2007-02-27: For Better Or Worse


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Summary: D.L. goes to get his wife. Dammit.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

For Better Or Worse

Fieldcrest Hospital

1:11AM. Fieldcrest Hospital, somewhere outside the city. New York.

All is never truly quiet in a hospital, but activity has died down to a calm routine in this small, private facility. Oddly, it's even more quiet in the separate wing devoted to the refugees - so to speak - from Primatech Research in Hartsdale, sectioned away at the back end of the building. Maybe that's because a lot of the doors get securely locked at night - or most hours of the day. One such room belongs to Niki Sanders. It's Spartan, but not exactly a cell. Some end tables, chairs, a vase of fake flowers. There's even a TV, and a magazine on bedside table. Less quaint and mundane is the reinforced steel on the door and the restraints attached to the hospital bed, although they're currently unused. All this is cast in darkness, save for the slatted light that sneaks in from the blind-covered window that looks into the corridor.

Niki is lost in a fitful sleep, half-tangled in white bedsheets, tossing and turning, her blonde hair a mess.

1:15 AM. Outside.

The rental car is parked nearby, but not exactly close enough to get caught on any cameras. Not that D.L. doesn't trust this place, but he doesn't trust this place. Hell, if it wasn't for Micah, he wouldn't even know about this place. The door to the rental car has been left open and D.L. has already started to make his way towards the building.

Getting inside is a piece of cake for Mr. Hawkins. He simply walks through the wall. Lucky for him, most of the guards have either passed through his corridor already or are just not paying attention. He's not worried about cameras or anything, as he's passing through another wall moments later, turning a corner and passing through another one. He takes mental notes of how this looks less and less like a hospital with each passing wall-through.

Finally, he achieves his destination, which seems to be the room belonging to his wife. With a quick look around, he's phasing right through the wall and into the dark room. It's a steady process, as he doesn't want to shock her or scare her or something. But it's happening right at this moment.

Seconds later, and for the second time today - well, technically it's a new day, given the hour - Niki wakes with a jarring start. It might be because she heard something. It might be a complete fluke brought on by her timely and unpleasant dreams. Who knows? She'll never know for sure. This time, she doesn't launch up; no, her eyes fly open, fighting against the darkness, while she tries to pinpoint why, exactly, she just woke up. Assuming it was a random noise in the hall - those happen unexpectedly around here - she only gives her dark room a quick glance around, completely missing her visitor in the shadows. She slowly sinks into the bed a bit more, but tenseness still lingering nonetheless, she runs her hands through her drabber-than-usual hair, clutches it, and stares at the ceiling.

"Baby…" D.L.'s voice comes from the shadows of the room, before he steps into the dim light coming from the window. He stands there, looking as if he'd just been searching the ends of the earth for her. And, in a way, he kind of has. He doesn't stop moving, immediately making his way towards the side of the bed, where he can try and get closer to his wife. "Baby, it's me." He's dropping down quickly to crouch beside it, reaching out with his hand to try and touch her… feel her. God, he loves her. One quick glance over his shoulder, just in case.

The second she hears a voice in her room, Niki jumps up in bed, instinctively grabbing the edge of the grey blanket that half-covers her body, and shoots her gaze toward its source. It sounds like… it can't be— it doesn't take much longer for Niki to get the surprise of the … whole month, at the very least. When her eyes confirm what her ears are hearing, conflicting emotions automatically rush to the forefront of her expression plain as day: she's overwhelmed. "D.L.?!" It's a shocked half-whisper. She finds herself staring at him as he moves toward the bed, almost warily, as if he's some kind of illusion that might disappear if she looks away. She reaches out and takes his hand— but that's hardly enough, so she's launching over to wrap her arms around his shoulders in no time. And she holds like she'll never let him leave. "Oh my God, D.L., what are you doing here?! If they catch you here…"

"They won't." D.L. says with that reassuring tone of his that he tends to take on whenever he's about to do something stupid. "And they won't catch you either." His arms are wrapping themselves around her. He pours the muscle on, squeezing her tightly as if to make sure that she's both real and not going to be going anywhere unless it's with him. He can only hold her like that for so long before he draws her back, away so that he can look at her. So he can see those eyes and make sure he's talking to Niki and not… anyone else. "Come on. I gotta' get you outta' here." He's already got his usual 'determined and stubborn' combination facial expression on. Doesn't look like he's ready to have a discussion about this decision.

For all her supermom strength, and the way that she clings to him - firm, real, strong - Niki seems pretty fragile in D.L.'s arms. She's reluctant to let go, and when she does, holding onto her husband's arms, she adopts a similar paranoia and glances quickly toward the window. Lucky for D.L., it's most certainly Niki he's looking at. Even Jessica would have a hard time pulling off the vulnerable, anxious look on the woman's face, the soft glint in her eye. Unluckily for D.L., she's about to throw a monkey wrench into his rescue mission. "I /can't leave/," she says. Scratch that. /Implores/. She knows how D.L. gets when he puts his mind to something. "I came here to get help, and I intend to stay it out. As long as it takes, D.L. They're the only people who have any chance of helping what I am. If I leave now—"

"You'll be back home with me and Micah." D.L. is not trying to hear this bullshit. He's just not. And censorship be damned if he's going to crouch here and listen to it. "I know you need help. But you don't have to get it alone. I can't…" He looks off to the side, not even for paranoid reasons so much as not liking where this discussion is going. "… Micah needs you. I need you." He sighs and finally drags his gaze back towards her so that he can try and show her how much he loves her. Just by looking at her.

Niki poises herself on her knees on the bed, shaking her head over and over and over again on repeat— but when her eyes lock on D.L.'s, his message comes across loud and clear. Of all things, it makes her frown. She slowly sits down on her heels, watching her unexpected visitor in momentary silence. Finally, pressing her lips together hard, tightening her jaw, she blinks watery eyes and looks away. "I missed you… I miss Micah— how is he?" The question is nearly frantic, but it's just her overwhelming need to know he's okay. "/Where/ is he? You came all this way, God, D.L., how did you even find me?" She rakes a hand through her hair again. "I don't know what's gonna happen if you take me out of here… to us, to you. I think they want you for some reason, D.L. This girl, she threatened me. With Micah. I thought… I don't know, the things I've seen since I came here…"

"He's fine, baby. He's with Monica." D.L.'s not really trying to have this conversation here. Not in the place that he's trying to get her to leave. But if he has to say these things to get her to leave with her, then that's what he's going to do. "Micah found you." is the response to the more important question, as he's figuring that will assist in getting her to leave with him. "He wants you home just as much as I do." He's on the verge of pleading here, leaning onto the bed and moving to press his forehead against hers. Closeness tends to make things seem better. Even just a little. "Niki, you need to come with me. We need to leave. I don't care what they want. If they come after us, we'll deal with it. Together. As a family." Or they'll run. Simple.

"…Your niece? In New Orleans?" It's a bit of a jump in Niki's mind and, understandably, she's confused. She's been segregated for awhile, who can blame her for being out of the loop? She leans her forehead into D.L.'s, twining her arms around his neck. Throwing caution to the wind for a few moments, the possibility of any patrolling hospital personnel lurking in the hall ignored, she closes her eyes for a few moments. To be close to D.L., and also to think, try to clear her head, but with him here, now, after so long… it's counterproductive. "What if you can't deal with /me/, D.L.?" she asks in a whisper, moving back a few inches to look him in the eye. "I don't want to hurt you or Micah, not again," and the thought clearly hurts her.

Muffled sounds in the hallway draw her attention. Footsteps. Niki just looks at D.L., wavering. It's now or never.

D.L. hears them. He definitely hears them. But he's more focused on Niki right now. "I can. I will." D.L. states plainly, almost as if he's got some sort of new special ability or something. The confidence he has in this is stronger than ever. He's lying his ass off, but Niki doesn't need to know that. The muffled sounds are too close now and D.L. is up on his feet faster than is capable. He's got his hands out, reaching to pull Niki with him, even as his eyes are looking off towards the door. Watching to see the knob turn. Watching for any signs of entry. "We're leaving. Now." That's the ol' Husband Putting His Foot Down tone, right there. He's not leaving here without her.

That's it. Right there. D.L.'s confidence, the fact that he's /here/, not miles and miles away, and the chance of seeing Micah-the approaching footsteps just snowball her urgency. Taking on a look of determination, Niki scrambles out of the nest of sheets. Shoving the grey blanket aside, she heads for D.L.'s arms. Rescuer, kidnapper, whatever the case, she's going with him, despite her pleas to stay. She had it all worked out a minute ago, yet… "We have to hurry."

D.L. grabs Niki's hand and holds it tight in his own fingers. Squeezing even, just to make sure she doesn't slip away. "I love you." is what he says, before she probably starts to feel some strange sensation over her body. Oh yes, it's time for a little Interphasial Relationship, because he's making them both intangible and is headed for the wall on the far side of the room. He has no idea about the layout of this facility, but he's pretty sure he can get them outside in record time.

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