2009-11-04: FOI - Fans Of Ivory



Date: November 04, 2009


Peter meets a new friend. They have Ivory Fandom in common. And he learns a little about how much he's missing, as well as the pretty young woman named Bert.

"FOI - Fans Of Ivory"

Building 26 - Peter's "Room"

Now that Bert's eyes have somewhat been opened to what's going on, she's getting nosy again about these 'terrorists'. She's also still analyzing the data from the train surveillance and came across a few tidbits in the files. (All of this, she technically shouldn't be looking at!) So after the incident with Tracy and Nicholas's interference, and some significant quiet time, Bert's on her way to where someone is being held. Someone who was brought in from the train incident, dead. Or supposedly dead.

Only mostly dead. Peter still hasn't gotten better accomidations. The room's still cold and gray, but he's been hooked up with some cleaner and better fitting clothes that don't look like they're prisoner garb, and he's got a couple magazines. But it's not the magazines he's staring at, it's his own reflection in the mirror. For someone who'd been "dead" he looks pretty good… except for old scars across his face in various places. Scars he doesn't remember getting. Fingers run over each one quietly, wondering how they happened. Especially considering he can't die.

Bert peeks into the room, opening the door a crack. Security's not too far behind. They really should have kept a better eye on the NSA agent earlier, not that there's going to be an altercation here. "You look good, for a dead guy," she says, poking her head into the room and eying Peter with some awe and curiousity. So far, she just knows this guy was supposed to be dead. She doesn't know about the other billion and a half powers he has. So far, her experience meeting people with powers hasn't gone so well. Max made her faint, and Tracy damn near took her arm. What's this guy gonna do? Bleed and not die?

"What— oh," Peter says, looking away from the mirror and letting his hand drop away from his face. They lower down to his pockets, giving him a slouched and rather harmless look for a moment as he looks down at the floor. "I got hit by a helicopter, I heard…" It's sheepish, but fits with the information that she might have stumbled upon. "Did— did we know each other? I… I don't remember much about how I got here, or… what happened. But the Senator is going to take care of me, cause he knew my brother."

"Yeah, that's what I read too, so that's why I'm here. Just to gawk." Not unlike someone coming to stare at the new animal at a zoo! "They're generous with you, so you must be mostly harmless. I don't think anyone else gets a mirror," Bert says, as she stays close to the door, and where security can keep a look-see on her. "Oooooh, you're in /good/ hands. Senator Wynn is that most absolutely amazingly wonderful man ever! He knew your broth.. oh.. OH! Petrelli! I remember his campaign. I voted for the other guy.. and no, we don't know each other. I work here. My name's Bert."

"The Senator gave me some money and said I could go out and get some clothes, and stuff," Peter says, reaching down into his pocket to fondle the debit card that he'd been given. It's definitely not how someone would treat a prisoner. "But he's worried about someone hurting me if I go out— and he promised my brother he'd take care of me if anything happened to him…" And from the off-side glance, something must have happened! Letting go of the card, he walks over and a hint of a smile begins to appear. Ivory really is a good topic. "I like the Senator. He's a good man. And it's nice to meet you— Bert? I'm Peter."

"See? He's /amazingly/ sweet that way," Bert says, positively glowing about Ivory's virtues. "Well, you /did/ get a helicopter dropped on you. So I can kinda gather someone might want to hurt you." Good logic, isn't it!? Considering she couldn't find /everything/ on file about Peter. "I quit a very good job to come and work for Senator Wynn." Besotted, this one is. "I'd do anything he asked me to do!"

"I want to be able to do more to help him, but it sounds like I need to lay low for a while," Peter says, looking down again shyly. It's one of those moments where it seems like he's happy that Ivory cares, but he wishes he could do more to return the favors! "I just want to make the Senator proud of me." And he doesn't even know why he feels so strongly about it, but it's not something he's wanting to question right now. "So what did you used to do?" he asks, switching his mental thoughts to focus on her instead of someone who isn't even there. Though it's a little difficult, anyway!

YAY. Bert can bond with Peter about the virtues and amazingly deity-esque stature of Ivory. Because you see, Peter's male and therefore /not/ competition for Ivory's affections. "I'm sure you'll do what you can, how you can and he'll appreciate all you can do." Beaming, she ventures a little further into the room. "He's already proud of you, I know it!" Oh it is so difficult to stop talking about Ivory, but, she'll have to try! "I used to design video games at EvoSoft!" Which one day, she may return to doing.

"Just wish I could do more," Peter says, tugging on the long sleeve of his shirt idly as he looks away. It is difficult to stop thinking about the man who promised to be a replacement brother. The mention of EvoSoft tugs on a memory or two, but they don't quite form together well. "Making video games is a big change from working with the government to fight terrorists. What do you do exactly? Design… training programs or something?" For Ivory.

"You're so sweet to want to help Senator Wynn this much! I /know/ he appreciates it and won't ask you to do more than what you're capable of doing." She slides in to lean against the wall but remains by the door in case a fast get away is needed. "I'm afraid it's all classified and I can't go into details. But yeah, some of my career experience at EvoSoft helps out in what I'm doing." The NSA badge is also a bit of a hint.

"I probably wouldn't understand most of the classified stuff," Peter says, reaching up to push a lock of hair off of his forehead. It's not quite in his eyes, but it's getting close. There's also signs of stubble, but it looks like they've let him shave. "Do you know what the date is?" he finally asks, realizing how silly a question it is, but… She seems nice! And he doesn't feel quite as stupid asking her as he did asking Ivory. "I'm trying to figure out how much I've forgotten. There's some things that seem so familiar, while other things… I vaguely remember Tracy Strauss, or— I think I do…"

"Oh, it's November 4th. Time just flies, doesn't it? I keep thinking I have a Halloween party to prep for, but that was last week!" Haha, oh Bert, she's so naive and silly. And as nice as she was a moment before, the mention of HER name causes the NSA agent to scowl. "Don't talk about her. She's getting what she deserves as we speak. They day was getting better, so let's talk about something else. I'm sure there's got to be a bit you've forgotten. I mean, who gets hit on the head with a helicopter and comes back from that?"

Much of what the peppy woman says doesn't quite get formatted correctly. For one, last he remembers it was the beginning of November, but it was later. Which begs the question, "What year?" But that isn't all. Tracy getting what she deserves? "What happened to her? Last I heard she was going to try and bring in these… guys. Rebel and Iceman, or something. Did that go badly?"

Bert blinks and just figures Peter's got one heck of a case of amnesia. "It's 2009. Look, maybe you should lay back down? I've never met anyone with amnesia, but you might want to take it slow on going around and doing things. Is someone assigned to go with you when you want to get some clothes?" *sigh* Back to that Strauss. She just won't go away. "I dunno about Rebel and Iceman, but she turned on us and tried to kill Mr. Swan. She's locked up for it because she showed herself to be just like everyone else we're rounding up and she's also spreading lies. Or trying to."

Three years. Peter does move to go sit down, rather heavily, feeling some pressure in his head when he does, and reaching up to touch his forehead, as he listens to the rest. She tried to kill Mr. Swan. "She tried to kill Max?" The first person that he met when he woke up, the one who told him they were good friends. There's so many questions, like why she would do such a thing at all, but… "I should have gone with them. Ivory didn't send me cause he though those two were going to come after me, and… is Max okay?"

"That's at least what I was told." By reliable sources whom Bert trusts implicitly. Because they were not Tracy. "He's in the hospital, lost a hand." Cue for a lifetime of 'need a hand?' jokes for those that dare to mess with the likes of Max. "I'm not privy to all the details. So. I just got really curious about your case. The whole not being dead bit got my attention. I should probably get back to work."

In the hospital. Lost a hand. Peter looks very worried at this point, letting his hand drop as he reaches out toward her. With his hand. One he's unknowingly lost a few times. "I'll have to go see him— if I can. Hopefully he'll visit me, too. What— whatever happened that's terrible. Maybe next time Ivory— I mean, the Senator— will let me go along. If I can survive a helicopter crash, I think I can take care of myself." Even if he's got a three year gaping hole in his memory.

Bert probably just messed up a few things. How was she supposed to know Peter was stuck three years in the past, mentally!? "I'm sure Max'll visit you, if he's supposed to be a friend of yours. Well. Get some rest Peter.. oh! Let me know if there's anything in particular you're hungry for. I work a lot of late nights so get delivery for my dinner. I'll just add on an extra order for you. It won't be a problem!" Beaming at her new best buddy and cheerleader for Ivory Wynn, she slips out the door.

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