2009-10-18: Foxes Kittens and Robins Oh My


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Featuring: Harley

Date: October 18th, 2009


Kitty and Fox find another sibling, things are getting even more weird for the Hanner family.

"Foxes, Kittens, and Robins, Oh My!"

Greenwich Village

It's late Sunday afternoon, and in one corner of Washington Square Park there are chess tables and among them are hustlers and players, playing for money. Robin is currently playing with an older man who looks to live out here, who is apparently just charging to play and not betting. It's a good thing, too, for his sake, as Robin seems to be winning by quite a bit of material.

Fox walks into the park alongside Kitty with her knapsack slung over her left shoulder. She's also carrying a tall cup of hot chocolate in one hand, having just visited a cafe, and a spiral notebook in the other. As the weather in NYC is starting to get cool, she's wearing a sweatshirt atop two further layers of teeshirts. Looking around, she gestures towards a less-crowded area with her cup, and leads her half-sister in that direction.

Walking alongside her younger sister, Kitty tosses her empty cup of tea into the trash as they walk through the park. Dressed in a pair of black pants along with a dark blue top and a pair of black boots, the heels clicking on the pavement, her pea coat is dark grey and is not buttoned.

"Listen Tiny.." she says with a light smile, "I'll think about getting you that new iPhone, but only if you promise to not draw it and pull it out, ok?" Kit doesn't need another moment like the time Fox drew this nice little _ that once belonged to their neighbor, that sure was an adventure setting right.

Robin's match is soon over. He smiles and offers to shake his opponent's hand, but the man just grumbles, waving him off. Robin just shrugs a little, standing up and looking around. At first his eyes are on the other chess tables, but not finding an interesting game he steps away further, and spots Kitty and Fox. Or, well, more specifically, Kitty, who he's been looking for. Or, well, who he'd been planning on looking for since the plane flight, and hadn't actually got a chance to yet. "Wow, now that's fate." He quickly runs over closer, slowing once he's close enough to talk, "Are you Kitty Hanner?"

Fox pauses and turns to face Kitty. "I'm not tiny, I'm almost as same height as you now!", she protests, always having hated to be called 'short' before but now taller-than-average since age 12 for reasons she doesn't understand. She stands on her tip-toes to emphasize the point, making her eyes even with Kitty's despite her half-sister's shoes. "And I promised I wouldn't take anything expensive that way again," she says, her feet coming flat with the ground again as she averts her eyes. "You know I have to practice my skill though, I don't *want* to be a thief," she adds, then turns to face Robin, surprised, when he mentions Kitty's name.

"I apologize.. tiny.." she says with a soft chuckle, teasing her sister and ruffling her hair. "I appreciate the work you are doing to be even better at your ability." She says, giving Fox some positive reinforcement. Then young woman winks at Fox and runs a hand through her hair. When Robin approaches, Kitty tries to think about if she has ever seen him..

Nope, she hasn't. "Yes, I am." She says politely and gives Robin a smile, this boy is harmless.. right? Her eyes flick to Fox and then move back to Robin again.

Robin smiles at Kitty's answer. "I'm Robin," he adds, offering his hand, and then says, "I've been trying to find my birth father, Bob Hanner, and my net search showed that you were his daughter?" He sounds confident of this fact even as he asks, though he still has to make sure.

Fox's eyes widen at Robin's out-of-the-blue claim. "What?!", she blurts out, her first thought being that he's some random bloke who wants to cash in on Kitty's wealth, but when she considers just what sort of a man Bob Hanner was, the possibility doesn't seem quite so preposterous. She glances to Kitty, then back to Robin, checking for any obvious family resemblances.

"Wait.. what?!" Kitty says and blinks, again?! The young woman looks at Fox and then back at Robin. "Bob is your father too?" She literally facepalms. "Yes I'm his daughter.. as is she." She says and gestures to Fox. "Oh wow.. how many others do you think are out there Fox?" she asks her younger sister and shakes her head.

Then gesturing to Robin, "Well, I don't know really what to say to this.. other than.. um.. welcome to the family?"

Robin nods a little with a slightly sheepish look, "I wasn't sure how to do this. I was going to try calling your company Monday, but wasn't expecting to just see you here." Then he adds to Fox, "Hi." To both he adds, "Nice to meet you."

Fox looks at Kitty in an is-this-your-idea-of-a-joke kind of way, but the part of her that _wants_ to believe Robin's telling the truth gets the better of her. "I have a brother?", she mouths softly to herself as the magnitude of this begins to set in. "What did you say your name was? Robin? Is your last name Hanner? How old are you? Where do you live?", she blurts out questions in rapid succession. "And can you…", she begins to ask, before thinking better of it. "This is a lot to take in, let's sit down and talk." She gestures toward an unoccupied table nearby.

"Slow down, Tiny." Kitty rubs Fox's back, though she is excited as well. The young woman looks at her two younger siblings and looks around the area. "Here is not a good place, not if.. not for the things we want to talk about." She says and gestures for the two to follow her, "We'll talk at the manor, much safer place to talk."

Robin shakes his head to Fox, answering the first couple questions anyway, "My last name's Whyte. Because of my dad… my stepdad, really. And I'm seventeen." He looks back to Kitty then and nods quickly, "Yeah, I have some stuff I need to ask, and not out here, so that'd be cool." He steps to follow after the two.

"I'm thirteen," Fox says, though Robin would be justified in not believing that as they're about the same height. "So he gave you with an animal name too," she observes, before sipping from the hot chocolate cup she'd been neglecting up til now. She maneuvers herself to be on the opposite side of Robin as Kitty. "This is so weeeeeeird," she comments to nobody in particular.

"I think it just might be getting even weirder." She says as she leads the two towards her car which is parked on the street. When Kitty opens the door to the car and slides in, she starts it up, waiting for the other two to hop in.

Not to far away is a man leaning against a tree, using a switchblade, he wilts a tree branch. Mirror sunglasses on his face, head is tilted to the side as he watches the trio, blonde hair hanging in front of his face. When the car pulls of he pulls his phone out of his pants and looks after the car. His suit coat flying with a passing breeze.

"Yes.. the three are together now. On the way to Hanner Manor, do I proceed?" The instructions obviously are no as he shakes his head and throws the stick onto the floor. "Understood." He growls out and ends the call, shoving his phone into his pocket. "Father.. I hope you know what you are doing." He says softly and begins to walk away.


The door to Hanner Manor is opened and Kitty leads the way into the home, with it's dark wood flooring and dark gold coloring, it gives off a warm feeling as she makes her way through the house. "Welcome to Hanner Manor." She calls behind her shoulder to Robin. In the living room, her cats are both running around and playing with each other.

"Attention troops, we've got another one on our hands." She says with a smile and Tiger and Lulu come racing towards her. The two cats nuzzle her legs as she bends down to rub their necks, looking behind her she smiles. "Make yourself at home."

Fox lets her knapsack slide down her arm to the floor in the foyer, pulls off her too-tight shoes, tosses them into a closet, and pads into the living room behind Kitty, finally finding a seat at the end of a sofa, where she curls up and wraps her arms around her shins. "Do you have any proof of your identity?", she asks, directed at Robin. Better safe than sorry.

Robin follows Kitty into the house, glancing around curiously a few moments as he takes it in. Then he looks back to Kitty he says, "Thanks. Wow, this place is great." He steps a little farther in, but then looks to Fox, "Um… well, not with me."

"I'm sorry about Tiny here." She shoots Fox a look, Let's Not Scare Away Our Potential Brother. Yeah that's the look. "I think she should be a detective, don't you?" she jokes and points to the couch. "Have a seat." She says and smiles at him, "Identification and all that will come later, just tell us your story." She says and sits down in the big armchair pointed towards the couches.

Legs crossed the woman pets Tiger as he jumps up onto her lap. Lulu, the tabby cat zooms over to Fox. Meowing and lifting a paw, looks like she wants a handshake?

Fox rolls her eyes at Kitty's comment about her becoming a detective. "Keep calling me that, and I'll call *you* that when I tower over you," she shoots back at Kitty. Glancing down to Lulu, she un-clasps her hands and reaches out to give the cat some attention.

Robin steps to sit down at the couch and says, "Thanks. Well, I was gonna bring proof, but, well, hadn't expected to see you today. I was just at the park to play chess." Then he hesitates, and says, "Well, I wanna find out about… my genetics. I just moved to New York, and was looking up Bob Hanner during the flight, and found out about you."

"We'll see." She says to Fox with a wink and then she listens to what Robin has to say, at the words genetic her eyebrows raise. "He ditched you too huh?" She says and looks at Fox, "Seems like a running theme for our father, eh?"

"Robin, can you do anything.. special?" she says and looks at the younger boy carefully.

Fox makes a 'hmph' sound in response to Kitty, and turns to watch Robin with interest at the question just posed, surprised that her sister would want to discuss such a subject before confirming Robin's genetic link to them. She skritches Lulu with one hand while sitting silently.

Robin nods quickly to Kitty, "Yeah, he left when I was two. I don't remember him at all. But…" Then at the question he brightens, "Then you do too? I was hoping, the Activating Evolution book said it's genetic, but my mom sure can't do anything like that." Excited, he forgets to explain what specifically he can do.

The young CEO is going out on a limb but she has a feeling about this boy.. something about him. Aha. "Well I haven't read that book in a while." She admits with a light grin and then Kitty leans forward, "What can you do?" she asks her head tilted to the side. It truly is genetic!

"I can.. well.. see things, through objects." She says and smiles at Robin and nods at Fox. If she wants to divulge her secret, she can. Or offer a demonstration.

Fox arches an eyebrow at Kitty for being so open and trusting. She chooses to stay silent, however. As Lulu darts away, she idly plays with a hole in the tip of one of her socks while looking to Robin, interested in his reaction.

Robin blinks, "Oh, right. Um..E.M. signals. Radio waves, mostly, but inside electronics too." Kitty's phone would beep with a text message, 'LIKE THIS'. "There's a lot of things I can do. Radio waves are everywhere now, and I can understand them all. Even encrypted." He grins then as he says this.

"Well.. that's nifty. Wouldn't you say.. Fox?" she uses her sister's name instead of the dreaded nickname as she shows her sister the cell phone. "That's pretty amazing." She comments and then looks towards Fox and Robin, "Anyone want tea?" she says standing and beginning to walk off. "I'll be back." She's really using this for a time for Fox and Robin to talk, cabinets and such can be heard being opened as Kitty hums to herself and makes tea in the kitchen.

Fox's eyes widen when she sees the text message. "That's sooo cool!", she readily admits. "I'll have hot chocolate, please," she calls out to Kitty. Then, returning her attention to Robin, she asks, "Can you use the Internet without a computer, then? Wouldn't that be really confusing? I mean, like if you found an image file on the Web that was really huge, wouldn't it take forever to figure out what it was supposed to look like?"

Robin looks up to Kitty and then nods, "Yes please." He looks back to Fox then, nodding quickly, "Yep. Any wifi point or cellphone tower will let me in. And.. no, not really, it's easy. I just see it in my head, my brain sort of figures it out, I guess. Any kind of encryption too, haven't seen one yet that I don't just see right through, takes maybe a split second longer to see but that's it."

"That must be a lot of fun," Fox says, shifting her posture so that her legs are folded. "Can you, like, browse the web in your sleep?" She bites her lower lip as she resists the urge to describe what she can do herself. What the hell, Kitty can't very well admonish her at this point. "I can…draw things. And then make them appear," she says cryptically.

Robin shakes his head quickly to Fox's question, "No, not really. Need to concentrate to do it." Then he blinks, "Wow, really? So, sort of like that girl on Doctor Who a couple years back? Or something else?"

Fox shrugs. "I don't watch Doctor Who. Or TV much for that matter," she says. "I…well, think of an object and tell me what it is, and I'll show you how it works," she suggests.

Robin blinks, "Oh. Um, yeah, ok. A knight." Then, after a moment adds, "The chess piece." He grins as he sits back, looking eager to see this. He does glance to the kitchen for a moment, then back to Fox again.

"Okay…", Fox says, while looking over the arm of the sofa. She finds a small notepad and pen and grabs them, then quickly sketches a horse's head. Setting the pen aside, she holds the drawing up in front of her and stares into it for a moment. Then, when the time feels right, she reaches into the notepad with her other hand, her whole forearm appearing to disappear in mid-air, and she rummages around in empty space, contorting her mouth as she does so. "I think I found somebody's toy box," she says, before pulling her arm back out of the drawing. In her hand is…a My Little Pony doll. She gives a sheepish grin and tosses the pony to Robin. "Let me adjust the drawing a bit." She adds a little base to the horse's head so it more closely resembles a chess piece. Then she repeats the process, once more reaching into the drawing. After a bit of feeling around, she pulls out a white knight. She smiles and tosses it to Robin. "There you go."

Robin blinks as he watches, "Wow, that is amazing! So you're not just making things from your drawing, you're opening a wormhole or something to where the objects are? Can you use that to find things that are too big to pull through? Like people?"

"Yeah, I seem to find the closest match for whatever it is I draw," Fox explains. "If I have a photo of a person, I could probably reach them that way, if they're close enough. And pass a note to them or something. I can reach into TV screens too…I took an item from the shopping channel once and the incident got put on YouTube. Everyone left comments saying it must've been a publicity stunt."

Robin nods again to that, and grins, "So, within your range, you can find anybody. All you'd need is something you can push through with a GPS on it, click to record the coordinates, and bring it back." Then he pauses, "Can you push things through? Like a cellphone? Or, is it just your hand that goes?"

"I can push small objects through. But the farther away they are, the harder it is to do it. It's the same with pulling things out. I've never tried poking my head through though, I'm scared to death that I might get decapitated or something."

Robin nods to that quickly, "Yeah, I wouldn't do that. But still, that means as long as they're close, that'd work." Then he says, "Anyway, I better call my mom, tell her I'll be home a bit later than I thought." He pulls his cellphone, and grins, "I can do it without this, but it's hard to keep my voice sounding clear." He stands up and steps aside to make his call.

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