2008-01-17: Fox Eats Indian


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Summary: Sierra treats Fox to dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Date It Happened: January 17, 2008

Fox Eats Indian

Uptown, NYC - Tabla

It's early evening, it's cold outside, but inside the Tabla restaurant it's warm and cozy. It seems to be a popular restaurant, as already many people are frequenting the establishment. Most seem like the upper class, socialites who have come to talk to each and reminisce about a variety of the modern eras many interesting happenstance, art, and a wide variety of other topics. Sierra had made arrangements to pick Fox up and bring her to said restaurant. She had decided on driving herself, as a taxi might have cost too much (in her humble opinion), and the subway isn't that conveniently close to the restaurant. So here they are. It's a lucky thing that Sierra had thought to make reservations ahead of time, as there may not have been enough room, even just for two people, now.

Fox stays close to Sierra as she ventures into the upper-class restaurant for the first time. Looking around at the other clientele, she feels embarrassingly underdressed, and hopes people will give her some leeway on account of being a kid. Her eyes are immediately drawn to the rich artwork, though much of it is too far away to get a good look at. "This place looks so expensive!", she asides to her friend, feeling more than a little out of place.

Sierra heads straight up to the maitre d' stand. Although he doesn't seem to be there at the moment, she stands there, waiting patiently, with Fox at her side. She offers Fox a little smile, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Cherie, do not worry or fret it none. It is what it is. And do you know what the food is? It is magnifique! Absolutely delicious. Or…that is what people have told moi. And what I have read." She looks around once more for the maitre d', growing slightly more impatient. "It is only right to bring such a special friend here, though, non?"

Fox feels a bit undeserving, but offers a warm smile back to her host. "They must have an eclectic menu," she observes, as she spots some dishes that she doesn't recognize at a nearby table. "I hope the menu has pictures so I know what it is that I'm ordering." Not just because of her dyslexia, either. While waiting for service, she turns around and peers into a fish tank with exotic, colorful tropical fish.

Sierra chuckles. "I would not know, cherie, but I do hope you like Indian food. For that is mostly the type they have here." Her eyes follow the gaze of Fox. "If they do not have picture, you can ask me, and I shall do my best to tell you. Oui?" She nods and looks about. Finally the maitre d' appears. "How can I be of service for you today?" He asks of them. With a reply, Sierra says, "Ah, oui monsieur. Le madmuazel," she indicates Fox, "et myself have a reservation. It is under LeBlanc." He checks his records and, with a nod, indicates for them to follow. He leads them to a table for two and places menus in front of their seat. "Merci." Sierra says to the man as he leaves.

Fox's attention is pulled away from the fish tank, and she follows the maitre d' to their table. "Thank you," she says to him before removing her coat and taking her seat. Immediately she opens the menu, and finds herself confronted with names of dishes but no pictures. Her eyes drooping, she leans forward and stares at one of the items from the fish section. "Am…Am-r…Am-rit…Am-rit-sar-i fish?" She looks up to Sierra with questioning eyes, having no clue as to what that could be. "Sorry, I don't think I'm as well-cultured as you are," she apologizes. "Maybe you can recommend something for me?"

Sierra smiles and shakes her head. "You are doing just fine, mon cherie!" She says encouragingly. "Well, tell me what you like. Beef, chicken, lamb, fish? Or just vegetables? Rice?" She takes a look at her own menu, taking a good look over it. "I am not as cultured as you may think, mon cherie. I come from a small city in a small province in Canada. I am as cultured as you are, I do believe." She says softly, with a kind smile.

Fox bites her lower lip as she contemplates the choices and looks around at the dishes on other patrons' tables. "Lamb with rice sounds like a good combination," she muses. "I haven't had lamb in a long while." Glancing across at Sierra, she asks, "Canada, eh? Then what brings you to 'New Yuck'?", with a smirk at the end. "I haven't visited any other countries," she readily admits.

Sierra nods at Fox. "Well, lamb with rice for you then. Sounds like a wonderful combination." She chuckles at Fox. "Ah, 'New Yuck', is that what people are calling these days?" She laughs. "I was offered a job with a newspaper here, in Queens." She smiles happily. "And so far it has been a magnificent place to be! Very lovely. I am glad to have come here. If I had not, I would never have met you." She says with a small smile.

"I sometimes call it that because I think there's a lot of crime, pollution, and corruption here," Fox says. "Though, I guess everywhere is like New Yuck in that regard. Except we have people from every country here in one city, so it's kind-of like a microcosm of the world. All the best the world has to offer, and all the worst as well to balance it out. You can't have one without the other." Yes, she has big thoughts for a 12-year-old girl. "Are you a columnist, then?", Fox asks, impressed. "That sounds like a fun job, but not something I could do. My spelling is atrocious and everything gets jumbled up after just a few words."

Sierra nods in agreement. "Ah, yes. La crime. It is a horrible thing." She says softly, nodding. Smiling, she says, "I write articles for the paper. It is a very small paper though. It is called 'The Queens Gazette'." She listens to Fox carefully. "Mon cherie, do…do you have dyslexia?" She asks carefully. At that moment, their waiter arrives to get their order. "I shall have the beef curry with rice and…" She looks back at Fox. "You wanted lamb with rice, non?" She smiles and nods. "And what would you like to drink, cherie?" She looks at the waiter, "Just a water for me, and whatever the Miss here would like."

"Yes, lamb with rice, maybe some spicy tofu, and a glass of water and a small milk, please," Fox asks of the server. Once he's gone, she nods slowly to Sierra. "My teacher thinks so, and she's trying to arrange a test for me. She thinks I should've been diagnosed sooner, but with our overcrowded classrooms it's hard for each student to get the attention they need. I can sometimes read one or two words by themselves, but more than that and…the letters just start to fall apart. Numbers are the same way. I don't know how else to explain it. I had a hard time the other day when…oh, I didn't tell you about that! I found out I have a half-sister, and went to meet her not long before I met you. So much has happened just in the past week!"

Sierra nods sympathetically towards Fox as she explains. "The overcrowding of classrooms is never a good thing. Never. This is exactly why I am opposed to it!" She says with a shake of her head. "You should get exactly the attention you need." She smiles. "And next time, we shall go to a restaurant with pictures, deal?" She grins, nodding firmly. "Ah, mon cherie! You have a half-sister…that you have just met? Well! That must be very exciting! I'd love to hear all about her!"

"Yeah, I don't like being just another number in school." Fox smiles at the mentioning of menus with pictures. Then, regarding her sister, "Oh, it is! We're so lucky to live in the same city. She's so different from me. She's about 21 years old and just finished an English and literature program at NYU, and likes to work on cars. And she has a cat and her own apartment. I'm hoping to get to spend some time with her again soon. She's lucky, she can read well. And she never met our dad…let's just say that I wish I could say the same." She reaches to take a piece of bread out of a basket on the table, breaks off a piece, and nibbles on it.

Sierra nods a little. "I am sure she is very nice, all the while. Maybe if that car of mine breaks down, I could get your sister to fix it, non?" She grins a little. The mention of the father has her concerned though. "Is your father not a good man? Do you live with your father?" She does seem concerned. A child should not have to live with a father who isn't treating them kindly.

Fox breaks off her next piece bread a little more forcefully this time. "No, he was very mean. And…he lived with my mom and me until about two years ago. My parents finally separated, and I haven't seen him since." She chews her bread, and sips some water. "He can't make my life miserable any more. But he's probably doing that for someone else by now." She sighs. "Maybe we should talk about something else."

Sierra can take a hint. And, besides, the food arrives then, with each plate being placed in front of it's respective eater. "Ah, our delicious meals! Let's dig in!" She grins as she starts eating her own food. "So…how is it?" She asks of Fox, seeing how her food is.

Fox smiles when the food arrives and says 'Thank you' to the server. She cuts some lamb and samples it, tilting her head up as she chews. "It's rich in flavor…tender…I like it." Having earned her seal of approval, she samples the tofu and rice and the variety of vegetables one gets even if they don't order any vegetables. After that she reaches for the milk. "A bit spicy. But I like it that way," she says reassuringly.

Sierra takes a few more bites of her own food while she awaits Fox's answer. She smiles widely. "Ah, bon! I am glad. It is a feast to fit princesses!" She grins and goes back to her own food for a few moments, thoughts caught up in everything. "So, Fox, tell me. How did you find this half-sister of yours? Did you already know about her or…?"

Fox makes a goofy smile at the thought of being a princess. She shakes her head and explains, "My mom and I had a long discussion and she mentioned her to me. I'm not sure why my parents didn't tell me about her before, I guess they thought it would be awkward. But I insisted that she give me her name, and then I got help looking it up in the phone book. She has a unique first name, so there was only one match. After school the next day, I set off to find her, and I got lost several times on the way. But luckily, she was in her apartment when I found it."

Sierra nods a bit, listening. "I can understand how you would get lost. I've gotten lost many times in this giant city! To be honest? I don't know how anyone finds their way around New Yor…Yuck. I almost got lost on our drive here!" She grins as she takes some more bites of her food. "I bet she was surprised to find out about you, eh?"

Fox smiles and doesn't feel so bad for getting lost now, at least. "She had no idea what happened to our dad. He abandoned her and her mother when she was very young. There's so much stuff we can do together now! I want to sleep over and watch movies with her, and she wants to help with my reading, though I'm not sure how far we'll get with that. And we could go on trips together and go shopping together," she says enthusiastically.

Sierra grins widely, chuckling at the enthusiasm. "Sounds like it is all planned out, non? A sisters night out!" She smiles and nods. She waves over their waiter, asking for the bill, as she is almost done, not wanting to have to wait too long for the bill. "I think you and her shall have very much fun together, don't you?"

Fox nods in agreement. "There's so much to look forward to. 'New Yuck' isn't as yucky as it used to be." She finishes the last bit of her tofu. "Sierra, thanks so much for bringing me here, it was fun."

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