2007-05-14: Flowers Lead To Friendships


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Benjamin and Megan meet in in a flower shop. They inadvertantly talk about Lachlan and then about Benjamin's daughter. Two nervous people meet and do not repel!

May 14th, 2007:

Flowers Lead to Friendships

Fiorella's Flowers

Three days after Mother's Day, and Benjamin is at Fiorella's Flowers. No, he wasn't late or forgetful, never ever would he be that way.. it's to 'correct' an issue with the delivery his mother got. After gushing about the floral arrangement, it was passively aggressively mentioned that the colors or number of the flowers weren't to her liking.. so instead of pressing a mistaken order or delivery.. (he does know what he ordered!) A new one is being placed.

Already in the shop as well, Megan has been quietly browsing and enjoying the beauty, color and smells that just wash over her here. As she does so, she can't help but listen in on the travails of Benjamin and his bouquet dilemma. She's not brave enough to actually make a comment about it, but as she's leaning in to sniff the lilacs, she turns her face just enough so that she can watch the unfoldings.

"I'm really sorry, she /did/ like the flowers, but she's just a difficult woman. Kinda hard to please sometimes." Benjamin is terribly apologetic, even when he doesn't need to be, since he's not complaining or fussing about the order! "I take that back, all the time, she's hard to please.." When the clerk busily processes the order and delivery arrangements, Benji looks over at Megan and gives her a smile. "Sorry, I'm not taking up too much time am I?" He gestures to the counter as if wondering if he's holding Megan up from her purchasing.

Smiling just a bit as she listens to Benjamin, Megan plucks a stem of lilacs from their tiny bucket of water. Then, she straightens when she's addressed, caught eavesdropping. A faint blush creeps in on her cheeks, but she manages not to stammer for once. "No! Sorry, I dinna mean to seem like I was listenin'. I wasna." A total lie, and it's not all that hard to see through. "'M no' ready yet. Promise." Her Scottish accent is a bit stronger now that she's embarrassed.

"It's okay. Even when my mom's not around she gets attention," Benjamin says, grinning just a little nervously. "Of course it's easier to deal with than when she's not present. Like the time this drunk guy sat her. She smacked him with her purse. Repeatedly.. and sorry… You probably didn't want to know that and I sometimes babble." When he's trying to make polite conversation. Like now!

"Someone /sat/ on yer mother?" Megan's face looks puzzled by that thought. "Wha' a drunk." Of course, she has no way of knowing that she's talking about her /brother/, but how would she know? "Bet he deserved it." At the babbling, she actually gives Benjamin a warm smile. "'S alright. 'M no' very good at talkin' ta strangers, either. Makes me nervous. Hope yer mum likes the flowers you send her."

Benjamin rubs at the back of his head, grinning a little embarrassedly. "Yeaaah.. He was /really/ drunk. It wasn't funny at the time, but the next day? The guy turned out to be dating an acquaintance of mine too. Small world and all that!" When the clerk returns, Ben pulls out his wallet and hands over a debit card. "I think she'll be happy with this. She gets a little passive aggressive about things.. and.. yeah.. I'm the same way about talking to strangers. I just start running off at the mouth. But I think I'm getting better. Or maybe not."

"Some people." Megan sighs and plucks another stick of lilacs to add to her slowly growing bouquet of flowers. It's a riot of color - purples, reds, greens, splashes of white - and she's not quite done yet, either. "Seems like it /is/ gettin' smaller. Sorry ta hear yer friend is datin' a drunk." Smiling, she looks over at the counter and then back to Benjamin. "I bet the thought is just as good. My mum is like that a lot. Passive aggressive, nagger, 's why my brother and me ran as far as we could as soon as we could. Though, I dinna really get that far." She smiles shyly, stopping when she realizes that she's spilling random facts of her life to someone she barely knows.

Benjamin chuckles a little, then looks at the bouquet Megan is gathering. "That's a pretty arrangement," he says. It's easy on the eyes to him anyway. But guys can be retarded in the flower department, along with color schemes, matching their socks, etc. "It's alright. It must work for her, cause I think she still is. I haven't talked to her recently. I heard her shop's been kinda messed up, so she's probably busy with that." He laughs some at Megan's words, "I think if I tried to get away, my mom would chase after me. Lucky for her I never really wanted to stray too far from New York City."

Smiling, Megan can't help but glance down at the flowers she's been collecting. It's hard not to when they've been complimented. The blush returns, but it actually adds to her features as opposed to make her look like a scared rabbit from being embarrassed or startled. "Thank ye," she replies quietly. "Her shop got messed up?" Hm. That sounds like what happened to Lachlan's girl. Pause. "D'ye know wha' happened ta it?" As for moving away from New York, she smiles and shrugs. "I quite like it here. I'd be sad ta leave it."

"Not really. My daughter works there, and she uh, tends to exaggerate when she's talking. So I don't have the details.. which is really horrible.. Cause I have another friend that works there." Benjamin's ears color a little with embarrassment, "I feel like a horrid friend. I got busy at work and making up missed hours and stuff. For some reason my friend trusted me to watch her son one day. So I left work and did that." How many people get suckered into dropping things to go babysit?? What a total doormat this one. The smile on his face widens a little, "Good. New York's a great place. I'm not really a crowd person, but I still like it. There can be more excitement than what I like to have in my life, and that's not a complaint."

"Tha's 'orrible." Megan sighs. While she may have suspicions, it's not like her brother's girl's shop is the only thing that got messed up in New York City the past few weeks. "My brother's girl has a shop, too. He was s'posed ta get me a book, but they were all ruined or somethin'." Details were not given and she hasn't gotten a chance to ask about them, yet, either. "Sometimes ye get busy. I know how it goes. 'S really nice of ye to look after yer friend's kid. Not many'd do that."

Benjamin nods in agreement, "It is. I kinda feel bad about not asking more into what happened, it's like I don't care and I do! I just really haven't had time to play twenty questions with my daughter or anyt.. huh. She has a bookshop then? That's so weird! It's a bookshop my daughter works at!" He shrugs off Megan's comment about his impromptu babysitting. "I kinda understood the situation, well, basically her needing someone she could trust. I'm still kinda flabbergasted that she trusts me enough. Her boy is like a genius, and, uh, he's not a bad kid, just too gosh darned smart for me."

Megan blinks at this new revelation and then frowns. Okay, this is much too coincidental. A girl who owns a bookshop that got destroyed and has a drunk for a boyfriend? Hm. "Her boyfriend doesna happen ta be Scottish, does he?" Because that's really the cinching factor. "The girl, no' yer daughter." Because if it's his /daughter/ that Lach is dating, then Megan will seriously have to beat some sense into him. Anyway, he said that it was the friend who had the drunk. Absently, she adds, "Ye don't seem untrustworthy ta me. 'M sure yer just bein' down on yerself."

"Now that you mention it yeah. I kinda just forgot he had a Scottish accent. And oh yeah, the bookstore. Enlightenment Books is the name." Benjamin laughs nervously and stuffs his hands in his pockets as he rocks back and forth on his heels, "I.. kinda gathered what you meant.. but even if my daughter was dating a Scottish guy I wouldn't know.. She's not really open with me, but uh, yeah… Oh.. well.. maybe a little. It just surprised me that she asked like that."

Well, now /that/ mystery is solved. Megan groans when she realizes that the drunk boyfriend she's been badmouthing is none other than Lachlan. Of course. "Yer talkin' 'bout my brother. Lachlan. God. 'M sorry. He can be such an ass." She obviously doesn't sound too upset about the way they were talking about him. She knows how he can be. "Most kids don't talk to their parents. Lach and I never did. 'S just the way kids are. I wouldn't worry about it too much."

Benjamin simply gapes at Megan, completely with open jawed amazement. Pardon the rudeness! ".. You're.. kidding… Wait.. no.. you aren't. Wow. This is just.. well sugarsmacks! It is a small world! You don't need to apologize about your brother. It's not like you can control him or anything. And he /was/ pretty darn drunk at the time." He grins a little easier at Megan now. They aren't that much of strangers anymore! Oh wait, "Sorry, I'm just being rude here. My name's Benjamin.. oh and yeah, you've got a point. Rose just has extra reasons to not be open with me, but I do try!"

Hoisting her bouquet a little higher, Megan gives a laugh. "Wish I were. But, nah, Lach's my brother. Older. Believe me, if I /could/ control him I would." It's true. It's easier to talk to Benjamin knowing that he's seen the trainwreck her brother can become. "Then 'm bein' rude, too. Megan Deatley. Nice ta meetcha. Don't worry 'bout yer daughter. Yer tryin' and she'll appreciate it some day." Of course, she and Lachlan don't appreciate their parents much even now, but she has a feeling saying that will only worry Benjamin more. At least he didn't offer to shake her hand.

Benjamin will worry anyway. He's a worrywart. He's funny that way. When Megan laughs, he does as well. "No leash and collar could control him huh?" Which is hilarious, as Ben has no clue about Lachlan's ability. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Deatley… and I'm trying to not worry too much about my daughter. I do what I can. Every day I wake up and see that she hasn't run off is always a good sign."

While Benjamin not know why Megan continues to laugh, though she does try to stifle it by hiding behind her flowers, she finds his joke extra funny. Because of the ability he has no idea about. "Oh, if only." Finally getting herself under control, she giggles a bit and then delicately pushes some of the hair away from her forehead. "That's always the problem. Lach ran away as soon as he could. I waited till college." Smiling, she gives a quick shrug. "But my parents were naggers and overbearing. Ye don't seem like that."

"I uhm, do the best I can." Benjamin says modestly, which it's the truth. He does as much as he can, the best he can, until Rose screams her annoyance, or something like that. "I think I missed a joke somewhere," he comments about why Megan continues laughing, but doesn't press. He's happy to leave it at that. "I couldn't be if I tried." No, not him. Too much of a doormat here.

"Sorry," Megan grins sheepishly at Benjamin. It's not nice to laugh when someone else doesn't really understand the joke, but she couldn't help herself. "'S just somethin' from when we were little." As always, she keeps his secrets. "'S all you can do. 'M sure she'll turn out just fine. Maybe 'Ll run into her sometime. Still need ta find that book."

"It's okay, you don't have to apologize. Private joke from childhood and all that." Benjamin returns Megan's grin then he backs away. "I'm sure she will too. She's as scary as my mother, so I think she'll be fine." She's also resourceful, so.. "You just might. You'll know her immediately. She's nothing like me."

Megan laughs. "Then how'll I know she's yer daughter?" If she's nothing like him, that doesn't really help her in identifying her. Then again, he said her name was Rose, right? Well, that may help. "She certainly sounds formidable."

Benjamin grins a little ashamedly, "She's blunt, and yeah, formidable. Kinda fearless." There's a pause as he looks away from Megan, then back at her. "I should let you get back to buying your flowers. It was nice meeting you." Kinda mind boggling that she came from the same parental units as Lachlan. But ain't that the nature of things? He waves at Megan with a smile before turning to head for the door.

Said flowers are starting to droop a little since they've been out of water for a little while. Megan quickly looks down at them before returning her gaze to Benjamin. "Twas nice ta meet ye, too. Hope we run into each other again." This is one of the few encounters she's had lately that she walked away feel good from rather than scared or confused. Always a bonus. When Benjamin turns for the door, she makes for the flower racks again.

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