2011-02-15: Freedom



Date: February 15, 2011


One more chance at it.


Federal Prison

Upstate New York

Sunlight. Bright Sunlight.

As the huge barb wired gate slowly rolls open, more of that sunlight shines down on the man that is waiting on the other side of the gate. He's dressed in an outfit that is clearly a few months behind the times in terms of style. Though, it looks like it was expensive at the time.

His name is Ivory Wynn.

Ivory's hand goes up to block out as much of the sun as he can, before the gate locks into place and the posted guard gives him a nod to go. Ivory hesitates, peering out into something that he hasn't had in a long time.


Gathering up the confidence to remove himself from one of the worst experiences of his life, Ivory steps across the threshold and out into the world once again. The moment he's clear, the gate starts to close once again behind him. Ivory doesn't even look back. His body sways as if he wants to, but he fights the urge to actually do so.

His past is past. There is a future ahead. A bright one.

"Well. Glad to see that so many people are here to welcome me home." Ivory remarks to himself, his lips curled up into a wry smile. The sarcasm is very much evident in his voice. Especially considering that there's nothing in front of him. Not even a cab.

Ivory sighs and shakes his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets before turning to start his trek back to civilization.

"You look like shit." comes a voice not far from the gate that has banged closed only a moment ago. "Don't they feed you in there?"

Ivory looks up, his eyes lighting up with the sight that's there in front of him. "Phil." Ivory smirks, "Have you gained weight?"

"I hope so." Philonius Monk, Community Activist is standing there, looking sharp in one of his many fine suits. He's leaning on his cane, while his Doberman, Vivian, is standing next to him, protectively."I couldn't stand being a skinny little twig like you."

Ivory and Phil meet and hands are shaken. Though, it only lasts a moment before Ivory is hugging the much bigger man. Phil hugs him back and the moment is captured in the most manliest way possible before Phil speaks again. "You know it took every favor I ever had to get you out of there, right?"

Ivory walks with Phil down the mostly empty road. There is a car down there. Waiting. "I'll pay you back when we get to Therapy. Don't worry about it."

"There is no Therapy." Uncle Phil stares at Ivory, as if not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. "It's gone."

"What do you mean it's gone?" Ivory has stopped also. He looks over at Uncle Phil with narrowed eyes.

"It's gone. Not yours anymore. Somebody else took up the reigns while you were away."

Ivory is pulled into a sigh as he starts to think. His mind is racing. "What about the League? Is it?"

Uncle Phil nods sadly, "Scattered. Some people went off the Grid. Others just fell off. While the rest were taken care of by each other." Phil reaches out to place a hand on Ivory's shoulder. "Things got… unstable after you went away."

Ivory looks down at the ground, his eyes reading the broken gravel that's foretelling his future: Nothing. "So I've lost everything. What am I supposed to do out here now? I might as well go back to the prison and rot."

Uncle Phil rolls his eyes and slaps Ivory in the back of the head. "Or. You can man up, stop being a brat and get your ass to work." Phil shakes his unneeded cane at the younger man. "The world's no longer your oyster, Ivory. There's been a lot of shit going on and if you want your life back, you're going to have to work for it. Nobody's going to hand you anything."

Ivory sighs, though he does end up rubbing the back of his head. Uncle Phil's hand is heavy. "I'm not sure I can do this by myself."

By now, the two of them have reached the car. It's a nice car. Expensive. Lincoln Luxury model of some sort. Phil smirks at his Nephew, "Nobody said anything about you being by yourself. Did they?"

Ivory tilts his head, but Uncle Phil nods him towards the car. The window rolls down and sitting in the driver's seat is a man that needs no introduction…

"Yo, Ive! How da' hell you gon' be late, tryin' leave prison?! Sup wit' dat, man?!" Oh Gimmie Dat.

Ivory rolls his eyes with a smile and climbs into the passenger seat of the car. Uncle Phil opens the back door and Vivian hops into the car first, before Uncle Phil follows. Windows are rolled up and the vehicle pulls off down the road, away from the prison.

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