2010-05-05: Fortune Favours The Bold



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Date: May 5th, 2010


Detective Powers rallies her colleagues to find a gang member and fields a particular phone call, Gigi fangirls Laurie, and questions go every which way.

"Fortune Favours the Bold"


"He knows we're looking for him and chances are he's not the only one." Detective Powers stands in the section of the station dedicated to Homicide, near her desk, a manila folder in one hand. Behind her is a whiteboard with a timeline sketched out and a few faces, crime scene photos and other print-outs pinned to it. One scrap of information happens to be a Japanese symbol — photographed on a wrist — with "TAKAHASHI" written underneath it in Maggie's printing.

Taking the lead on this particular case, the woman is addressing a small group of officers and plainclothes detectives (and whoever else happens to be near), absolutely firm of voice. "Goro Hiroyuki." She turns her back on her colleagues to pick up a black marker and cross out an address next to the sketched portrait of a young Japanese man. Marker down. "One of our shooters from Battery Park," she says once she's facing them again, rolling up the sleeves of a dark burgundy shirt without taking her eyes off them, switching the folder from hand to hand. "We've crossed out every one of his former known whereabouts. What we have to do now is talk to every informant we have available to see what the word on the streets is about the Yakuza. Namely Takahashi but be careful — they're hard to touch. Something has them riled and if we can find out what it is we might be able to find where someone like Hiroyuki might be hiding."

Sitting towards the back of the group, Gigi moves to a standing position and takes a step forward. Her black pants and buttoned up collared shirt are matched with a well fitted blazer which she buttons after standing. "Detective Powers? May I?" the blondish red head raises a hand.

She doesn't really wait for a response, deciding that Maggie wouldn't (although perhaps deciding wrong). "Battery Park has been combed for witnesses, this means that we absolutely need to be getting information directly o n the Yakuza." She scowls for a moment, "Also, someone should consider speaking directly to the Takahashis, don't they? I mean they run legitimate businesses — or… would speaking to them tip them off?" Yup, she's new to the whole detective thing, that much is true. She stares at Maggie for some indication of support or information.

Off to the side but near the front, Laurie takes up two chairs — once to sit on, and one to put his feet up on. This set-up lends itself to his relaxed posture leaning back and eyeing the whiteboard with casually crossed arms. At the sound of Gigi speaking, he tosses an arm around his chair to turn and find her in the small cluster of law enforcers. "Oh, they'll know already," he pipes up, deciding the glance for Maggie's support actually means him. "And what they don't know, they'll find out. Being approached by police officers, especially accusatory police officers, is only irritating and happens to foster a better sense of superiority within the group. If you're questioning, then you don't know anything. If you bring them in without evidence, you're making an ass of yourself. It's an oppositional culture."

He spreads his hands. "And the Yakuza especially aren't used to the law having any authority to make deals." Pausing, he situates himself as he was, thinking this all over as well. As conclusion, he decides: "However, irritating them is really fun."

Detective Powers isn't the slightest bit bothered by the suggestion of Gigi, though when she's poised to answer and Laurie beats her to the punch, she does momentarily eye him. She can't disagree, however. "The Takahashis have legitimate businesses around the city, they're incredibly successful," she adds on. Maggie's arms fold, bare to the elbow, the folder dangling just securely enough between a few fingers. "Irritating them isn't exactly the plan," she glances to the consultant on that note. "We dont want them to close up even more, we need to come at them with something undeniable."

He's talking to her!!! He responded!!! Gigi fights the urge to make fangirl eyes at Laurie and instead resorts to professionalism, it's what Maggie would do, right?! Clearing her throat, she counters, "Isn't that's what makes them untouchable — plausible deniability? Is it even possible to catch someone like that?" Her gaze flits between the pair. "And with the shooting in Battery Park… it's not like this thing can carry on — innocent bystanders were shot… some died…"

In the back Sam nods his head, "Plausible deniability is one of their biggest assets. That and fear. The trick here is to get information without drawing too much attention to ourselves. 'Course I'm sure Detective Powers has an idea or two." He motions back to Maggie before leaning back in his own chair — virtually lounging.

"It's been done before." Laurie says it idly enough, no ego attached, but there's still some muttering out of a couple officers near the back — mutterings Sam and Gigi are more privy to than Maggie from their vantage point. That being the extent of what he has to say, or maybe the extent after getting the eye from Maggie, he also lounges. Eyes trail downward to the notepad in his lap; if he's actually taking notes is anyone's guess, though there's definitely the motion of making words.

Into this pit of deductive brainstorming strolls one not so involved helmsman from the front desk, looking more bored than anything else to have to have gotten up from his post. Someone isn't at their desk, see: "Detective Powers? There's a call in for you on line one."

Sam, at the back, gains a longer eyeing but nothing takes away from Maggie's focus except for the message that she has a phone call. A thin, but still polite, smile is issued to the man who delivers that news, but she doesn't immediately run to her desk. "Sure it's possible," she says largely to Gigi and Laurie, all business. "Unfortunately, our job right now? Isn't to take down the entire empire. Maybe that's the big picture — it'd be nice — but here in Homicide, we have to focus on finding the people responsible for the killings in Battery Park that happen to connect to this gang."

Detective Powers whisks past the board toward her nearby desk, tossing the file — neatly — beside the landline phone which blinks with red light. "I should take this." She may be expressing some authority today but saying such things as "get to work", however warranted, are not often in Maggie's vocabulary. Instead, she address her colleagues with: "Use all of your resources," before sitting down to answer line one. "Detective Powers."

Sam slinks away, fully intent on using all of his resources; they just happen to not be here. He disappears down a hallway — a relatively unused hallway — before bringing his own cellphone to his ear and immersing himself in a very very interesting conversation.

Gigi, however, hops off her chair and over to Laurie, "Miles~" Yup, she sings his name, "Do you think we can find the murderers from the Battery Park shooting? I mean, we're pretty sure there were two gangs — how are we to know who actually did the killing, you know?"

Hearing his name, and in such a manner, Laurie glances over towards Gigi as she approaches. From up close, it's easier to see that he's written on his piece of paper, sure, and at every angle. The words make some sort of pattern… familiar, but as of yet undisclosed. "Trajectory," he answers lazily, looking too soon back down at what he's doing. "Shell casings, when they aren't taken with. Patterns of behavior. Purpose." Shrug.

Over at Maggie's desk, there's a pause of silence over the phone at first. Then it's Kris Torres voice that replies. "I wasn't going to call you back, at first. I thought: what good would it do."

Maggie's attention is on Laurie and the rookie detective, mouth poised as though she wants to interject, but the phone call takes an attention-grabbing twist very fast. As she brings her hand to her brow in an instinctual but ineffective shield against the rest of the precinct, her answer comes quieter than her greeting (such as it was). "I wasn't sure that you would, either, and that would have been perfectly reasonable."

"But even the trajectory — that's depending on a lot of witnesses to ensure we know the positioning of everyone present!" Gigi tuts as she reaches out to rest a hand on his shoulder. He's so big and manly and GIGI. FOCUS. "Uh. Yes. But then you're the expert compared to me, aren't you?" She bats her eyelashes innocently.

Laurie's shoulder startles slightly under the somewhat unexpected touch, though there isn't a twitch to acknowledge it on his face. He makes a correcting, but not entirely disappointed, noise with his tongue. "If 3D laser imaging fills in the blanks, then it's just a base understanding of gang maneuvers and who would've put men where." Sparing her another glance, this time he looks her right in the eye and winks. Then shht he's tearing his piece of note paper out on a straight line. "An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field."

"I decided I wasn't just going to let you leave a message and get over it," Kris' voice levels, even and revealing no anger if there is any. She sounds sensible — but entirely serious. "I got out of that business so I could stop being suspicious all the time. But sometimes things that you do, they follow you forever. Do you get me?"

"Yeah— yeah, I get you," Maggie replies. Other than being faintly apologetic, her tone is also serious, sensible. The hand that was settled at her brow shifts quickly, brushing her hair back as she glances the way of Laurie (and by proxy, Gigi). Rather than be evasive, her gaze stays there; her voice, however, softens to an even more private volume. "Listen. I made a judgment call in the moment that I shouldn't have. I'm sorry."

"But you have the experience I don't~" Gigi insists before pulling her hair into a tight ponytail. "Honest, no experience here, just learnin'." She grins broadly that bright toothy grin as she lowers her hand from his shoulder. "So do you understand gang maneuvers and where they would've put men or do we need to summon yet another consultant? I swear there's as many of you as us detective-types — "

"Don't you think that once in a while experience clouds the mind as much as innocence?" Hmm, maybe, perhaps. Laurie's expression prompts Gigi to answer while weighing in on neither side, himself. "Besides, aren't we all gaining experience… all the time…" Instinctual, his eyes shift to where he can feel others' on him. Maggie and her phone-call are watched unabashedly as his hands fold over the paper in his lap. "Got it on the first one, Darcy; I'm just a bundle of trivia fun facts. But tell me. How are you enjoying your new~ slightly shinier badge?"

Decorated some by the natural buzz of the phone line, Kris is silent a moment. The sigh is in her voice. "I still think you're a good cop. After a while, you get to have feelings about people. And to trust your gut… even when it tells you to take someone's phone off her desk to read her private messages." Ahem ahem. There's a thread of good humor even in the strictness. Another long stretch of time is the woman on the other side gearing up to: "… So what are you going to do about it?"

Though Maggie's stare is directed straight at Laurie, it's also distant; her focus is mostly on the phone call, even throughout its spans of silence on both sides. Something on the other end of the line has her straightening her mouth somewhat abashedly as if scolded. It's short-lived. Calmly, she averts her eyes. "About what?" she asks — or pries — plainly, not stupidly, but there's a certain innocence there all the same.

"Experience is something I envy," Gigi insists quickly with a small shake of her head. "Detective Powers is amazing though, isn't she? She's got soooo much experience! And have you seen the way she holds a gun?! I mean honestly, I've never seen a woman do it with such…" She blinks and realizes she's fangirling. Fighting the urge to continue gushing she refocuses. "I like my new badge! I think I'm good at this whole detective thing, but I have lots to learn. It's way harder than just being a beat cop — I remember those days all too well — "

Mid-fangirling, Laurie has abandoned what he's been doing — including looking Maggie-wards — to put an elbow on the chair near Gigi and just lean into his hand to watch her with as much intent and bemusement as this deserves. Since she switches tracks, he relaxes away from the shiny new detective, choosing to only comment with a secret little smile he aims downward. "Harder, easier… it's a new system of things to focus on." He emphasizes his words with a quick slide of the hand against the last crease of his paper and then, triumphantly, he lifts the triangularly folded bit towards Gigi to reveal four numbers on the outside pedals. "Give us a pick, Detective New Stuff."

"Well, I don't mean the bike," Kris intones with some measurement of knowing Maggie's game, and some continued hesitance anyway. Maybe for that touch of innocence. "I know I'm at a desk, but you'll have to excuse me some lingering real estate in what happens here. I'm talking about the threat. Are you going to report it?"

Detective Powers leans into her desk heavily upon one elbow, now becoming increasingly serious, brows inching inward severely, though the momentary confusion in her eyes is less sure. "I'm sorry?" There's no innocence there, but she's not disingenuous either. She pauses, a glance shot to Laurie to gauge whether or not he's paying attention coming up with probably, absolutely regardless of whatever he's doing. The playground game with the paper does, however, cause Maggie to blink before she carries on with a hushed tone. "You think that's what happened? He should be the one to report it— "

"Easier? You think being a detective is easier? Well I have to use more of my brain. But maybe it's easier in that I'm not in the line of fire every single day. But I was a good beat cop — the kind that had regular informants who liked me… like the girls working the corner. I brought them coffee sometimes." Gigi's eyebrows furrow. In a way she even misses her life there. She picks one of the pedals — number four. "How about you? Where were you before this position?"

"There, see," Laurie points out cheerfully, "Sounds like there are parts of everything that could go either way." Let's be more vague next time, too. "It's a good feeling, isn't it, to have someone who'll have your back." Commented as he obligingly operates the fortune teller one way then the other to her chosen number. He reveals the inside to her — 8, 15, 16, 23. He must not have been going in order writing them. "Before this position? I was in Texas, consulting on a serial rapist."

Kris laughs, the way when you don't quite mean it, but have to. "I know two things very well, detective. A gang warning shot when I see one, and that should doesn't mean anything."

"Given the context, yeah — no kidding." Maggie closes her eyes for a moment, touches her temple opposite the phone at her ear. "And well, I knew it wasn't an accident," she adds, distractedly, a statement more than it is a reaffirmation. "I should— " She pauses only to give a small laugh. " — go. I'll look into it, alright? Thanks, for being as good as you were about … you know. This. Me."

"Well we're glad to have you here now," Gigi turns to pad back towards her desk. "I should get some work done before Powers is off the phone and asking if we have finished anything. I'd hate to be the one without anything finished, ya know." She winks before disappearing into the bull pen.

"Yeah, that'd be a shame…" says the guy who hasn't budged an inch and spent the precious seconds after the meeting folding a game from somebody else's childhood. Laurie glances at the item, still poised to be picked; Gigi never got her fortune. Huh.

"I'm pretty pissed at you," Kris' tinny tones assure the detective plainly, "But what's happened has happened. Just, Detective Powers? You owe me one thing and I'm holding you to it. If you make up your mind to get involved, then you're in. Don't bail later. Always know what side you're on… even when you feel like you don't — sorry, I probably sound like a drama movie. Get back to your cases…" There's enough of a catch in her sentence to judge that there's something else right at the edge of her tongue.

Across the way, Laurie decides on the paper flap to overturn himself, pulling it up to reveal the writing underneath.

It takes a second to loose the words Kris wants: "… hey… he's okay?"

Laure squints: Your friends are talking behind your back.

"He's fine," Maggie quips reassuringly. Kris can't see the wondering look that's sent to Laurie, though, the one that wonders otherwise. "As for … owing you … I do. And don't worry. If I'm in, then I'm in, sure. If it comes to that, but right now I'm not even sure what that means. Just know that I'm true to my word." She rolls her chair back a couple of inches and gets to her feet, prepared for the call's imminent end.

"It could mean nothing," Kris does admit, graciously hopeful, "But I know these guys. And there's a reason we didn't make all of our covers known, despite usual practices. Anyway. Good luck. I hope you never find out what 'that' means." The sound of her pulling away from the phone before she immediately takes it back: "Actually, you owe me lasagna. That stuff is fucking fantastic." Goodbyes and back to work.

The end of the call earns a sincere laugh from Maggie, regardless of the woman on the line is angry with her or not, and also disregarding the words prior. But she definitely heard them. "… You're right, it kind of is fantastic, isn't it. Sorry," she says, quite lightly in comparison to the rest of the conversation, before there's a "bye" and she hangs up the phone on its cradle. She's quick to sober, moving back around her desk, arms folding. "Getting your fortune?" she asks Laurie — everyone else has wandered off to work — on her way to standing affront the board, looking up at the spread of information.

From a gentle frown at the folded paper, Laurie raises his head to her. "I hope not," he replies sunnily, "Besides, isn't fortune rigged?" Operating the game a few more times, he sets it aside and taps fingers all in a row against the remaining notepad. He twists in the chair, taking in the sight of what he already knew — no one else there. There's a longer, narrow-eyed linger on the hallway a particular fresh detective disappeared to before he swings forward. "First thought on your mind— go."

"I'm wondering how close Hiroyuki was to the man who was shot, the one with the tattoo that links him to Takahashi. Same age, same crew; funeral is set for Friday…" Maggie is, after all, staring at the board, reading it, studying the pictures as she has many times before now. She glances over her shoulder, a glint of an elusive sort to be found in the look — faintly challenging, defying. The expression smoothes out and she calmly returns her attention to the board. "Do you think he'd show?"

He seems perfectly satisfied with her answer, rocking his head into his hand and regarding the board same as she. "I think so," Laurie decides, "Group solidarity. They've lost a man, they have to show it means something to their enemies." Shifting higher in the seat, he stares at the photos. "With alibis, of course— but you might see a few higher-ups also. Conveniently paying respects at a family member's lot two gravestones over."

"I'd hate to crash a funeral." Respect, even for gang members, murderers; but a funeral is a funeral and… "Family is family. That said … yeah. It's worth checking out." Maggie takes a singular step back, taking in the varied pieces of information for a few seconds longer. There are more seconds than that in which her thoughts have drifted from the Japanese gang, but with her back turned, and her eyes on the board, the difference is scarce. "That thing," she pipes up, "that thing … you have to do … that I'm not asking about— " This doesn't count as asking, does it? "Did you do it yet?"

Laurie lets her have this conclusion, choosing instead to occupy himself with pulling his legs off the second chair and resemble a person going to do something productive. That is: he stands up. His head quirks to the side, one eyebrow dipping low as he weighs the sound of her phrase. He mouths out the problem area… that I'm not asking… "That's a little bit contradictory, isn't it, Powers." Lingering on silence a moment, he strolls to her side, hands in pockets and facing ahead as well. Simply put, "Nope." Beat. "But I'm thinking about it."

Save for a quick side-long consideration, Maggie's eyes stay straight ahead on the board. Her features are neutral, almost perfectly statuesque, in fact, for a significant span of time, allowing Laurie to have his secrets.

Until her straight-lined mouth starts to twist and battle against a silly smile. Finally, unable to contain her sudden amusement, she looks at him and says: "First thought on your mind— go."

Laurie's mouth forms a silent but appreciative ohh paired with a grimace that follows into the reluctant way he presses his lips together while determinedly considering the board in front of them. He makes wishy-washy bobs of head to either side, then, hissed out somewhat guiltily, "… Iiii… am considering Chinese." Let it sink in. "Is that racially insensitive of me?"

His questioning, daring to be hopeful look to her is miraculously free of the mischief that can only be inside. Letting her hang onto that gem only a second, he side-steps away from the criminal investigation. "Come on," he says suddenly, enticing, "Get away from your Wus. I know a little place."

His hand is held out between them, to her: an offer. "We'll share a few more thoughts."

Maggie's head tips to the side and remains cocked, as if considering, throughout. Another smile pinches at her cheeks as if she's trying not to let it out completely. "I have a lot of work to do here." Her arms remain firmly crossed until she turns to revisit her desk and sit her killjoy self down. "You'll have to order in your thoughts."

"The work'll still be… here. When you get back." Laurie's attempt, he knows, is going to fail, but it's tacked on nonetheless as he trails vaguely nearby her towards her desk, spinning around just to face her once she's sitting as he meanders backwards towards the door. "Hey, you being glued to your desk doesn't keep me down," he announces, pointing towards her accusingly. As he turns around again, he adds in a shout, "I'll bring you back a fortune cookie, partner~!"


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