2010-02-16: Frankly Scarlett



Date: February 16, 2010


Who doesn't give a damn? Not Noah.

"Frankly Scarlett"

Building 27

The day shift is just starting their day out, most of them anyway. People like Cody have been awake since before dawn, especially now that she's looking for a new apartment. She's fresh from the locker room shower, evident by the dampness of the mass of hair that's braided into a single tail down to the small of her back. It swings as she swaggers down the hall in her black combat uniform, over one shoulder she's carrying a garment bag and in her other hand she's carrying a rather heavy backpack.

There's a very little used door on the 3rd floor that's tucked around quite a few corners and at the end of a hallway. A magnetic sticker on its surface marks it as a supply closet. It is this door that Cody is very stealthily making her way towards. After a quick check around her, she opens it and disappears.

Behind this door is an unmarked office, forgotten long before the move from 26 and one of the only places in the building that doesn't have a camera monitoring it. Inside is a series of four cubicles, each empty and crying for an occupant. There are no computers, nothing that would indicate that anyone ever comes in here, other than the fact that it's devoid of dust and the trash cans are full of power bar wrappers and empty paper coffee cups.

Many times this woman has repeated the process. Many times it has gone on as before. This time… It's different. One of those cubicles has an occupant. Noah Bennet.

"I was wondering when you'd show up…" HRG replies as he turns around in the chair that may or may not have been there originally. "I figured it was time for you to explain yourself." Despite his wording, his tone is causal, as if he were expecting this to be something trivial and without reason for concern. Maybe one of those 'snogging spots' he's heard rumors about. He lets Danko handle those… After all, having that freaky bald head pop around a corner while making out will be enough for anyone to be scared off the idea of mixing lust and business around here.

"Bennet.." Cody says idly, masking her surprise quite well, considering she's never had a problem with unexpected visitors before. Slowly, she puts down the backpack and then moves to hang the garment bag neatly on the end of one of the cubicles. "I could ask you the same thing." She runs her fingers along the edge of the bag for a moment before she turns her eyes to him and gives him a rather wane smile. "But I'll cut to the chase. I'm glad you're here, I've been pointed in your direction."

A brow is arched by the senior operative, looking rather unhappy with the information presented to him. "I'm here because you've been making unscheduled disappearances during a highly sensitive operation. I would ask what is in the bag, but considering that you are 'glad I'm here', I presume that means you'll be all too happy to show me." With that, he stands up, his suit top left unbottoned as he hooks a thumb into his pocket.

"In the backpack are my clothes. If you want to dig through my skivvies you're more than welcome, but I'd prefer not. That isn't why I'm happy to see you." Pulling her notebook out of the side pocket of her cargo pants, Cody drops it onto one of the desks with a heavy thump and pulls a chair up. "Senator Petrelli pointed me in your direction, said that you might be able to help me." She twitches an eyebrow as she looks up at him and narrows her eyes just slightly as she studies him. "Someone let Parkman off his leash, a pretty bold move… It could only be someone in a senior seat. Do you have any ideas?"

"Want? No. Will? Yes. Of course, if you wish, I can make a formal compliant and request for investigation if you wish. I have no problems doing things by the book," Bennet offers with a small smile. If the bag is handed to him, he looks through it without glancing back up. He'll continue to look through as he speaks, if not, he'll just hrm and speak on anyway. His tone darkens a little bit, clearly concerned with this claim. "…Parkman 'off his leash'? You're sure about this?"

The backpack, as she said, is filled with underwear, socks, two extra uniforms. Exactly the type of bag you would expect of a teenager running away. "Very sure." Cody says, eying the man as he makes a methodical progression through her unmentionables. It's a good thing they're clean. "He was talking to me the other day, you know…" And she taps her right temple lightly, twice. "On top of that, the targets are beginning to fight back. Which is why I've moved into this office for a little while. One of them was waiting for me at home when I got off shift one night." As proof, she rolls up her sleeve to reveal a series of purple and yellow bruises covering her arm. They aren't the kind you get from physical contact, more like the kind you get when your blood vessels burst under your skin.

The bag is zipped up and thrown back to Cody. "It's a bold claim… What did he tell you? It's possible that the new cocktail they have isn't working as well as it should… Sometimes people have natural immunities to certain medications. I may have to look into that." If Noah is the mole, he is making no claims for it. Trust is not one of his strong suits, one to burn a bridge than risk exposure. "…Have you reported the attack to your superiors? If you had an altercation with Evolved and it is verified at a later day without your reporting on it. Let's just say 'It could look bad' would be a drastic understatement."

"He was digging through my head at first. I only caught on because I was writing in English." Cody's fingers drum against the cover of her book for a little while as she considers the warning and then she nods. "And my incident was reported to a senior agent when I came in for stitches last night." Whether that other agent filed a report or not, well paperwork can get lost sometimes. "As for what Parkman told me, he said that he would let you know that I was looking for you. Like I said, I was pointed in your direction on something I've been working on."

The ex-Company Man fights a grimace. While he has no idea why Parkman or Petrelli would shoot a grunt his way, the middle-aged man is already trying to figure out proper ways to clean up this mess. "Go on," is all the man replies, crossing his arms as he does.

Opening her book, Cody pulls out a picture of a man of middle eastern descent. "This is Adham Sayf Udeen, he's the leader of a terrorist cell that operates out of the middle east." She pushes the picture toward Bennet and then places her hand on the top of her notebook again. "I was a guest of his last year for a few weeks, during that time he mentioned something about purchasing human weapons." Her eyes flit toward the door to the 'office' and then she purses her lips. "Those weapons being the type of people we have been bagging and keeping in the barracks."

"…I see." The picture is glanced out briefly before it is passed back toward Cody. Despite the information, Noah appears to be skeptical and maybe even disinterested. "I take it the only source of proof that you have is this picture and your own testimony."

Cody shakes her head. "I have more proof, I was held hostage with another man. He can corroborate everything I say. There's other evidence too." Her voice drifts off, it seems very likely that the information she was fed about the senior agent is quite wrong. Perhaps even time to extricate herself from the situation. She slowly scoops up the photo and places it back inside her notebook. "Sorry to bother you with this, I thought that maybe seeing as you have a situation of your own, you would be a little more willing to help."

As the woman takes the photos and offers a few words, his expression seems to sour faintly as he tilts his head to the side. "Situation?" he repeats, seemingly confused looking straight at Cody in a way that most bosses due when they are waiting for bad news from their employees.

"Your daughter," Cody says quite pointedly, giving him a hard stare. Then she holds up one of her hands to halt him from speaking while she explains herself. "I don't know exactly what she can do, just that she's on the target list. Somehow, Sayf Udeen knows about Protocol. I don't want any of those people out there used as weapons and I doubt you would ever want your daughter picked up by him either. Speaking as someone that's been in his custody, it's not a pretty place to be." She pauses for a brief moment and then lowers her hand. "Please just take it like I said it, I'm not making a threat. I just want to find out what's going on and stop it."

The eyes widen as the man looks ready to kill Cody right then and there. Someone brought up 'She who should not be discussed'. "I am going to say this once: I will handle this situation as best I can. Unless I ask you to do so, you will not bring this up to another soul, unless you have important information to tell me. If I hear so much as a peep out of this or anything else that seems questionable, I promise you that Udeen will be the LEAST of your troubles, do I make myself clear?"

Narrowing her eyes, Cody sets her jaw and shakes her head. "I can't do that, Bennet, this is something that effects the world, not just the United States war on terror. The best you can do might not be good enough. There's an entire cell working on it from the outside and we can't get anywhere, even if you knew everything we know… You don't have our resources. Your threat isn't as heavy as the weight of the world that I'm carrying, I needed to talk to you because you're a senior officer in this building. You have access to things that I don't."

"My best will have to do…" Noah begins as he stands up with a firm look in his eyes. "Unless you want to deal with the chance of Parkman, Petrelli, and yourself dying. You really think that the higher ups will give a damn about what you think about this? If this isn't handled correctly, even the people that would be able to shut this down would just clean up the entire affair, anyone that had ties to it, and start anew. Don't pretend this business is something that is unknown to me, because this has been my life for over twenty years. My threat will carry, because I'm the only one that is keeping you, Parkman, and possibly Petrelli from being discovered by Danko. And I promise you, Danko will have no problem shooting you and dumping your body in the ditch if you so much as thought badly about this program. And while you might be more than willing to throw your life away for this, I have people I have to protect so I am going to do this right. Are we clear?"

"Like a crystal," Cody utters through her clenched teeth. Then she scoops up the book and places it back into the side pocket of her cargo pants. "I need to know about the other protocols, I know a little bit, but it's Kappa Protocol that Sayf Udeen has contact with. I can't find anything on them in here, I've only found a couple of others." Then she moves toward the air duct and extracts a screwdriver from her pocket and begins to remove the cover. Once she is able to remove it completely, it is set to the side and she feels around inside before there is a pop and a grating noise. Then she pulls out a small laptop computer. "You wanted more evidence… I got this sent to me when I was in the field." She places the laptop on one of the desks and begins to play a small video clip of two men exchanging folders.

While he doubts that it will completely stem the flow of information sharing on Cody's part, Noah hopes that at the least it will make her reconsider who she tells. After all, the problem with the web of allies is that it can swiftly be used against people should the pieces begin to crumble. Noah's seen it before and he'll likely see it again. It's bad enough Parkman is sending message to people without erasing their memories afterwards, but Petrelli too? While the Kappa Protocol seems to be a messy affair involving corruption at the highest level, his daughter is still at risk for the original Alpha Protocol. Noah sighs, pulling out a flashdrive off his key chain. "I'll take a copy of this, see what information I can get from this. I have some sources that should be able to look into the matter. Before you say a word, no, I am not going to tell you who they are." Unless stopped, Noah puts the flashdrive into the laptop and begins to try and copy the information. Regardless if he is stopped or not, his verbal response is the same. "Do you have anything else, or is this video the only non-testimonal that you have?"

"There's more, but it belongs elsewhere." Cody says quite simply, closing the laptop before he has a chance to copy the video. "If you want something to analyze, look into Delta, Epsilon, and Kappa protocol. We already have this picked apart." She keeps her hand on top of the laptop and looks toward the door. "If you'll excuse me, I have a little bit of work to do."

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