2007-03-24: Frantic Phone Calls


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After calling the precinct to set them on Sylar and Kellie's tail, Matt calls Viola at home.

Date It Happened: March 24, 2007

Frantic Phone Calls

New York City

It's late. So late that Matt Parkman is actually calling Viola's cell phone rather than leaving her a message at her desk. He's sitting on Molly's bed, clutching one of her toys with a deathgrip. Pick up. Pick /up/, dammit.

The phone rings for a very long time. So long that it almost goes right to voicemail. However, just at the last moment, Viola picks up the phone. She sounds sleepy and disoriented. "Hello?"

Matt There is a sigh of relief on the other end, followed by an immediate flow of very quick speech. "Lieutenant, it's Parkman." Just in case she didn't look at her caller-ID. "Sylar came to my apartment. Had this girl named Kellie with him. Set a table on fire and..and they took Molly and Mohinder. Suresh. Chandra Suresh's son. I've already called Dispatch to put a tail on them, and Mohinder has his phone on him. As soon as they're stationary, he'll call."

There's a pause on the other end of the phone, as if Viola is still trying to wake up plus process this information. Then there's muttering and rustling on the other end. Most likely, Viola is springing to action. "Okay. You keep me in the loop, Parkman. I'll wake up the Captain and get people moving on this one. As soon as this Suresh guy calls, you let me know. We'll put a tap on your phone. Meet me at the precinct."

Matt There's a rustling on Matt's end too as he gets up and tosses the toy back against Molly's pillow. "Got it, ma'am," comes Parkman's voice. The phone then clicks off.

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