2007-05-22: Flirting with Disaster


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Summary: Adam buys Mara a drink and she recognises him from her visions. The two share each other's company.

Date It Happened: May 22, 2007

Flirting with Disaster

Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant

Happy Hour. Or at least the Irish equivalent. After work in the city. And the pub is hopping with patrons, evident by the wait staff weaving in and out of the crowd. Occasional shouts, and the clatter of a dish dropped. But other than that, the bar is doing pretty well. Then again, they've got Adam parked at the bar. If anyone can put down some liquor, he can. And it shows by the 4 shot glasses, empty, sitting in front of him. The 5th in his hand.

A blonde woman limps slowly into the bar with the aid of a black and silver cane. She surveys the seating arrangements for a moment before she decides to take a seat at the bar. "Long Island," she instructs the bartender before he can get past the 'What' in 'What'll you have.' Her accent is a thickly British, but with a twinge of something else that doesn't quite belong. Once her drink is in front of her, she's quick to down about a quarter of the tall glass in one go.

Well, that's another one down the hatch. Adam smacks the bottom of the shot glass on the bartop firmly. His face is momentarily contorted after whatever foul concoction is down. "Blimey….Bruce." he gasps, the grimace slowly fading from his features. "That is the most foul, bad tasting whiskey you have ever come up with." Bruce grins and asks if he should pour another. "Oh…hell yes." The blond headed woman sitting down at the bar is met with Green Eyes of Interest(patent pending) and given a once-over glance. Oh, and a smile.

Hazel Eyes of Keen Observation(patent pending) don't miss the look Adam sends the blonde's way. She returns his smile with one of her own, flashing a row of white teeth, with a small gap between the front two. It would appear that she's self-conscious of it, however, because she closes her lips almost immediately. She offers Adam a wink and tilts her head. Hi there.

"Barkeeep!!! Another round over here!!!" some rude looking patron shouts from the far end of the bar. "Order up." comes a shout from the kitchen. Seems the bar is doing well tonight. And some of the patrons, as Adam notices the head-tilt. Slowly a grin tugs at the edge of his lips and his gaze darts back to the bartender. "Bruce." The bartender doesn't move. "BRUCE!" Adam shouts, drawing looks from several others as the bartender comes over. "Gimme a scotch. On the rocks. N…no…wait, make it a double. And…send that beautiful thing over there…" points at Mara…"whatever she's drinking now."

Mara's eyes light up as the second drink is placed in front of her. She leans forward on her elbows so she can peer down the bar at Adam and flash him a grin. For a few minutes, she's content to just drink down her first glass. A straw placed in the glass makes the liquor disappear quickly. Then, when she only has the drink Adam sent her way in front of her, she slides off the barstool, Long Island in one hand and cane in the other. She moves down to the man sitting next to Adam, whose ear she whispers in. After a grunt, he gets up and moves to her now unoccupied seat and she claims his. Lips twist into a grin as she regards Adam now. "Aren't you the thoughtful one?" She lifts her glass in explanation before bringing it to her lips.

"I'm sure you would," Mara muses and leans in to lower her voice so as to give them a little privacy while affording him the ability to hear her, "Takezo Kensei." She leans back again after the words have left her lips and she takes another drink from her Long Island, a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

Reaching for the glass of scotch, Adam grins as he takes a sip of the amber-colored liquid. The grin grows wider as she leans in, and he expects to hear something other than what is uttered. The glass slips from his hand, hitting the floor. Fortunately there's a nearby collision of wait staff, so the crash is gone unnoticed by anyone nearby. Save for Bruce, who raises a brow but walks to the other end of the bar. The grin is now gone from his face, and his eyes shift to scan the room for anyone he might recognize. When he doesn't see anyone on the first pass, he turns back to Mara. "Who are you?" he whispers quietly. "And how do you know that name?"

"Detective K.L. Damaris, NYPD. But feel free to call me Mara." The smirk firmly remains as she leans in again, "I'm a Psychometer, and I've seen your past." There's a pause as her eyes dart ceilingward, reconsidering what she's just said. "Your sword's past, actually," she easily amends.

Ok, so this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. "Adam." he replies flatly, before waving Bruce over and slapping two $100 bills on the bartop. "That should cover my tab. We're moving to booth fourty four. Tell Shelly she doesn't need to bother me. I'm fine." Bruce nods, flagging the girl over and telling her the instructions. Obviously Adam comes here enough he's made himself know with the staff. "Come on. We shouldn't be talking about this at the bar." he adds, hopping off his stool to make his way to the booth. Now he's totally sober and coherant. Gone is the drunk Adam. In with a new, curious Adam.

The light returns to Mara's eyes as she follows Adam to the booth where they should remain undisturbed. "Aren't I a little young for you?" she quips as she takes her seat, setting her cane beside her on the seat. "I mean, you've got to be easily… What? Three, four hundred years old?" Despite the supposed privacy, she keeps her voice down. Neither of them wants to have to try and explain this to someone… normal.

Adam slides into the booth across from Mara, taking one more glance around the room. Could be someone from the Company putting her up to this. Or could be just her being curious. Satisfied the room is clean, he turns back just in time to hear the question. "Over four hundred, to be a little more vague. I stopped counting a long long time ago." Once again, the grin tugs at his lips. "Besides, I take what I can get. Wouldn't you turn away someone who came out claiming he was four hundred years old? Calling him crazy. Insane. A lunatic. Sometimes, a little white lie helps."

"Well, /I/ wouldn't, but I'm getting used to believing the impossible and fantastic." Mara's taking smaller sips from her drink now. If no waitress is coming, she's going to need to make it last. She seems at a loss for words now that she has him more or less alone. "I… think anything I would ask you would probably cause you to roll your eyes. So, why don't you do the talking?"

"Actually, I'm sure there's things we'd both like to ask each other." Adam starts, taking small sips of his drink as well. Though, if something is needed, he can flag Shelly down and she'll take care of it. "We can take turns, but I'll start with the question that's burning in the back of my mind." Both his hands come to rest clasped together on the table. "Any information on the whereabouts of my sword?"

"I only wish I knew where it was. I'm not sure who has it anymore, really… The person who had it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth." Mara shakes her head slowly. So unhelpful, and that bothers her. "My turn then?" She fixes Adam with an inquisitive look. What to ask first? "What's it like? To live through the ages. Watch the rise and fall of governments and nations? See the destruction of war and the rebuilding in the aftermath?"

Hmm. Vanishing off the face of the earth. Vanishing. Vanish. "Nakamura." Adam mutters, shaking his head. "Shame. I really do miss that sword. So much I had a replica made. But it's not like having the real sword." Mara's question brings a crooked grin to his face, and a bit of a muffled laugh. "Oh, believe me. It's not all it's cracked up to be." A sip of scotch is taken before he continues. "Sure, you see a lot of history, but you lose people too. Some you even care about." he adds, just a hint of sadness on his voice before he composes himself. "Though I have to say, I've lived to see quite a few things. The signing of the Declaration of Independance. Revolutionary war. Civil War. The early British royalty. Oh the things I know." he finishes, tapping a finger to the side of his head.

"Didn't say Nakamura," mutters the blonde quietly. As far as Mara's aware, Hiro Nakamura doesn't possess the Kensei sword. But she isn't about to actually voice that. "See, though? I'm sure it's tough to lose people, but… What I wouldn't give for the opportunity to see the sorts of things you've had the chance to see."

"Well, if Hiro hasn't got it…" Adam trails off, not wanting to think about who is handling his sword right now. Or what vile acts are being done with it. Picking up and returning his gaze to Mara, he thinks he detects a sort of eagerness for information. Ever the detective. Or is that historian. "There are a lot of people out there who I'm sure would love to have seen what I have seen. Sad part is, I remember everything. All four hundred plus years of it. The bad. And the good. I still remember what my mum and dad looked like. Still remember what the meat pies my mum used to make smelled like." A deep sigh escapes him. "Be careful what you wish for. There are times that I wish I could die. Like when I was stuck in that hellhole of a cell for thirty years. But, somehow, I always find a way to come back to the positive."

"That's what makes you a survivor," Mara observes. "It's one thing to live forever. It's another thing to carry on, I should think." She sits back in her chair and watches Adam with a sort of sympathetic expression. "Everybody goes through that, though. The pain of memory. You just live with it, whereas the rest of us die and become someone else's reason to grieve."

Adam hasn't ever thought of it from that aspect. But then again, he's seen so much and had so much going on that he just never had the chance. "Fair enough. Point taken." he says, taking another sip of the scotch. "I suppose it's my turn then?" he asks, knowing full well it is. Time to shift focus off of him for a bit. And maybe put her on the spot. Which is enough enough to do with one word. "Boyfriend?" he asks, failing to have even bothered to look for a ring or other token of claim.

"No," Mara answers without skipping a beat. She refrains from asking him if he's taken as well and simply holds up her left hand to show him her lack of a ring. The thought of saying, 'Why, are you offering?' crosses her mind, but she's really flustered him enough already, what with her calling him by his former name.

"I'm surprised. Cute girl like you." Adam grins, kicking himself back in his seat. "Then again, you did say 'detective' so if I had to venture a guess you're married to your work." he teases, that big ol' cheesy grin on his face. He reaches over and downs the rest of the scotch in one gulp. "Your turn. Unless you'd rather continue this conversation in a more quieter venue."

Mara smiles slowly. What's he getting at, then? "There was someone once or twice. I wouldn't say I'm married to my work." Especially considering she's still on leave. "Everybody needs a distraction." Men and alcohol make fine distractions. The last of her Long Island is downed and Mara narrows her eyes just a bit in an amused and slightly flirtatious expression. "Why, Adam, are you inviting me back to your place?"

"Actually, I was thinking about somewhere less crowded." Adam snickers. He's definitely amused at Mara's expression, and going to have as much fun with it as he can. "But, since you suggested my place. Why not. I've got the stuff there to make Long Island Iced Tea." Not to mention enough liquor to supply the state of New York for the next few years. "Besides, I'm sure you've probably already done the police composite sketch of me, ran it through the system, and found nothing on me."

Mara shakes her head with a small sigh. "Don't make me sorry I mentioned my title. I may be a detective, but as far as I'm concerned, it's no different than if I told you I'm a cashier or a dancer." She takes her cane and starts to slide toward the edge of the booth. "I really meant it when I said I'm not married to my work. My interest in learning more about you is most assuredly not professional."

Adam starts to slide out of the booth as well. In fact, he beats her out of the booth and offers a hand to help her. "Don't worry, I won't. I've just had a few brushes with the law in four hundred years. It's kinda fun to poke fun at them now and then." he states, giving a wave to Bruce, the barkeep, who nods. Obviously a signal that he's leaving and anything left he'll clear the tab tomorrow. "In that case, I'll be glad to share. And with your ability, I have a few things at my place that I'm sure will allow you to experience some of it firsthand."

He had her at sharing. But the promise of the chance to experience Adam's past through her visions? Mara's nothing short of enthralled. "I can't wait." She takes the immortal's hand gratefully, but is quick to prove she doesn't need his help to walk, even if it does mean relying on the cane. The determination is almost hidden by with smile she flashes him as the head for the exit, betraying her excitement and enthusiasm.

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