2007-03-07: Foiled By Bunny


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Guest Starring: Eric

Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: Jane meets Elena and takes her to Dr. Suresh's apartment, not knowing that Elena has nefarious and reckless plans for the good doctor in the quest for more information. Her plan is foiled by an 11 year old girl in a bunny apron.

Foiled By Bunny

Suresh's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York

Having agreed to meet Elena and take her to meet someone, Jane sets out for Reed Street and the Starbucks in that area. Her phone is consulted, seeing she has a little time left before the shift is likely to end, she ducks into one of the few remaining phone booths that still exist, and gets luckier still. There's a phone book, and the page she needs isn't torn out! Wow. Fingers move, scan the page, and find the needed data. Writing happens, and pocketing, then she's on the way to meet her friend.

She was already stepping out of Starbucks - for one of the only few times in her life, Elena is closing up shop right on time. Seeing Jane, she smiles, hitching up her backpack higher and holding Activating Evolution on her other hand. "Shall we?" she asks Jane, and she starts walking quickly to wherever Jane would lead her. And then, she starts murmuring at her friend softly, walking in a close distance from her as she passes on a few quick bits of information while they're walking.

Long distance to Jane: Elena whispers. "The man named Anders and the woman named Angie are company operatives. The reason why I didn't want to meet Dr. Suresh in his lab is simply because if he's being funded by the Company, I don't want my accompanying you to be on record. That and it's probably safer for you if they don't know what your interactions with Dr. Suresh entails. I'm….forgive me if I'm wary of him, but the Company threatened to visit my father."

The first thing to notice about the apartment building the closer you get to Suresh's door, is that it's dinnertime. There's an interesting mingling scent of onion, clove, cinnamon, garlic and cardamom. Inside? Mohinder's in the cramped kitchen cooking up chicken korma.. with Molly's supervision of course. Or is it the other way around? "Go ahead and stir in the buttermilk.. easy about it.." Along with the chicken, there's a tasty flatbread that was picked up at a nearby bakery, that thankfully has Indian breads, and obligatory curry rice. For dessert later, and because he totally spoils the girl, he let Molly pick out her ice cream choice. He's almost afraid to even sample it.

It takes a bit of time to get from the meeting point outside of Starbucks to the Suresh residence, added to by a brief stroll down Reed Street. Jane listens as she leads, saying fairly little in reply. "Unsurprising," she replies. Her eyes are still a bit haunted, but less so. She's recovering by degrees. As she stops at a spot close enough to the lab that it can be seen without being seen to approach it, she hopes, one hand gestures to point out it's location. "That's the place. Now we need a taxi."

"Taxi!" Elena calls, stepping -right- into traffic and lifting her hand. ….okay, not really into traffic, but she does step out in such a way that she could be seen on the incoming rush. A yellow taxi cab slows down, her dark eyes drifting to the location of the lab again, before she opens the door and gestures for Jane to go in before her. And whenever the young lawyer has managed to climb in, she follows. She slips in, and closes the door, cradling the blue-covered book on her knees. She'll let Jane field the address. But whenever Jane gives it, off they are to Dr. Suresh's place where he's playing Rachel Ray with Molly.

Sliding into the cab, she chuckles a bit and moves across to admit the other woman. "Smooth. Good hailing skills. If you were in skirts, maybe you could've done the classic old movie maneuver." A quiet laugh follows, as Jane pulls out the address she wrote down and instructs the driver, then sits back.

"Flash a little leg and do the shimmy?" Elena says with a laugh, grinning over at Jane and nudging her slightly. "If I did, my father would know and he would ground me for life. And despite being legal, he has the power to do that, because Fatherly Rage and Mexican Accent with the Propensity To Use His Boots Liberally make him a bit of a scary guy. That and he's driven a van in New York for several years now." And any local would know that New York drivers are weapons of mass destruction in on themselves. "…..but in reality the real reason why I haven't rebelled by now is that I love him and he pays the rent." She winks over at Jane, and glances down at the book. The book. The evil lure.

Molly has an apron that's a little too large for her on over her school clothes. It's decorated with flowers and bunnies on it. Long hair pulled back into two braided pigtails, she's very serious about learning how to cook. Well, not that serious. She's enjoying this. "Okay. Not to much butter milk." Her face is serious as she tries to make sure she's getting /just enough/ into the pan. She doesn't want to ruin their dinner!

Mohinder takes a few steps back, which is about all the space will allow for in the kitchen anyway, to supervise. "There we go, that's just enough. We let this cook for.. oh.. six minutes now. I think you might be making this better than me," he says teasing the girl a little. "I suppose.. we should save some for Matt, what do you think?" Since Daddy #2 is off on assignment someplace and is clearly missing out.

The cab driver speeds off. He nearly knocks down a trashcan, drives so fast the jet stream behind the fast moving object nearly tears the skirt off a few fashionable young ladies walking across the sidewalk (though he probably did that on purpose), and nearly topples a baby carriage full of metal cans reminiscient of the runaway bus from Speed. See? Weapons of mass destruction.

"Yeah," Jane responds with a quiet chuckle. "I was the dutiful daughter too, dutifulled all the way through law school. If that weren't enough, he had the 'my house, my rules' card, along with the 'good luck paying for Yale by yourself' matching card." She doesn't seem too troubled by the driver's insanity, it seems she's been in the city long enough to get accustomed to its cabbies. She uses her cell phone clock to track transit time, and on arrival pays the man.

Molly wrinkles her nose at Mohinder and jumps down off the the chair she was using so that she was taller than the stove. Her pigtails bounce. "You're just teasing me now. But I'm okay with that." She grins and nods enthusiastically. "I'm sure he'll want some. Especially the ice cream." It's been awhile since Mohinder's been okay with having it inside the house.

Mohinder laughs as Molly's onto him. "Who says I was teasing now?" he says with a grin for the girl as he starts to do some clean up around the kitchen, letting the meal simmer there on the stove. "Do you want to go ahead and set the table?" he asks as he rummages in the fridge to get out the drinks and he makes a face.. someone left a hamburger in there. *sigh. Shaking his head, he just leaves it be and pulls out a pitcher of tea.

"I'll pay you my share back later, Jane," Elena says, looking embarassed and quite apologetic. Like Jane, she doesn't seem fazed by the cab's careless driving, simply because she's lived in New York all of her life. She knew this city like the back of her hand, and she knew just how bad the cab drivers can be. So she steps out with Jane, and looks up at the apartment building. Her grip tightens on her backpack unconsciously. She rolls the plan over and over in her head. She only hopes she doesn't scare Jane once she releases her abilities and ties Mohinder to a chair.

Not knowing anything of that plan, Jane exits the cab and heads for the apartment. "You don't have to, Elena," she replies. There's a moment of consideration, silent thinking, before she adds "Dr. Mendel came to visit me today."

It wasn't Molly! Obviously, she doesn't do any of the food shopping. "Then I'll take it as a compliment!" Beaming, the girl goes about setting the table. "I'll do it!" She's getting it all down to a science. Plates, then silverware, then cups, then napkins, then everything is done! And in record time. "Table's set! It okay if I run and finish my math homework before dinner? I just have to do some multiplication problems and I won't have to worry about anything else for the weekend."

"That's fine, go right ahead." Mohinder says as he oversees finishing up the cooking. The chicken has about another minute or so before it should be taken off the burner. The curry is set aside, then the plate of flatbread is set on the table. He has no clue that this domestic scene is about to be interrupted.

"Did he? How did you find his visit?" Elena asks, opening the door for Jane, before walking up the stairs towards Mohinder's apartment behind her. She closes her eyes, and does her best to psych herself up for this. She thinks of the clothesline in her backpack. She thinks about all she's done to release her abilities in the past. She thinks about her father. And Drake. And Eric. And her mother, buried away from soil not consecrated by the faith she held so dear. God give her strength to do what she has to do to protect those closest to her. She'll need a chair though. But she's sure his apartment has a chair.

"He thought the transport was a little cardboardy," Jane replies, "but Gregor is always happy to teach. Today it was something about genera and… orders defining behavior." When the apartment is reached, she raises one hand to knock on the door a few times and waits. "Doctor Suresh has helped me understand a dark time. Told me things he didn't have to. He could've easily faked tests and told me I was roofied."

"Well he's a doctor, isn't he?" Elena says simply. "A false diagnosis would be going against the Hypocratic Oath." She falls silent, however, when Dr. Suresh's door is knocked. She tries not to look so tense. She has the story in her head. She has the plan in place. It's go time. There's no going back now. She has a path. A mission. And NOTHING was going to get in her way.

"Alright! Call me when dinner's ready!" Molly goes flying out of the kitchen and into her adjoining room. Once this work is done, she's free for the rest of the weekend! But as she's running, someone knocks on the door. "I'll get iiiiit!" Still in her bunny apron, she spins around and goes tearing for the door before Mohinder has the chance to answer it first. She loves to do that. Skidding to as top right before she slams into the wall, she tosses the door open. With Sylar behind bars, she has nothing to fear! Seeing the two women standing there, she looks at the expectantly, since she doesn't know them. "Can I help you?"

Mohinder finally takes the chicken off the stove and it definitely passes muster. Of course it was difficult for Molly to mess it up with him overseeing the cooking. "Five more minutes Molly," is called out. Should be enough time for the meal to cool a little. The knock at the door comes as he finishes setting the food down on the table. He turns to go answer, and the girl beats him to it. He really doesn't like it when she does that, it makes his heart skip a few beats. "Molly.." he says as he follows behind the girl and looks up as the door opens. "Dr. Forrest.. and.. ?" He looks just a little surprised and caught off guard by the two women on his doorstep.

And then, when the door opens and wide, luminous eyes full of pure innocence stare up at Jane and herself, Elena…..stares. Her dark eyes fall on Molly, her expression coming from determined, to….well. Picture this. Somewhere, in the back of her head, there is a squad of armed smurfs called, simply, the Alpha Squad. They're about to go ahead and attack the Big Bad Doctor. Unfortunately before they could infiltrate the perimeter with wire cutters, the door of the Mushroom Fortress in front of them opens up….and Little Smurf comes out. With pigtails. And a BUNNY APRON.

Delta Lead gapes, and grabs his war radio. "ABORT THE MISSION! ABORT ABORT ABORT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

Plan A falls to pieces like shattered glass. A weak smile is cast on Molly as her brain smurfs scramble about frantically for Plan B. Unfortunately, they look less than smurfs now, and more like chickens with their heads cut off.

Her eyes move downward and rest on the girl who opens the door, a surprised expression coming to her features. Jane takes a moment to put it aside, and offers "I'm sorry, we were looking for Doctor Suresh. Maybe I wrote down the wrong address…" His appearance, however, proves her wrong about being wrong, and draws further words. "I hadn't realized, Doctor," she begins apologetically. "My friend wanted to talk with you about something and… she has issues with labs." While she's sincere in feeling low about interrupting him at home, there's also a quiet enjoyment, a feeling of more equal footing since he knew where she lived first.

When Elena only smiles weakly at her, Molly keeps the expectant smile on her face, not sure what to make of this girl who is here for something but doesn't speak. However, Jane pipes up and she nods. "Oh! You're here for Mohinder!" Molly glances over her shoulder at Dad 1, about to yell for him, but he's right behind her. She's not sure what this is about, but people come to see Mohinder once in awhile. "I'm gonna go grab my homework. Unless you want me to watch the chicken?" She's trying to be a good little helper.

"That's.. that's quite alright Dr. Forrest. Would you and your friend like to come in?" Mohinder is just too polite really to turn them away, despite it being mealtime. "Molly, why don't you go and set two extra places for our guests if they'd like to join us that is.. Don't worry about the chicken, I've already set that on the table. You can go back to your homework then if you want, but you know this chicken doesn't taste very good reheated." Now he's back to teasing her again.

She sighs, closing the door behind her. Her burgeoning career as Super Latina Superspy has crashed and burned around her like the Hindenburg. Looks like Elena's going to have to stick to what she knows best - and that's to be honest. And sincere. And determined. Much like what she's done most of her life, she'll plow through. She looks up as she watches Molly trot off to talk to Mohinder, and a pang sets into her stomach. She suddenly missed Juanita. It's been days since she's seen her.

Shaking her head, she steps forward and lifts up the blue book. "Forgive me for the intrusion, Dr. Suresh, but you can say I'm more than just a little academically interested in your father's work. I take Theoretical Genetics at NYU. When my friend Jane said that she knew you, I had to come. I'd….have hoped to catch you in a time where you weren't busy, but it looks like you're spending some time with your…." Daughter? "…charge. I can come back at another time if it's a bad one right now."

"Thank you, Doctor," Jane replies, after Elena's expressed her thoughts, and begins to move into the apartment. Nothing's added to her friend's commentary, she chooses to let the latina share or not share whatever she will about herself. Looking downward at Molly, she's about five feet eight, the woman flashes a smile partly tinged with her lingering darkness and lifts her eyes again.

"Okay!" Molly goes about setting two more places at the table, sliding down the other settings so that more people can fit. "I kind of like your curry cold. It's a little weird, but good." These two people seem nice enough. Completely unaware of the havoc they would have wreaked should she not have been the one to open the door, she tries to be on her best behavior.

"No, it's alright. I'm supposed to guest lecture for your class soon if I'm not mistaken.. and your name was?" Mohinder asks of Elena as the ladies enter. "Molly's used to interruptions around here, and you're welcome Dr. Forrest." He .. chooses not to comment to Molly's statement. She's in that age range where straaaange food combinations and styles are all the rage. "If you two ladies would go on and have a seat, we can discuss what's on your minds."

She pauses. "Elena," the young woman states simply, but she doesn't give her last name. "Please call me Elena." She smiles a little bit at Molly. Gah. She's such a cute kid, and at the doctor's direction, she moves to the table. She smells curry, and she ….can't help but look at his kitchen curiously. With all the spices out, the smell of the food, she is once again introduced to a dream that had been dashed at sixteen years old. Still, she takes a seat, looking mollified and glancing down at the table. Her fingers lock together on her lap on the tablecloth. Ah well, a part of Plan A remains. There really IS no going back. But she waits until Jane and Mohinder are at the table.

Bringing up the rear, moving quietly into the apartment in jeans and flat soled soft shoes, Jane reaches the table and fills a seat. Her legs cross at the ankles and hands are rested in her lap, eyes moving around a bit, then returning to the table. Nothing's said by her for the moment, she simply delights in the scents of food that's been prepared here.

Once the table is set, Molly choses a seat and settles into it. Her role as hostess has finished! At least for now. She's sure more will come of it later. "I'm Molly," she introduces since everyone else is giving out their names. Little does Elena know that the two girls have a lot in common for dashed hopes when it comes to family.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Elena," Mohinder says pleasantly enough. He waits for Jane to have a seat before he sits down himself. "There's tea to drink, some soda," at which he eyes Molly, "and water of course. Now.. what was it you ladies wanted?" He looks in turn between Jane and Elena, curious, yet getting a little anxious at the nerves coming off.. mainly Elena.

"It's good to meet you, Molly," the teenager says softly with a small smile. And yes. Perhaps one day she'll find out the similarities between Molly and herself. After a pause, she can't take it anymore. As always, impetuous and hotheaded and one to speak her mind (not to mention a certain stage magician is influencing her to be more assertive), Elena speaks up. "Dr. Suresh, I'm going to level with you." Her dark eyes lift to the handsome Indian man across the table. "I have two people very close to me who want to see you because they think you can help them with certain things that have come up in their lives recently. I think you know what I mean." She pats the book, and sets it aside. "But I won't….well, not really allow since both of them are stubborn, but….I'll be doing my best to keep them from you if…" She pauses, and she shakes her head. "Are you in league with them?" she blurts out, not knowing how else to approach the question. "The Company. Because I know you've been seen in the company of one or two people who I know are operatives. They took a friend of my father's by force and I've confirmed with him that they were the same ones. I had intended to be a little more confrontational about this, and I know you can always lie if you are, but I'm barely a grown up and I don't know what else to do but just….come out with it and hope you'll answer me honestly. I hope you understand, but I'm here first and foremost because I want to protect those who are close to me."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Molly," Jane replies with a quiet smile for the girl. "I'm not a doctor the same way Mohinder is. Jane works for me." Nothing much more is said, she herself wondering how much the girl knows about those who do things beyond the usual, and not wanting to clue her in where no clue of that sort has gone before. She's quite content to let Elena have the floor… until that floor is used. She seems more than a bit surprised to hear such frankness in the girl's presence, and looks a bit less than comfortable. A glance to the Doctor indicates she hadn't quite seen that coming, perhaps chiding herself for that fact, and another glance to see how the girl reacts. Mention of the Company and their actions also draws a reaction, a stiffening she tries to hide, a hint she's had her own issues with that organization. "Elena…" She trails off, because she gets it.

In fact, Molly takes Elena's speech barely batting an eyelash. Like, this is normal dinner conversation. And it kind of is. They've talked about evolution and the Company over dinner before. "The Company isn't that bad," she tells Elena. "They saved my life. Mr. Thompson was really nice. He got me my atlas. But he's gone now." Realizing that no one has gotten food yet and that she's hungry she holds out the serving spoon to the guests. "Chicken Korma?"

Mohinder remains seated as offer of drinks goes unanswered, and Elena's rant. He falls silent, listening patiently to the teenager. Settling back in his seat, he rubs a hand against the back of his head. He was afraid of something like this. "Thank you.. for being up front with me. I will try to be as honest as I can be in return." He looks to Jane for a moment, before trying to meet Elena's gaze. "Sometimes.. we have to do things we aren't proud of for various reasons." Molly's comment has him falling silent as he looks fondly at her. "I don't know what to say to you ladies to make you believe me. I don't mean anyone any harm, I want to continue the research my father started and to help people with abilities. I'm very sorry for what the two of you have gone through, I am. Jane.. if I had of had any say in the matter, you would not have been treated as you were, or the same for your father's friend, Elena." He doesn't want to lie, but he's hesitant to say too much.

"My position has been difficult since my mother died, doctor," Elena says, glancing at Jane and she nods. She knows she's concerned, and she can't help but smile slightly at Molly when she's offered some chicken korma. She takes the spoon offered, being Weak vs. Children and murmuring a quiet thanks to the little girl before looking up at Suresh again. "So I know. I'm…not exactly proud of this. Barging into a man's home whom I've never met and interrupting his time with someone who could be his daughter." Not to mention she intended to drug him and tie him up. But he doesn't need to know that! "But I had to. I'm grown up enough to know that the world isn't in black and white. I'm sure despite the nefarious …..methods employed, the Company is also trying to do some good like keeping dangerous fire-wielding people at bay." She glances at Jane. She had been there. "At the same time, the people I love aren't rats in a cage." She pauses and glances away. "And they're not lambs for slaughter either. It's why I had to ask. I just want to make sure that they can be relatively safe to approach you."

Elena will also help herself to some chicken korma, and passes it onto Jane.

And Then! Ring Ring Ring goes Elena's cellphone.

With her throat suddenly feeling dry, and the girl offering food, Jane lifts her plate. "I'd like Pepsi, if you have it, Mohinder." And to Molly, a nod. "Yes, thank you." She looks fairly surprised, unhidden, to hear the girl speak so easily of these affairs and defend the Company. It's hinted in her eyes she doesn't quite agree, but there's also some curiosity about her experiences to bring about such a conclusion. When she looks back toward Mohinder, the words are simple and sincere. "I believe you. You told me things you didn't have to, and they bore out by things others told me, things I'd… forgotten."

But as Elena mentions fire-wielders and looks at her, she seems quite confused. "What firewielders, Elena?"

"Oh, Mohinder's not my dad," Molly corrects Elena. Is that something that people can mistake? She doesn't look very Indian, does she? Oh well, she could be adopted. Which is actually kind of what she is. "And of course you can trust Mohinder. He's the one that saved my life. He gave me his blood so I wouldn't die." Now that's love. She grins at Jane and jumps up to go fulfill the order for the lawyer. Grabbing a can of Pepsi, she takes one for herself and returns to the table. After handing Jane's over, she pops the top of her own.

"That was very brave of you Elena, not many would have the nerve to do such a thing on behalf of their friends." Mohinder says far too kindly than Elena probably deserves. "No, your friends, family, those with abilities, you are not lab rats or guinea pigs. I'm in full agreement with you on that." Whatever he's about to say, well it doesn't come forth as Elena's phone rings. He falls quiet, then slides back from the table to fetch the pitcher of tea to serve to those who want it. It's iced, sweetened and has a faint chai flavoring to it. Then as Molly pipes up again, does the doctor look embarrassed? Slightly, and very humbled. "I couldn't let you die Molly and you know that."

"….to tell you the truth I almost…" Pissed her pants. "….didn't go through with it, but I had to," Elena says with a sheepish laugh, rubbing the back of her neck. She looks over at Molly and grins. "Yeah I figured. You don't really look Indian but I thought…you know? People could always adopt. I know a lot of single parents." Her dad was one. AND THEN….her phone rings, before Mohinder could continue, and before she could answer Jane's question on fire wielders. She grabs her phone, cherry red, with a cartoon ninja on the LCD display. She sees the caller ID, and she bites back a curse. She has to take it. "Please forgive me," she says, looking apologetic as she answers the phone and turns away from the table for a moment to let them talk amongst themselves. "Hi," she murmurs.

"…Elena!" It's Eric of course on the phone. "Good, you're there…I just…" There's a pause. "…this might sound crazy, but I just got the feeling you were about to do something amazingly…" Pause. "…well…that you were about to do something." He pauses once more. "…you alright?"

And Jane? She gets her cola, thanks Molly, and returns to silence, just absorbing everything that's said. Blood saving the girl? So many stories here, things she didn't know before. Or did she? That's what has the haunted look in her eyes increasing a bit. Fire wielders, and Elena looking at her, as if that should mean something, but it doesn't. Time to simply listen, and process for her.

"I know," the youngest girl says seriously. "That's why they can trust you." That's why she's now living with him and Matt. Her heroes. "He knows we're not guinea pigs!" she gets a little defensively, that part. "He wouldn't let me be treated like a guinea pig." As for the other people, she's not so sure. But her personal experience with Mohinder is a little biased.

Mohinder nods patiently to Elena as she takes her call. He reaches out a hand to squeeze Molly's shoulder. Maybe it's a sign of comfort, or a please stop talking now before you say too much. "No, I wouldn't let anyone experiment with you, they'd have to kill me and Matt first." Can't forget Matt in that. "And.. I don't want anyone experimented on.. needlessly, pointlessly." He feels the need to add those last two words in, given what he's about to do with Mara. "Sometimes a little experimentation is necessary."

Elena eyetwitches a little bit. Amazingly -stupid-? Yes, she heard you loud and clear, you big jerk! She's totally vetoing his cool points later. "I'm -not-," she murmurs. Well. NOW she's not. "Listen…I'm in the middle of something, can I call you back? I'm…having dinner with a few friends. I wouldn't be cutting you off if this wasn't important." She does sound incredibly apologetic, and her voice softens. "Thanks for checking on me."

"It is, Mohinder. I've done some of my own, from the start. After what I told you about the streetlamp and the dog whistles, I wanted to be sure that was me, so I got a small bottle and duplicated the effect, even had someone feel my throat to satisfy herself, because she couldn't hear. Later I decided to try echolocation. The only way we learn is to test ourselves." Her frustrations, felt clearly, also mute. Through all she's experienced lately, it's easily balanced by not having needed a blood transfusion to live.

Molly gets the message when Mohinder puts his hand on her shoulder. It's quiet time. Picking at her supper, she's obviously not all that interested in it. The conversation is really more where her attention is.

"Jane, that's why I said /needless/ experimentation. There's a difference. I've grown up under my father's shadow, followed in his field. There can be no advances in science without testing and experiments." Noticing that Molly's just picking at the meal, Mohinder leans over slightly to whisper, 'Ice cream' at her. "Do you still want to run tests tomorrow as planned then, Jane?"

And with that, Elena shuts off her phone and looks over at the rest. "The fire wielder, Jane," she tells the other woman. "The one who took me hostage in Central Park. The agents called her Kellie. You don't remem-" She pauses, and she sighs. "Of course," she mutters under her breath. She looks over at Mohinder. "My apologies again, doctor," she murmurs. Now she looks embarassed, and a little sheepish. "I know you're only trying to be honest, in truth my interest is more than just personal…" She pauses, and speaks up again. "But if….as long as it's not invasive. I can understand a bit of experimentation—" She is cut off at what Jane says. "Echolocation?" she wonders. "Like bats? Soundwaves of a decibel beyond the 60 that a human being can hear, they can bounce off solid objects and reflect back on the thing transmitting and give the creature a good understanding of what's around them?" She looks at Jane, an awed expression on her face. "Does that mean you can 'see' in the dark, Jane?"

"I do, Mohinder," Jane answers quietly. "I'm better than I was, but I've still got some good, solid screaming to do. Screams of pain, of relief, of gratitude I never needed a blood transfusion to live, especially so young." She turns to Molly, explaining perhaps for the girl's benefit. "I trust Mohinder, Molly. Maybe it seems I don't, but… life is like that. Sometimes new stuff is scary, no matter how old or big we get. It takes time to deal, y'know?" Her eyes linger a moment, hoping that makes sense, before traveling to Elena. "I remember seeing you at Starbucks, and remember talking about me, and trusting you, but… I can't recall any hostage thing. Or fire. And yes, echolocation. I hear and make ultrasound, had to try it."

Molly looks between the three people seated at their table. It's a strange mixture, that's for sure. However, the whispered comment lights up her face and she makes for the freezer. Pulling out a pint of ice cream, she grabs a dish to spoon some out. Who needs dinner when you can have dessert? "I know," she tells Jane from her ice cream preparations. This girl knows better than most her age of how quickly things can change and how scary it can be.

Mohinder straightens up in his seat. He has been left in the dark about Kellie, and he gives Elena a quizzical expression. "Wait.. back up.. what's this about a Kellie? Fire? And agents?" He does though address Elena's concern, "I try to be as non-invasive as possible.. and as you said, you are in science courses, you know already what's necessary to do in the field." Wait.. ack.. Molly! That's not what he.. He groans at the ice cream, but the damage is done. He just.. puts his head in his hand.

She cuts a bit of chicken out of the mass, Elena looking up at Mohinder. "A pyrokinetic escaped. At least I think that's what the scientific term is," she tells Mohinder. She nibbles on her fork, and her eyes widen, glancing down at it. "It…it's delicious!" she says in wonder. She's never really tried Indian food before, and she does look extremely surprised and pleased. At the ice cream, she can't help but grin, and she somehow fights the urge to reach over and tousle Molly's hair playfully. But she continues. "That's what I could gather from the Company agents in the Park that day. She confronted a man in a suit. She called him…" She furrows her brows. "She called him Daddy. Before she tried to fry him with a fireball. She held me as a shield against the agents. I have the burn still, on my back."

Listening now, and eating her food, Jane's eyes reflect her enjoyment of the cuisine, and she resists a chuckle at the ice cream caper. "My compliments to the chef, Mohinder." She glances over at Molly and shakes her head a bit. "Crazy, girl. This is much better than ice cream. Isn't it, Elena?" More of her meal is consumed, and cola imbibed, as she listens to Elena's tale of Kellie, agents, and fire.

"What?" Molly puts on her best innocent look for Mohinder. He didn't tell her /when/ she could have ice cream. So, she'll assume he means now. "Nothing is better than mint chocolate chip ice cream," she retorts to Jane. A big bowl if it now dished out, she returns to her seat to listen to the grown up themes that she would normally be sheltered from.

Mohinder looks very disturbed at Elena's words. His plate remains untouched as does his glass. He turns his head away from those at the table, lost in thought for a bit. "I know nothing of this Kellie, and her involvement with the Company.." And no, he doesn't have any blank holes in his memory, everything's all accounted for. ".. Molly cooked, I gave her the directions." He remains disturbed. There's so much about the Company he's kept in the dark about. It's fair play actually, he doesn't trust them, they don't trust him.

She watches Mohinder, and looks out the window. "Doctor," Elena murmurs. "If you're working for the Company….for like you said. About doing things you have to do that you're not proud of, when you can….but I have…" She pauses. "I have suspicions based on what I've found out that the Company isn't as stable an organization as it looks. It's huge, it's widespread, but there's -something- going on in the infrastructure. So if you are just using them as you imply….you're not the only one."

"Well done, Molly," Jane offers with enthusiasm, as she continues to dine carefully and enjoy her food immensely. Something in the way she eats suggests a blueblood background, the manners she was taught in her own younger days. She doesn't seem to have much to offer the conversation for the moment, and remains silent.

Molly shakes her head at Mohinder. "He's lying," she replies honestly, but good naturedly. "I just kind of put things in the pan when he told me to." That's not cooking, that's being an assistant. That's not important, though. There are discussions going on about the Company and infrastructure. And things she doesn't quite understand, but she'll pretend. Taking a big bite of her ice cream, she swallows as she listens.

Mohinder looks sharply at Elena, not for her, but because he's been pulled from his thoughts. "Elena, I appreciate the concern, I have no illusions about the Company. I.. can't go into further detail as to why I work with them. I'm just.. taken aback by the news of something this large and I wasn't even aware of it. Although, it should come as no surprise to me." Perhaps that's partly why Bob dangled that lab in front of him. They all had something the other party wanted, the mutual arrangement, plus the underlying plan. "Please don't take this the wrong way Elena, I am not ignorant of the failings and the structure of the Company." Not completely anyway. "I did think before I took this leap."

"It's okay," Elena says, finding it in her to smile ruefully. "In the end we're all only human. We all do what we have to do. Usually when people do things, I'd like to think they're doing it for someone else." She glances over at Molly. "I can gather at the very least -some- of the reasons why you joined up with them. I'm….not happy about it. But at the same time you're probably the only person still existing who knows the nitty gritty of your father's work. It makes you priceless. I can't blame you for taking advantage of it to get what you need. I just….whenever these people close to me -do- see you, I hope they won't be harmed. And I hope the Company doesn't implode while you're in it."

As conversation goes on around her, Jane's food diminishes. Most of it is gone by the time she speaks again. "Life is never simple. Everyone from time to time has to make unpleasant choices. We have to pick our battles. Choose wrong, and lose everything. The man who did this to me, three people tell me he's not such a bad guy, in spite of it, like I got the short end of unpleasant choices he had to make. I hope…" Jane trails off to collect her thoughts and choose the right words. "I hope it wasn't like watching a recording, that I didn't betray confidences by my memories being viewed."
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"I've put myself in a very difficult position for various reasons.. and I don't want to harm anyone." Mohinder says, feeling as if he's just been repeating that to people as of late. "Thank you for the concerns. I've actually been saying a few things about the way people are taken into custody. I doubt I'm being listened to, but I can't sit quietly." He sighs as he gathers his thoughts so that he can speak coherently, "Do I agree with certain methods? No. Do I see many alternatives? Not really. I understand why some people are taken off the street. There are some people who have abilities they cannot control.. Jane, you heard me say this much last night.. Some people do need to be kept away from the general population until they learn to control what they've been gifted with. There are people with abilities so extraordinairy that some will commit murder to take what they have.." His eyes fall on Molly, filling with worry for the girl's safety. "It's a slow and arduous process, but I think approaching people to inform them of what they can do, offer assistance and warn them of dangers.. that would be the better way to handle the matter." To Jane, he gives her a sober look before finally picking into what's on his plate. "If he saw what he shouldn't have seen, he won't tell a soul."
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"He's not…he's a good man," Elena says softly. She knows who Jane is talking about. "At least I believe so." Because the Haitian was trying to help her family. Even now she was still waiting for a next visit - but in time, he said. It wasn't time yet. She takes another bite of her food….and realizes she's hungry. "My compliments to the chef, doctor," she tells him. She's relaxed considerably, at the very least. She feels guilty now for saying so. But at what Mohinder says, she looks at him. "Taking abilities….you mean Sylar?" she asks. "Gabriel Gray? I read in the papers he was taken into custody recently. Are they trying him? Will Alexander Marx be prosecuting?" And the girl was no more than 18 years of age. She got around. She glances down at the table. "…I don't suppose you haven't heard of a man the Company used to hold who could make you do things by just talking to you, do you? It's part of the reason why I'm so invested, doctor. This one kills too. Women. With families. Women who don't stand a chance. I agree with locking away the dangerous ones…..but what do they do when they escape? They have trackers, don't they? Why couldn't they find….why…" She falls silent then.

"So do I. I've learned things, met people who trusted me with their secrets, the things they can do. It's been my fear, along with all this, they've been given up through what was done, that simply by knowing I exposed them to risk. I'm better, but it'll still take time to get entirely through it. If the question is trust, the person I trust least is me." Jane lapses back to silence, listening to mention of Sylar and the other who Elena mentions.

Molly frowns at the mention of Sylar. Her boogeyman. While she doesn't comment on him, she quite firmly places her attention on her ice cream. The devouring of it significantly and noticeably slows, though. She's suddenly lost most of her appetite.

"I'm not arrogant enough to believe that I am priceless and above any consequences coming my way for anything I do outside the Company or without their consent." Meaning, Mohinder does have to watch his own backside. He nods to Elena's kind words, "As I said, Molly cooked, under my guidance, and yes, it does count." As Elena brings up Sylar, he turns to the girl. "Molly, if you like, you may take your ice cream and finish it in your room, and your dinner too. I'll help you with any questions on your homework later as well." Yes, stress the actual food part of this. The request is a gentle one while being a suggestion too. He refuses to say anything else about Sylar until Molly's out of the room.

She has no idea that Molly and Sylar are connected, nor does Elena know that their similarities lay root into the very thing that is making Molly quiet. Elena looks on curiously, tilting a glance at Molly and looking confused. Where was the smile? Then again she could understand why Mohinder is sending Molly away. Sylar was nasty business, not something that ought to be talked about around children.

As the topic shifts and Mohinder invites the girl to be elsewhere, so too does something in Jane seem to shift. It's as if she were inwardly saying in a loud voice 'Enough! Stop dwelling on this!' Her posture straightens, she lets her eyes wander for a moment or two, and a slow breath is drawn in then released. "There's a bright side to everything. It's like Ringo wrote. If you wanna sing the blues, you gotta pay your dues, and you know it don't come easy. I've gotten a taste of the pain which inspires great music." Her plate is focused on, and soon the remains of her meal are gone. One hand lifts the soda can. "Excellent, truly excellent."

"Alright," Molly replies to Mohinder, almost in a deferred manner. She's had enough talk of Sylar for one week. Grabbing her plate and balancing her bowl on it, she stands up from the table. "It was nice to meet you, Elena and Jane." Then, quietly and carefully, she heads off for her room to finish her homework and forget about this part of such an interesting dinner.

Once he watches Molly go to her room, Mohinder continues speaking. Albeit, he lowers the volume of his voice, "The police department would want to brag about his capture when they should keep it quiet. He won't remain in custody for long. He's broken out of tighter and more secure cells." He's also keeping the fact that Sylar had a near escape close and under wraps. "As for your mystery murderer, I have no knowledge of that.. I.. did know someone with the power of persuasion." His expression tightens with mourning and anger, "Sylar .. he murdered her too. When he was supposed to be held in captivity. And yes.. there is a tracking system used." Two in fact..

"It's nice to meet you too, Molly," Elena murmurs. Something about the little girl's mannerisms is familiar - part of her feels connected somehow. But it could be just because she hasn't seen Juanita in so long. She was about Molly's age, and wore her hair the same. Still, she can't help but watch, but is brought back to what Mohinder says. She folds her arms on the table, pushing her very empty plate away. What? When did she eat all that? She ninja'd her food! "If that's the case then a piddly little cell in Blue Boys Headquarters isn't going to cut it," she says grimly. And then she pauses….and looks up at Mohinder. "What I don't get is -how- the cops are holding him. If he's killed plenty of people for their abilities and absorbed some of them, wouldn't he be able to get out easily?"

"Likewise, Molly," the guitar playing lawyer answers. Nothing more is said until the girl is gone and Mohinder speaks again. But when he has, the first thing to break the silence is "Tracking system?" Jane's features are darkening again. "What kind of tracking system?" The eyes rest intently upon Mohinder, she waits for the answer. "It sounds like the only answer is to kill Sylar. A kill or be killed situation."

"No, it's not going to." Mohinder says and leans back in his seat, running both hands through his hair in a rough manner. A short, humorless laugh comes forth. "The police in general are not aware of his crimes, what he's done, what he's capable of doing. The most they think he's done, is murder his mother. Right now.. his abilities.. something is wrong with him, he's unable to use them. That's how we were able to subdue him, yet he won't be held for long." Then he looks across at Elena as if something just came to him. "How are you aware of what he's done, who he is? It's not exactly public knowledge, the details and such." Knowing that Jane won't let him avoid her question, he answers, but doesn't look at her. "Those marks on your neck. It's from their tagging method.. and no.. I don't endorse the practice, nor do I take any part of it. As for Sylar again, he /was/ killed. I have no idea how he survived."

"It's a tagging method, Jane," Elena says simply, tapping her fork absently on her plate. "Like how scientists try to track animals in their natural habitat. Especially marine animals because it's so hard to find them again on open water. Only on humans." She blinks when she just echoes Mohinder at what he says. "I don't know what it is exactly, what's causing those marks…but I've examined them on someone I know. I didn't feel anything metallic underneath, I thought it would be an implant or something but I was wrong - I didn't feel anything. I tried to tell him to get x-rayed, but he refused." When Mohinder questions -her-, this time around, she pauses. "Jane doesn't remember this but Jane is my source for most of this. Jane and a friend of mine and someone on the inside of the Company I can't identify for fear of compromising the agent helping me. I know I look young, but….tenacity can overcome it. Most of my information is admittedly secondhand, from Jane, from a woman who runs an organization. A Foundation. The same Foundation that burned down after I came across Jane and saw the signs of a mind-wipe. I don't remember my own encounter myself…but people close to me swore that I had been mindwiped too, for incidents they had to describe to me that I don't remember. It's also why I'm….just starting to become aware of my own special set of skills. Apparently I could do things before, but what they were and how had been wiped because my conscious discovery of them were closely tied to the events that the Company wanted wiped from me. It's….a very subtle ability, in its benign form." ….so what is it in it's UNbenign form? "But ever since then, things around me just got stranger and stranger. But I don't think the Company knows about my gift. I would like to keep it that way, Doctor, if you could. You're the only one in the organization who knows for sure I think."

"Marks," she repeats, her voice quiet, the teeth seeming to grit. "On my neck. Where?" Jane doesn't seem to have spotted them yet. She turns her head to one side and pulls down the collar of her shirt, craning to try spotting them, but can't find anything. They're placed just so she'd have great difficulty in that task. But anyone else watching, well, they can be seen on her, to one side or the other. Soon enough she turns her head in the opposite direction, seeking and not finding again. Little attention is paid to what Elena's just been saying. "Where are they? Can you see them? I don't."

She reaches in, Elena pulling out her backpack and finding her portable makeup kit. She pulls out a compact mirror, flips it open, and leans over to try and show Jane as she turns this way and that. She explains to Mohinder as she continues. "But the woman who runs this Foundation has intimate knowledge of the Company's operations. I don't know how. Jane never said it when she could remember. She approached me in the first place because she recognized me as the hostage in Central Park. Jane is a witness."

"It's a radioactive isotope." Mohinder explains simply enough. He frowns as the discussion goes on. "I'm not familiar with this Foundation.. or /how/ that woman could have possibly of gained such information.. I see.." There is no pressure for Elena to give up further information. "Thank you for the discretion, the less I know, probably the better off I'll be… and I won't say a word about your ability Elena." He still doesn't look in Jane's direction. "It's.. how I found you.. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the full truth. I.. My position is very delicate.." He would probably feel paranoid for talking with the ladies now, about these topics, if he weren't sure that his home wasn't bugged. "I think.. your friend with the Foundation.. she should lower her profile, take care with whom she speaks with." Visibly distracted, he now gets up from the table and starts clearing away dishes.

As the mirror is produced and looked into, the twin marks are found, just below the curve of her neck toward the back where she can't quite see without help. Jane's eyes close tightly, her fingers take a white knuckle grip on the table's edge, and her mouth starts to open. Is she gonna blow? Given the description of her ability from the woman herself, it might be a good idea to hide the breakables, and fast. There's no apparent sound being made, but how much can that really mean? Her lungs fill with air, a deep breath being drawn in, and…

Seconds pass, she seems to have dredged up the restraint to show mercy upon Mohinder's glass possessions, and her mouth closes without the slightest evidence of shattering objects. "Tomorrow, Mohinder," she states slowly, "we work on my issues. Where I can safely let it all out."

She stands up from where she is, and Elena? Helps clear the table. She has to, it's the way she was raised. "I know," she mutters. "I can't help but think….well." She smirks. "It's pretty ballsy what you're doing, doctor," she tells Suresh. She sets the plates she has in the sink to soak. And as always, whenever she speaks of these things, she keeps a few things to herself. While she gives most of it because these people have to know, there are some things that would jeopardize her own interests here. "I can't help but envy that. I'm not that fearless. I don't think my heartrate lowered any on the way here." She also looks over at Jane, looking concerned as she examines her neck.

Mohinder blinks with surprise at Elena's assistance, but looks grateful. Any leftovers are put away for Matt to raid later. A nervous laugh escapes, "I think it's suicidal actually. I'm not even sure /what/ I'm doing.. the only thing I am certain of, is that I look after Molly's best interests." To both women, he turns and addresses, "Keep your heads down, stay under the radar as best you can. Don't go out of your way, either of you, to display your abilities.. Jane I realize this is moot as the Company is aware of you.. but.. Don't do anything that would make them come after you." Jane's words, they do earn a nod. "Tomorrow then. My lab.. Try to rest well before hand. I think.. it's best if you two go on and forget that you had this visit with me."

"Ballsy," Elena says with a nod, because if Suresh dies, limitless possibilities could die with him. He knows about this. He's intimate with the knowledge a dead man possesses. Out of everyone else in the planet, he's the one who -really knows- what's going on down to the cellular level. Or if he's not, he's getting there given he has a lab at his disposal. "Besides….if given the choice I think my father would've done the same." She pauses, and looks at the scientist earnestly. "Thank you for the dinner, it was very delicious. And for what you've been able to tell me. I appreciate your frankness and I hope my presence didn't offend."

She begins to also lend a hand in clearing the table, gathering and carrying what dishes remain into the kitchen and to the sink. "These were private discussions between us, rest assured," Jane replies, still clearly fuming. "They're not just aware of me. Hell, they're my neighbors." Despite the severity of her emotion, she does place the dishes down gently and silently. "Very ballsy, just like she said. Thanks for letting me in on the truth, Mohinder. I'm more cautious now than I had been, but I also won't live my life in terror."

Mohinder nods to Elena, "You're quite welcome. It would have been rude to turn away guests with a full meal prepared.. and no. Your presence was in no way offensive." He regards both women with something akin to admiration. "No. I don't expect you would. Just take caution. I think it's reprehensible that the next stage in our evolutionary process is being hunted and made to feel like wild animals."

"Well…" Elena laughs, grinning sheepishly and rubbing the back of her neck. "I can't help but feel a little guilty, being a meddling kid and barging in your apartment with guns blazing. Sort of. But I'm glad I took the risk to just come out with it." She glances over at where Molly had disappeared to. "Is she going to be alright?" she asks. "You mentioned she had a transfusion."

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Subject: Text message.

Around midnight, you receive this brief message from Jack:

Must meet tommorow - urgent.


BEEP BEEP. Her cherry red phone rings. Was it Eric? Elena bites back a groan, taking it out and looking at the text that just arrived. What she sees wipes the smile out of her face.

"Wild animals," Jane replies darkly, "attack and bite when they're pissed off." The geneticist is regarded quietly for some moments, before she offers "My legal forte is copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property. If you want to publish someday and need advice on protecting your product, you've got a free attorney, Mohinder."

"In your own terms, it was 'ballsy'," Mohinder says in return to Elena. The word probably sounding funny in his colonial and proper accent. "She's .. that's no longer her problem." His concern for Molly is short lived on the surface as Jane catches his attention. Surprise! "Thank you, I just might hold you to that. So far, I've not thought of publishing anything.. yet." As Elena's phone rings, he glances her way and takes note of her expression.

She snaps her phone shut slowly, Elena glancing out the window for a moment. She doesn't seem to be in any hurry though, so while the expression is on her face, it doesn't look like the sort of emergency where she has to run out of the door. She does look really worried though. But Mohinder and Jane especially would probably recognize the expression on her face: Worry. But she turns and smiles over to Dr. Suresh. "Thank you again. I'm sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances, doctor. I respect your father's work very much." She beams at him, a glimpse of the more carefree side of her coming to her face. "I'm looking forward to your lecture at NYU."

Elena starts stepping for the door, backwards, carrying her things. She calls to the other hallway. "Bye Molly!"

"Are you okay, Elena?" Jane asks, not missing the worry on her face. She moves toward the latina, turning back for a moment to offer "Good night, Mohinder." And louder. "Good night, Molly!" And she's headed out too, concerned for her friend.

"That's quite alright. Unfortunately, I do seem to meet people under less than ideal circumstances. It goes with the territory." Mohinder says this all with a faint grin for both ladies. "Thank you, for believing what my father had to say, and I as well. It would mean the world to him." A smile is still given to both women as he escorts them to the door, "Good night to the two of you as well."

"Goodnight," Elena says, stepping out with Jane and letting the door close. To her friend's inquiry, she turns to her. "I'm alright," Elena says as she steps down the hall, glancing over at Jane. "A friend of mine just sent me something that looked urgent is all, but I won't be able to meet him until tomorrow." She keeps walking, intending to get out as fast as possible - and then she pauses. She tries to take Jane's arm gently, and if successful? She'll steer her to the other side so they can move out through the back of the building instead of the front. Jack was right. Fear kept people sharp.

And that's not all that's rubbing off her as far as the brash Irishman was concerned.

"Jane…" she continues sofly, looking towards the attorney. "I know I caught you off guard. I'm sorry. I hope you didn't think I used you to get to him, in truth when I found out those things about him and you mentioned you were going to see him, I panicked. I didn't know what he was going to do to you, so I thought me being there….but I see I jumped the gun. I'm sorry."

She doesn't offer any resistance to being led through a different exit than they arrived by, Jane seems to get the reason behind it. She's still clearly fuming about the marks on her body and what they do. "I get it," she replies tersely. "We've been through the same things lately. Are you tagged too, Elena?"

"No," Elena says quietly as she keeps walking, down the stairs and through the hall and she busily hunts for the main, back door of the building. She finds it eventually, and proceeds to lead her friend to it. "I was spared that. And I'm trying to keep it that way. I think the reason why is because they don't think I'm one of you. And if that's the case? I'd like to keep it that way too."

"I won't give it away, at least not knowingly. I can't say they won't get info without me even knowing, though." Jane's teeth grit as she walks along, remarking "I knew you'd have concerns, so did I. But I'd also gotten the same thing from three different sources. Are you sure you're not marked? It's so hard to spot." She reaches out as if to check, should she be permitted to.

"I'm sure," Elena says, withdrawing her collar away so Jane could see her neck - her skin was smooth, and unblemished. "They don't know about me. All they know I think is that I saw something I wasn't supposed to. I think they're only interested in tagging those who they know have special abilities. I'm lucky mine is hard to spot unless something goes extremely wrong."

"You're clean," Jane confirms, slightly relieved. "I won't ask what you do, you either want me to know or you don't." Her fingers let go of the collar and she keeps walking, out the back door and onto the street. "I was so close in there, Elena, when I found out. Mohinder almost wound up with no windows and a huge shattery mess to clean up." She runs a hand slowly throug her hair, straightening the ponytail and resecuring it behind her.

"Is it hard to control the urge?" Elena asks. "Is the doctor going to help you try and suppress it?" She looks at her, opening the back door and stepping out. She waits for Jane, before stepping into the night. It was chilly, puffs of white expel from her lips. She zips her jacket up higher, and pulls her hood up over her head to obscure her features under shadow even more. "And the reason why I haven't told you is because I'm still trying to find out what it is exactly. Whatever I have, it has two sides. It can be benign, but it can also be….not. The problem with testing it is….my testing would require a living subject. Which is why I'm so hesitant to say anything."

"It's not hard, it's just a matter of remembering," Jane answers. "I just have to remember when I feel like screaming, and I feel that a lot lately, what can happen if I let go. If you scream, you usually hit the highest pitch you can, right? Without thinking or trying, that's the way it works?" She watches the face to see if her words make sense, and while doing so offers "Try on me sometime, Elena."

"Typically, yes. Though the way you describe it makes sense," says the younger woman, kicking a stone away and tucking her hands in her pockets as she walks next to her friend. "Control is conscious. And from what I've been able to study, the switch is in our brains. I just haven't found the right brainwave yet because I don't have the tools to monitor someone while an ability is active. It could be either the Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta waves, or it could be a combination. Seeing what happens would further my understanding greatly. But screaming is usually an instinctive thing if it's done out of fright, and the effects of that scream are coded into your genes, which is why you need to remember not to in order to suppress it. It's like…it's almost like two separate systems working together." She looks at Jane, startled by the offer. Jane would see past the shadows of the hood, her dark eyes wide. Elena blanches a little bit. "Jane…" she whispers. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You can choose to scream or not, but if you do, it goes to the highest pitch you can make. It's the same for me. So I hold myself back, even when the frustration and anger builds." Her eyes study the latina's, and she offers steadily "I can handle it." Jane pauses, watching and waiting.

After a pause, Elena nods. It would probably help with control - or it could give her a mental block. She didn't know. She never tested her abilities before, which was ironic because she had been testing others. "Alright. Some point next week when it's not dark out," she jokes with a wink. Apprehension, however, is in her dark eyes as she walks with Jane to the street. "Iiiiiiiiiiii think," she says. "We should stop by this hole-in-the-wall smoothie joint I know of for a non-alcoholic nightcap before we head home today. Whaddaya think?"

"Deal," she replies with a chuckle. "See, friends help each other, back each other up. You've got it, you need to know what it's capable of doing. But you do handle whatever you've got well, I've seen you upset and nothing unpleasant happened. From what you tell me, you were even held by a firestarter and nothing happened without your direct action, otherwise you'd not have been held or burned."

She blinks a little bit at Jane, and then Elena ponders. Jane…might have struck into something there. There's a niggling feeling at the back of her mind as she turns over and over what Jane says. Inspiration, a small bud blooming in the back of her mind, is there. She'll have to remember it - there was something there. She feels it. And then, it hits. A eureka moment. A eureka moment that MUST be tested sometime this week. She whirls on her friend, her eyes bugging out. "Jane….Jane, you're….you're a GENIUS! A genius!" She reaches out to clasp her friend in both shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and her worries falling away for a moment. "Come on, the smoothie's on me. I'll explain whenever we meet up to test myself. But you're a genius! I can't believe I didn't think of it before!"

Chuckling, as seeing the reaction chases away some of her melancholy and anger, Jane follows. "This should be interesting." Her arms cross behind Elena's back, returning the embrace, and letting it continue as long as she lets it. "Lead the way, chica."

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