2008-01-26: Fox Chase


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Summary: Fox meets Chase in a cafe.

Date It Happened: January 26, 2008

Fox Chase

A Random Cafe in NYC

It's an overcast, drizzly Monday afternoon, and school has just let out for many students in the Eastern time zone, Fox being one of them. Instead of heading straight home, she decides the depressing weather warrants a stop at a cafe along her route. With a baseball cap keeping the rain out of her eyes, she makes her way through a maze of umbrella-wielding pedestrians until finding one of her regular cafes, one which still has an empty table. Holding the door open for an elderly man to exit, she slips inside afterward, and sets her knapsack down in the empty booth to reserve it for her, then steps up to the counter and orders a tall hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Rain. It seems to reflect the emotion behind Chase's eyes. She pauses outside and stares in through the window of a cafe. The people inside all seem so happy, so content and it's more than a tad irratiting. With a sigh, she heads towards the door and slips slowly inside. She makes her way towards the booths, passing those that have people sitting at them, or are otherwise taken, and drops her bag on the floor with a heavy thud. She shakes a little of the water out of her hair before falling into the seat. After a moment, she crosses her arms on the table and buries her face in them. "Am I really /that/ pathetic?" Chase sighes. She knows the truth. And, unfortunately, she is.

Fox smiles as her hot chocolate is served up, and cups her cold hands around the drink's cardboard holder. "Thanks," she says to the barrista, before lifting it to her face to take a whiff of the rich, chocolatey goodness. She turns and heads towards her seat, but pauses before reaching it when she notices the older girl in the adjacent booth with her face buried. She wasn't there a moment ago, Fox thinks. Biting her lower lip in contemplation, her curiosity gets the better of her. She retrieves her knapsack and steps up to Chase's table, then greets the apparently-depressed girl: "Hey, mind if I join you?"

There is no response for a minute, but begrudgingly, Chase raises her head. And the sarcastic reply that was perched on the tip of her tongue immediately dissolves at the site of the cute blonde girl. "I-" She pauses for a moment, as if analyzing something, and then shrugs. "If you don't mind me possibly dooming your social future, then I don't mind the company. I'm Chase Bixby."

Fox contorts her mouth to one side of her face as she considers Chase's lack of enthusiasm. "I'm Fox," she announces as she slips into the booth and sets her cup down in front of her. "It's a strange name, I know," she quickly adds. For a moment she bites her lip again as she studies Chase's face and simultaneously thrums her fingers against the side of the cup, then catches herself and stops. "You look like a dark, ominous cloud is hanging over you and following you around. Like you need someone to talk to." Glancing down to her cup, she slides it halfway across the table. "Want a sip?"

Chase actually chuckles a little, "No stranger than a girl child being named Chase." She glances down at the hot chocolate that's been offered to her and she, ever so slightly, smiles. Though it's gone as fast as it appeared. As she accepts it, she leans forward and takes in a deep wiff of it's relaxing aroma and then she sips. "That's pretty good. "She's silent for another moment, "my mother used to make me hot chocolate from scratch."

Fox nods. "I find hot chocolate calms me down and helps me relax. I prefer the cafe up the street, but they looked too busy today. I guess everyone's coming in out of the rain." She looks out the window at damp pedestrians, then returns her attention to the girl before her. "You sound like you miss her," she observes.

"Sure. I guess. A little," Chase glances away. It's been a long time since she's really thought much about her mother. Before the girl can ask, Chase continues, "It's… complicated. Everything is." She takes another sip of the hot chocolate and then slids it back across the table to the younger girl. As several more people wander in, she shivers, "I like the rain very much, actually. I used to, anyway. Guess I've been too wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself to really just enjoy it anymore. And here I swore I'd never fall victim to the epidemic of teen angst."

Fox accepts the cup and wraps her hands around it again. "I like the sound of rain, but the louder it is, the better. Then it can drown out the noise of New Yuck." She pauses to take her first, long sip of the hot chocolate. "Things used to be complicated for me, too. I think I suffered enough teen angst for two people, and I'm not even a teen yet," she says with a smirk, then reverts to a more serious tone. "Do you have anyone, or anything, to look forward to, that will make life seem less complicated?"

Chase sits in silence for a very long moment. "I used to," she admits softly. "But he's… sleeping… And I doubt he'll want to see me much when he wakes back up." She leans over, rummaging through her bag before producing a picture on a keychain. "He was a football player. We were kinda… close. Might even have been a couple. But there was an accident." She gets a very distant look in her eyes, "It was my fault, too."

Fox's eyebrows furrow in worry as she slowly looks down at the keychain photo. "Ouh, I'm so sorry…" She focuses on the small picture, wishing she could use her power to pull Chase's conscious boyfriend through. But alas, it doesn't work that way. She rubs the tip of her thumb over the picture, and focuses on the picture a little too much, accidentally activating her power; her thumb seems to push through the picture and disappear, but she quickly pulls her thumb out of the tiny wormhole and slides the keychain back across the table, hoping Chase didn't see that. "That's a lot on your conscience, more than anyone should have to bear. I don't know what to say." She looks down at the edge of the table, biting her lip as she feels useless.

"You don't have to say anything," Chase tilts her head, studying the girl for a moment. "You're very kind for a girl your age. And honest. You don't find many people like that around here. Not that you really find them in any other big city, either." She pauses to study the picture as it's passed back to her. Something, though she has no idea what, seems… different. With a shrug, she drops it back into her bag. "But enough about me, tell me more about you."

Fox shrugs as she sips her hot chocolate. "I like to draw things," she begins, thinking that as good a starting place as any. "The last few weeks have been kind of nuts. I found out I have an older half-sister, and she's fun to hang out with, but I haven't been able to reach her the last few days. I'm starting to get worried." She stares down at a scratch on the tabletop and sighs. "I guess life got a little more complicated for me after all."

There is a look of symapthy and understanding on Chase's face as she reaches her hand across the table towards the younger girl. "Found her only to lose her again… Have you told your parents? Or tried calling her?" She's not sure exactly how to help a new acquaintance find a girl she's never met, but she'd like to at least try and return the words of comfort. "I mean… I'm sure she's okay. But if you're really worried, you should ask someone to help you find her."

"Yeah. I've tried calling her and knocking on her apartment door. My mom doesn't know anything about her besides her name," Fox explains, looking out the window. "I don't know where our dad is, but I wouldn't seek him out for help even if I did." She sniffles, fighting back tears. "I don't…even have a picture of her," she says, her voice starting to tremble.

Chase sits in silence, uncertain of how she can be of any help to the girl. She leans over, reaches into her bag and fumbles around until she finds a pen and a small spiral notebook. As she scribbles on it, she smiles, "I know it's not much, but I'm going to give you my phone number." She slides the a small piece of paper across the table; it reads 436-5669. "That's my cell and it's always on. But," she pauses, "I do hope you hear from her soon. I mean, if I had a sibling who suddenly stopped responding to my calls… I can only imagine how it would affect me."

Fox wipes her face just below her eyes and turns to look down at the slip of paper, and picks it up. "Heh. And here I thought I was the one trying to help you. Thanks." She folds it and tucks it into her sweatshirt's kangaroo pocket, then picks up her cup to finish off the hot chocolate. It doesn't take long, since it's cooled off to the point that she doesn't have to pause between sips. "I hope your friend recovers," she says softly.

Chase laughs a little. "You're welcome and we're helping each other. Making the world go round and everything." She leans against the table, resting her chin in the palm of her hand thoughtfully. "I'm sure he will, one day. And I'm sure your sister is just fine. She's probably just been busy with work or school or whatever it is that she does with her time."

Fox smiles a little at Chase's optimism, which she seemed to be lacking a short while ago. "Yeah, maybe she's been studying with a friend or something," she muses. "Anyway, I should get home so I can start on my homework." She scoots out of the booth, and picks up her knapsack, slinging it over her shoulder. "Nice meeting you," she says as she picks up her cup and steps toward the exit and garbage bin.

"Ah yes. Homework," Chase casts a glance woefully down at her bag and sighs. "At some point we all must suffer through it." She looks back up as Fox stands, "I mean… stay in school." Though she remains seated, her eyes follow the little blonde as she heads towards the door. "The pleasure was all mine, Fox. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"You too," Fox says as she slips through the door. "See ya!"

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