2010-03-04: For Justice



Date: March 4, 2010


Dedicated to Justin Law… because he was awesome and so hot!

"For Justice!"

Cody and Erin's Place — NYC

Micah isn't an amateur anymore. Not in his own mind, anyways. He's gotten good at tracking technology. In fact, between his practiced skills and his newly acquired attitude, Micah considers himself more badass than most — not that he would say as much to anyone. He tracked down Medusa's picture using surveillance, crossed it with files from the Alpha Protocol and madly looked through facial recognition software to pinpoint Cody's identity.

Further, he's tracked Cody down here. He didn't bother calling. He just thought he'd intercept her, wherever she may be. He's tracked her down to her home using video cameras from around the streets of New York, watching her movements like no one else could. He entered the warehouse using his gift and now he's knocking at her door.

It's an unspoken rule in the warehouse apartment. When the buzzer sounds on the door, Erin goes into the panic room they built until Cody has deemed it safe for the other woman to come out. She's not taking any chances when it comes to her room mate.

Pulling one of the guns out of one of the secret hiding places, Cody sneaks down to the door and slides the bar to reveal the peepslot. Looking straight out she sees a mass of black curly hair, looking down, she sees a kid… with no pizza. "The hell….?"

After unlocking the various deadbolts on the door, she pulls the door open and uses it for cover. She's not above being suspicious of a teenager, especially after facing children in foreign countries who assassinate with the best of them. "Can I help you?" Her voice isn't friendly because she isn't expecting a delivery.

"My name is Micah Sanders," he says quickly. "You know me as Rebel." He swallows as he fidgets and looks up and down the outside halls. "Nice to meet you, Medusa. Or should I call you Ms. Baker?" His eyes narrow slightly. His black coat, black pants, and black shirt make him feel like some kind of spy, but he operates with no weapons, just the phone in his pocket.

"I think I might be able to help you. Or… we can help each other." He blinks.

She doesn't check his credentials, she doesn't say a word. The only thing she does is reach out and grab his coat by the chest and the teenager might find that a deceivingly strong woman pulling him inside. The door is slammed behind them and he can finally see the gun in the hand that was previously hidden. "You shouldn't be here. No one should know about this place." Agitated is a gentle word that could describe her state at the moment.

"How did you find this place? Was it through normal means?" If it was, she needs to get her room mate out yesterday. Plus there's her own disappearing to be worried about.

Micah's eyes widen as he's pulled into the apartment. Yet, he smirks at the notion of finding her through normal means. Guns don't scare him anymore; not today, anyways. He tugs at the bottom of his coat as he attempts to take a step away from Baker. "I speak to technology. I followed — and then erased you from every street camera. I traced your phone to figure out your real identity, cross-referenced with Alpha Protocol files, and then used facial recognition to find you through street cameras. Don't worry, no one else can find you. And they can't find me. Unless they manipulate me again…" He stares at Cody scrutinizingly, "… you don't seem to be a trap…"

"No, Admiral Ackbar, I'm not a trap." Cody says, her voice dripping with sarcasm. For all anyone knows, Star Wars might have been the last movie that she's actually seen. She tucks the gun into the back of her pants and rubs her forehead lightly. "Sorry, I'm being a little impolite. Come on, I'll get you a bee — " She pauses and looks at him for a moment before shaking her head. No, he can't have any, he's too young. "A pop or something."

After leading him through to the kitchen, she pulls open the door of the fridge and grabs a beer and a can of coke. "Have a seat. I suppose you're here to tell me things that I need to know?" She doesn't mention what she has, she won't until she actually has the better hand this time.

"I'm not here to tell. I'm here because it's time to gather. And… we rescued a man connected to Gamma Protocol. He found a formula that can control people like… us… they never got his formula… but there are other biochemists working on it… we think…" Micah smirks before he shakes his head. "You know, it was weird to me how much your hair changed. So much video footage and so many varieties of hair."

"I don't need anything to drink. I want justice, not pop." After this he issues Cody a lopsided grin. He walks over to the couch and sits down. "I thought this was easier than the whole technological smoke and mirrors. While I've relied on that…" he shakes his head. "…we need to rescue people before it's too late. You know things. I know things. We need to stop working alone…"

The beer is cracked open as the woman studies the boy for a few minutes. "Mmm.. Well the hair isn't such a mystery if you paid attention to my emails." To demonstrate she rolls her long sleeves t-shirt up and hold her arm up. Almost immediately a bunch of three inch quills spring out of her skin. "You control technology, I control…" and she lets out a little laugh, "… hair." It's absurd, but she's found many uses for her power.
She rests her arm on the counter and takes the first swig of beer as she studies him. "So after gathering all of us, what are you going to do? Do you have a plan?"

"We need to stage a rescue. And we need to know what they have. I don't know which first. The whole spy thing is good, but… if the biochemist we found discovered the formula months ago, chances are others are close. And if they're close there is little hope — " Micah can't help but frown at his formerly favourite word. " — there's little we'll be able to do once they really start to weaponize people like us."

He presses his lips together as he stares at her. "I need to know where the new facility is. If I can locate it… If I can get there, I can bypass any electrical security procedure… I don't even have to get inside, I just need to get into the network… "

His eyebrows furrow, "And my friend… the guy I live with… Mister Gray, I bet he would help… and I can gather people. Lots of people."

He swallows hard, "Look. Beta Protocol can't happen. Gamma Protocol CAN'T happen…"

Licking her lips, Cody puts down her beer and takes a deep breath. "Beta Protocol is happening. What we don't want to happen is the rest. They're creating people like us, my friend… They've changed her. She's turning technicolor." She holds up a finger and leaves hmi alone in the kitchen as she bounds up the stairs and ducks into one of the rooms visible from below.

Upon her return, she's holding a small datapad, which she hands over to the boy. "I'm going to be on your team. I have bad news though… My boss told me that Delta Force has been ordered to stand down." Handing over the datapad, she slips into one of the tall stools at the counter. "If you turn it on, make sure it's not traceable. It has too much valuable information that a very good man died to get out."

Micah twitches. "They're turning people into us?! What?!" Now this is new information. His eyebrows furrow tightly as he takes the datapad. "Who ordered them to stand down? Don't they realize that this is the end of the world as we know it?" Micah glances up at Cody and then nods.

"I know Beta Protocol is happening. They… they killed my parents. Made this building fall on them in Las Vegas in August. The glass shattered and then the building came down on us. I was in a safe with my foster brother when it happened…" The teen's eyes begin to glisten, but blinking, he manages to control his tears, turning it into a sort of justice-hungry rage rather than actual sadness. He frowns further as he asks, "You work at the Protocol, right? Do you know a woman named Lilian?" He remembers the name from his conversation with Graham.

And then, finally focusing, he holds the datapad in his hand and closes his eyes, focusing his ability, and accessing the information contained therein.

"I don't work there anymore. I saw my own termination order the other day, I went back the next day like nothing happened but that night…" Cody goes silent and her demeanor turns very grim. She doesn't blame her would be assassin. She blames the one that ordered it. "Well she changed her mind and didn't put the bullet in my skull, but if I don't 'die' they're going to start looking for me and they'll kill her too."

"The head of Eta Protocol is an agent named Jensen. He ordered my termination along with the man that got all of that. His name was Justin Law." Another swig of the beer is taken as the quills on the woman's arm finally shed away and fall onto the floor as long strands of hair. "I was trying to protect them, and doing a damn poor job of it… I'm too late for Petrelli and Millbrook, but if we move fast we can still get the rest of them out. I have a friend that's working on a plan and we have a doctor on the inside that can help."

Taking a deep breath, she licks her lips again and looks down at the counter. "There's triple the force now than when I joined, mostly mercenaries. If we storm Geronimo, I have no doubt in my mind that some trigger happy son of a bitch is going to start eliminating the prisoners to keep them from getting out."

"Jensen," Micah murmurs. It's a name he's seen before. But the picture in the employee file causes him to swallow hard; he's met Jensen. When his parents died this was the ridiculously large paramedic. "He came after me and Cam. I'm… I'm going to try to find out more about him. There's going to be record of him somewhere." Blinking madly he shakes his head. With a twitch Micah sets the datapad down. "This is what I need for the building layouts. I… need to be able to access it later…"

He looks hopefully at Cody, "What we need is a distraction. A good one." Pressing his lips together he hmmms audibly, "Like an earthquake or a fire or…" And then a good idea strikes him as a sly grin spreads over his lips, "…a really big storm. Something to keep them distracted. I bet Mister Gray would have an idea… man, that guy can do a lot of stuff… or Peter… or maybe… Tracy…"

"If we can get Lambert out, we can have our earthquake." Cody says pointedly, "Bishop was still in the barracks the last that I knew, but I haven't been there for a few days." Taking the datapad again, she tucks it away in the side pocket of her cargo pants. "What are you planning on doing when you get there? Are you just trying to free the prisoners? Because that's a bandaid on a bullet wound, son." It's military speak, nothing personal meant by it, her calm demeanor might convey that.

"Prisoners are being moved, they're being moved somewhere. If you shut down this facility, they'll just move somewhere else and then you'll be starting over at square one." Rubbing her chin, the agent begins to chew on the inside of her cheek as she thinks.

"What we need is the counter agent. People can defend themselves if they have their abilities… and we need to know how each of these solutions works in turn…" Blinking, he suppresses a sardonic chuckle, "I think that's the first step: we need to steal the formulas. And we need to test them…" His cheeks flush. "And yeah, I want to free the prisoners, but you're right, it's a band-aid." But then Micah shakes his head, "But sometimes band-aids are needed to figure out what else to do. What is Zeta? You said Kappa is a trade of human-weapons. And gamma is to control them. Epsilon is to track us, but Wireless is taking care of that. Beta is a test of some kind." He bites his bottom lip. "What we need is to piece this puzzle together one piece at a time. And we need to figure out who's in charge."

"I mean, the President can't know how far this is going, right? Like it's just not possible…" He furrows his eyebrows. "It's not Ivory. It wasn't that deSouza woman — she's dead too… But if deSouza personally recommended Jensen, then he's not the man in charge either, right? So who is it and how did they get the President under their thumb?"

A piece of paper is ripped off the grocery pad and Cody takes the pencil and begins to jot down notes in symbol form, a cryptogram that looks like a series of little dancing stick men. "Alpha is the gathering and neutralization, Beta is the testing, Gamma is the control, Delta is the reversal, Epsilon is the tracking, Zeta — we don't know, Eta the creation, Theta — we don't know, Iota — we don't know, Kappa is the trade." She puts the pencil down and stares at the list and then her blue eyes flit to Micah, her expression a little apologetic. "I'll translate that for you, if you need a list. I wouldn't be surprised if the Protocols went all the way down to Omega… that being the end."

"Omega would be… extermination. Wouldn't it?" Micah frowns further. "Zeta. Iota. Theta. Three that we need to figure out." Micah purses his lips together. "A list would be … useful…" the teen admits with a small smile. "Sorry, I've been so busy putting things together…"

"When were you planning on using your friend and using your plan? Maybe we can make something work together… I need to find a way to get the formulas. I bet there's record of shipments somewhere. It's an island, right? There needs to be some standard that they use for deliveries, especially such top secret things…"

The agent doesn't hold any loyalty to the program that she believes to be commiting the highest act of treason she can think of, dealing weapons to hostiles. "Yeah, it's Governor's Island." The woman says rather curtly as another piece of paper is torn off the list and she begins translating the information in English that she's already written out in fancy schmancy code.

"I will be a part of your team, if you figure anything out, you need to tell me. I don't care if you don't trust me, I think by handing over all of this information I've more than earned it." After the translation is done, she slides the piece of paper over and then picks up her beer to drain the rest of the bottle. "Also, I need you to see if you can hack into Lane Industries, they have something to do with Kappa Protocol. We have to stop Kappa Protocol and I swear to God I would rather shoot my own kind than see them used as weapons against their own friends and families."

"I know. I'd be angry at the wo — " And there it is. His opinion, the conjecture based on the shattering glass. " — person who did that to my family, but I'm sure they didn't cause it. And being angry will only hurt me; it won't bring justice." Micah grins at Cody. "And I'm a hero, not a vigilante."

"I promise I'll come back to you with anything I find." He nods emphatically at this fact. "You're in my circle. We can't work apart anymore. That's happened too long… And yes, I'll hack into the server and get everything I can on Kappa Protocol. If we can find the key people responsible, we won't need to rely on bandaid solutions anymore."

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