bigger fish and forge possible links.

Dark Future Date: July 30th, 2009

Fish So Big They're Actually Sharks

Near and under the ruins of both old and new Yankee Stadia, The Bronx, NYC

What once was John Mullaly Park has now become an overgrown tangle of apparent wilderness between the two Yankee Stadiums that now stand in ruins: testaments to the downfall of the once great city of New York. The gray overcast day promises rain and is even starting to drizzle now, cooling off an otherwise astonishingly warm day. A few people mill about, however this particular side of town generally does not see much activity. After all, the Bronx was not the most ideal of places to be before everything was destroyed — time has not helped this image.

Making her way along the street toward the ruins and the park, the twenty-something brunette with the angry, haunted eyes, dark clothing, and above average female height has her sights set on a secluded area of the original Yankee stadium. Jane's carrying a guitar case and a backpack over opposite shoulders and a closed umbrella in case rain opens up overhead. Care is taken to not be followed, she hopes. But she wouldn't at all object to coming across a person capable of manipulating the very ground she walks on.

A young Filipina woman had been trying to be all ninja the entire time. After the previous night, she had figured out that someone had probably wanted to speak with her before she left, and so, she's been spending all day trying to find that particular person. It's taken most of the day, but eventually Claudine spies Jane and she jumps out of a dark alley with a silly grin on her features going "Ooga booga booga!"

Really, it wasn't entirely safe for normal humans to just be wandering around. But even if Dr. Aileen Kincade was a human.. she wasn't just any normal human. The neurologist rubbed her head, moving along quietly. Really, work brought her here, but she was on her way back. Thankfully, even though she was avoiding most of the most raided areas, she still had her ID that got her out of most situations if she had to. She had George to thank for that. Rubbing her arms, she's on her way, really, to catch a flight back. Work was too busy sometimes.

The young Filipina may have been trying to be a ninja, but one man within the area is actually succeeding. "The Arab" is how many know him, and he's dressed in full combat gear complete with the headscarf that keeps his features obscured. He's alone and his left arm is bandaged heavily, however that doesn't stop him from carrying the assault rifle always with him these days. He's ghosting along, keeping low and hidden and absolutely silent, keeping his eyes on Aileen. The others in the area are noted, however, his main focus is the doctor herself.

She isn't aware of The Arab being in the area, despite her wariness. It's a dangerous place in a city of dangerous places, with so much destruction yet to be undone. Jane stops quickly when the Filipina jumps from that dark alley and speaks. She seems ready to let loose a sonic blast if an attack is about to take place, but recognizes the woman quickly enough to stand down. Speech follows, a dry and quiet "ha, ha, Miss Salonga." The backpack comes off her shoulder and is placed on the ground; her intent is to pull out that copy of Tuesday morning's newspaper.

"Sorry about the disappearing act. Orion mentioned that you might've wanted to talk to us, so I've been searching for you all day. You werent in the one place I thought you'd be, so I had to be all sneaky like.." Claudine says with a wink. There's still that playful little girlinside the battlehardened woman, and sometimes she comesout, on occasion. "So..was that a wrong assumption on our part or didja want to talk to us about something?" And yes, she referred to the big hulking brute of a man as Orion. That should confirm for Jane that she's still with her beau. Awwwww.

Fiddling with her cell phone, Aileen lets out a sigh. She's contemplating calling George and letting him know she's on her way back, but as she stares at the phone, she decides against it, flicking it shut and shoving it back into her pocket. She'd gotten the work done, but he was probably too busy figuring out who'd sent those bugs to nibble on the White House. Things were weird already. She continues on her way, not really aware of Jane, Claudine, or Namir.

Moving into a position that would allow him to do so, Namir removes a capped syringe from his vest pocket and pulls off the cap with his other hand. Still eying Aileen, he glances briefly to Jane and Claudine to make sure that they're occupied elsewhere. Then, slinging his assault rifle over his back, he slips in low and silent behind the doctor and moves to plunge the needle into the side of her neck. The drug inside is a fast-acting and powerful sedative, hopefully sped along by the site of injection. Any screams or the like resulting from this struggle are being redirected to a place just down a dark alley — someplace that would cause Claudine and Jane to look in the completely opposite direction from the actual incident.

It's unexpected. Aileen was simply heading back when the needle hits her. It's fast acting given where it's at, but.. she's not without screaming. "Someone, /help/!"

Just as she's pulling out the paper and unfolding it to show Claudine the article about her actions and alleged capture at Times Square while she was escaping the area with Ali and Portia, Jane whirls around and faces down the dark alley. "What the hell…?" She heard the scream and is drawn toward where the sound appears to come from, just as The Arab intended.

The scream definitely catches her attention and her eyes widen, wrinkling her nose as she hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip. "Ya know..that sounds like someone's getting boned. Come on..I really dont feel like finding about someone getting raped later on today. That would ruin my day.." and she runs towards the sound of the scream..

His diversion successfully completed, Namir slings the limp doctor's arm over his shoulder, grimacing at the pain in his injured arm as stitches strain and pop. Damn it. He should have gone to see Bekah before going out on this mission, or sent an underling to do it. He grinds his teeth against the pain and hauls off Aileen. When Claudine and Jane arrive in the alley, they'll find nothing of course — but by the time they return, there will be nothing outside of the alley either. The Arab has taken the doctor off.

Moving quickly, Jane follows the Tunneler. She has similar thoughts to what Claudine expressed, though she doesn't express them. Her eyes search out ahead, and she uses her personal batsonar to sound out the areas ahead where seeing isn't so easy. The echoes don't report anything that would suggest a human presence other than the Filipina ahead of her. "It sounds empty," she reports.

"We were too late.." Claudine says, definitely annoyed as the ground rumbles softly near them. Even if she has gained considerable control over her elemental gifts, truly strong emotions still affects the earth around her unconsciously. "It sounded like a woman for sure..but..why?" she says sighing while running her fingers through her hair.

"Looks that way," she confirms darkly. Jane continues to sound out the area ahead, putting batsonar into the shadows and not getting any echo signature of the type she's after. "Someone got grabbed and carried off. I prefer not to think of why." Much as she abhors rape of both the physical and mental nature, a thing she's been subjected to on multiple occasions, Jane also realizes she can't save everybody. The frustration of it has her mouth opening, and the beginnings of a scream forming. Its target is a slab of concrete ahead of them. A cracking sound follows, the fallen slab becomes two slabs which fall in opposite directions.

Claudine winces at the scream, wrinkling her nose at the shriek and covers her ears. "You know..you just totally gave us away. I hope the gubmint doesnt have any files on your or they'll be on us like white on rice.." she says matter of factly. She moves her hands in concentric circles over the ground and soon the earth parts before them along with the concrete. "Jump in and we'll head to one of my tunnels. Then I can let you out somewhere else..closer to whereever you want to be.."

"It wasn't that loud," she replies, eying the concrete pieces where they lay. She glances back up the alley, toward her pack which she walks to retrieve along with the newspaper. "Your rumbling thing would be more noticeable, I'd think. More likely to turn up on seismic gear all the way across the city." Once she has the item back in her possession, she's going into the tunnel Claudine just made. "In either case, yeah, probably not best to stick around." Jane can get to her stash zone inside the ruins of Original Yankee Stadium another time.

"I'm ex-Company. They have files on me. They only captured you a couple of times..so their file on your isnt complete.." Claudine says matter of factly, as she hops in afterwards, sealing the ground and concrete once more. "And the ground shifting always happens. It's part of nature. Seismographs all over the country always detect the movement of earth from the shifting tectonic plates. I just mask my own local movements by moving more massive chunks, hence it's less noticeable.." the young woman explains as she makes her way through the darkness without any hinderance.

Soon enough, they reach one of her resting spots in the tunnels, a decently sized chamber with a few creature comforts, like chairs made of stone and such. "So..you wanted to talk to me last night? Spill." she knows about the news, but she doesnt want to be presumptuous afterall.
"Their file on me is like my knowledge of the Company," Jane replies with darkness to her tone. "Collected information, things told to me, that I don't actually remember, but make sense to accept as true. I went all the way through seven years of Yale without doing anything stronger than caffeine, so what I was told eventually sank in. It all felt surreal, though, still does, because the three days doing cold turkey from whatever I got dosed with? That I remember forever. Crafty cover, doing that and dumping me way out in Jersey."

When the chamber with stone chairs is reached, Jane settles onto one of them and unfolds the newspaper again, holding up the section about those events at Times Square. "This sounds like you. But here you are, walking around free so soon."

"Sounds like a certain man who can manipulate memories. You did get zapped. I remember that.." Claudine admits ruefully as there are flickering torches in the chambe, the only source of light. "But let us put that behind us, for we're both on the sme side now.." at least one of them thinks so. Who it is..who knows?

Then, upon revealing the newspaper article, the young Filipina laughs heartily, putting her hands over her stomach. "That's totally me. I totally spazzed out in the end. Only reason I got caught. A little bit too much fun ya know.." she explains before easing down into one of the stone chairs. "And you saw Orion last night. He's my knight in shining armor.." quite literally too. "He's the reason why I'm out. He kinda kicked government ass. It was sexy."

"People change," she replies with a stoic tone. "They aren't always what they seem." She pauses before continuing, a shadow of anger more than she normally shows crossing her features. Jane was about to say his name, but stopped herself. "… that person in the White House was with me. It was him who first helped me see past the addiction. I regret that association, it's embarrassing beyond belief. But I don't regret helping his brother. Never will."

And she moves along to the next item. A cold grin forms. "Had to ask, be more certain, it could've been someone else still held by them. I was watching with the broadcaster at the time. We had to scamper away across roofs. I thought you go away, found out otherwise from this." Aaaaaand, for comic relief, she flips a few pages and points out the insect activity articles with a laugh. "This one never gets old."

"Yeah, you were kinda tight with He-who-shall-not-be-named..huh..I remember that. I really should've killed him when I had the chance all those years ago, but he was sooper speshul it seemed.." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders while running her fingers through her hair once more, seemingly out of habit.

She nods at the newspaper article, "I can see that. According to old Company files, I'm still the only manifested terrakinetic it seems. A few of my brothers turned out positive test results, all resulting in various elemental gifts as well. It sort of runs in the family.." she explains before letting out a hearty laugh at news of the insects. "That was hilarious. Who did it? Smoeone with you guys?"

"I wish I knew," Jane answers. "I'd like to give her, or them, a bottle of the finest wine I can get my hands on." There's a raised eyebrow at Claudine's comment, she seems to think it over for a moment, then lets it go. Apparently, while she was told things and discovered others, no one filled her in on just who was present during that failed raid beyond herself, Nathan, and Hiro Nakamura.

A lift of her shoulders shakes it off. Old news, bygone events. She returns to the article regarding Claudine's actions and capture. "I haven't had a chance to talk about this with the broadcaster yet. I think it'll work toward solving that person's trust issues. But there will be a conversation, rest assured."

"No. Trust needs to be hard earned. Sometimes it's given too freely at times, and the girl is only thinking whatis right for you guys. I can respect that.." Claudine concedes, considering she knows that there's a traitor in their midst and really doesnt want to get too involved with that.

"And if you must know..one of the reasons why I got out relatively easily..asides from Orion being a sexy beast, is that there's a double agent."

"Too true, entirely too true. That's why I haven't told you who the broadcaster is. I remember you. You're crafty. Probably knowing just who I was, you played all nice, got me to play for you, talked with me at Starbucks. And I hadn't the first clue." Jane shifts a little on her seat, placing one ankle over the other. "Orion the Hunter. He looks like one," she opines. "Hopefully, from your end, you'll trust me, knowing I've been involved in clandestine things before. But you'd also be smart to hold back, considering the link with… him."

"Trust is a valuable commodity these days. I dont give it to many people really, but I've been burned as well. Remember, I'm the girl who was turned into a weapon." Claudine says matter of factly as she beams at the little reference to the constellation. "He's certainly a hunter, and yes, I havent told you everything I know, just like I dont expect you to tell me everything. It's a matter of courtesy afterall. Though if the broadcaster wishes to mention little hints about the literal railroad.." and she motions to the chamber itself. "I'd be more than happy to guide them. If anything, she should still use the old slave songs of the south. It'd be fitting I think."

Jane's thinking, clearly thinking, silent for the duration of things forming in her head. How to pitch this for Ali… "Messages of hope. References to the underground railroad, how it can find people without them needing so much to find it. Like it did at the Square. It's a start, something that could in time lead up to arranged meetings."

"The songs are still quite applicable. They all refer going north afterall.." Claudine says, beaming the entire time as she nods and stretches her arms into the air before relaxing once more. "But like I said..be careful. Do not trust everyone. Myself included.."

"That's why it's just you and I down here, talking, not in the orphanage where I saw you." Jane stands, letting her eyes wander for a few moments. "If you need the occasional riflewoman, I might be available. I freelance sometimes. Doubt you need a powerful screamer, though, your earthy talents likely accomplish the same ends and then some."

"No, you're right, but one of the few people I do trust is Kitty. She and I have been friends for quite some time now, so anything you can tell me, you can tell her.." Claudine explains, indeed having a week spot for her BFF and her BF. "But I'll keep it in mind. If I'm planning something that requires a screamer, I'll let you know.." she winks.

"Still," she insists, "children don't need to be involved or even know about this. Too many people had to become men and women before it was time." Jane's thinking about Portia, chiefly, in saying that, and the anger spikes again in her eyes. "We probably know people in common other than Cat. Are you with Pete's group, Miss Salonga? Don't answer that if you don't want to. If it's true, tell him we had this talk." Because she knows it certainly isn't a secret between them she knows the man, nor is it likely a secret from the Feds. They probably have a file on her, she believes, given the one time link with the President and things the President himself knows.

"Loosely affiliated, yes. Peter knows of our…." and she hrmms for a few moments, trying to come up with the right words. Killy McKillerson-ness? Homicidal tendencies? Penchant for mayhem and destruction? No,all those words arent exactly fitting, and she finds one that seems neutral enough. "Martial prowess. We were both fully trained agents of the Company afterall, and we still know what's going on through our own contacts. But I believe, there are bigger fish to fry now."

"Fish so big they're actually sharks," she snarks. Her eyes look again for an exit that probably doesn't exist, Jane forgetting in that moment it's most likely Claudine makes and destroys them whenever needed. "I should be on my way, got to see some people and be places. Thanks for your time."

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