2007-02-28: Fixing A Hole


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Summary: Sylar forces Mohinder and Molly to Isaac's Loft to cure him — but when Hiro and Noah track him down just in the nick of time, a hero's dedication and a villain's endurance are put to the test.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

Log Title Fixing A Hole

Isaac's Loft

"Oh, I imagine it will be," Sylar says in response to Mohinder's dead body. He pokes the gun into the doctor's back in an attempt to move him forward more quickly, and continues to speak. "No, no difficulties. I'm just taking my sweet time. After all, she's so young and pure. I'm not opposed to letting her get a few more days in before I take what's mine." Sylar keeps in line behind Mohinder, following him to the cab outside, his gun trained on him the entire time.

Molly's hand reaches up to grab Mohinder's as it rests reassuringly on her shoulder. As Sylar keeps talking, Molly closes her eyes and takes deep breathes, trying to stay brave. She allows her guardian to lead her to the cab, trusting that he won't let her fall.

"That's hardly necessary," is stated in a rather dry tone as the gun is poked into Mohinder's back. Seething inwardly, he just continues the little parade to his car. "Claire is not yours for the taking, Sylar," he points out.

Cut to the street, Mohinder unlocks the cab doors, opening the front passenger door for Molly first. Sylar's given a dark expression as he gestures to the backseat, presuming the man will want the control that comes with that. He shuts Molly's door and crosses around to the driver's side to slide behind the wheel.

"I'll decide what is and what isn't neccessary," Sylar snaps at the doctor, his patience slowly ebbing away. Once outside, he slides the gun into the pocket of his jacket, but he keeps a firm grip on it regardless, pointing it at the doctor through the material of his jacket. "They're /all/ mine for the taking, doctor," he says, smiling in spite of myself. "All those delicious powers people have. Each and every one… mine." With Molly in the car, and Mohinder sliding in, Sylar slides into the backseat, stopping low as not to be seen easily by anyone passing by. "If you would, doctor," Sylar says, indicating it's time to move forward.

Though she's trying to block out Sylar and his fear inducing speech, Molly can't help but hear Mohinder mention Claire. That's Mr. Bennett's daughter. /She's/ the cheerleader that Sylar's after? Once in the car, the girl's hand slips into her pocket and clutches the number she was given. Looks like her mind's made up for her. Now they just have to get out away from the psychopathic murderer so they can call the horn rimmed glasses man.

"You're deluded," Mohinder states quite flatly. "They don't belong to you Sylar. You have your own unique ability and don't need those of others." He leaves it at that as he starts the car, unnecessarily checking his mirrors, taking that extra time to stall.

"No," Sylar says, glancing out the window at the passing pedestrians and traffic, before turning his attention back to Mohinder. "They belong to me. I can fix them. It /is/ my imperative." He then turns his attention to Molly, his eyes staring at the back of her head. He speaks to her, even though he is unable to make eye contact with the girl. "Are you scared?"

Molly has settled into the seat and buckled herself in. When Sylar speaks directly to her, she doesn't turn her head to address him. Instead, she stares straight ahead. "No," she manages to spit out. "I don't need fixing." But her voice is shaky, as is her hands.
Mohinder's cellphone can be heard ringing in his pocket, and it's ignored. Perspiration starts to bead across the doctor's forehead. "Molly, you don't have to talk to him," he instructs as the car is put into drive and they take off for the laboratory, formerly Isaac Mendez's loft. The drive while relatively short, feels like it takes forever, given the hostage situation going on.

Once at the lab, Mohinder leads the way up. "Molly, please go have a seat over there," he indicates a spot where he can keep the girl in his sights. "Sylar, please have a seat at that table. I have to go get the syringes and glass slides for the samples I'm going to take."

Sylar gives a small chuckle at Molly's response, his lips curving upward in a smile. "You all need fixing," he assures her. He falls silent for the rest of the drive, glancing out the window occasionally, growing increasingly anxious. He wants to be cured. Now.

When they finally arrive at the lab, Sylar wastes no time in sliding out of the back of the lab. The gun stays trained on Mohinder, although his eyes are kept on Molly. There's almost a hunger there. "Hurry, would you," the killer says to Mohinder, taking a seat where Mohinder indicated.

Molly follows Mohinder's instructions and sits where she's told to. Once perched in her chair, she watches Mohinder get things ready for Sylar. However, that only holds her attention for a little while as she can feel their capture's hungry stare. Unable to stop it, she finds herself staring back at Sylar. Hands grip the sides of the seat in an attempt to keep from shaking. She can't stop herself from playing the mouse to Sylar's cat.

Mohinder continues to inwardly bristle at Sylar's words, and wisely keeps silent. There's no need to taunt the not so happy fun psychopath further. He breathes in and out, almost as if he were preparing to meditate. A look is shot across to Molly, one that's meant to be reassuring before he disappears to go fetch said items. It's a small relief that he's prompt in fetching what he needs. A rubber tube, syringes, one not empty, surgical gloves and alcohol swabbing pads. With the tension so thick it could be cut with a knife, it's surprising that Mohinder's hands remain steady. He looks first to Molly, seated in her chair, then at Sylar, who is cooperating and in his. For the moment.

Sylar smiles at Molly, waving the gun in his hand a tiny bit just to re-enforce the fact it's there. We can't have her trying to run off, unlikely as that seems. The serial killer waits for Mohinder, his patience still growing thin, and when the doctor finally appears, Sylar trains the gun on him. "Let's get this over with," he says, switching the gun into his other hand to roll the left sleeve of his shirt up. Once it's up, he switches the gun back, training it on Mohinder once again.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Something is suddenly amiss with the way things work. Somewhere, a pebble was dropped into the stream of time. The ripples are just now reaching this very moment, and something becomes very strange with the fabric of the universe.

Months ago, Hiro Nakamura saved Ando Masahasi from Sylar in this very spot. At this very instant, he reappears without a sound on that very spot near the wall, one hand on the shoulder of a man with horn-rimmed glasses and a very large gun. Hiro doesn't waste a moment of time, pointing his sword dead ahead.


Noah is dressed in all black, including his gloves, his break-into-the-Petrelli-mansion outfit. He takes a moment to orient himself after the jump through space and time. Once he has his bearings he's running towards Molly and firing his gun in Sylar's general direction. "Molly get behind me," Noah orders.

Mohinder remains outwardly as cool as a cucumber as he pulls on his gloves. Methodically, he ties the rubber tubing around Sylar's upper arm before swabbing it with the alcohol pad. Readying to plunge the first syringe into Sylar's arm for a blood sample, he looks up sharply as Hiro appears out of nowhere with Noah in tow. Brows raise and relief appears in his eyes, although one syringe he has is not innocent in its contents. His head turns in Molly's direction and he nods once to the girl, giving her a silent okay to follow Noah's instruction.

As the staring contest continues with Sylar, Molly's scared stare turns a little more steely. Especially once Mohinder comes back into the room. When he waves his gun at her, that breaks the spell and the tears her eyes away from him, finally turning her head away so that she's looking to the side and not at anyone. It's just at that point, though, that Hiro appears right where she's staring. She's so surprised that her pouted slouch straightens. It's the man that got the boogieman the last time! And Mr. Bennett! There's guns shooting and she all but falls off the chair and goes running toward Noah. As soon as she's safe behind him, she quickly spins around to make sure that Mohinder's okay.

Sylar watches as the doctor prepares his things, waiting for this to be over with. He doesn't have all day, and the sooner he gets a cure, the sooner he can find the cheerleader. But it seems this is going to be interrupted, however, because once again the little Japanese man is here to ruin his day. Annoying. "I remember you," Sylar says to Hiro just before Noah starts shooting, which definitely gets Sylar moving. With a quick shove, he throws Mohinder to the floor, sending the syringes and other medical items flying with a crash. He raises his gun at the doctor, aims, fires— but misses, just barely, the bullet slamming into the floor near Mohinder's head. Seems Noah's shooting has distracted him.

Molly. She's the key, and Sylar realizes this. If he can get her, or threaten her safety, they'll listen. He whips around to where the girl was moments before, but now she's gone, running towards Noah. No matter. Shoot her? That'll definitely get their attention. He raises his gun, aims, and fires.

"No!" Hiro should have all the time in the world. He has time enough to watch Sylar turn the barrel of his gun on Molly. He has time enough to watch his finger move for the trigger, to watch the killer's gleam in his eyes. He's seen that gleam before. It was the last thing Charlie Andrews ever saw. "/NO!/"

When you control time, you have all the time in the world. Don't you?

Hiro shuts his eyes as the muzzle of Sylar's gun flashes, and the world changes. Molly moves several feet to the right, shoved harshly to the ground by an unseen force.

A hero must walk into every battle expecting to die. That's what it means to be a hero, isn't it?

The blinding flash and deafening report of Sylar's gun gleam off of Hiro's glasses. For Hiro Nakamura, time slows to a crawl. Sylar stands, his gun pointed somewhere out of his sight, motionless. Molly falls to the ground like molasses. But… something's wrong.

"… Na-ni?" Time is a snail's pace. But Hiro didn't do it. There's a clatter of steel on concrete. Hiro looks down, only to find that the Kensei Sword has slipped from his fingers. What? He'd better go get it. He's going to need that, to fight Sylar.

Hiro stumbles, reaching over as though to pick it up. When did the ground get so far away? It feels like a million miles… Almost casually, Hiro touches his chest, and gazes down at his fingertips. Is that… blood? Hiro looks back at Sylar, and the world snaps into focus again.

He's been shot square in the chest.

"Charlie—" he says, with a sputter, before Hiro Nakamura's legs give out underneath him, and he falls.

He's dead before he hits the ground.

Noah feels like he's seeing it all in slow motion too, though reality crashes back in quickly enough. It is a shame, but Nakamura isn't the important one. Noah doesn't slow his running stride to scoop up Molly with one arm, the gun still firing in the other. He barrels towards the front door, ready to crash through it with a shoulder.

Molly feels herself being shoved to the side just when she hears the gun going off. There's lots of sound and noise and movement around her and she's confused as to what is actually going on. She was running for Noah and then all of the sudden she's shoved, tumbling to the ground. What just happened. She swings around just in time to see Hiro fall to the ground, bleeding from the chest. No! One of her heroes! He can't die! "NO!" she shrieks, tears already falling down her face. As soon as she sees what's happened, she attempt to go running over to Hiro's side but Noah is too quick for her. He scoops her up despite her weak attempts to struggle and fight him off. "NO! MOHINDER!"

Getting Mohinder's attention is not the problem, Sylar's had it from the moment he showed up at the apartment. With everything happening at once, or so it feels, he's thrown to the ground with his life flashing before his eyes as the gun is aimed and fired, but misses his head. "NO!" is all he can holler as he turns his head to see Sylar taking another shot, this time in Molly's direction. Then.. things change, Molly's position, Noah grabbing her and running, then Hiro falling to the ground. He scrabbles back on his hands, crablike and away from Sylar. It's fight or flight, and at the moment, he takes flight as he shoves himself up onto his feet so that he can flee.

Well, golly. Everyone's left the party. This makes it much easier for Sylar to go about his business. Noah and Molly have left, which is no matter. The presence of Noah guarantees one thing: Claire is in town. Excellent.

Mohinder escaping is an inconvenience, but it's alright. He'll find the good doctor again.

And Hiro. The Japanese man that's caused the serial killer so much trouble. Dead. A shame, really. He had such a neat power. It would have proved very, very useful for the killer.

Speaking of the killer, Sylar stands over Hiro's body, his gun in his hand, pointed towards the floor. He pushes the body slightly with his foot, just to make sure he's deceased, and then slowly stoops over to pick up the sword. "Interesting," he says, sliding his gun into the belt of his pants, and unsheathing the sword partway. His features reflect off of the blade, the reflection have an almost inhuman sheen to the eyes. He turns to the street, the sound of sirens in the distance. Someone called the police, it seems. "Time to go," Sylar says to no one in particular, stepping over Hiro's dead body towards the door. "I have a cheerleader to find."

To be continued…

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