2007-11-23: For Charity's Sake


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Summary: Ramon and Desiree attend a black tie charity function and meet the CEO of White Knight Arms.

Date It Happened: November 23rd, 2007

For Charity's Sake

New York City

Ramon has tried to be a pleasant person to be around, but since Elena fell sick its a struggle for him. He's often taciturn, often work-a-holic, and often grouchy, as hard as he tries to curb it for his family. A lot of the times, rather than take it out on them, he goes in to work, or else he mows the lawn or paints the house or does any of a number of endless tasks. So distracted is he that he ends up mentioning to poor Dezi about a week before the impending Thanksgiving that he passed out an invitation or two — to Eric, and to Lee — but it's pretty clear he hasn't felt like celebrating. He's getting more and more convinced that his daughter is probably going to die.

But when a black tie dinner for the DRCD Foundation — Disease Research and Cure Development — was announced, he paid for two plates and took Dezi out to buy a nice dress. He took a deep breath and brushed a kiss across her cheek, rumbling that he was sorry for being such a bear. He's trying, he really is, not to be. He asked her very nicely if she'd go with him, looking like a forlorn Doberman who knows he's chewed up every piece of furniture in the house.

This is one of those things with live string band and funny foods that Ramon has never heard of, and people talking about the wines as if they're old personal friends. That means Mr. Chairman of the Board sure as hell sticks out like a sore thumb. He has one of those mini-corns on a toothpick now, and is eyeing it suspiciously.

Desiree is optimistic. Now, as she stands beside Ramon, she's still as optimistic as ever. She has to be, to counteract his cynicism. She has to remind him that there's still hope. She wears the pretty dress he bought for her — it's a dark forest green number, floor-length and altogether gown-like. Elegant. She feels out of place too, but at least she doesn't look out of place. (You know, until she opens her mouth to anyone important.) "It ain't gonna bite you," she reassures Ramon. "Think of it as bite-sized corn on the cob without the cob."

There are some that stick out, and there are some people that seem to just live there and love it. Alexander Knight is one of those people that seems to belong. A smile on the tall, fit mans face. He's dressed in a tailored white suit with a black tie. He looks good, and he knows he looks good. A smile crosses his face as he winds his way between people, nodding to those he knows, smiling still to those he doesn't.

Especially if they happen to be good looking women.

Good looking women like Desiree.

So Knight smiles widely at her, eyes sparkling as he slides on by the couple before he blinks a moment at Ramon. Well. Doesn't he look like a bulldog out of place. A glance then at the corn on a stick and he just pauses, then sighs and shakes his head slightly. What the hell is this party coming too? Corn on a stick?

Seeing Knight ogling his woman, Ramon suddenly bites the thing in half. He lets the toothpick and the rest of the thing fall into a local garbage pail, and glowers at the newcomer with his single eye. He also puts an arm around Dezi because…no. He's not a Neanderthal at all, why do you ask? "Yeah, its good," he tells Dezi distractedly, even though that's a damn lie. The thing tastes like vinegar.

In addition to being optimistic, Desiree is occasionally oblivious. Now, sometimes, she's the epitomy of perception — her keen senses sometimes even stretch into events that haven't happened yet. Now is not one of those times. Not only does she not realize Alexander Knight as anyone of importance, she also doesn't even glance at him as he walks past, and mistakes Ramon's glowering at the man for glowering in general. Maybe at the corn. Maybe at the world at large. "…better in Chinese food," she mumbles. "I think I see somethin' chocolate-covered," she says, leaning in that direction and thus tugging Ramon with her.

Oh. It’s the eyepatch and the glower that cinches it. The glower can make things so much more fun it can. "…ah! I knew you looked familiar." Knight suddenly addresses Ramon, his attention apparently turned entirely towards the man instead of his date. "You’re the CEO of…EvoSoft isn't it? I think I have a board meeting with you later this week." He sounds all too cheerful, all too optimistic. "Alexander Knight, CEO of White Knight Arms." He introduces himself, holding his hand out for Ramon to shake in greeting. Then he'll transfer his smile towards Desiree along with the offered hand, after all. It’s just polite to introduce everyone isn't it?

Ramon doesn't usually have one of those iron-grip painful handshakes that attempts to intimidate the other person. Funny how he's just /developing one/ now. "Chairman of the Board," he corrects. By now he's figured out that's even better than CEO. "I hadn't realized you'd joined the board of EvoSoft, Mr. Knight. This is my wife," okay, so not yet, but Ramon's going to claim it, "Dezi. Dezi, this is apparently Alexander Knight. Of White Knight Arms." Meanwhile he's frantically searching his memory to try to figure out WTF business they're in. He's guessing weapons, but…

But— with the chocolates and-they're over there— ! That's the extent of Desiree's expression immediately after twirling around to face the man who waylays the trip to better appetizers. "Arms?" When she reaches out and takes Knight's hand, she's distracted, her grip less firm and warm as it might normally be, but her friendly smile eventually appears in all its warm glory. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Knight," she says in her Southern drawl.

"Right right, Chairman of the Board," Ow. Ow. Ow. He doesn't wince though, he gives as good as he gets though on the bone crushing handshake. "…join the board, oh god no." Knight replies with a quirking of his lips. "Maybe board meeting is the wrong word. You and I have a meeting to discuss some merger opportunities is all." Then a charming smile. "Ah look at me, talking shop when this is supposed to be a charity meeting. Sorry." A glance at Dezi then. "I'm the owner of a small company, we make non-lethal weapons for security agencies. Not the most lucrative business, but I get by." He smiles again, yes. He looks like he gets by. "And I work on old cars on the side." He adds cheerfully. A mock sigh then before he shakes his head. "Ah, the second beautiful woman I've met in a week that’s taken. My luck must be failing me." A grin then and he waves them towards the appetizer table. "Come on though, I've distracted you two in your search of refreshments. At least let me show you the good ones."

Ooof. Ramon struggles not to let his /own/ bone crush show on his face. He smiles, bright and tight. "Merger opportunities? Is White Knight doing so poorly that they're hoping that Evosoft will buy them?" Brilliant smile. Sharklike. He may still be learning, but boy oh boy, digging around in the heads of the sharks has still given him some broadened horizons. "Make sure you show us to the good chocolate refreshments, my wife likes those."

Dezi opens her mouth to say almost wife, but doesn't mind the assumption, in the end, and stays quiet. Well … almost quiet. "You must not meet a lotta women, then," she says casually. It just comes out. She has no control over these things sometimes. "Non-lethal, like … whiffle bats? Ain't weapons designed for the main reason to be lethal, Mr. Knight?" Bold brows lift up over bright hazel eyes that peer at Knight, sparkling with sincere curiosity.

"Not a lot of beautiful women," Alexander replies with a laugh as he strolls towards the table, still in a good mood it seems. He shakes his head slightly. "Oh EvoSoft only wishes." He adds cheerfully. "No, there’s a few new weapons in the works from me and they need advanced software to make work right." A pause. "It was all in a memo that we sent your office." He adds curiously.

You did get the memo didn't you Ramon?

Looking back towards Dezi though he smiles. "You would be surprised how often I get that same question. Weapons are designed to be lethal yes, but they don't have to be. Tazers, rubber bullets, different kinds of car security devices. We work with several armored car companies as well." He pauses a moment before pointing over towards several of the plates. "Those are the best chocolates."

Of course Ramon got the memo. The question is, did he bother to read it. He has a habit of telling his secretary to tell him when something's getting close to being important to read. Anything involving viruses gets high priority; rubber bullets gets low priority. So the man falls back to the gold standard: he gives a noncommittal, sour grunt. "Skimmed it."

"Hmmm," is Desiree's eloquent answer to Knight's explanations on non-lethal arms, her head tipping back in a vague nod before her eyes start to wander to things like those chocolates.

Skimmed it is it? Lovely. Knight just shakes his head only slightly. Ah well. He can always deal with it later. As Desi's eye go towards the chocolates he chuckles though. "Go on Desiree wasn't it? There good. That ones dark chocolate. That's white. I like the dark myself." A glance back towards Ramon. "…well, I hope it works this merger. I'm looking forwards to getting this new little toy built."

"Just what is the new little toy?" Ramon asks, finally releasing Dezi's waist so she can get at her treats. It occurs to him that grunting and growling at potential business partners is probably somewhere in the Things Not To Do section of Running Corporations for Dummies. So he relaxes a fraction, and his snarling becomes only his normal low, rumbling, rasping growl.

Business talk is about as exciting as … well, it's as exciting as it sounds, which is to say Desiree's attention span starts to go out the window. After sympathetic look toward Ramon (he has to stick out the business talk, after all), she starts to drift toward the array of sweets, simultaneously ignoring Knight and taking his advice: the dark chocolate.

Business is business. It’s money and power. Knight likes all that. "…Oh it’s just some kind of sonic doodad, I don't know how to explain it. Besides," A smirk. "You didn't really come all the way here to talk business now did you?" He says cheerfully towards Ramon, before leaning over slightly and stage whispering. "I think we might be boring your wife." He winks then towards Dezi.

Sonic…doodad. Ramon scowls briefly. "I'll look over the memo more thoroughly in the morning." Then he steps closer to his wife, irritated at the idea that anything he does might not be fascinating to her. Not because he expects it, but because this /guy/ is there. Semi-flirting with her. And he's better looking, more confident, richer…grrrr.

Ramon's "wife" is busy chewing on a chocolate that, for a lady, should have taken at least four bites, and staring at an artfully arranged plate of strawberries like it's the most intricate and mesmerizing thing she's ever seen. When she notices Ramon's proximity again, though, she looks back toward the two men and smiles thinly but widely. "…s'good chocolate," she tells Ramon.

"I'm glad you like it," Knight's rueful little grin towards Dezi doesn't even falter in the face of Ramon being rather growly. Semi-flirting? Oh no. He's just being polite. After all who would flirt with someone's wife eh? That would just be rude. "I paid for most of the deserts they catered tonight." He adds cheerfully. "Its not one of my usual hobbies, but I thought this was a good event to help out with."

"It is a good event," Ramon says gravely. And okay, some of his animosity melts away. The guy pitched in to this thing more than buying a charity plate. Which is actually more than Ramon did, cause he caught sight of this thing at the last minute. He looks around, worry flittering over his good eye. The reason they're here has brought his daughter right back to mind.

"It's downright lovely," Desiree says. She's quick to clarify. "The food and the charity." Noting the little shifts in Ramon's expression, she loops an arm through his.

"I'm glad you like it," Knight replies with a wry grin towards the pair. "With everything that’s been going on in the city lately I thought this charity needed a bit of a boost." He shrugs slightly, pretending to ignore the look of worry on Ramon's face. It’s noted though, noted and snugged away somewhere for use later. "…well, I hope you two will excuse me for a little bit. I see some people who are going to get downright violent if I don't go say hi to them." A grin before he adds. "Pleasure to meet you both though."

Ramon gives a grunt that could mean anything, so Knight might as well take it as 'pleasure' in return. He expels a breath as the man walks away, then smiles faintly at Dezi. "We'd better dance before I end up scandalizing half of the blue bloods. I am pretty sure I can't get into any irrevocable business crashing trouble on the dance floor."

"Yeah, famous last words," Desiree informs Ramon with a grin. "I'll take the risk, though." She takes his hand and starts to wander off toward the dance floor. "And he didn't seem all that scandalized to me."

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