2007-04-13: Fishing And Fine Things


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Oliver and waitresses from the Pink Pony take Eliana out to the Oldcastle Pub for a night of fun. While there, the group has a run-in with Seamus, and Eliana turns a little more pink.

Date It Happened: April 12th-13th (late night/early morning), 2007

Fishing And Fine Things

Oldcastle Pub

With pokes and prods from both her fellow day-shift waitresses and her cousin, Eliana has been taken out to the Oldcaste Pub for the evening in an attempt to…well, to let loose. There's no reason why she can't get out and have fun, and it's much easier to do with friends than by yourself. They number a group of four, all cuddled into a booth. Eliana sits on one of the outer edges, her hands curled around a perspiring glass of Guinness and Bass - a Black and Tan. But she's nursing the drink. Good drink, good company, and good times, even if technically forced, could lead to rather not-good results it not kept in check.

The best way to relieve the blues is to go out and have a grand time. Oliver doesn't know Eliana's work buddies too well, but recent events have forced him to look into her daily contacts in order to dig up some form of social group. Going out and drinking with just a cousin isn't a good way to have fun. He's currently seated opposite Eliana, laughing along with some of the others at a humorous work-related story told by one of the waitresses.

Lucky Oliver, being seated opposite Eliana. Or… okay not so much given that he's her cousin, but still. The point stands that close proximity to the pink-haired girl is an awesome place to be, so far as Seamus is concerned. Or, would be concerned, if he'd yet noticed that the two of them are, again, sharing the same location. Right now, however, the Irishman is far more interested in his drink. Or, getting it. The bar itself is crowded, and the bartender seems to be overlooking him. Repeatedly. Harumph.

It's the fact that Seamus has stood there for some time that draws the attention of one of Eliana's work friends. Her name is Sandy, and she's nearing her thirties. Such is the life of a creative mind in New York City. Once the brunette with the funny customer story is finished, Sandy elbows Eliana and leans over a little. "Check out that russet rogue," she croons, undressing Seamus in the process.

Eliana looks, then gulps in an attempt not to blush. Not around people she works with. Oh-no. Still, her lips curl in a smile. "I'm amazed that with alliteration like that, Sand, you can't sell a song." Buurn. The table erupts in giggles and ooos at the dig Sandy takes in stride.

Said russet rogue finally manages to flag down the bartender, and with quite a good deal more gesticulation than speech conveys his displeasure at being kept waiting. The man behind the bar seems to take the snapping with little argument, and once he's gotten Seamus his drink — a tall glass of Yuengling — the redhead seems to calm considerably. In fact, he raises his glass with a smile to the bartender, then takes a sip from his glass as he turns to finally address the rest of the bar with his gaze. And, that gaze falls immediately upon Eliana. She's not exactly easy to miss. Seamus pauses for a moment, finishing his draw without hitch as though seeing the pink-haired woman is the most expected thing in the world. When he lowers his glass, he, again, pauses — and then grins, offering Eli a wink. I remember you~.

It's a good thing that Eliana is nursing that beer. Otherwise, she might not be able to get a grip on her heart beat and keep it steady when the Irishmen winks at her. That brief communication doesn't go unnoticed by Sandy, and the brunette elbows Eliana, who is decidedly jarred in her seat as her face starts to flush the tiniest bit, and an inch of invisible gas hugs her skin.

"See? He thinks you're cute. Go say hi." The other girls chime in with whispered words of encouragement and glances to Seamus, but Eliana remains in her seat. If she hadn't already sort of met the man when he was buying booze and brauts, it might be a different situation. Now? Now it's just awkward and strange.

"No," Eliana protests with a gentle smile, perhaps not meaning it all the way, "That is /not/ what I need, Janie," she answers a college-age blonde who insists that a one-night fling will certainly clear her mind. Ambulances aren't Eliana's idea of 'sneaking out quietly' once the deed is done.

Considering that Eliana is fresh from the /last/ Irishman that steamrolled over her heart, Oliver isn't too keen on her running off with someone in a bar either. Forget the drug-ish aspect; it's the emotional one that's got him worried. He glances between all present silently, deciding only now that he should speak: "C'mon, girls; how many of you have gone home with a guy right after a break-up and didn't wake up regretting it the next morning?"

Wait, wait. Regret? Why on earth would either Eliana or Seamus regret a coupling such as theirs? They're both /pretty/. And Seamus happens to know that he, at least, is not prone to leaving his partners regretting anything. Ahem. The girlish giggling and whispering definitely catches his notice, and the redhead can't help a little snicker. Still, if Eliana's whispers are directed at her friends instead of at him… His grin gains a lopsided edge to it, and he takes a few steps away from the bar, heading toward the group's table. …And then passing it. Though he does just brush past Eliana as he goes, the back of his hand just skimming the outside of her arm. Totally unintentional, of course. The Irishman makes his way to a less crowded section of the bar itself, hopping up onto a stool and swinging around to lean an elbow on the counter. Still, of course, half-facing Eli's table. And now, Eli herself. Don't mind me~.

"It's not 'right after', Oliver," Janie presses, lifting a hand in that lazy, tipsy manner to touch the other blond's shoulder. "El's had plenty of time to tie her line back on the pole. Time to go /fishing/ again."

"Janie, sha," Eliana snips at her friend, but the chastisement could certainly be worse than it is. The brush to her arm is very unexpected, especially since delivering the chide means turning away from Seamus. A shiver runs through her, but Eliana is able to retain her control. Ahem. The pink-haired looks after the Irishmen, a lopsided grin of her own sliding onto her face. Oh, she's tempted. "He /has/ kissed the Blarney Stone," she murmurs.

"What?" Sandy pipes up again, eyes growing wide. "You already know him? Eli~!" This is apparently a breach of girl/cousin(?) code. /They're/ supposed to help with the hooking-up!

But Oliver is definitely not in favor of any hooking-up to be happening tonight. It's far too soon, in his opinion, and he really doesn't want to watch Eli get hurt again. "How long's it been?" he retorts to Janie, raising an eyebrow. "A week? Two? Definitely not long enough." His attention is mainly focused on his cousin, however, and he's able to catch that /something/ happened when Seamus passed the table. What it was specifically, he doesn't know. At Eli's remark, his eyebrow goes up again. "Yeah? You should definitely stay away from him, then. Don't know where that Blarney Stone's been." The smirk on his face would indicate that he's joking, but there's an edge to it that would suggest some seriousness. Going after another guy — even an Irishman — is totally acceptable, but not this soon.

They've met, all right! Sadly, Seamus doesn't know the girl's name. If he did, he'd be at her table right now, proving just how many kisses the Blarney Stone's gotten from him. No name, however, means he daren't approach her while she sits at a table of friends; it just wouldn't be polite. Instead, he flags down a waitress passing by. The woman gives him and his glass of Yuengling a rather dirty look; those who sit at the bar are to order from the 'tender. A placation, a warm smile, and a few choice words seem to change her opinion, however, and with a reach out to give the woman a gentle handshake, Seamus sends her on her way. And then? He turns right around to face the bar, Eliana's table only in his peripheral vision.

The smile remains on his face, however, even through his next sip of his beer. In less than a minute, it widens a tad, and his eyes cast sideways; coming 'round the other end of the bar, the same waitress makes her careful way to the table in question, and sets a shot glass down in front of the pink-haired girl. "'Whiskey with an E,'" she adds with a smirk, "from the gentleman 'whose origins lie in the same country.' Cheers."

"We weren't married, Oli," Eliana says with a snide sort of 'get real' smirk and a narrowing of her eyes. "And it wasn't like we…" But did they? The words were never exchanged. Eli's been drawn to the Dark Side of Waitresses, apparently, and so the arrival of the whiskey and words pushes her over the edge. She blushes, and the gas extends a full foot from her exposed skin - which, since she's dolled up for a night out in mid-spring, is a fair amount, even with the thin shrug that covers her otherwise bare shoulders. She reaches a hand to fiddle with her beaded necklace while the girls about her go into a subdued twitter.

"He bought you a drink, El. You have to go say /hey/, at /least./" Clearly. And for those who are aware of what blushes mean for Eliana, it might be clear that these twitters and pushes, which become physical as well as verbal, are inspired by something else. Offering her cousin an apologetic shrug of sorts, Eliana pinches the shot glass between her fingers and gets up, her low heels clicking on the wood floor as she makes her way to the bar. Slowly. There is definitely hesitation there. Gulp.

Awww, hesitation and blushing. /Adorable/. The smile splits back into a grin, even if only a little one, at Eliana's approach, and Seamus straightens and turns on his stool once more to face her before hopping back down. "Evenin'," he greets, raising his glass. "I mus' be one lucky fella, runnin' twice inta such a pretty face in th' span've on'y a week." Grin. The redhead shifts his glass smoothly to his offhand, then extends his right toward the other Evolved. "P'raps a proper intr'duction this time? Seamus O'Malley, at your service."

Eliana had a plan, and when Seamus opens his mouth and that /voice/ comes rolling out, all of those carefully chosen words are erased. Eli gulps, then smiles awkwardly. "…Hey," she finally gets out. Mission accomplished? But a slight shiver brings her to reality, and Eliana shakes her head as she takes a moment to blink. Get a grip, girl. You won't survive if you don't. Say you peace, drink your drink, and get back to the table so Oli doesn't kill you. "Eliana." No last names. That makes it alright, right? "Thanks for the drink." And, if only for that bolt of Irish Courage, the pink-haired girl lifts the shot glass in order to throw back the amber liquid, her face contorting a bit afterward. Whew!

Still back at the table with the other waitresses, Oliver watches the interaction closely, his expression quite sober and careful. He doesn't join in on the giggling of the girls around him — which might make him stand out like a sore thumb, but there it is.

The little face Eli makes after downing the shot is only more adorable, and Seamus's smile warms from its previous grin to something much softer. Hee. "S'a pleasure, Eliana." No last names? Sadness. "Think nothin' o' th' drink. Tha' one's m'pleasure s'well. 'M jus' 'appy someone's 'ppreciative o' th' fine things'at come from Ireland." Subtle, but that last sentence's double meaning was intentional.

It's also a sentence that makes Eliana's eyebrows go up a little. "Well. Fine things like that, no matter where they come from, need to be…taken in moderation." Twice in a week's time is a bit much, especially since it's only been a week since Eli had her blow-up with Jack. "If you had them all the time, they might…lose their…special quality." Or something like that. Eliana leans forward just enough to place the glass on the bar, but she lingers a bit to glance at Seamus, searching his face.

Seamus 's face is all warmth and brightness, even despite Eliana's gentle declination. "Tha' they migh'. Still, s'no 'arm in indulgin' ev'ry once'n awhile, 'm I righ'?" And there's that grin again, brilliant and charming. "'F e'er y'feel like samplin', y'can fin' me at th' O'Malley Auto Shop, like as no'. I'll be sure'n 'ave somethin' robus' fer you ta sample."

Even without anything in her throat, Eliana chokes a bit at Seamus' offer. Wow, innuendo. Wow. Her face pinkens even further, and that foot radius extends to two - a very thick two, even as Eliana fights it. She bites at her bottom lip, then does her best to smile. "If I ever have anything that needs fixing," she starts, but her voice is considerably softer. Auto-shops don't deal with bikes, though. Or, at least, the ones you /peddle./

Annnnnd that's about enough of that. It doesn't take /this/ long to say "hey, thanks for the drink", and Oliver isn't liking the expressions he's reading: smarmy Irish and blushing Jewish. If this were later on, perhaps weeks from now, he would be laughing it up with the waitresses — but right now, he just can't offer such support. Excusing himself from Janie, who has been actively elbowing him in the ribs, he rises to his feet and ambles up to the bar next to his cousin. "Eli," he states, pasting on a smile any actor would be proud of, "you're missing out at the table." A brief glance is given to Seamus, but it's not altogether friendly.

Innuendo? What innuendo? Seamus is all niceties and sweetness! …And Eliana's hair color is as mundane as a rock. Ha. Oliver's arrival, however, puts a damper on Seamus's urges to continue the banter. "Even 'f you don'," he presses with a wink. That's a damper, not a halt. Eliana's cousin gets a grin of his own, and Seamus's is genuine. "Y'can feel free ta happen by whene'er th' mood takes you," he adds to Eli, hopping back up onto his stool as a way to excuse himself. "M'shop stays open late." Yeah, and that totally wasn't innuendo either.

There is a part of Eliana that is more than a little thankful that Oliver has come to pull her away. She smiles at her cousin, but when she looks at Seamus again, that smile takes on a different sort of color. You know that saying about rebound girls? Yeah. /Yeah./ Eliana is just lucky she has a cousin like Oliver. "It was nice to meet you, Seamus," she says in farewell as she lets Oliver lead her back to the table. On the way, Eliana glances over her shoulder at Seamus, smiling with more of that shy brightness, which only inspires more giggles from the waitresses.

No matter how sincere that smile is, Oliver's remains placid — much the same smile he uses while at work. No, Irishman, right now I do not like you. Stay away from my rebounding cousin. Without more than a nod in Seamus' direction, he leads Eliana back to the table and, once they're both seated, he fixes her with a concerned look. It's likely one she's seen before: the one that says, "We need to talk in private. Soon." Other than that, he is content not to add to the excited chittering that the other girls have taken up.

Shaaaame. Seamus would have liked to have spent a bit more time with Eliana. She's sweet. And adorable. …And pretty. Very much pretty. Bah to cousins and their interruptions! Ah well. At least they know each others' names, now, even if Seamus doesn't know all of hers. And… well. Seamus is just generally feeling /pretty damn good/ right now, that's all. He'll most likely run into Eli again some other time, even if she doesn't show up at his place. In the meantime? The Irishman will finish his beer, and head on his way. The night is young.

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