2008-01-18 Foxtrot


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Summary: Fox plays DDR. Mona manipulates her brain chemistry and hormones, making Fox more confident and flirtatious.

Date It Happened: January 18, 2008


Midtown, NYC - Give 'Em Hell Kid Arcade

It's all about DDR today! Mona dances something fierce… which means with her figure, she needs some serious support. Bouncebouncebouncebounce. Yeah. That's gotta be exhausting. Still, she's actually really good at dancing! Well… when it comes to dancing on colored tiles that light up and tell you where to put your feet. She's completely hopeless when it comes ballroom, though.

Fox happens to walk into the arcade this day, and wanders through aisles of video games, occasionally pausing for a moment to watch something that looks like it might be interesting. Continuing onward, she passes a little girl who's pumping quarters at a claw machine, trying to pick up a teddy bear. And then there's the skeeball machines, whack-a-mole game, shooting games…and the DDR rig, where she spots a familiar face.

She doesn't, however, notice Fox right off. No. Mona is too busy trying to NOT FAIL at DDR. She keeps dancing for a good long time until the moment when she DOES fail. After that, bangs plastered with sweat, she slips off the rig and goes to lean against its rail, eyes closed. It is only after she finally opens her eyes again that she notices Fox. Her greeting? "Oh. Hey."

"Hey," Fox replies. Stepping up onto the platform, she takes off her coat, hangs it on the railing, then leans against the rail as she pries each of her shoes off and tugs her socks up a bit. As she fishes in her pocket for the requisite number of quarters, she asks, "Wanna go one-on-one? Or do you need to take a breather?"

Mona wrinkles her nose a little bit, as she watches, and, panting, offers,"Please, do go on. I'll join you after I catch my breath… Hey…" She points at some young boys roughly Fox's age and perhaps a tad older that are currently looking over,"Make sure you put on a good show… They might like what they see. Guys dig chics who play videogames. Trust me."

Fox glances toward the aforementioned boys, then immediately looks embarrassed and turns away when one of them makes eye contact. "Eep, they'll probably just laugh at me!", she protests. She feeds the quarters into the machine and does an abbreviated stretch routine while it starts up.

Mona raises an eyebrow, then rolls her eyes,"Oh, they're not going to laugh at you. Come on! You're hot stuff! You picked up skating in no time! Now come on… All you gotta do is play… but try to be fancy about it. I garauntee they'll stutter when you try to talk to them." She even winks as she reaches out to give a 'pat' to Fox, fully intending on amping her serotonin levels.

"I'll try my best," Fox promises as Mona covertly plays with her brain chemistry. She bounces lightly on the balls of her feet, and feels pumped by the time the floor lights up. Picking up the beat of the loud music, she dances to the pattern of lights and stays in sync initially without much difficulty.

Mona smiles happily as she watches the girl bouncing about. The boys, young that they are, begin elbowing each other and making all sorts of the comments that young boys tend to do. She smiles, anyway, and will even reach out and give the girl a shot of endorphins from time to time. Yes. Yes. It feels good to show off… "Yeah, like that!"

Fox lets out a little 'eep' when the tempo ramps up. Biting her lip as she concentrates on the faster lights, she keeps her socked feet in step with the lighted targets. Encouraged by Mona, she adds a little extra flair to her movements and seems to be enjoying herself.

Mona even takes a moment or two from the occasional congratulational pat to give the girl adrenaline boosts on a small level to make it easier to compete. "That's it… yeah… they're going to be bragging later tonight about who talked to you first… You know it!"

Fox's eyes widen when the tempo ramps up again. "Ohmygosh!", she quickly blurts out as she dances faster still. Starting to perspire, she does her best to maintain the rhythm and just have fun. "My feet are going to be so sore!", she protests with a laugh, meanwhile looking up to the spectators for the briefest of moments.

Mona leaves off tampering for the moment. Instead, she slips into a careful, coaxing voice,"Now… the moment you finish up with that song, what I want you to do… is get off of that machine… Walk up to the one you like the most… and then… ask him to go do something."

Fox raises her eyebrows at Mona's instructions. Never really having done anything with boys before, this will be a new experience for her that she's afraid will be awkward…but at the same time, she doesn't want to disappoint her friend, whose name she doesn't even know yet. Somehow she manages to keep up during the song's crescendo, and fortunately it gets easier after that point. Finally it comes to an end, by which time Fox is panting, but still standing. "I've never gone that long before!", she exclaims to Mona after turning to face her. "That was so fun!" Stepping forward, she holds the rail for a moment while her heart winds down, and glances toward the group of boys. "I've never dated or anything before either," she says softly, just loud enough for Mona to hear, hesitation apparent in her voice.


It's not very subtle… and she's very good at it anyway. Unfortunately, she meant to turn up the amount of androgens in Fox's body, but when she goes to pat Fox's shoulder, instead of dumping a little bit of the stuff in her, she cranks it way, way up. Androgens. Primarily responsible for attraction and sexual desire… She USUALLY uses it to get what she wants. In this case, she was just trying to make Fox feel desire enough to go grab the boy she wanted. Who knows what happens when that much is dumped into a young woman's system, though. "Oh, come on… you've gotta start sometime… it'll be just one more fun thing!"

It doesn't take long before Fox feels…different. She takes a deep breath and smiles. "Thanks for the encouragement," she says to Mona, having no clue that there was a non-verbal component to that. Forgetting to collect her shoes, she hops over the railing and approaches a brown-haired caucasian boy about an inch shorter than her (but eye-to-eye due to her not being shod). Briefly biting her lower lip as she considers him, she leans toward him and places one hand on his shoulder and says, "You're cute. Wanna get a soda and pizza and share it?" She uses her free hand to gesture toward the Pizza Hut in the food court at the entrance to the arcade.

Well… even as Mona crosses her arms before her, she smirks to herself, thinking: I did that. Still, the boy meanwhile is surprised that he'd been picked. He DOES give his friends a thumbs-up, totally ignoring the girl's lack of shoes, and reaches out as if to slip an arm around her waist,"Yeah. Come on… let's go."

Fox similarly reaches an arm around the boy and walks the short distance to the pizza kiosk, where she takes the initiative to order a mini pepperoni lover's pizza and one soft drink to share, letting him pick the drink. While waiting for their order to be filled, she holds one of his hands and smirks at him while while brushing some hair from his brow. "I'm Fox. What's your name?", she asks.

fast forward

Fox returns to the arcade some time later with a goofy grin on her face and heads straight for the DDR rig, where she left her coat, shoes, and Mona. Upon reaching the railing, she crosses her arms and leans against it, looking down at the blinky lights ahead of her.

Mona smirks just as goofily, makes an 'ackhrm' sound, then points down at Fox's shoes. She crosses her arms beneath her breasts and just smiles knowingly.

Fox glances up to Mona, then looks down at her own shoes. "Hey," she begins non-chalantly. "I don't know what happened, but something came over me, and…" She pauses, scrunches her eyebrows, and returns her attention to Mona's face. "What was your name again?"

Mona laughs,"I never gave it. It's Mona." She offers her hand, as if to shake,"I can't say as I ever got your name either, girl." She stifles a yawn, even as she readies another adrenaline shot. If the first one worked that well, she now finds herself curious what flooding you with it would do. She's not always the nicest person,"I'm just very persuasive… And anyway, you wanted that boy, so you walked up, and took him."

"Fox." The younger girl un-folds her arms to shake Mona's hand. "I've never flirted with anyone before…I was so confident and forward with him that I think I might've intimidated him a bit, but we enjoyed hanging out. It was fun while it lasted; his older brother came to pick him up."

Mona pumps even more androgens into the girl before her out of complete curiousity. "Maybe you're just hitting that time in your life where you're really starting to make transition from chick to woman. You knew what you wanted, and you went for it. It's really cool."

"Yeah, I guess." Fox glances down at her own chest, or lack thereof. "I think my body's lagging a little, though." She turns around and leans back against the rail…and finds herself watching the other patrons of the arcade. Glancing back to Mona, she observes, "You seem pretty confident in yourself. What do you look for in a guy?" After a moment, she amends that with, "…or girl?"

Mona snickers, then offers,"I dunno… given time, it'll catch up. Especially if you're already noticing boys. Anyway, I like my guys to be guys and my girls to be girls, and I don't like either of them to be total douchebags, you know?" She offers a little shrug,"I don't get a whole lot of either though. Much as I enjoy sex, I also don't tend to get a whole hell of a lot of it."

Fox's eyes widen in surprise at the thought of sex and how freely Mona discusses it. And being bisexual too. My, how kids grow up fast these days. A million thoughts and questions race through Fox's brain, almost overwhelming her. "You're a free spirit. I can appreciate someone who has the courage and self-confidence to go against the flow and do whatever they want."

Mona is awash in more hormones than the average human body can really handle,"Free spirit? That's, like, totally the best compliment I've ever gotten! Mostly they just, like, call me a freak! It's usually, 'hey, there's that fag', or 'look, there's that chick with the wang'." Yeah. She's pretty honest about THAT too. "Plus it helps that my parents like, totally like to buy my love."

Fox smiles for her compliment being well-received, then gives Mona a questioning look. "Serious? You're a herm…herm…oh, what's that word?" Not sure that she believes Mona or not, she asks, "Does that make life…confusing?"

Mona frowns and wags a finger, looking somewhat annoyed,"No! I'm a woman, thank you very much! I may be genetically /male/, but I'm really a woman. There's nothing confusing about it."

Fox steps back. "I'm sorry, I was just curious!" She looks down to her now-dirty socks. "I wish I was more like you in some ways." She looks up, and toward the arcade's entrance, realizing the time. "Ack, I should be heading home. I still have homework to do! Maybe I'll see you again?"

Mona waves after Fox, reaching out to give her one last pat, and tweaking a few things as well, before rattling off a number,"Sure thing. Call me. We'll hang out. I'll give you more tips on getting boys and stuff. You've got good instincts, anyway. Now go do your homework!"

Fox puts on her shoes and coat, and writes down the number and repeats it out loud to ensure she's got it right. "Later, Mona!" With that, she heads out of the arcade.

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