2007-10-07: Flowers and Gatorade


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Summary: Cass visits Sharon, expecting her to be injured, and Sharon reveals a secret.

Date It Happened: October 7th, 2007

Flowers and Gatorade

Power House Gym

Power House Gym. Sharon has one of her scheduled sessions with Cass today, which have been occuring however regularly Cass had wanted them done. Usually people do them weekly or two-to-three times a week. Some more, and a very few less, as less than once a week and the benefits decrease. Either way, Sharon is dressed in her usual gym attire of gym shorts and a sleeveless tank. There aren't any indications of her being shot, though that burn wound on her poor, abused left arm is healing quite nicely. The left shoulder and arm are where she took a pair of bullets from Kitty. Right now she's in their usual room, working over a heavy bag while she waits for Cass. She had some time to kill before the woman showed up.

Since Cass heard about Sharon's injury through Elena, the woman has shown up not in her gym clothes, but her regular street clothes. And a small bouquet of flowers. Really, she would have brought chocolates along with them, but she still wasn't sure if chocolates is insulting to a gym trainer. So instead, she has a big bottle of Gatorade. Though told that Peter healed her, she's not sure what the damage actually was and is more surprised that their training session is still on for the day. Whatever the case, Cass wants to make sure that the woman is alright. Poking her head through, she smiles when she sees Sharon. "Hi there. How're you feeling?"

"Hi there, Cass," Sharon says. "I'm doing okay, you?" Sharon asks, noticing the flowers and Gatorade. She figures the drink is for Cass, as she wasn't expecting any sort of flowers. It isn't like she's run around telling everyone she got shot. Especially since Peter pretty much completely healed her. "Did your fiance get you flowers?" she questions. Nobody has told Sharon that Cass is in on that stuff yet, so she totally doesn't expect it.

Sure that this is might be a little awkward, Cass gives a bit of a strained smile. "Hi," she repeats. "I'm good. I…" There's a bit of a pause. "Well, I heard that you were injured and I just wanted to make sure you're okay." Which is why she's still in her street clothes. Stepping into the room she holds out the Gatorade and the flowers. "So, I just wanted to give you these. They're kind of Get Well flowers and Gatorade, but you seem to be doing pretty well."

"Yeah. Umm, who told you I was injured?" Sharon asks. There aren't a lot of people who know about that whole thing. She does take the offered gaterade and flowers. "Thanks," she adds with a genuine smile, though she totally didn't expect it. "But yeah, I'm doing decently. The burn is healing up too. Comfortable enough that I don't have to wear a bandage over it anymore".

"A friend of mine," Cass smiles. "Elena? She was mentioning wanting to get some self defense training and so I told her about this place. Everyone seems to know each other these days." Now that the awkward burden is out of her arms, she crosses her arms in front of her. Not exactly sure what Sharon saw or believes, it's hard to just come right out and say anything. "That's good. I heard it got pretty scary. And I was just worried. So, I wanted to just give you those. Since you've been so good about helping me with my training."

"Peter's girlfriend, right?" They certainly seemed to be a couple of sorts during that whole deal. "How much did Elena tell you about that night? Did she mention anything out of the ordinary?" Sharon asks the woman. "Peter has some good medical skills," she adds. She's not sure what Cass knows, so Sharon has decided that the ritual hint dropping is a good way to move forward. "And you've done most of the work, really. I've just let you toss me to the mat a few hundred times," she adds with a grin.

"Yeah, that's the one." Cass smiles and nods. "Peter actually works at my bookstore. He's a really good guy." A hero, some might say. "He used to be a nurse, hence his deft medical prowess." The residual hint dropping is noted and she glances toward the closed door before looking back at Sharon. "She did, actually. A dream about a woman who could melt appendages off with acid. And a man who could cut someone without a weapon." Her hand goes to her wrist, where a bandage still wraps around it from her own run in with Mandy. "Well, the work I've done is all from what you've taught me. I'm really grateful."

Sharon notices the wrist grabbing. "You alright there?" Sharon asks. A nod is given about the dream. "Seems like a lot of people are rather connected in this big city to me. And a former nurse? Guess that would explain some things. How's he doing?" Sharon really should go talk to Peter sometime here soon. She has plenty of questions for Spongebob Peter. A nod is given about the dream. "I don't often remember dreams, so that one was…particularly notable," Sharon tells Cass. A look is given to the closed door as well.

"Oh, yeah. I, uh, had a run in with that woman the other day." Cass shrugs it off, but gives a smiles. "Peter's a very good nurse." It's a bit of a veiled compliment, but one that she's sure Sharon may get. "He's doing fine, though still a little traumatized by the whole thing. No…traumatized isn't the right word. Unhappy about it. Understandably." The attention being called with her playing with the bandage - it's a nervous habit - makes her stop and she just wraps a hand around her upper arm to make herself stop. "That and everyone remembered the same dream?" An eyebrow quirks and she smirks just a bit.

Okay. Enough with the dancing around. Sharon dislikes being vague to begin with. "You had a run-in with her. That means you know about people like that, obviously," Sharon says. "Talented individuals," she adds, not that the explanation is particularly necessary. "We're safe in here from any eavesdropping, if you're worried. Nobody is stupid enough to come in here when I've got the room booked. It usually means a free lesson and minor humiliation ever since one of the more showy bodybuilders got smart and wandered in".

"If it makes it more believable, you can throw me around a few times," Cass tells Sharon - almost seriously. "Yes." Not really a huge fan of dancing around, either, it's a relief to know that Sharon knows something about it, too. And isn't just chalking it up to mass hallucination or the like. "People with abilities." There's a bit of a pause. "And obviously you believe it, too?"

"Well, I thought you pay me to teach you how to do that, but if you really want," Sharon says with an amused grin. "And yes, I believe it. Hard not to after you've been blown back from the force of a lightning bolt from a person's fingers, seen a man drag others telekinetically, and actual healing in action," Sharon says with a smile. "The healing, by the way, I'm a big fan of," she tells Cass.

"Sometimes it's nice to shake things up," the bookstore owner gives a grin back. "I sill think your tosses are more believable than mine." Though she's improved from before, she's still not exactly a kung-fu master or anything. "Yeah. I know that feeling." Running a hand through her hair, she laughs. "You and me both. I owe Peter for more than I can say."

"Which bookstore was that?" Sharon asks. She's not sure what store Cass runs. "And give it time. I've had twenty years, you've had maybe twenty days. I've actually got one to show you that I think you'll like," she tells the woman. "I've only met Peter the one time, and his girlfriend twice, but they seem like good people to me".

"Enlightenment Books. It's just a small shop in the village." While the brunette gives a shrug, but it's easy to see that Cass is proud of the place. Even when she's being modest about it. "Mostly deals with occult books, actually, so we don't really see a lot of mainstream traffic. But, if you're interested in books about aliens or crop circles or…" there's a bit of a laugh to this, "the meaning of your dreams, it's a good place to go." As for Peter and Elena, she smiles. "They are. They're two of my closest friends."

"Well, generally I won't need the dream books, I'm afraid. I'm sort of a person who has a small ability as well. Nothing like the more flashy people though. No lightning bolts or superhuman strength things from me," Sharon tells her. Cass seems trustworthy, and Sharon isn't one to question the way that people are tied together like this. This is too much to be coincidence. "I actually need to talk with Peter and Elena sometime," she says. "About our shared dream".

Living in a world of coincidences and what Hiro or Elena may call fate, Cass is quite used to instances like this happening. Even if it does floor her every time it does. When told that Sharon has an ability as well, Cass' ears perk a little. "Really? What is it that you can do?" Because learning about new people and new abilities is always something that Cass is on the look out for. "You and me both. I've gotten sort of the short of it, but I wouldn't mind the longer version. Especially from what I heard."

"More like what I don't do. I don't get tired, and I don't sleep. Aside from when forced to sleep, like the other night". Sharon shrugs a little bit at that. "Useful, mainly in that I've got another 8 hours at my disposal and it encourages endurance sports," Sharon explains. Sharon really, really did not like being forced to sleep. Not one little bit. "I think the long version might be best with a few of us together though, to make sure I don't miss anything," she tells Cass.

"Huh." Now that's an interesting one. She's like the antithesis of Benjamin. "Certainly useful. That's something I wouldn't mind having these days." Cass has so many things to get done she wishes she never had to sleep. "That's true. Though, really, I'm at the disadvantage of not actually having been there. We could probably all meet up and discuss what happened."

Grr. Benjamin. Grr. Though a superpower battle between the two of them would probably the most boring thing on the planet to watch. Sharon nods. "It made school and college a whole lot easier, that much was quite true. "Let me give you my cell phone number. It's 283-6087 and you can reach me there pretty much whenever". A glance at the door. "Though we should probably get this room freed up if we're moving the lesson to another day," she tells Cass, as a good amount of time into the lesson period has passed. "I'll give you a call soon". Not like the business will be hard to find!

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