2008-01-14: Fox Kit


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Summary: Kitty is visited by someone who reveals herself to be her half-sister.

Date it Happened: Jan 14, 2008

Fox Kit

Kitty's Apartment

It is just starting to become evening and Tiger, the cat is prowling around inside of Kitty's apartment. His tail swings from side to side, Kitty Hanner ducks out of her bedroom, dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose tee shirt. Her hair is up in a ponytail and she is carrying a book from her room to the living room. Curling up on the couch for a evening of reading.

As Fox exits the elevator, she glances down to a sticky note in her left hand with Kitty's name and address written on it. "Six-oh-six," she says aloud, then glances to a sign on the wall ahead of her with arrows indicating the range of apartments in each direction. She stares at it for a bit, then heads down the hallway. "Six-oh-two…Six-oh-four…", she mumbles to herself as she passes a couple doors, then stops before a third. Checking the sticky note once more, she bites her lower lip, revealing the tips of two slightly-prominent front teeth. Suddenly, she feels rather goose-bumpy as her anxiety builds, and stands rather motionless until forced to stand aside to let someone else pass her. Finally, she takes a deep breath, steps toward the door, and gives it a gentle knock, not really knowing what to expect.

An eyebrow is raised. She wasn't expecting a visitor this evening.. Kitty looks to the door and then down to Tiger, the cat is looking up at Kitty as if he is saying, 'WHO IS AT OUR DOOR? AHH'. Kit scratches Tiger behind the ears and stands, "Now who could this be?" She says and opens the door.

Fox inclines her head slowly as she sees Kitty for the first time. Her eyes linger upon Kit's face for a few seconds before she collects herself. "Umm…hi. Are—are you Kitty Hanner?", she asks nervously. "Daughter of Bob and…" She glances down at her sticky note once more. "…Malori Hanner?" She cutely bites her lower lip again as she awaits the answer that could change everything.

Kitty blinks.. "Um yeah, who wants to know?" The mechanic is thoroughly confused. Why is this little girl all by herself! "Did something happen?" Kitty doesn't know what to expect.

Fox inhales deeply and her eyes seem to light up the moment she receives the answer she was hoping for. "OhMyGosh! MyName'sFoxHanner. I'mYourHalfSister! CanIComeIn?", she says in a higher-pitched voice at near-chipmunk speed. She bounces on the balls of her feet, unable to contain herself.

Oh so you're the half siste- WHAT?!?! Kitty's jaw drops and she can't speak for a few moments. "You're whose daughter?" she asks when she regains the ability to speak. Kit then steps aside to let the little girl in. A confused expression on her face.

Fox eagerly steps in and quickly surveys the room before turning around to face Kitty again. "Bob Hanner's my dad. Though, I don't think he made a particularly good one. I don't know where he is now. But anyway, my mom knew about you and told me I had a half-sister from my dad's prior marriage, and I got her to give me your name, and…I looked you up. This is so cool! We have so much to catch up on!" She bounces again and has an adorabe smile plastered across her face. "Oh!", she says, remembering something. She pulls a folded-up piece of paper out of her sweatshirt pocket and offers it to Kitty; it's a photocopy of her birth certificate, with Bob and Lisa Hanner listed as her parents.

"Oh my.. you /are/ my sister." Kitty blinks and sits on her couch with a thud. Her eyes wide, Tiger instantly comes to rub in between Fox's legs. "Fox huh? Dear ol dad has a sense of humor." Kitty looks at Fox with shock. "I can't believe it!" Kitty says and smiles at her sister. "How long have you known?"

Fox looks down when she feels Tiger between her legs. "Oh, hi there!", she says to him, before crouching low to pet him briefly and scratch behind his ears. Kitty's comment about their unique names elicit a snicker. "Our names could've been worse…I actually kindof like them though." She carefully scoops Tiger up and carries him over to the couch, where she sits down on the opposite end. "I only found out last night; I didn't get much sleep after that. I hope you don't mind me dropping in on you like this—I thought it would be best to introduce myself face-to-face rather than over the phone." She gives Tiger some more attention. "What's your cat's name?"

"I love my name. And yours." She winks and scratches Tiger around the ear. "His name is Tiger. Kitty, Fox and Tiger." She chuckles lightly and looks at Fox, "Well I'm glad that your mom told you. Do you.. have any idea where dad is? I've never met him." Kitty says softly and adds. "Well when I was a baby, but of course I don't remember it."

Fox shakes her head. "My mom might have an idea, but if so, she hasn't said anything. They separated about two years ago. That was one of the best events in my life." Looking down at Tiger, she adds in a softer voice, "He was…really bad to both of us. Things got so bad that I wanted to run away, but each time I considered it, I ended up staying because I couldn't just leave my mom alone with him. I think you're better off never having known him."

The older woman gapes at Fox, "He /hurt/ you guys?" Anger fills Kitty's eyes and she nods her head. "Yeah, I agree that it's best I don't know him." She rubs Fox's shoulder gently. "I'm sorry." She says simply.

Fox nods and lets Tiger crawl out of her lap. "I think the verbal abuse was the worst for me. Like…I don't get good grades, and he'd go on a tirade about how stupid I was, even though he could see I was trying. But anyway, I'd rather talk about us than him if it's all the same." She twists on the couch to face Kitty, tucking one ankle beneath the opposite knee. "What kind of stuff are you interested in? What do you do for fun? I want to know stuff like that."

"Well I love to read. Dorky I know. I work on cars.. what about you?" she chuckles at the fact that she is talking to her.. /sister/. Who would have ever thought it. "I just finished my English and literature program at NYU and I'm just taking a few classes there still for fun." Kitty grins at Fox.

"Really? I'm surprised, because I suck at reading. Even street signs are hard," Fox replies as looks down at Tiger. "I like to draw, mostly. And invent stories. But I don't write them down." She bites her lower lip as she considers mentioning something else. "I can also do a bit of magic, but…I've kindof kept it to myself because I'm afraid of the attention I'd get." She looks down again, not sure if it was wise to mention that or not.

"I can help you, if you want.. with the reading." Kitty offers and she raises an eyebrow. "Magic?" Oh god.. Kitty thinks and studies Fox.

Fox smiles a bit at the offer of help. "That would be great, if you're really willing to, but I'm not so sure I can be helped. It's so frustrating." She nods regarding the 'magic'. "Yeah. It's kind of scary, really. But I'll show you if you won't tell anyone." She takes off her baseball hat, and produces a little spiral notebook and pen from her sweatshirt pocket. "Give me the name of a random object."

Kitt is confused.. a lot! "Um how about a slinky?" Kitty used to /love/ playing baseball when she was younger. "I don't see where you are getting at." Kit says softly to Fox but she waits for the little girl to demonstrate before saying more.

GAME: Fox has rolled DRAWING PORTAL and got a result of AVERAGE.

Fox grins at the suggestion of a baseball bat. "That will do nicely." She uncaps her pen, and draws a bat on her little spiral notebook, re-caps the pen, and stuffs the notebook into her baseball cap, holding it up between them so only she can see inside. "Give me a few seconds to concentrate," she says before biting her lower lip and staring into the cap, her eyes looking extremely focused. When she feels she has it, she reaches her free hand into the cap, and rummages around. A few seconds later, she reaches even further into the cap, further than should be possible. "Ah, there it is!", she says, then slowly removes her hand, pulling a regulation-size wooden baseball bat out of her cap. "Ta-da!", she says as she offers the bat to Kitty, with a gigantic grin plastered across her face.

Kitty's jaw drops and she blinks. "Is that Mark McGwire's autograph?!" Kitty looks at Fox eyes wide. "You're Evolved, you have a special ability and no you shouldn't tell everyone else.. the reason why I call you Evolved is because.. I am too." Kitty grins widely at her sister.

Fox grimaces upon spotting the Mark McGwire autograph. "Oh, crud! Someone's probably going to miss that bat…I can't put it back now because I'm not sure where it came from." She then looks up to Kitty's eyes. "What do you mean, 'evolved'? Like the theory of evolution or something?"

"Exactly like that.. you're a smart girl." Kitty grins and runs her hand along the bat. Yep, it's real. "I can see the future or past by touching a object." She admits to Fox with a smile.

Fox's eyes widen. "You mean…like on that TV show with the investigator, who can tell what happened to an object at a crime scene just by touching it?" She seems somewhat skeptical, but keeps an open mind. "Can you show me?"

"Of course I can." Kitty says and she reaches out to touch the baseball cap that belongs to Fox. Her breathing slows and she gasps.

GAME: Kitty has rolled MAKE MYSELF SEE and got a result of GREAT.

A moment later, "Heh, I use to put my house key in my sock all the time. I figure the hat is more comfortable than my shoe." Kit winks and waits for Fox's reaction.

Fox's lips part as she stares at her sister in amazement. "I put the key to my apartment in that cap every night so I won't forget it in the morning," she confirms. "That's amazing!" She reaches up and brushes her hair back before leaning into the back of the couch and shaking her head slowly. "I can't believe this. We're both special! This is so cool!"

"Very." Kit agrees and then she begins to ask all sorts of questions wanting to know everything about her sister. She feels.. whole now. That missing piece was found.

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