2007-03-10: Flowers, Chocolates, and Hannibal Lector


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: Ethan surprises Mara with flowers, chocolates, and a get well card that brings much needed laughter.

Flowers, Chocolates, and Hannibal Lector

Mount Sinai Hospital

Bright and early, up and at 'em. Sort of! A rap is heard outside Mara's hospital door. "Got a special delivery for a Detective Damaris!" calls out the cheery voice of Holly, one of the guys down in the NYPD lab dungeons.

Last night brought on a fitful sleep and nightmares. Detective Damaris blames the morphine entirely, because she's certainly not afraid of anything or anyone anymore. No. Not her. She's already awake when the door is knocked on and she looks up from the magazine resting in her lap. "Come on," she calls out.

The door to the room opens, and what comes first is a huge spray of varied flowers and greenery interspersed. Following behind, is the bearded face of Ethan, "Hey there sunshine," he greets as he carries the floral arrangement in. "We all got the message down in the lair, and I drew the short straw to bring this to you." He finds a spot to set the arrangement down and does so. "But this, is from Vi and me." Somewhere in that bundle was a box of chocolates, which he hands across to Mara. "Just don't let Vi know I told you that," he says with a playful wink.

Mara gasps quietly when Ethan enters the room with the flowers. She's obviously suprised, delighted, and definitely touched. The lieutenant told her to act surprised, but this isn't an act. "They're beautiful, Holly." Mara takes the chocolates and sets them on top of her magazine for now, smiling genuinely at the C.S.I. "She didn't slip any nightshade in there, did she? She was pretty angry… Not that I blame her."

Ethan laughs easily, then angles the arrangement so that Mara can look at them better. "Everyone'll be glad you like them. Oh, here." He reaches into the arrangement and plucks out a goofy get well card to hand over. "We all signed it." It's definitely one of those cards designed to make the recepient laugh. "Naaah.. Vi wouldn't do something like that. Not to a fellow cop anyway." He pulls up a chair and settles down into it. "She had to be mad. If she didn't take a bite out of you, then someone would have taken a bite out of her, and then /I/ would have to get mad."

Mara is almost reluctant to accept the card. She takes a deep breath and then reaches out her hand. No vision. Thank God. She chuckles softly at the card and brushes her fingers over the signatures. "Tell them all I said thanks. From the bottom of my heart." She lays the card on top of her chocolates and sighs gently. "I know. I feel worse about upsetting her than I do about what happened to me."

"Will do, we're all family," Ethan affirms as he leans forward some in his seat, arms resting across his knees. "I think I know what you mean there. But seriously, she /was/ worried, hell, we all were. You know cops get, they just get pissed off more when one of their own is wounded.. on our turf. I think everyone wants a piece of Gray." He doesn't say that it was Mara's fault for getting too close, nope, he's not gonna say a word against Mara's judgment here. The blame's on Gray.

"He's a dangerous man, Holly." Mara says seriously, "The Virginia Gray photos don't even scratch the surface. He's sick. He's really, really sick. Don't let Vi anywhere close to him." Her tongue darts out between her lips, but her mouth has gone dry, "He'll kill anyone he can just to get to me. I know you don't need to tell her to be careful, but… He's no ordinary perp."

"We all get that. Most psychopaths are, but this guy, naw, you're right. There's something /off/ about him." Ethan blanches at the reminder of the Gray photos. "I won't. She may not like it, but I'll have to put my foot down with her. I don't think anyone is allowed to approach him without backup and security cams on. And I do mean backup. Weapons ready to roll. I just can't believe we haven't transferred him to a higher security lockup. But that's not my call to make."

"Tell her not to waste her breath. He's crazy… And he only wants to talk to me." Mara looks vaguely ill at that notion. "I'm hoping he's transferred soon. The sooner he's out of the building, the safer we'll all be." She moves the card aside and opens up the chocolates. "You guys are spoiling me. These look positively scrumptious." She plucks one out and pops it into her mouth with an appreciative 'mmm!'

Ethan chuckles with good humor at Mara, "Hey, get hit in the face a few times, it's a reason to spoil a person. You'll be alright kiddo." The warning Mara gives is of course heard, filed away and registered. "I think everyone'll breathe easier once he's out of our hands. I think, you get the odd psycho in lockup who latches onto one person in particular and they'll only to talk to them. Like Hannibal Lector. Only not as awesome."

"Lector wasn't exactly awesome," Mara says gently. "At least that's one thing Gray has going for him. I can say with relative certainty that he doesn't eat his victims." Or their brains. The detective wipes a bit of cherry cream from the corner of her mouth and sucks it off her thumb. "God, that's good. I should wind up in hospital more often."

"Ah, you know what I mean. He made an interesting case study, even if it was fiction." Ethan says with a wave of his hand. "That's at least a good thing. I don't think I could take the cannibalism too." A laugh escapes, accompanied by a shake of his head. "Please don't. There's only so much money in the compassion fund," he teases.

Mara smiles a wide, gap-toothed grin and actually laughs. God bless the morphine, it doesn't hurt. Somehow, she managed to escape with her teeth intact, though she did put one through her lower lip, if the stitches are any indication. "All right, I'll do my best."

Ethan laughs and shakes his head s'more as he gets up from the chair. He leans over to give Mara a gentle squeeze on the arm. "You'll be back on the job in no time. Enjoy being pampered while you can, and the morphine too. You got any food requests? We can see about sneaking something past Nurse Ratched out there."

Mara's face lights up at the mention of smuggling in foot. "Oh, fish and chips. Definitely. You should see what passes for chips here! They're… I think they're biohazards. Seriously. The only thing that doesn't look suspect is the Jell-O, if you can believe that."

Ethan chuckles and raises a finger to scratch at his earlobe. "We'll send in the boys from SWAT to smuggle it in. One order of fish and chips, comin' right up." He could very well be teasing, or he just might be serious that a takeout order will 'mysteriously' appear in Mara's room. "I'm gonna let you get some rest. We better be seeing you at the precinct soon."

"I'll be better as soon as I am able," Mara vows. "Keep me up to date on Gray's status, okay? Let me know if they move him before I get back."

"You know we'll do. Rest kiddo," Ethan says as he gives the detective another squeeze on the arm before leaving the room.

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