2008-02-03: Freedom or Containment



Summary: The most recent Company guest awakens at home.. changed.

Date It Happened: February 3, 2008

Freedom or Containment

Kitty's Apartment


That’s what greets Kitty when she awakens in her apartment. Silence and nothing else, no cat.. no phone call. Just silence.

Barefeet can be heard on the floor as the young woman rises from the couch and comes to walk towards the mirror in the hallway. Her hair is disheveled and she is rubbing her eyes. Dark circles are under them and her brown eyes search her home as she walks. How long has she been sleep?

What day is it? She can’t remember..

Moments later she comes to the mirror and there it is.. right on her neck. The thing she never thought she would see on her own neck, the symbol of something horrid.

The Mark.

All the knowledge of the organization that did this to her and what they do to people like her comes flooding back. The warnings from Jane and Peter. The incident at the restaurant.


“No..” she says softly and stumbles back, her hand falls on the wall in the hall and she gasps as a vision assaults her.

Nothing but a bang can be heard, a few shouts and her cat Tiger running away. A dark figure in a suit can be seen walking but no features are clear.

When the vision ends Kitty blinks and falls to the floor with a thud. Her eyes are wide and she can’t seem to focus them on anything.

How did this happen? She had been so careful she thought.. were they watching her now?

The woman jumps to her feet and presses herself against the wall. Her breathing is deep and her hair falls in her face as she looks down the dark hall. A shadow can be seen from the door in her room.

A hallucination?

She cannot speculate anymore because in mid thought a banging can be heard on her front door. Followed by, “Kitty! Kitty Beatrix Hanner, are you in there? It’s your mother?” the voice says and it does indeed sound like her mother on the other side of the door.

“Your father and I have been worried sick, you haven’t been to school, not even work. Are you on drugs young lady?”

Kitty looks at the front door and inches forward as she thinks to open it for her mother then a thought strikes her, what if it’s just the Company trying to get her again.

What if they aren’t done with me yet?

The banging begins again. “Open the door!” her mother yells and desperation can be heard in her voice.

Kitty looks to the window in the living room with the fire escape outside and then back to the front door.

Freedom.. or Containment.

Kitty picks up a lamp from the table in the room and with one final look at the door she has made her decision. “Not my mother!” she screams and the lamp is thrown at the window, which shatters.

Barefoot pound on the floor as a fist bangs on the front door.

Cuts.. blood on her feet and hands. It doesn’t matter, she has to get away.

She has to.. escape.

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