2009-11-14: For the Love of Shoes



Date: Novermber 14, 2009


Hallis tries to make things right with her unwilling hero, but only manages to send Lena and Tiago into a conspirator's panic and landing herself in a coma.

"For the Love of Shoes"

1209 - Lena and Tiago's Apt

It was a late night last night, which means that the Petty Criminal Household is still sleeping off the festivities. Jade's in Lena's old room, with the door shut, and Tiago and Lena were shacking up in his bed. Of the young people unconscious in the apartment, Lena's the only one not sleeping off some serious effects which means that she is the one who shuffles blearily to the door when a knock is heard. The girl's in baggy pajama bottoms, a thin tank-top, and her hair is an explosion of dyed black around her head. Fading bruises can still be seen ringing one eye.

A series of locks rattle as they're undone, followed by the door swinging open to reveal her in all of her sleepy glory. But some sharpness appears in unfocused blue eyes when she recognizes the waif standing in the hallway.

"Whafuck? What're you doing here?"

Finding the apartment was no easy feat, it took the better part of the morning and into the early afternoon for someone to recognize Hallis' horrible description of the dynamic duo that lives in the shanty dwelling. Peeking around Lena, Hallis wrinkles her nose at the room behind her and then looks up at the girl herself, giving a very tentative smile. There is a shoebox in her hands, a Jimmy Choo shoebox. It is this box that is thrust towards the teen only a year her junior.

"Here. I came to… give you this." Hallis' voice is not as sharp as the words coming from her mouth. In fact, aside from the initial idea of finding the woman, she hadn't planned anything else. "And no I'm not stalking you." She doesn't sound exactly pleased to still be standing out in the hallway of an apartment building that is likely full of rapists either.

It has to be a trap. Lena recoils, shuffling back on bare feet and holding her hands up in a warding away gesture. "What the fuck?" she repeats. Clearly this time, though her brain is still slow. Not being a fan of high fashion, she fails to recognize the significance of the design of the shoebox too. Ingrate. "You're…wha?"

Further intelligent remarks are cut short when a door opens down the hall, another resident stepping out. To Hallis' untutored eyes, the lean, tattooed fellow probably does look like a rapist. He's nosy too, casting a sharp glance down at the socialite. Lena scowls and (against her better judgment), reaches forward to grab Hallis by her clothed arm and yank her inside. The door is shut behind. Quietly, out of consideration for those still slumbering. Then she retreats again, backing a few paces away.

"You show up at my door and you're not stalking me? What the hell? What are you doing here for real?"

A little shriek comes from the celebutante as the tattooed man looms over her and she nearly runs into Lena's apartment without the invitation of the hand on her arm. "Why do you live here ohmygawd who was that circus freak?" She shudders and glares at the door as the teen begins the slow process of locking it. Her eyes graze over her surroundings and the slightly sour expression on her face turns a little bit more so.

Clearly, the petite thing is a little bit shell shocked by the poverty around her. Letting out a very exasperated sigh, Hallis thrusts the box at the sleepy teen again. "Here. Take them. They probably cost more than everything in this little hole put together." Her mood is growing increasingly agitated, perhaps due to the dingy scene around her. "I came because I wanted to say sorry for taking the credit in the paper… I didn't get anything for it. Besides, you just disappeared. I mean what was that about? Who doesn't stick around for the press?" Then she shakes her head and with the box places squarely in Lena's hands, she shakes her own, letting out a sound that can only be described as 'the heebie jeebies'.

There are so many things wrong with Hallis' explanation that Lena can only stare at her. Even the placing of shoebox in hands doesn't garner a response; too busy gaping at the little blonde. When the brunette finally does react, it is to turn on her heel and amble back down the hallway into the living room, where the prized Jimmy Choos are dumped unceremoniously on the couch. Hallis is left to linger in the hall or not, as she chooses. "It's too fucking early for this shit," she might be heard to comment.

Then it's into the kitchen, where Lena has a date with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. The acoustics are better in there, the young woman's muttering echoing enough to make out more words. "Say you're sorry and then insult my goddamn place…goddamn rich girls…think I want to be in the papers…"

As Lena just tosses the shoe box, Hallis lets out another little shriek of panic. "You don't do that to Jimmy Choos! What is wrong with you?" Immediately, she races toward the box, opening it and lifting out one of the precious pieces of leather inside. They are black, stiletto, and likely enough to cause Lena's boyfriend to be forever grateful to the young blonde should the dark haired girl ever prance around in them.

"Listen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I insulted your… hoooouuse?" The last word is drawn out, as though Hallis just doesn't know what to call the place. In her mind, Randall's pawn shop was cleaner and it was full of people who wore flanel… and plaid. "Okay, clearly, we're been getting off on the wrong foot for the past few times we met. I have no idea why you hate me so much, I mean, I don't even know you." Another quick glance is given around the apartment and the blonde just stands, thank goodness her stilettos provide the smallest possible surface area of any shoe.

Lena reappears in the doorway of the kitchen, a bowl of cereal in one hand and a spoon in the other. She props her shoulder against the doorframe and idly stirs her breakfast around while watching Hallis panic over the treatment of the gift. Her eyes skim briefly over the shoes but truly, she is more interested in watching the other girl's face. "Why do you care?" It's a question of genuine curiosity. "I mean, last time I saw you, someone'd just hit me in the head with a chair and you called the cops on us. Now you're giving me presents?" Pause. "Oh yeah, and I saved your fucking life before that." Point, counterpoint. Lena rests her case and celebrates by taking a bite of crunchy, sugary goodness.

"Excuse me, but you threw up on me." Hallis interjects, lifting a hand in a composer's gesture to emphasize the barf bit. When the life saving bit comes into play, Hallis' eyes narrows just briefly. "Yeah, you and that guy were hitting the two men with something… A sponge, I think." She plays up a loss of memory, still uncertain whether the woman is on the superhero side of good or arch villain side of evil. Either way, she's locked in the woman's apartment and not going to divulge too much.

Sagging her shoulders slightly, the socialite rolls her eyes to look at the ceiling and grimaces. "You're making this really hard. Really. Hard." Placing her hands into her pocket, she flits her gaze down to the floor and purses her lips together. "I know that you touched me and made me feel like I just ran the Boston Marathon. My…" She pauses there, uncertain of what to call the man. "… boyfriend said that there's people that can do things. If that's what you can do, I know people who would give you enough money to get you a mansion on Long Island. Not that I do that anymore…" It almost kills her to go clean when the human version of a cane toad is right in front of her.

Lena might've argued with Hallis' version of events but what is said immediately after puts that on hold. Not that pathetic feel sorry for me but but what comes after. Lena straightens up, the spoon left to sit all lonely in the bowl while blue eyes are narrowed at the blonde. "Wait, hold up, go back. Your boyfriend? That George guy, the congressman or senator or whatever?" Yeah, she reads tabloids. What of it!

It's then that Lena decides to get a little nervous-making. She stalks into the living room, places the bowl on the table and then invades Hallis' personal space by stepping in close. "Forget your fucking shoes, what did you tell him?"

Backing up quickly, and very careful to avoid the woman's touch, Hallis has prepared herself for a moment like this since the moment she realized what the woman might be. "I told him about Flint the Fire Man! What is your big deal?!" And she scoots to the opposite end of the room again. At this point she is becoming a little afraid and she jams her hands into her pockets. Her eyes flit around the apartment looking for points of escape should the dark haired teenager decide to go insane and she finds it… the place where every horror movie starlet since the beginning of time has used (after running up the stairs of course) the bathroom.

"Listen, just shut up and listen before you go crazy." The bad thing about iphones is there's no real button to push in case of emergency, so if an emergency should rise up… she'll have to rely on her stiletto running technique to get her into the small room safely. "I just wanted to come and say I'm sorry. My therapist said it would be good for me to find you and tell you and that guy thanks. But since you're in some kind of mood, I'll just wait until you get out of it."

It's not going to be as easy as all that: Lena's in bare feet, and has the advantage of a rough lifestyle. She knows how to move quickly. When Hallis retreats, the brunette goes on the offensive and darts after her at an angle, intending to cut off access to the doors and hallway. "Oh no you don't! You fucking tell me what you told him about me!" Tattling to members of The Government inspires a fear that translates to sheer aggression. Her hands are up, and a grab is made for the blonde's arm with one, while the other seeks to press against Hallis' face or neck or any available skin.

The people sleeping in the other rooms have been forgetten. Lena isn't bothering with being quiet now.

Hallis lets out a shriek, a very girly shriek, of fear as the dark haired teen presses her hand against the blonde's face. With the paper thin walls in the entire tenement house it's quite possible that the neighbors have heard, especially the tattooed man that was lurking in the hallway before. They are right outside her roomate/boyfriend's room when the scream of terror is let off, likely rousing him from any sort of stupor he was in.

"I DIDN'T TELL HIM ANYTHING!! I TALKED ABOUT FLINT THE FIRE MAN!!" She hollers as she falls to the floor in front of the door, pulling the brunette down with her. Should Tiago come out, he woul find his girlfriend on top of the socialite as she tries to wrestle away.

It wouldn't be the first time someone had screamed their head off in the building. If Lena were not scared out of her wits, she'd recognize that and not panic. As it is, Hallis and her wailing provoke an immediate response after they hit the ground. Her hand moves to clamp over the smaller woman's mouth. "Shut up shut up! Shhh…calm down! Jesus!"

With contact, comes the immediate tingle of euphoria, a pink fluffy cloud of sensual happiness. Touch is desirable, Lena's voice is no longer an angry growl, but an intimate purr that can almost be felt and hey, even the floor is comfy! Nevermind that Hallis is being straddled and pinned to it.

Typically, Tiago sleeps like he's been slipped a handful of horse tranquilizers. There are many things he can ignore once he's down an out. Raised voices, the droning of city life outside his window…but a screech of that caliber? Not this time he can't. He is jostled out of his dreams, and with a yelp of his own the man stumbles, bleary eyed, to his feet. The bedside table is attacked, groped at almost blindly before Tiago drags his feet over to rip the bedroom door open, in his hand glints the shine of a new metal pistol. It's intimidating, to say the least. Perhaps because of, or in spite of, the fact that the Brazilian happens to be absolutely naked, standing in that doorway. Really, he ought to just always assume Lena's let some relative stranger into their living room at this point.

"Lee-ngnn!" He growls out protectively, eyes flying around wildly for some hint of his roommate. And when he does find her, straddling a rather dimunative blonde on the floor…Well, poor Tiago is just confused. Suddenly, the tension seeps out of him and he just sort of blinks at the sight, trying very hard to discern whether he's still dreaming or not. "Wha…huh?"

With the touch come all sorts of happy. It's a feeling that Hallis hasn't been acquainted with since she started her little clean up campaign. "Ooooo…." she cooes, her eyes rolling back into her head just before she closes her eyes. Indeed, she is being straddled by the brunette and unfortunately for the brunette, the blonde isn't quite thinking clearly at this point. The door is thrust open and that is when the young deb opens her eyes, to get a clear vision of Tiago's glory. "So … soft…" she murmurs, not about anything in particular, but where she is looking could be construed as something bad for the Brazilian.

Her hands come up to rest on Lena's waist, feeling the fabric of her pajamas. "So… sparkly.. I feel like a princess…" Too bad when Lena put her hand over Hallis' mouth, the blonde licked it, receiving even more of the delicious drug.

Lena casts a look over her shoulder, wide-eyed. Hallis, the cooing, the squirming, even the licking are ignored as she takes in the sight of Tiago there in the doorway. To pull away now might mean a smaller dose, and a less pliant celebutante. "Fuck…fuck. She told her boyfriend about me. That George guy, the government guy! And he knew about freaks!" The summing up is delivered in a rush before Lena looks down at Hallis again, squinting to gauge just how far gone the blonde is. Slowly, the hand is drawn away from her mouth and used to gently tease back a few stray wisps of hair. With plenty of finger to forehead contact, just in case. "Yeah, yeah, you're a princess…tell me what you told George about me, girl. Did you tell him my name?"

Tiago is still struggling to puzzle together exactly what's going on, but he /does/ understand that particular murmur of Hallis'. And that leads to him glancing down to himself, his cheeks adopting a healthy flush as he grows petulant. "I - I jus' woke up, okay, and it's cold. It was a long night!" He grunts in justification, despite the fact that he really doesn't have to. Lena's words are taken in while Tiago examines his own living room carefully, and the woman is offered a curt nod once he realizes that there are no real threats to their lives about. Then he disappears back into the bedroom for a moment.

When Tiago returns, he is gun-less and his wang has been safely stored away in a pair of baggy jeans. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he purses his lips towards Lena. "Baby - what's she /doin'/ here? What's goin' on?"

"No silly…" Hallis giggles, "I don't even know you're name… You have a size eight shoe! You're like Cinderella, but with bad hair… I can buy you new hair if you want, I have lots of monies." She is quite far gone, "I can't like my clothes they touched the floor, can I have yours?" And with that, she begins to squirm and wriggle underneath the woman, trying to remove her shirt. Tiago's manly assets are quite ignored by this point, clothing is the key. "You know what? George doesn't like the fire man, he scared me a lot… You're like… a hero. You know? But you need new hair… softer hair…" And the struggle with the shirt is forgotten in favor of the teen's dark tresses.

By the time Tiago remerges with his hidden manhood, Hallis is quite devoted to twisting Lena's tresses in all sorts of wierd and wonderful ways, never changing her story about Flint the Fire Man. "You know what? Hey.. Cinderella… You should wear the shoes I bought you… They're so pretty… I picked them out just for you."

"I dunno! She just showed up at the door, I dunno how she found the place." Pause. "She brought me some shoes and then said she knows what I can do, told her boyfriend." Said footwear are currently tumbled in an open box on the couch like the unappreciated finery that they are. Lena is still staring at Hallis' face, doing her damndest to meet the loopy woman's eyes. That is not an easy undertaking considering how all over the place the blonde is right now. Her forehead rumples. "Did George say what he was going to do about the guy with the fire? Is George like me?"

Yes, she fully intends to carry out the interrogation.

But first, Lena sits up to remove her unfortunate hair as a plaything. One hand absently catches the other girl's wrist and holds it loosely. "Jesus, I could die and she wants to give me a makeover."

"Shoes? What - what the fuck is it with you girls and shoes?" Tiago is confused and frustrated, and it's starting to express itself. With a solemn frown on his face, the lad crouches onto the floor, hovering above Hallis with a wary, speculative look. It's obvious, he doesn't trust her half as far…no wait, one-eighth as far as he could throw her. Because chances are, he could throw her a respectable distance, seeing as she's so skinny. "Her boyfriend? Who's he? What've you told 'im about us, kid?" After a moment longer, he looks over to Lena in a sober manner.

"Nope nope nope! George doesn't do anything except be on the phone all day…" Hallis slurs, "Oh… and he makes me eat food. See? I have a food baby.." And the young woman arches her back, sticking out her stomach just a little, it's still rather emaciated, but if you follow the tabloids it's easy to see that she has gained a little bit of weight. The socialite is then caught in the drug queen's gaze and she gives her the widest and sweetest model smile, "You know what? I really like George, he's like.. a big deal, you know? He's got all these books and… OH! Let's go see George… We can be princesses together…"

When Tiago catches up to the conversation Hallis gives him a glazed look. "Shoes are the best thing ever, they kill lots of baby cows for my shoes, the softest baby cows ever…" Pause. Subject Change. "You know what's great? I told him you probably live in a refrigerator box in an alley… and you DON'T! Isn't that fabulous? You're not homeless… I saved a homeless man the other day in Washington D.C… His name is Nathan Petrotski… He's a Russian pizza owner."

A big deal. Lena bets he's a big deal. Wild speculation and a few pieces of misinformation have led the brunette to all of the wrong conclusions. As Tiago gets closer, and Hallis babbles on, Lena distances herself by pushing herself to her feet and stepping away, head held in her hands. "Shit shit shit. The congressman, Chi. The suit. From the park? She's fucking him, and he knows about the freaks. He's gotta be involved, right? Fuck." More obscenities follow but they're muttered, made indistinct by the girl's pacing. The mention of Nathan earns no attention; it is, after all, a common name.

After a moment, Lena turns back towards the two of them, looking at Tiago. Her jaw is set. "I can't make her forget where we are, Chi. She could tell him. What're we going to do?" It's a chilling glance that's directed at the blonde, hard-edged and speculative.

Seeing as Hallis is babbling nonsense at this point in time, Tiago screws his brows together contemplatively, clenching his jaw as he peers over to Lena. "The…congressman…So, like, the government…" Beat. "She's a…she's a spy. Fuck!" Upset he gets to his feet, willing his brain to come up with something, anything at all. But it's too much to ask an organ that was all but shut off two minutes ago. When Lena begins freaking out, he squares his shoulders slightly, drawing himself up in a manly, reassuring nature hopefully. "We can…we can like…fuckin' keep her here or somethin'. Till we come up with a new plan, y'know? We can…we'll move. Somewhere else. We'll be okay, baby, we'll…/fuck/ my life! I knew this bitch was bad news, I knew she was a stupid cunt!"

Being freed from Lena's straddling and as the two begin to make their plans for evacuation, Hallis begins to make party plans. "Hey… can I have more of this stuff? My friends are like… They're all into this.." She holds her hand in front of her face, waving it slowly as her vision blurs and the wake of tanned flesh remains in the air. "They'd buy so much… but you can't tell Goerge, okay? He'd kill me.. or even worse, he'd dump me!" At the moment, her hands are the most fascinating thing on Earth. She is quite unconcerned about the kidnapping and or possible murder plans that are going on… about her.

"Where are we going to keep her, under the bed? Jade's still here, anyway. We can't let her see this." Thank god the other teen got an extra large dose of the good stuff last night. Lena rakes her hand back through her hair and stares at the ceiling, face scrunched up in thought. "How hard is it to dump someone, anyway? We know people, right? Eddie saw her in the hall but he's not gonna rat on us…wait." Blue eyes snap back to Hallis.

"Say that again? Can't tell George?" Lena crouches down, sitting back on her heels and letting her hands dangle between her thighs. "Look at me, girly. Your boyfriend's not so hot on you using?"

"She is? What the - oh…" Tiago casts a semi-fearful look over to what used to be Lena's room. Mostly however, he too is relieved that she's still asleep. Once Lena's contemplations turn dark, however, the Brazilian shifts his attention back onto his girlfriend. It takes him a moment, even two, before he fully understands the implications of her words. "…Lena, you can't be…dude, she's like, a fuckin' public feature, man. You can't jus'…we'd get in so much fuckin' trouble baby, you can't - we can't jus'…you know. It's wrong!" He is alarmed that Lena could even begin to entertain such dark, dastardly thoughts, and fixes her with a look that expresses such.

Hallis' interjections could not have come at a better time. As Lena crouches over for confirmation of the possible blackmail material, Tiago looks to the ceiling, silently communicating with God in that way he's taken to lately. "See! There're other ways ta keep people quiet, baby. We could…you should, after this, give her a fuckin' crazy dose. We'll dump her in the middle of like…some other part of town. She'll be confused and wont know where ta find us again. We'll paint the front door, fuck with the signs, do a bunch of shit."

Giving Lena a blurry eyed gaze, Hallis lets out a loud laugh. "Hah hah!" The very suggestion seems to send the small woman into a fit of giggles, "I'd be in sooooo much trouble… press would slaughter…" Then as sober an expression as she can manage, she waves a finger in Lena's face, "I'll buy you sooo many shoes, 'kay? Don't tell George, not nuthin'" The last couple of words are a fair imitation of the Brazilian man, if he was a blonde WASP that is.

Looking over at Tiago, she points a finger of her other hand toward him, "You neither! No talky! Shhhh!!" Slowly, she pulls herself to a seated position, her cream colored outfit getting a little dingy from rubbing hard across the floor. "Oh no! I need new clotheses! Hey, can we go shopping? I gotta… I gotta … " Then Tiago makes the plans of dumping her and her eyes water, her chin quivers, and the tears spill down her face. "Nooooooo!! You can't dump me! I love you guys!! You make me feel sparkly!!"

Lena looks up at meet Tiago's eyes, brow shadowed with frustration. "Why fucking not? You think they're not doing that shit, making people disappear and cutting them up in some lab? That's not gonna be me." Poor Hallis. This has become such a bad trip. Fortunately, there is an alternative to bloodshed. Lena reaches out to curl a finger beneath the young woman's chin, turning up the juice to exhilerating levels with that contact. "Hey, chica, listen to me. Stop with the crying, okay? Listen. You listening?" Pause. "I don't want shoes, alright? Gimme your phone out of your purse, Chi's gonna write down a few numbers out of there. So we don't lose touch. We'll do business with your friends but you gotta promise me something. Not one fucking word of us to your boyfriend. Not one. Not where we live, not our names, nothing. We don't want him finding out, right?"

"Lena we're…princess, we're better'n that…" Tiago offers in a failing murmur, his lips pulled into a tight frown. "I'm not goin' ta let nothin' happen to you. Nothin'." This is all the solemn street rat can let out before everything is set into a fluid sort of motion. Hallis is jabbering away, revealing information that will no doubt incriminate her. Lena is less ready to gut the heiress. And Tiago? Well, he's scavenging through the blonde's purse expertly, scowling before pulling out the girl's iPhone and producing his own phone, intent on jotting down some key information. "Yo, what's her government toolbox's name again? What's the name of your boyfriend, Blondie? And gimme the name of some of your friends, 'aight? The ones that'll like what we got, so we can hook 'em up too." Suddenly, inspiration strikes. He peers over to Lena then. "Baby…maybe you can, I dunno. Persuade her ta forget or somethin'. Maybe you can use your power, man. You should try it."

As directed, Hallis dries her eyes and then pulls her iphone out and begins scrolling through it. "Chee Chee! That's a sound a monkey makes, did you know that? Chee Chee! ohmygod!! I need a monkey app for my phone!!" Holding up the tiny electronic apparatus, she points to one of the groups in the contact list, "Okay, You tooooootally want Muffy in there, she throws the best parties. There was one time? I went to her house and she had it all decorated like in that movie with that guy? You know, the one that wears the clothes and he has that hair? Yeah, there was a swing on the ceiling and everything!"

To Lena, she just shakes her head, "I promise, only only only… uhhh… You have to promise you won't tell okay? Someday? I'm going to be first lady, and then it'd be soooo bad if George knew that you were like a cane toad. Hey can I lick you? Pretty please?" Her eyes flit over to the phone again and she reaches for it frantically, "Hey! Don't copy down George's number! You can't have it because you'll tell on me! Just Muffy, and Olivia, and Trent, and Ray, and Mitsy, and Chelsea, and Ollie, and Josh, and … Look under the parties, okay?" Then she gasps and gives a wide eyed stare into Lena's eyes. "There's a party tonight! ohmygawd! You guys need to go! It's at Soleil's apartment in SoHo!"

Lena's hand shoots out and locks around Hallis' wrist before the phone can be retrieved. "Uh uh, li'l girl. That's our insurance so we know you don't tell. You keep your mouth shut and we won't be calling George. We see even one guy in black hanging around here though…" The threat trails off, and the brunette sends a glance at Tiago, brows lifting. Persuade her? "I don't…uh. Jesus…I dunno about partying tonight. Shush now, okay? And listen."

Releasing Hallis, Lena presses the pads of her fingers to the blonde's lips. "Take a taste, and listen," she says, frowning as she tries to concentrate. What's it supposed to feel like, a drug that plants suggestions in a person's head? Lena has no idea. It's like groping in the dark here. Whether it works or not, Hallis would be starting to feel more sleepy than euphoric. "Shhh. Listen, chica. Hallis. I want you to forget where we live, okay? Just let it slide right out of your head. You don't know where we live. You're not going to say anything to George. Not a word about us to George. Do you hear me?"

Tiago frowns, holding the phone out of Hallis' reach when she tries to grab it back. "Don't worry. We wont be callin' him up, so long as you don't do us wrong, kid. We're good friends, man. You don't even know, we are. But, if you try an' pull a fast one on us? We'll fuck you over ten times as hard." He grumps solemnly, brows furrowing as he attempts to copy down as many numbers as possible from the cellular device. Craziness aside, one good thing has come from this: no doubt, they're going to see a spike in business thanks to Hallis. When Lena begins her experimentation, Tiago licks his lips thoughtfully. "You can do it, baby…"

"That's not fair there's black suits all over the place! This is New York City!! What if… what if… I dunno.. What if there's a movie shooting across the street and there's a guy in a black suit in it? That's not MY fault!!" Hallis begins her off the wall protest of men in black suits. Perhaps in the next few weeks, fashion will veer away from the offending color, at least one can hope.

When Lena begins to use the socialite as a lab rat, she panics a little more and gives her a very confused expression. "Why am I going to forgeeeee……." And slowly, she slumps over, dead asleep. Whether the experiment worked or not would only be determined once the woman wakes up.

"Um." Lena pulls her hand back and stares down at the now unconscious Hallis. "I…maybe forgot she's so little." Oh well! No one's overdosed off what her abilities yet, so there's hope the blonde won't die. "You got those numbers, Chi? Her address too…we can dump her in a cab, let him worry about getting her home. Jesus fucking christ, what a morning." Grumbling, she stands up and wipes her hands off on the pajama bottoms, completely overlooking the fact that some of the morning's events are at least partly her own fault.

Tiago blinks, looking up from the phone as Hallis makes her protests, then subsequently nods off. It's slow, but after a short period of time the man arches his brows slightly. "…She aint the brightest bulb, is she?" He comments a bit wryly, before rolling his eyes liberally. "Okay…well, I got her boytoy's number. I got a handful of her buddies - I swear, no one has this many friends but whatever - and, I think we're good here. D'you…d'you think your trick worked?" After a moment, he stashes Hallis' phone back in her purse and then sighs. "Maybe…she's always around, huh? How 'bout we pretend ta not know she came here, next time we see her. Maybe she'll think it was some kind of fucked up dream. We'll toss her and her shoes in the back of a cab, and we'll be good."

"I dunno if it worked or not, I guess we'll have to see. Faking it sounds like a good idea to me. Let me get one of my hoodies. We'll throw it on her so no one sees her face when we haul her downstairs." Lena's all business now, stepping over the drooling blonde to go into the bedroom. She needs to get dressed, herself.

"And I'm keeping the goddman shoes! I deserve something for this shit! Fucking hassle!"

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