Fred Flint Stone
Portrayed By John Francis Daley
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 13, 1984
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Freddie
Place of Birth San Francisco, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Psychologist
Known Relatives Mrs. Stone (mother; deceased), Mr. Stone (father, deceased), Wilhelmina Stone (twin sister, unknown whereabouts)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Genesis

Fred is a psychologist! Whoooooooooo!


Fred Flint Stone was born on July 13, 1984 along with his twin sister Wilhelmina Stone, to James and Caitlin Stone. In the loving household, the twins were nigh inseparable and always did everything together. Even as little babies, when one began to crawl, the other was soon to follow. This continued throughout their childhood. As they began to speak, while Fred’s name was easy enough to say for his sister, his sister’s name was a bit more difficult to say. Instead of calling her Wilhelmina, he ended up calling her Wilma. He was ever the only one allowed to call her that, as anyone else who shortened her name, she only allowed them to call her Mina.

Even in elementary school, where they started early French immersion, they were inseparable. At home, they started to speak French to each other all the time, only breaking to speak English if they didn’t know what the word was in French or if they were speaking to their parents. It was like their own secret language. It was determined, fairly quickly on into their schooling, that both Fred and Wilhelmina were above normal intelligence, but just how above was hard to determine at such a young age.

Shortly after their thirteenth birthday, their parents were taking them down to Disney Land to celebrate their becoming teenagers and their graduation from elementary school. However, halfway there, they got in a terrible car crash when a drunk driver smashed his car head first into theirs. Neither parent survived the crash, much to Fred and Wilhelmina’s great devastation. For a while after the accident, they were placed into a foster home together, where they never spoke to anyone besides each other, the rare times that they did speak. And even then, they spoke in French so that no one else could understand them. Finally the day came, though, that the social worker came and told them that she’d found them permanent homes. It was that day that they were separated. Fred went to live with an older couple in their seventies, who were their father’s closest living relatives. This arrangement worked out well enough for Fred’s education as he got to remain in the same secondary school that he and his sister had been enrolled in, in the International Baccalaureate program. Wilhelmina, however, was sent to another distant relative in a totally different state. Fred and Wilhelmina lost contact with each other from that day forward. Fred never knew what happened to his sister, though she was never far from his thoughts.

In high school, Fred delved quite deeply into his studies, preferring that to thinking about what happened to his parents. While the IB program challenged him greatly, he stood up to the challenge. During his later years at school, he slipped into the Goth subculture of the school, dying his hair black, wearing all black clothes, making his skin look extremely pale with makeup, and listening to various different kinds of metal music, specifically Death Metal. He kept this side of his persona well hidden from the people who became his surrogate parents.

One night, when he was out at a Death Metal concert with a few friends, there was a police raid and he was caught smoking pot and with a dime bag half empty. His adoptive parents were not happy one bit. They bailed him out, but as soon as they did, they grounded him for a month, and through out all his make up and goth clothes that they could find. They wanted to discourage him from this as much as possible. Once his punishment was over and he was allowed his freedom, no matter how limited it was now on account of his adoptive parents keeping a close eye on him, he worked up enough money to buy the clothes again, as well as the make-up. This is the culture he identified with the most at present. He wasn’t about to lose that.

Upon graduation from high school, he got accepted by Columbia University in New York City. It was there that his IQ was tested and discovered to be in the genius level. Due to his advanced studied in the International Baccalaureate program, he already had a few years of university credit which he was able to transfer to Columbia University. There, he studied psychology, French, and began learning Japanese as well, and found that he was a quick learner as far as Japanese was concerned. Finally getting a B.A. in the subject in psychology, he went on the fast track getting his Masters in Behavioural Psychology. By the age of 21 he had gotten his Masters degree and had started on his PhD in Clinical Psychology, doing his thesis on the effects of adoption on young children, leading to rebellious behaviour within the expected norm of societal ambiguity.

While working on his PhD, Fred worked in a sanatorium, working with many severely mentally ill people. One such person, who arrived a couple weeks after he started, was a man who went by the name of Dr. Doolittle; his real name being Francois DeFranco. He swore he could talk to the animals and command them to do his will. Fred went along with this for many months, considering them to be nothing more than the delusions of a mentally ill man. When it seemed to him that ‘Dr. Doolittle’ was doing better, he brought in a bird in order to prove to him that he couldn’t talk to, nor control, animals. He was in for a surprise, however, when exactly what he said he wanted the bird to do, the bird followed suit. Fred began taking notes, bringing in other animals and studying how this man interacted with them. The young Dr. Fred Stone was shocked. The man could actually control and talk to animals. It was something that he’d never considered possible until that moment.

After a few weeks of studying what this man could do with animals, Fred was approached by a man that said that he worked for a company that had been watching him, and keeping tabs on his work with Francois. They were interested in offering him a job to work with them and more people who were like Francois. Fred was hesitant at first, but before long, his curiosity got the best of him, and he accepted the offer. This was a chance of a lifetime, as far as he was concerned. Really, how many psychologists get to study the psychology of an evolving person? After some intensive training, both physical and with a number of guns and other stunning weapons, by the Company, Fred was initially sent out into the field with a partner, a ‘one of us, one of them’ scenario, with a man who was extremely fast. They believed it important that Fred got field training, practical training, with ‘specials’. They said it would be good for getting insight into their minds. Especially the minds of the more dangerous ones.

By the age of 24, Fred had received his PhD, finally having the title of ‘Doctor’. At this point, he’d been working for the Company for a few years and had gotten the ropes of how things were done. They set him up working as a psychologist at a small community centre in New York City, as a cover for most of what he was really doing. As well, they gave him an office at the ‘cover’ company, Primatech Paper as the company’s psychology for that ‘branch’ of the Company. He did well in his position, able to stick to his various stories quite well.

In January 2009, due to furthering health complications, both of Fred’s adoptive parents died within days of each other. This was the beginning of a hard time in Fred’s life, and he began to delve into work. Later in the year, around the end of November, Fred was approached by one of the top members of the Company; Angela Petrelli. She informed him that she had a dream that the Alpha Protocol had approached him. Fred had heard murmurs about the Alpha Protocol, of course, but didn’t know much about them. Angela Petrelli told Fred that he should accept the AP’s offer, whatever it may be. She wanted him to be on the inside, and to report to her whenever possible. Having agreed, he was, as she mentioned, approached a few days later and asked him to join the AP. A short time into his work with them, he was called into the office of Marilyn deSouza. Upon leaving, all his memories of his promise to Angela, and his loyalty to the Company were gone. Whether this was by his doing or by Marylin’s, it would be unclear for some time. He was totally dedicated to his work with the AP and loyal to them alone. This was not to last, it would seem, however. Shortly after Marylin deSouza died, he started to get back snippets of what appeared to be his memory. Though he couldn’t remember any of their contexts. Slowly his memory is coming back, and he doesn’t know what he’ll remember next.


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