2008-01-20: Fox and Kit's Movie Night


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Summary: Kitty becomes worried that Fox is growing up too fast, and they enter into a pact. Sort of.

Date It Happened: January 20, 2008

Fox and Kit's Movie Night

Downtown, NYC - 606 - Kitty's Apartment

"Hiii!", Fox greets her elder half-sister upon being let inside the apartment at about 7 pm. Having stopped by Pizza Hut and Blockbuster on her way over, she sets the pizza box and DVD down on the kitchen counter before turning to give Kitty a warm hug, ignoring the strangeness of hugging a person she just met only a few days prior. Kitty's her sister, and she has a lot of hugging to catch up on. "I've been looking forward to this all day! How have you been?" While waiting for a response, she hangs up her damp coat and removes her shoes, leaving them by the door. That done, she bounces lightly on the balls of her feet, clearly happy to have a chance to spend time with her new sis.

"Hey there!" Kitty accepts the hug and gives it back, although it is still weird.. she having a sister. "I've been fine, how about you?" Kitty takes the pizza and places it on the counter and puts the DVD on the couch. Tiger bounds forward and nuzzles Fox's leg.

"It's been an interesting few days," Fox answers truthfully. "I went to an arcade and played DDR, and…got touchy-feely with a boy I just met. We ate together and shared a drink, but then he had to go home. We had fun, though." Looking down as her foot is stepped on, she spots Kitty's cat. "Aww, hey, Tiger!", she says before crouching down to give him some attention in the form of petting and light scratching between and behind the ears. "I don't know what your taste in movies is, so I rented ***, that chick flick that just came out. Hope that's okay."

"You did what?" Kitty blinks and walks closer to Fox. "I don't understand, you're twelve!" The woman looks shocked and then anger crosses her face. "Who is he?"

Fox looks up at Kitty, startled, then rolls her eyes. "It wasn't like that," she insists. "We went to the food court adjacent to the arcade and had pizza and a Pepsi, it wasn't that big of a deal, really! His brother came and picked him up about an hour later." She stands up, perhaps to Tiger's lament, and steps into the kitchen area to wash her hands in preparation to eat. "His name was Jason. He was really cute, about my height but maybe a bit shorter…we held hands and stuff," she elaborates, not finding any of this particularly alarm-worthy. "There's no need to panic," she promises while opening cupboard doors in sequence, looking for some plates and glasses.

"How old is he?" Kit says and follows after her younger sister. "I think holding hands is appropriate for someone your age." The woman grins. "Cute huh? Well I'll have to meet him then." She goes to grab a slice of pizza and takes a bite. "Let's get to this movie."

"I'm glad you approve," Fox says while helping herself to a tall glass of Kitty's milk, deciding to neglect mentioning for now any kissing that might have transpired, lest her sister become excited again. She collects several slices of pizza onto her plate before carrying said plate and glass back to the living room and plopping down in the middle of the couch. "I think he's my age," she muses. "I don't know if he goes to the same school, though." She brings her legs up and folds them so each foot is tucked beneath the opposite thigh. "I don't know if I'll pursue anything with Jason yet…I've never been forward with someone I just met before. The opportunity was there and it just felt right at the time," she explains.

The older sister slides the movie in and the credits begin to roll. "Hold on little missy, I said holding hands which translates too, you are way to young to be even thinking of dating." Kitty looks at Fox with a raised eyebrow as she takes a bite of her pizza. The look is kind of that's final kind of thing.

Fox looks up at Kitty, somewhat confused. "So, holding hands once is okay, but I can't do that and have a meal by the arcade with the same boy again? Isn't that what dating is?", she asks sincerely, trying to figure out what the rules are. It seems like Kitty will be something of a surrogate mother as well as a sister, since Fox sees so little of her real mother these days. She's so young and impressionable, and has so little supervision as a latch-key kid.

"Ok, let me lay it out straight for you.. Boys are cheats and liars, their such a big disgrace, they will tell you anything to get to second baseball, baseball, he thinks he's gonna score!" Kit holds her hands up and then stops. "The rest I'll tell you at a later time." Kitty grins and pats Fox on the shoulder. "Dinner and a movie fine. As long as I'm picking you up and dropping you off.. now if he tries to kiss you.. well then you just call me and Suzie Q and I will go for a little bit of target practice." Kit hasn't told Fox that she has a gun.

Fox gives Kitty a curious look. "Second baseball? Shouldn't it be second base? It would rhyme that way." She watches the opening scene of the movie and takes a few bites of pizza, then washes it down with milk, inadvertently obtaining a milk mustache in the process due to tipping the glass too far. "Who's Suzie Q?…Wait, target practice?! What?? And…what if I'm the one that tries to kiss him? Would that be okay?" She looks down to see Tiger sitting beside her, propping himself up on her thigh, and giggles. "Tiger's so cute. My mom won't let me keep a pet."

"Base.. baseball.. same thing." Kit waves her hand and bites into her pizza. "Ok, first rule. You don't kiss a boy until you're like.. sixteen. K?" She watches the TV screen as well. "You have to realize that most boys.. want /things/ from a girl. And you aren't giving up those /things/ until you are much much older than you are now."

Fox raises an eyebrow as she glances to Kitty again. Obviously, this must be negotiated down. "Thirteen," she posits. "Sex is gross, I wouldn't think of that before I'm twenty at least. So I think I deserve some leeway when it comes to kissing." She returns to her pizza slice, which Tiger is trying to sniff. "Aww, sorry, Tiger! Pizza is people-food, not cat-food!" She looks up at the TV again. "Oh, look! It's that girl from Bridge to Terabithia! I like her."

"Fourteen, take it or leave it kid." Kit grins at Fox and nudges Tiger away, "No begging." She then turns to Fox. "Sex is way gross, I mean who does that right? So good idea.. how about never doing it." Kitty is putting it on thick but hey, she doesn't want her sister to wind up being manipulated by some jerkface.

Fox giggles. "I can't imagine myself…doing it…but I might want kids when I'm old enough," she insists. "So I can't promise never. Though I guess I could adopt maybe. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She playfully pokes her sister's upper arm while saying that last bit, then quickly gets up to refill her plate and glass, trying to move away from the couch quickly enough to avoid instantaneous retaliation. "No kissing boys until I'm fourteen, then. I'll see what I can do."

"Good, and if you do kiss a boy. "I'll know." Kitty leaves it at that and turns back to watch the movie. Big sisters can so be a pain in the rear.

Fox gets more milk and raids the pizza box. "Wait, what do you mean, 'you'll know'? Do you have a secret power for that too?", she teases as she closes the box and walks back to the couch, curling up where she was sitting previously. "The pizza's good, isn't it? I'm sooo hungry. You probably think I'm a pig now," she speculates. She takes a sip of milk, but nearly snorts it out and starts giggling upon seeing a funny scene in the movie.

"Nah, you're not a pig." Kitty smiles and winks, "Well you'll just have to wait and see how I /know/ things." Kitty doesn't explain she wants Fox to think twice before trying to kiss a boy.. or a girl?

Fox coughs after some milk went down the wrong tube. Recomposing herself, she gives her sister a dubious glance. "No fair using your powers to spy on me," she teases. "I think I deserve a certain amount of freedom, privacy, and trust, given my maturity, who I am, and what I've been through. In return, I promise to tell you what's going on in my life." Fox extends her free hand to Kitty, pinky finger pointing out. "Pinky-swear?"

"Ok fine. Pinky swear." Kitty holds out her hand to pinky swear, but the hand that she holds behind her back is crossed. Ooooh Big sis wins!

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