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Re: Carnival
DakaraiDakarai 13 Feb 2011 01:31
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » Carnival

Percy is also there. I'm new….ish. I came across this MUSH back in November, apped a character, and viola! Percy was born to the grid. Unfortunately since then I hadn't found much to do with him, and found myself connecting less and less (though I did have a few Carnival scenes with Jamie, which I am grateful for!).

But I'm around. After connecting today and seeing that numbers have grown since I last connected, I'm hopeful that I can finally find some more rp with folks, Carnival or otherwise! Percy is a carnie, so he'll be available for any Carnival type rp anyone might be seeking. =D

Re: Carnival by DakaraiDakarai, 13 Feb 2011 01:31
Re: Carnival
FobokFobok 27 Jan 2011 10:07
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » Carnival

Jamie's there, and happily so. She'll stay as long as she's still welcome.

Re: Carnival by FobokFobok, 27 Jan 2011 10:07
heartspringsheartsprings 27 Jan 2011 01:31
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » Carnival

Okay, so who's got an alt who visited the Carnival and decided they didn't want to leave?

What's staff's availability to NPC members of the Carnival? What Carnival NPCs are available even?

Carnival by heartspringsheartsprings, 27 Jan 2011 01:31

In terms of what I've got going on alt-ly, sort of like the role-call that's been going on in-game:

Emily - Hanging out at the Carnival. The last time we saw her, she was there trying to 'get clean' as it were. Maybe with Joseph's help, something can be done with her.

Alexandra - Still chugging along, 'staus quo' and what have you. Nothing out of the ordinary here, except maybe the ability to prey on the doubts planted in her head while in custody about a year ago.

Adam - Disappeared back into the shadowy underbelly of NYC crime and cash. With the Yakuza plots more or less on hold or dead, this FC can really go in any plot direction.

Domino - Seldom-seen and seldom-used, built for Evo plots but with the founder of the company gone, she's basically on her own and living it up with company cash.

Those are the quick and dirty summaries of what I've got going on. I haven't really thought super much about what I want to have happen with each of them.

Re: What Now? by heartspringsheartsprings, 25 Jan 2011 18:32
Re: What Now?
KarismaKarisma 24 Jan 2011 23:21
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » What Now?

Well, as far as availability, quite a few people know where I frequent/my AIM, so I can easily be bugged for scenes. I just tend not to have an extra window open for chatting, even though I am usually online. I'm online a lot. So impromptu scenes and weekends, whatever works for me.

As far as what I think we should be doing… I get the sense that things would be good if we sort of formed more of a team mentality. Driving people together on some kind of scale would be good, since there are few of us. If we can get a decent amount of people working together it might be easier to deal with something more drastic. Having something that drives a small group of people together seems to be a good idea to me, but I'm game for a lot of options. Really, something dramatic happening seems to be the key factor.

Re: What Now? by KarismaKarisma, 24 Jan 2011 23:21

Hey guys! I've been thinking about the discussion going on, and my own — personal — feeling is that diving right into something as huge as Evolved awareness would be highly dangerous with things so tentative still. It's also not something that could be taken back. Ever. It changes everything. It's the kind of entire world-changer that seems like it could use some leading up to, so it won't implode.

A lot of the point of Humanity could — should — etc, be exploring what makes your own character! Makes them a person, a hero, a family. No one knows better plots for your own character than you. Everything is new territory, because it's yours! I don't think that there does have to be something huge, as long as it moves your character on a personal level.

But if the goal is to get some outside influence in, I do have plotlines that were designed around the time of the role-call, so based on who responded to that. I'll be honest, though; I work a baffling work schedule that allows me to actually be logged on frequently, and able to chat occasionally, but rarely allowed to formulate a pose. It's greatly crippled my ability to run anything dependably. Hours include the weekend, and oftentimes with little prior warning. It's the kind of thing that would require patience, since events would not be happening super-fast.

However, if that's not your game, then I will just try to pipe in with ideas whenever I can~

Re: What Now? by plunderbunnyplunderbunny, 24 Jan 2011 06:04
Re: What Now?
FobokFobok 16 Jan 2011 22:35
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » What Now?

I definitely think it takes more to increase participation. And really, just because we go beyond the show doesn't mean we have to go all dark. Yes, it's likely to get a bit darker, but I doubt it would go beyond Volume 4's level of darkness.

Basically, what I think we need is more opportunity for people to be heroes. Because, hey, that's the name of the game.

As for what makes us unique, we could become the season that never was.

Re: What Now? by FobokFobok, 16 Jan 2011 22:35

I think that's a pretty good jumping-off point, really - the series finale, I mean. For what limited time and episodes they had, they did a nice job of leaving a somewhat thought-provoking cliffhanger. Of course, one could argue that if someone wanted a real 'game-changer' as it were, well, there's always the other game.

Maybe it takes something like that to increase participation? Maybe holding more to the show, more to "plausible" or "safe" scenarios - stuff that we could and might and have seen in the show - is constraining. I understand the DF and nightmares and all that are fun because people have a carte blanche to do whatever they want, but something that deviates from the safe topics of the show could be fun.

What we need, I think, is an identity. Chapter Five: Humanity, right? A time to define ourselves, to discover what makes our characters…so why not apply that to the game? What makes our game special and unique and makes people want to play here? Are we a show-clone? Are we striking out into new territory? How much freedom and story-bending do we want to leave in our, the players,' hands?

I think that's probably something to address first, and when that settles - are we moving in a dark direction? Are we moving in a direction to reveal evolved? Where are we going? - we can really start moving the entire game in that direction through concerted RP across all our alts.

Re: What Now? by heartspringsheartsprings, 15 Jan 2011 05:58
Re: What Now?
FobokFobok 15 Jan 2011 04:57
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » What Now?

Well, one way to encourage RP is to have something big that everybody'd want to react to. Look at how excited people were over the Alpha Protocol stuff. Part of the problem leading to the inactivity I think was that after that, there was nothing really big affecting everybody. (I mean, there was the eclipse thing, and there was a spike in RP around that, but once it was over things just kind of puttered out.)

Another of our problems is probably a lack of Heroes on TV to inspire people. We can't really do anything about that directly, but what we can do is do our own version of the final season-ending cliffhanger. Have the Evolved be revealed to the world in full, and do our own version of what happens next.

To start with, we'd really only need one scene and maybe a couple of news bbposts to get things going. Then staff could sit back and wait to see how many people bite before having to put a lot of effort into things. Primarily because it's the kind of thing we can all RP around ourselves.

Anyway, this is just an idea. There's probably tons of other things we could do for the same effect of getting things going. :)

Re: What Now? by FobokFobok, 15 Jan 2011 04:57
What Now?
heartspringsheartsprings 15 Jan 2011 01:45
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » What Now?

So…in the efforts to do something, anything, to jump start things here again, I want to open a discussion about possible story lines…again.

What are people interested in seeing with their characters? What are they wanting with their character(s)?

Where can we take the game, collectively, to generate more interest? Are there any plot arcs you wizards out there are looking to put into play? How can we help build plot like that with you guys?

We've lost a lot of people lately do to inactivity which is making people leave which is leading to inactivity so, you can see the vicious cycle.

So…yeah. Just chat!

What Now? by heartspringsheartsprings, 15 Jan 2011 01:45

I'm pretty flexible this week and next, but then on Sunday May 16 I'm gone for two weeks MINIMUM. Hopefully back after that (assuming I can log on), but will have reverse hours as I'm on the other side of the world.

Okay… this is my work schedule, but we all know that I'm on after work all the time and those that want to live through my slow wiki scenes while I'm at work are more than welcome to snag me.

8 - Off at 8pm cst
9 - Off at 6pm cst
10 - Off
11 & 12 - working 4pm-8pm cst
13 & 14 - Off at 8pm cst
15 & 16 - Off
17 & 18 - Off at 8pm cst
19 & 20 - Off
21 - working 4pm-8pm cst
22 - Off at 8pm cst

That's right we're in the mode to get down south. Cody and Mark will be doing Final packing on their end Tomorrow (hopefully) and will catch their flight Wednesday. You all don't have too, Mark has things to do.. Like find a guide and all that, make some last minute arrangements and all that. But I do need everyone down there by time it time to fly out of Manaus for the tiny resort where the adventure begins.

Now… Speaking of the flight…

I need to know the best time to set this baby up. So… between the dates of… May 8th - 22nd, what does everyone's schedule looks like. I know it's a 2 week period, but I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to be there. It's the first big scene!!

Let me know! And make sure times are posted with PST EST and so on that way I can calculate.

And don't forget the adventure will be kept on a special page:

So you can link it to your page if you want! :D

Amazon Adventure: The Flight by KimmersKimmers, 02 May 2010 01:28

Another general "this is where I'd like my PCs to go" thread.

Randall: The carnival is very much what he's been looking for - maybe too much, in the long run - but at least at first, he'll jump at the chance to hire on in whatever role they feel would work.

George: It's an election year (no he's not pursuing Nathan's Senate seat, that thing is cursed!) so I think it'd be funny to have Timmy Crane or his son run against him. And he can continue to play straight man to the wacky hijinks of Hallis and company.

Matt: Needs a partner (needs to meet Maggie and Laurie too, but don't want to just glom on and feel like a third wheel). Janice is around. Junior is around, and IIRC his ability hasn't been explored yet. Maury may also cross his path later.

Carl: Still leaning toward "abilities are mostly dangerous", which seems like a good fit for the Company. Could be dragged out from behind his desk and pressed into service as a field agent, despite reluctance and learning curve.

Volume 5 specific plot hooks by emurphyemurphy, 25 Apr 2010 22:02
Re: Volume Five
ZoCalZoCal 22 Apr 2010 10:16
in discussion Heroes MUSH Talk / The Story » Volume Five




Re: Volume Five by ZoCalZoCal, 22 Apr 2010 10:16

Ok, this just came up in the lounge, but…use the Carnival for evil (or good) mirror version of peoples, characters featured in the show or original Carnival members. Set sail for epicness!

Re: Volume Five by heartspringsheartsprings, 21 Apr 2010 04:05

This thread isn't just about my character, but I will discuss Sarissa a bit too. It's mostly for people to discuss what they might plan to do with their characters in Volume Five. Doesn't have to be too in-detail. It's more about brainstorming, and forming connections with other players/characters, and maybe asking for help if you can't think of anything. What do you see your character doing once the government backs off? Will you try to resume your normal life? Will you leave behind your past and look to the future? Will something good happen to your character? Something bad? I know that we don't have all the details about Volume Five and what it will contain, and some of those details are even now still being decided. But you can at least start generating some of the "personal plot" ideas mentioned in the thread below this one.

Now for the part about me!

Something is going to happen this week that will impact Sarissa rather greatly. The end of Volume Four will end a lot of other things too. I'm not sure what I want to do with Sarissa in Volume Five. Ever since Novak showed up to whisk Elisabetha away, however many IC years ago, things in Sarissa's life have been uncertain and chaotic. She doesn't know what to expect anymore, and she is generally someone who prefers to be in control. When the Grand Finale is over, and the dust has settled, Sarissa is not going to be in control of much at all. So I see her trying to regain some degree of mastery over her life. Whether that means returning to the "normalcy" of being a wife, mother, and manipulator of others, or if she is going to try to start over in a setting where she has control from the very beginning, or maybe reinvent herself and try something completely new — regardless of what winds up happening, I'd like to be involved with more people on the MUSH, rather than just a select few.

If anyone thinks they could establish a connection to a distraught but still rich and powerful woman who is looking for some meaning to her life… Let me know! Also post if you have ideas for your characters that need a position filled.


Ch-ch-changes! by GooglyMooglyGalGooglyMooglyGal, 11 Apr 2010 21:39

Yes! I'm not going to reply to everything — collecting ideas! — but more player-run plots, agreed whole-heartedly. Maybe not every player because it's a personal thing, but people have fun with them.. Anything that encourages individual character development while involving a few characters is something I want to see.

Thanks so far guys, some good thoughts for sure!

Re: Volume Five by SerotoninSerotonin, 08 Apr 2010 02:39

Mysterious Truth. Crime. All sorts of things like that! Anything that would really allow for a few more smallish player-run TPs to exist with the main TPs run by staff could be neat too. OR! Maybe like, a smallish-TP from each player, to help them develop their character in whatever direction!

Re: Volume Five by heartspringsheartsprings, 07 Apr 2010 19:23

I'd enjoy seeing organized crime becoming more of a factor - we've seen it before, but not so much recently. Maybe Adam decides the Yakuza need to build up more local influence. Maybe the Irish mob decides to twist Brayden's arm - or maybe the Carnival has some ties in that direction.

Re: Volume Five by emurphyemurphy, 07 Apr 2010 01:20
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